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7 Jul 2010
Hi, I have just started learning about modes, and it's a confusing subject at times huh.gif

I read in Andrew's theory lessons that all the modes may be divided into major and minor modes:

The Major-Family
Ionian (THE major scale)

The Minor-Family
Aeolian (THE minor scale)

So here's the question:

* If I where to improvise or play anything in C major would I then be able to use the C Lydian, C Mixolydian and C Ionian scales in my soloing?
* Also,would I be able to play the same thing (as above) using A modes - Am Dorian, Am Phrygian, Am Locrian and Am Aeolian
* ... And not the other way around - C Dorian, Am Lydian etc.

Or have I got it all wrong? unsure.gif blink.gif
9 Oct 2009
Happy birthday to you Ivan! smile.gif

And of course... to everyone else that is celebrating their birthday today! biggrin.gif

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30 Aug 2009
Ok, so I have this problem when connecting my soundcard
with guitar rig 3 (the demo version... if that has something to do about it).

At first when I play something it all sounds great and just
about what I think is the normal sound, but when I play for a while, the output goes crazy! ohmy.gif

Attached File  problem.wmv ( 2.04MB ) Number of downloads: 452

I can still play, but it will sound awful... could
someone please point out what I'm doing wrong? huh.gif
18 Aug 2009
Hi everyone! smile.gif just some questions about exporting with reaper:

I currently have the trial version of reaper, but with the trial it seems that I cant export my songs (in MIDI-format etc.)... I was just wondering if I needed to by one of the paid versions to export?... and if that's case: will the discount version be able to export, or will I have to pay for the full commercial license version?

Thank you for any help smile.gif

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