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5 Sep 2009
Well... finally there's some sign of life from up here!! tongue.gif
And I'm building a song a the moment... I'm not stuck yet, but like to get some comment from you guys on this song so far!

The lyrics so far are:

Lifted by thoughts

Sitting near this old dreaming man,
wondering what he's dreaming of.
suddenly he's taking my hand
In a squall, I'm looking through his eyes!

He is showing me the best he could give...
The love, the pain and sorrow he has missed
His youth had given him nothing then pain
But he has done his best to hold and maintain

Could this man take care of his son?
He's suffering, he has failed on this one...
He is showing me ... he like to give more
of his love, but he's old and won't hold it no more
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5 Jul 2008
Well, it's been a while ago since I've posted something up here... it's because of the sun I think, cause it's to hot to sit down in this room when it's hot outside. It's even hotter inside with al the equipment turned on!

But I found time to sit down and work something out... It's a piece i've played, but I'm still strugling out where to put this part. But that's something that will come up too!

Let me know what you think of it as far...
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18 May 2008
Hi there.... I'm finally back. Took me a few weeks to come back again on this site. Had to do a few things besides playing guitar... but finally I've started writing a new song.

I'll post the beginning up here, cause I'm happy with it. Maybe somebody can think with me about the lyrics:

Baring Pain

Deep inside me,
there’s a will to survive
With the pain in my heart,
that belongs to someone else

I will take this baring pain
to a place where it can hide
Away from all the suffering
Away from all the sin and lies

Scars are made in my heart
Scars are made in my soul
Take the pain and lead away
Take it far and let it go

I Lighten the weight,
took the load of my back
I cleared the mind
Left the demons from the past

It can’t be wrong
To take a view from another site
I will be strong
But need strength to survive

Scars are made in my heart
Scars are made in my soul
Take the pain and lead away
Take it far and let it go

[Lyrics and song(mp3) has been edited]

[This if the Full Version of the song]

Audiopaal... I checked your song and I liked it. (But to be honest, I liked your playing in the old one better).
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21 Apr 2008
I tried to play dani california... still busy... but won't keep this away from you guys. Please back me up with what you like of it now..
21 Apr 2008
Well, because the X3 just received Gearbox... It's hard to find presets for it. You can use the
and add xt or xt live presets into your X3...
Line6 is a little bit late with updating all their stuff... Now Gearbox had been released I would expect that the site would be updated too to add your X3 Presets... but as already expected... You wouldn't find any!

So I'm curious if there are more sites that provide Presets for the POD XT/X3 (Live) and if you know some... post them here.

Perhaps we can use this Topic to add the urls to these sites!
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