Pavel Guitar Chat: practice routine, alternate picking, sweeping, stretch exercises, 1234 exercises etc. 2007-05-27
Kristofer Dahl
May 28 2007, 09:34 AM
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12:48:52 Matt_Herd: Guitar Chat: hey
15:03:19 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: wow, lots of people-_-
15:03:23 Pavel: Guitar Chat: hey man!
15:03:31 Pavel: Guitar Chat: they'll come later
15:03:39 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: hey
15:03:41 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: yea
15:03:44 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: I guess
15:12:01 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: hi folks!
15:12:11 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: hey
15:12:13 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: hmmm not many people here
15:12:22 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: nope
15:12:38 mattacuk: Guitar Chat:
15:12:46 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: idd
15:13:49 Pavel: Guitar Chat: hey m8!
15:14:04 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: hey Mate, did you like the slap?!LOL
15:14:17 Pavel: Guitar Chat: oops my speakers are turned off hahaha
15:14:29 Pavel: Guitar Chat: *slap*
15:14:49 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: in some european countrys people pay for that HAHAHA
15:14:50 Pavel: Guitar Chat: niec sound hahaha
15:16:26 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: this is not the fast paced chat fest i thought it would be haha
15:16:48 Josiah: Guitar Chat: Hello everyone
15:16:52 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: hi
15:17:04 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: hello!
15:17:06 Pavel: Guitar Chat: hey
15:17:31 Josiah: Guitar Chat: Pavel, thanks for taking the time for this chat, terrific!
15:17:46 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: hmm, my pinky looks retarded when playing, it's like I'm unable to play with the tip and only with the side, are there any exercises to make it better?
15:18:12 Josiah: Guitar Chat: Pavel, I was wondering, could you tell us about your practice routine?
15:18:37 Josiah: Guitar Chat: oops sorry,
15:19:56 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: when I'm doing big stretches that is
15:20:45 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: i have big hands, so im ok there haha!
15:21:06 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: my hands are minimal-_-
15:21:17 Pavel: Guitar Chat: ok let's start chatting - sorry guys i have one guy on MSN and he's bothering me about what guitar to get... jesus
15:21:20 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: I have buckethead sized hands! LOL
15:21:23 Pavel: Guitar Chat: now i am back
15:22:03 Pavel: Guitar Chat: first of all: Josiah - we decided to make this chat sesisons to make me available for students - you're welcome
15:22:30 Pavel: Guitar Chat: as for pinky and stretcehs - you can do huge stretches even with small hands - it's only a matter of practice routine
15:22:53 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: yeah, that's what I need
15:23:04 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: Pavel you must have some weird people on msn !
15:23:13 Pavel: Guitar Chat: yeah - including you hahahahaha
15:23:15 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: my pinky gets kind of a weird angle
15:23:16 Pavel: Guitar Chat: just a joke wink.gif
15:23:17 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: hahahahaa
15:23:22 mattacuk: Guitar Chat:
15:23:57 Pavel: Guitar Chat: my practice routine ha? well....
15:24:04 Josiah: Guitar Chat: please
15:24:58 Pavel: Guitar Chat: definitely alternate picking takes the most time to practice - i haev a couple of my own excercises for that - currently those are upcoming alternate picking lessons - kilelr stuff - so i practice them very much
15:25:38 Pavel: Guitar Chat: than when i get sick of picking i switch to legato and stretches
15:25:44 Pavel: Guitar Chat: and finish it off with sweep picking
15:25:58 Pavel: Guitar Chat: 3 months ago i was practicing SWEEPING ONLY
15:26:13 Pavel: Guitar Chat: but last months i switched back to alternate picking - Rusty did a great influence there
15:26:23 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: i do 70% alter picking 30% sweeps
15:26:53 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: but dont listen to me HAHA!
15:27:13 Pavel: Guitar Chat: loooool
15:27:24 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: sorry i am overdoing it with the sound effects
15:27:27 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: are there any lessons here on gmc with good stretch exercises? I haven't found any
15:27:34 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: there should be some kris samples, "I love the flesh"
15:27:36 Pavel: Guitar Chat: Hand Control
15:28:04 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: ah, I looked at it once and thought it would be to hard, but I'll check it out, thanks
15:28:05 Pavel: Guitar Chat: that lesosn has both left hand stretches and right hand control
15:28:11 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: great
15:28:44 Pavel: Guitar Chat: maybe i made it too difficult because of stretches and string skipps all over the place - but i got carried away when i started to jam with it hehe
15:29:28 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: well, if it's hard, it's a good exercise I guess? (how do you spell exercise? I'm doing it wrong, right?)
15:29:49 Pavel: Guitar Chat: excercise wink.gif
15:30:02 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: ah, thanks^^
15:30:04 Pavel: Guitar Chat: it's great lesson for you skills so go for it
15:30:10 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: Pavel, do you read any theory books?
15:30:15 Pavel: Guitar Chat: NOOOOOO
15:30:29 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: interesting !
15:30:34 Pavel: Guitar Chat: is it?
15:30:51 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: yes, i think maybe i have an unhealthy fasincation with theory books !
15:31:04 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: 8)
15:31:20 Pavel: Guitar Chat: look - theory won't be of great use if you can't play so i concentrate on getting down and mastering guitar - theory comes along the way
15:31:40 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: ok!
15:31:41 Pavel: Guitar Chat: there is no point in knowing all the theory but not being able to play
15:32:02 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: haha, I'm excactly the other way, I'm thinkign that playing won't be of any use without theory, maybe I should rethink
15:33:01 Pavel: Guitar Chat: as i mentioned in all of my lessons - i don't think in theretical way
15:33:28 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: well its interesting to know these things
15:33:30 Pavel: Guitar Chat: i LISTEN to music - i don't count numbers and scale steps and whoelsteps - i don't care - i know all the scale shapes and i am good with them - the rest is music
15:33:35 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: yeah, I just hate not knowing everything about what I'm doing
15:34:06 Pavel: Guitar Chat: there is nothing to know - if i start a song in G-Major i know where the G-Major scale is all over the neck so i don't need anything else
15:34:11 Pavel: Guitar Chat: the rest is done by ear - at least for me
15:34:21 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: when you first start out, these are questions often asked
15:34:56 Pavel: Guitar Chat: after playing the first part in G-Major it's good idea to switch to E-minor somewhere because it's G-Major's parallel mibnor and than i pšlay in E-minor scale - so that's bascially the theory i use
15:35:17 Pavel: Guitar Chat: sorry for typo's
15:35:22 Pavel: Guitar Chat: typing too fast hehehe
15:35:43 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: 1 sharp, F#
15:36:01 Josiah: Guitar Chat: GMaj - E min, same shapes , different roots.
15:36:26 Pavel: Guitar Chat: you see? you think about sharps and flats - i don't - i simply know all the major scale shapes and if somebody asks me to play E-minor scale i don't care whether it has sharps or not
15:36:49 Pavel: Guitar Chat: so if you can play minor and major scales - that's a big way already
15:37:08 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: well your the master not me he hehe !;)
15:37:37 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: you know, i am a real IT teccy, so i guess its just the geek in me!!
15:38:17 Pavel: Guitar Chat: you've heard all the lessons on GMC - they are all written by inspiration - not by theory
15:38:37 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: again thats usefull information to know
15:38:54 Pavel: Guitar Chat: frickin' wrong button
15:38:56 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: because its a question ive often asked myself
15:40:04 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: i am assumeing then, when people compose music they dont worry about time signatures etc
15:40:32 Pavel: Guitar Chat: they don't while they compose it on guitar - but if you ahve to write it down - that's where theory kicks in
15:40:42 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: i understand
15:41:31 Josiah: Guitar Chat: Pavel, Did you ever practice the old "1234" exercise? What single exercise do you think has most contributed to your speed?
15:41:38 Josiah: Guitar Chat: Pavel, Did you ever practice the old "1234" exercise? What single exercise do you think has most contributed to your speed?
15:41:55 Pavel: Guitar Chat: maybe twice in a lifetime hahaha
15:42:12 edguy: Guitar Chat: hi guys
15:42:17 Josiah: Guitar Chat: hi
15:42:21 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: hey
15:42:30 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: hey
15:42:32 edguy: Guitar Chat: whats up
15:42:37 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: yo
15:43:34 edguy: Guitar Chat: nice chat
15:43:48 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: we are Grilling pavel wink.gif
15:43:51 edguy: Guitar Chat: what are you doing at the moment Practice?
15:44:29 Pavel: Guitar Chat: no - thinking of a good answer haha
15:44:45 Josiah: Guitar Chat: hehe
15:45:03 Pavel: Guitar Chat: ok - wait - first i'll answer Josiah's question, ok?
15:45:05 Pavel: Guitar Chat: one by on!
15:45:45 Pavel: Guitar Chat: i almost don't practice 1234 excercise, while practicing i also work on improvisations so every day i think of new excercises to practice
15:46:12 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: Pavel, do you belive eating fried chicken can improve your picking technique??
15:46:14 Pavel: Guitar Chat: that way i have double use of a practice session - many times i get a lesson for GMC out of my practice sesison
15:46:18 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: hehe just a little joke there wink.gif
15:46:23 Pavel: Guitar Chat: yes definitely! I eat it all the time!
15:46:32 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: Woohooooo!!!!
15:46:37 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: lol
15:46:58 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: doesn't it improve your chicken picking tecnique?
15:46:59 Pavel: Guitar Chat: Josiah: first when i was starting shredding i used to practice regular linear scales
15:47:10 Pavel: Guitar Chat: now i devide my practicing in two parts:
15:47:11 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: technique*
15:47:21 Pavel: Guitar Chat: first is multi-strings excercises
15:47:56 Pavel: Guitar Chat: second part is single string excercises - those i find the most difficult
15:48:38 Pavel: Guitar Chat: you know what's interesting - too many people make their guitar life the same! most of guitarplayers go through the same excercises and same patterns
15:48:57 Pavel: Guitar Chat: that's what i am changing for me - i am thinking of my own excercises - it's more interesting!
15:49:01 Josiah: Guitar Chat: Thanks Pavel
15:49:23 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: Mr Pavel, I am progressing well in alternate picking/solo guitar but i know little of incorporating chords into my playing, how can i start doing this?
15:49:32 Pavel: Guitar Chat: right now i have enough of my own excercises to record a full- hour video instructional
15:50:03 Pavel: Guitar Chat: if i was practicing same 1234 stuff all day long i would never haev my own library of licks and excercises
15:50:24 Pavel: Guitar Chat: Guy - here is a little advice - include more imagiantion in your playing!
15:50:47 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: who me?
15:50:56 Pavel: Guitar Chat: sorry - i ment - GUYSSSSS!!
15:50:59 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: lol
15:51:00 Pavel: Guitar Chat:
15:51:13 Pavel: Guitar Chat: *slap*
15:51:35 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: I am seriously going to suggest some kris qoutes as sounds!
15:51:46 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: lol
15:51:49 Pavel: Guitar Chat: i am sure most of you haev loads of ideas in your head - it's just you haven't discovered them yet
15:52:24 Pavel: Guitar Chat: Mattacuk: chords?? hmmmmm i started to elarn chords when i joined the band...
15:52:24 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: i think im going to learn what chords go with a scale and make my own stuff up
15:52:29 edguy: Guitar Chat: i think this is a bad question but i have to ask it. how i can cancel the membership here?
15:52:31 Pavel: Guitar Chat: btw i will give you guys a link to hear it
15:52:44 Pavel: Guitar Chat: why would you do it?
15:52:45 edguy: Guitar Chat: because i must go to the german army now
15:52:52 Pavel: Guitar Chat: contact Kris
15:52:53 Pavel: Guitar Chat: he'll do it
15:52:56 edguy: Guitar Chat: ok
15:52:58 edguy: Guitar Chat: thanks
15:53:08 edguy: Guitar Chat: but im sure i come back
15:53:10 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: i know all the basic chords, and basic barres,
15:53:21 Pavel: Guitar Chat: it's not enough for interesting music
15:53:53 Pavel: Guitar Chat: ok here is the link
15:53:54 Pavel: Guitar Chat:
15:53:57 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: i have to renew my memberhip here this month, i am definatly going too
15:54:16 Pavel: Guitar Chat: this is my first band ever - it doesn't exist anymore - but it was fun and a great experience
15:54:48 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: what country is .fm? I always wondered that
15:54:49 Pavel: Guitar Chat: the first two songs are my first completed songs ever
15:54:58 Pavel: Guitar Chat: it's not a country
15:55:00 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: sweet
15:55:25 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: what is it then?
15:55:47 edguy: Guitar Chat: he this girl looks nice
15:55:57 Pavel: Guitar Chat: how the hell sould i know?? hahahahaha i think it's like Stage Radio - you know what i mean - radio stations haev that FM
15:56:11 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: aha
15:56:14 Pavel: Guitar Chat: as this is a band promotional website thay did it with FM
15:56:36 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: yeah, I've just wondered for years, thought you might know
15:56:43 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: anyways, I really like the songs
15:56:58 Pavel: Guitar Chat: thanks
15:57:07 Pavel: Guitar Chat: not my style at all but it was fun to play with those guys
15:58:01 Pavel: Guitar Chat: any questions there?
15:59:06 Pavel: Guitar Chat: i think all of you are listening to those songs hehehe
15:59:11 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: i think i have had my moneys worth of questions haha!!
15:59:28 Pavel: Guitar Chat: looooooool
15:59:37 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: pmsl
16:00:14 Josiah: Guitar Chat: will there be any more rock-rhythm-n-solo lessons? Really liked them.
16:00:38 Pavel: Guitar Chat: yeah i am sure there will
16:00:48 Pavel: Guitar Chat: but first - alternate picking
16:01:06 Josiah: Guitar Chat: The exerercises you mentioned?
16:01:17 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: Pavel, will you ever incorprate any Dance moves into your work? lol
16:01:34 Pavel: Guitar Chat: Josiah : yes
16:01:38 Pavel: Guitar Chat: mattacuk : no
16:01:40 Josiah: Guitar Chat: Great!
16:01:45 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: haha ok wink.gif
16:02:06 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: I am sucha clown
16:02:14 Pavel: Guitar Chat: you are ! hahahahaha
16:02:21 Pavel: Guitar Chat: *slap*
16:02:31 Josiah: Guitar Chat: Hit him again
16:02:35 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: maybe a martial arts routine ???
16:02:35 Josiah: Guitar Chat: hehehe
16:02:36 Pavel: Guitar Chat: *slap*
16:02:38 edguy: Guitar Chat: do you know the festival rock am ring in germany
16:02:44 Pavel: Guitar Chat: yes
16:02:52 edguy: Guitar Chat: i am there this year
16:03:00 Pavel: Guitar Chat: cool
16:03:20 edguy: Guitar Chat: but the bands are not my favourites
16:03:25 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: hi everyone
16:03:28 edguy: Guitar Chat: last year it was better
16:03:29 Josiah: Guitar Chat: hi
16:03:33 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: hey
16:03:44 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: what bands are coming this year?
16:04:01 edguy: Guitar Chat: Billy talent linkin park
16:04:09 edguy: Guitar Chat:
16:04:13 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: what, no Steve Vai??
16:04:16 edguy: Guitar Chat: and much more
16:04:21 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: im having my first gig next week
16:04:25 Pavel: Guitar Chat: Congrats
16:04:43 edguy: Guitar Chat: good luck
16:04:52 Josiah: Guitar Chat: outta here, Thanks Pavel, bye all!
16:05:21 edguy: Guitar Chat: oh dragonforce come to rock am ring
16:05:23 edguy: Guitar Chat:
16:05:28 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: really
16:05:34 edguy: Guitar Chat: yeah
16:05:35 Pavel: Guitar Chat: so does anyone has anymore questions related to tehcnique or guitar in general??
16:05:38 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: im really starting to like dragonforce
16:05:50 edguy: Guitar Chat: i love their studio work
16:05:55 edguy: Guitar Chat: but live...
16:05:58 Pavel: Guitar Chat: i like only the studio records - not the live shows
16:06:06 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: I can't stand them at all
16:06:07 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat:
16:06:26 Pavel: Guitar Chat: Dark Moor kicks their assesin my opinion
16:06:38 edguy: Guitar Chat: for me stone sour is one of the best bands palying at rock am ring
16:06:42 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: i do pavel, when i sweep it feels natural to mute with the left side of my palm, not my right side, is this ok?
16:07:01 Pavel: Guitar Chat: Enric Garcia is way more experienced guitarplayer than Herman - he's also very technical but those are awesome songs - Dragonforce's songs are all the same
16:07:36 edguy: Guitar Chat: who is enric garcia
16:07:39 Pavel: Guitar Chat: mattacuk : what do you mean? what hand??
16:07:47 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: my right hand
16:07:55 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: I actually really dislike shred music, yet I still want to learn to shred
16:07:57 Pavel: Guitar Chat: how the hell can you mute with the left side of the palm?? 8) 8)
16:08:11 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: i dont think i explained well
16:08:27 Pavel: Guitar Chat: oh you mean the part below the thumb??
16:08:31 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: yes!!!!!
16:08:37 Pavel: Guitar Chat: i also do it
16:08:38 Pavel: Guitar Chat: it's normal
16:08:50 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: thats good, it sounds correct, i just wondered if its ok long term
16:08:59 Pavel: Guitar Chat: yeah it's good
16:09:02 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: everything sounds cleaner to me
16:09:47 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: this is funny
16:09:54 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: ive got demon driver as homework
16:09:54 Pavel: Guitar Chat: anybody here plays a 7-stringer?
16:10:07 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: nope
16:10:19 Pavel: Guitar Chat: ok...
16:10:31 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: yeah that one's hillarious, mattacuk
16:10:51 mattacuk: Guitar Chat: mate it made me laugh so HARD !lol i am just whacky i guess
16:11:31 Pavel: Guitar Chat: ok guys! as i can see the questions are over so i can leave - got some more work to do! I'll be here Tuesday at the same time so if got some questions - i'll see you Tuesday!
16:11:51 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: bye
16:11:58 Pavel: Guitar Chat: Bye guys!!! Have fun!!!
16:12:02 edguy: Guitar Chat: bye
16:12:08 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: thanks for your time!
16:12:14 Pavel: Guitar Chat: You're welcome!
16:12:15 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: bye
16:13:21 edguy: Guitar Chat: he guys herman li is cool
16:13:38 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: look at the bands =O
16:14:11 edguy: Guitar Chat: ok i visit it
16:14:35 edguy: Guitar Chat: oh damn axel rudi pell is there
16:15:18 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: I was going to sweden rock
16:15:25 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: but too many crappy bands
16:15:26 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat:
16:15:34 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: i went there last year
16:15:53 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: sure, some are great, but it's to expensive for like 5 bands that I really wanna see
16:16:12 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: yea but lots of funny ppl
16:16:16 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: like memfis, kreator and some more
16:16:23 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: yeah, but I'm broke
16:16:48 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: i kinda like all music stiles
16:16:58 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: yeah, me too
16:17:28 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: except, metal is my favourite genre, but the only bands I hate with passion are metal bands asdwell
16:17:35 edguy: Guitar Chat: ok i left you now because i am practice the break your guitar string noise from herman li good bye
16:17:46 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: cya
16:17:48 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: bye
16:19:05 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: i think my favorite genre is hard rock/metal
16:19:20 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat:
16:19:27 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: but i like classic rock alot
16:19:36 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: yeah, me too
16:19:43 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: I've gotten into progressive lately aswell
16:20:05 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: but I'm still a noob at that
16:20:11 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: xD
16:20:23 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: im in to shred
16:20:38 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: right now xD
16:20:42 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: ah
16:20:46 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat:
16:20:46 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: I hate shred with passion
16:21:00 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: or it's great when used in the right places
16:21:03 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: i love shred
16:21:06 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: for a few seconds
16:21:27 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: as a build up or whatever, but whole shred songs are usually not my cup of tea
16:21:44 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: nah they are kinda...
16:21:53 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: over shreded
16:21:58 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: yea
16:22:01 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat:
16:22:24 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: im having my first gig next week
16:22:31 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: ooh, nice
16:22:38 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: and i dont even know all the songs
16:22:43 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat:
16:22:47 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: It'll work out!
16:22:52 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: what music do you play?
16:23:41 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat:
16:24:17 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: we got some better stuff but aint recorded yet
16:24:18 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: ah, right
16:24:36 Fsgdjv: Guitar Chat: I still like it
16:25:20 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: yea for some noobie 14 year olds
16:25:25 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: xD
16:26:21 GuitarDude: Guitar Chat: dude cya later got to go to bed
23:03:33 Aaron: Guitar Chat: im out

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