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GMC Forum _ THEORY _ Need Help Identifying This Scale (return Of The Joker)

Posted by: Vulpine Dec 25 2012, 06:17 AM

Whats Up GMC Merry christmas, so I was asked to do a Batman return of the joker cover its prolly the first time hearing this I dont think the song is too hard to learn but I kind of wanted to learn alittle bit about the scale that was used in the small solo that was added to this anyway take a look My guess is Harmonic Minor but im not entirely sure

(incase you cant see the vid heres the link)

Posted by: Sinisa Cekic Dec 25 2012, 11:15 AM

At 0:13 ? Well, that part could be designated as D Hungarian minor scale ( see scale generator),or D Harmonic Minor with extra G# tone .

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