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> Ballad soloing - dynamics and phrasing, Lesson By Darius Wave
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Beat Zbinden
May 30 2016, 02:36 PM
Post #1
May 30 2016, 02:36 PM

Experienced Tone Seeker

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Original lesson: Ballad soloing - dynamics and phrasing by Darius Wave

In this lesson is the sound also a big challenge! I hope you can enjoy!

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Gabriel Leopardi
May 30 2016, 05:15 PM
Post #2
May 30 2016, 05:15 PM

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Hi Beat,

Good job on this fantastic lesson. I think that you are getting close with this lesson but as Darius playing and feeling is totally killer on the original take, there is much more room to go deeper with elements like dynamics, vibrato and bending.

Your take is dynamic but you tend to go softer most of the times, while the original lesson has more dynamic range. The best way to incorporate it is to play along with the lesson with all your focus on it.

The overall lesson is played well, and except by some sweeps near to the end, there are not important technical issues to improve or adjust. Just take care of those trickier sweeps in the second half.

This is a master class for dynamics so I recommend to continue practising this one diary until you get more of it.

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Darius Wave
May 31 2016, 05:51 PM
Post #3
May 31 2016, 05:51 PM

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Well Beat...You've really made me an honour by attempting this lesson. I'm speachless smile.gif

You are 100% right - the true challenge of this lesson it the tone, but not the way we set it up (you did a great match BTW), but the tone control cause by dynamics of our playing. Even if it all sounds quite simple as a composition, there are tons of details. Those seems to be natural while being played but when it comes to writting down and learning, it looks like there is a ton of details to capture to make it sound the way we want. I feel you already did a lot of good to this lesson and I would really love to see you still working to master it in 100% because I'm 100% sure you are able to and I also think it's a perfect step to reach another level of skills, that are purely musical and yet available for you after years of delivering great takes over some cool, rock stuff. Let me point out a few most eye(ear) capturing by now:

1. There is need to make and order with some notes rhythm values and their time placement in the bar. I think I don't need to point particular spots since you can easily compare to original lesson. One of ways is to launch lesson video first and play the file in guitar pro in a proper moment. You can make both sound in sync (or at least close enough to recheck if all notes are being played in a proper moment of the bar (those are mostly 8th or 16th note differences in your take - nothing serious)

2. Picking direction affects the tone and feel as well. There are soem moments where we have very short but quick motion for a change with long note or break/pause. I think reviewing original picking direction from the lesson might be helpful. I guess you left that to happen naturally while you play because there are no too fast parts in the lesson but sometimes it makes the difference.

3. Turn off any kind of noise gate if there is any - it can really destroy the voluem sweels. Of course it might be a matter of the pot response - somehow your voluem sweels do not come out smoothly and they sound like breaking through a noise gate, I'm not able to establish what exactly coold be there reason so I'll just leave a suggestion here. About the volume "sweeled" notes - the also have matched timing so it's worth to see where exactly those notes happen. Pulling out the sweels for proper timming and smooth appearance is same practise as for alternate picking to be in sync smile.gif (just an example)

4. Around 0:27 - I guess you've "ate" one note smile.gif

5. Vibrato - Your vibrato goes a bit out of pitch - there are a few spots in this take where it happens (0:34-35 for example). I think you try to go a little too wide with the string vibration and you do not make it to go back to a full release point, due to those vibrated notes being at the same time fast and deeply vibrated.

6. At the beginning of verse part we need to make those pal muted notes sound more crunchy. The will still sound like an ":introduction" because there are being muted, but it's the percussive sound we liek to get out of them rather then softness. Alos please review the rhythm of 0:38 f#-g-f# legato

7. Moments like 0:55-056 are moments where we want to get extra distortion and attack by playing 2 notes together and quite strong but...the tip here is to get that strength from pushing the pick inbetween the string untiol it sort of slips giving extra amount of attack. Increasing strength by a typical strumming width incrasment does not give the same tonal result.

Ok...those are a few suggestions. Not all that could have been pointed out but I think enough to start tweaking things. Of course it's easy for me to point things out as I'm the author byt don't feel upset about all above. It's always this way when I see someone who I know is able to make all this happen perfect ...I became even more demanding smile.gif)) If you decide to keep working on this one I can promise you 2 things....
1. My feedback
2. Regular thoughts like "I have enough of this, I was hoping it was good already...what do you want from me" smile.gif

I hope the second one is being understood properly (not rude). If you want to ask how it works, you can ask Monica smile.gif

Thank You again and remember that you've already made a lot of good to this lesson smile.gif

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Ben Higgins
May 31 2016, 07:53 PM
Post #4
May 31 2016, 07:53 PM

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From: England
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Hi Beat I think you did a f*****g good job on this lesson, if I may be so vulgar! wink.gif

Darius writes some hard stuff... that's just because he's naturally an evil guy. He likes to make people work hard. And that's why we love him. Stay evil, D cool.gif

Joking aside, there's a lot of different dynamics in this lesson. Some notes are picked harder, others are lightly brushed. I think you demonstrate a strong grasp of dynamics.. better than I've ever seen from you before. I think it helps to have a tone with less gain and your tone choice is definitely suitable for this track.

The only thing that leapt out to me as obvious is that your timing could be improved. Some of the phrases are less effective because they may be slightly rushed here and there. To me, that's the biggest detractor from your performance. The other details Darius mentioned, i would not have noticed because I'm not as intimate with the lesson.

So, for the main improvement - deal with timing. For the little details, look to Darius's advice smile.gif

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May 31 2016, 09:42 PM
Post #5
May 31 2016, 09:42 PM

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Pass: 6.7

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