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GMC Forum _ PRACTICE ROOM _ Are You Holding Yourself Back In Your Playing?

Posted by: Todd Simpson Aug 1 2020, 12:13 AM

In this video, Youtube guy RHETT SHULL admits that he is closed minded to certain types of music. Even the great RICK BEATO gives him a small dressing down about not being open to other styles of music. Rhett admits that he has been playing the same exact stuff for about 5 years.

If a player doesn’t embrace styles that are outside of one’s comfort zone. It’s really hard to advance as a player. Rick Beato mentions that at first, certain styles seem to be off putting, but one can find some element of something in stuff one doesn’t listen to, that may be attractive. From that root, it’s possible to find new music that one can be attracted to.

Rhett says he is fascinated by old/vintage music and things. As a result, he loves old guitar rock. Led Zep, Blues, etc. Stuff that is older. Bands that are older. Even the modern bands that he listens to are throw backs to older bands and styles of playing. As a result, this has become his prison, so to speak. It’s become his excuse not to grow as a player. He admits that he can’t play modern styles of music. He simply lacks the technical ability to play more modern styles as he’s just not attracted to listening to it, and thus not attracted to playing it.

In this video, he finally recognizes that he is in a RUT. A very big RUT. This happens to all of us at some point. He admits that he doesn’t practice that much, because there is no reason to, since he only plays stuff he has always played.

He does admit that he had a jam session where he could not keep up with the rest of the band since they were playing technical things that he couldn’t do. This is all very important for every musician. Without learning the ability to be open to other styles of music, and be able to appreciate other styles of music, we end up getting stuck playing the same things over and over and over. You may notice that some of your solos sound very similar. This can be very frosting for any player. Once you notice that you are playing the same guitar solo over and over, how to do you break free from this? Also, what is the difference between having your own “style” and just repeating yourself musically over and over?

If you notice you are starting to repeat yourself musically, it’s time to add some new things to your back of tricks. One thing to try is to go to the lessons section right here on GMC and look for lessons in styles that are very different from what you normally play. If you are a Metal player, try to look for lessons on Blues and Jazz, if you are a Blues or Jazz player, try some of the more Metal Lessons, etc. Look for things that sound very different from what you might normally play. The great thing about this is that once you learn the lesson, you can submit a REC, and get feedback from the instructors. Passing the REC is not the point of the REC, it’s more about extending your abilities and getting feedback so don’t feel bad if you need more than one try to get a pass. The REC program can make you a better player.


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