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4 Jun 2008
Next wednesday children of bodom are doing a signing in a record store in Dublin before they play a show in Vicar St., and I cant go to either!!!!!!!!!! sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif

I have no money, and even if I did I cant get anyone to go with me sad.gif ! I'd do anything to meet Alexi Laiho and Roope Latvala! I would have to be in Dublin for 9am (if not earlier to get in the queue!) to get a wristband for the signing Wednesday, then go back up for wednesday!!!! It would cost me around €60 for the two buses and €30 for a ticket to the show, which is pretty cheap I suppose but having NO money throws a spanner in the works! Im so annoyed!!!

Another thing is I might have a job next week in which case I will have money but wont be able to go Dublin because i'll be working!!! sad.gif (on the plus side if I get the job I'll be getting paid which = new gear)
4 Jun 2008
I cant play my BC Rich SOB standing up as the weight distribution is terrible! The headstock is so heavy it just plummets to the ground! mad.gif Is there any way you can correct this noninvasively? Moving the strap buttons is out of the question ( no where to move them that would work! would have to be half-way up the neck! laugh.gif )

Can you add wights to the strap on the body end? or is there another way to deal with this!!!! unsure.gif
22 May 2008
This is the most rediculous thing Ive ever seen!!! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif


Metallica? Cannibal Corpse!!!:huh: huh.gif huh.gif
22 May 2008
I bought a guitar off ebay and it has the holes in it for the flush mount straplocks.... But no straplocks! I can only find the flushmount ones on thomann but they would cost me €30 with postage, but I can get the standard ones cheaper on ebay, does anyone know if they're all the same besides the mount part blink.gif

This is the flushmount type

This is the standard

The strap holding bit looks pretty much the same to me.... mellow.gif
20 May 2008
I really want to rewire my guitars by adding push-pull pots for coil taps, mini toggles for phase switching, stacked pots, kill switches etc. laugh.gif

I have rewired my guitars before but I only know the basics, the advanced stuff fries my brain. Guitarelectronics have loads of good diagrams but not exactly what I want, and they said it would cost me $30+ for a custom diagram!!! blink.gif

So are there any experts here that can help me for free? tongue.gif
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