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16 Dec 2017
So me and my drummer decided to practice a track by Haken called "1985". The first time we were in our rehearsal room we hadn't prepared anything and it was all a bit of a mess trying to come up with something, so now we have decided to practice this song.

However, given that the song is largely keyboard driven, I decided to go ahead and make a backing track from a very nice tab of the song. I still had to fix some things of course to make it work, but in the end I think I got something decent down that can work as a backing track for me and the drummer to play along to. I probably still need to redo the vocals at some point, they were more difficult to get right than I thought they would be.

I also recorded the second guitar, as I can't play two guitars at once. See the tab for reference laugh.gif

I wanted to share the backing track with you guys. There's a count in which is in 7/4, as is the intro riff. Here's both a tab for 7 string guitar (the original is on 8 string) and the backing track:

Attached File  1985_for_7_string.gp5 ( 143.14K ) Number of downloads: 10

Attached File  1985_backing_no_guitar.mp3 ( 17.08MB ) Number of downloads: 9

I'm thinking I'll keep updating this thread with the progress of learning the whole song, hopefully in the end bringing a video from the rehearsal room with me and the drummer playing the song.
15 Nov 2017
Since my band currently consists of me and a drummer, I'm wondering if I can use my half stack amp for simultaneous use of programmed bass and keyboard? Or just one of them? Is this unhealthy for the amp?

I gave a little test with low volume, and it seemed to handle it okay, but I'm wondering if it's bad for the amp or anything like that?

I'm running my guitar to my laptop then to the amp.

Here's a quick test recorded with my bad webcam mic:

Obviously a better solution would be to get a PA system, I suppose and run these things through that, but money is a bit of an issue on my side of the band. Will have to ask the drummer what he thinks.
14 Nov 2017
I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this or know if there's an app or an online website that can allow me to administrate this.

I'm starting a band, have been for a while, but we finally got a space for practicing, which we're sharing with another band. Is there an app or website that allows me to schedule times between us? A way that a band or person can schedule a booking of the room etc? If that makes sense.

30 Oct 2017

Took down the other versions, but still have them on the computer, still think this is better though.

Probably nearing final edition:


Felt a bit productive last night and started working on something for an hour or so, then put another 3-4 hours into it today and this is the result, still raw, not mixed properly and just...a composition:

Quick home-made lyrics video too:

Still need to work on more vocal parts, harmony and melodies smile.gif

Let me know what you think smile.gif
24 Aug 2017
Thought I'd share these words from him:

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