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31 years old
Born Oct-11-1990
--> Started Playing Guitar Since December 2006 <-- (its been 1 awesome year)


Thrash Metal, Neoclassical, Classical, Power-Metal, Blues, Jazz, Progressive Metal

Guitar, Becoming A Profesional Guitarist, playing/listening music. Playing soccer, hanging out with my friends, Jamming with my band, playing pool, chess
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13 Mar 2008
Mago De Oz has been always one of my favorite bands. They are like celtic/folk metal. They incorporate violins, flutes, accordeons, and many "Medieval sounding" instruments. You gotta check them out!:

Mago De Oz - Diabulus In Musica

Mago De Oz - Fiesta Pagana

Mago De Oz - La Costa Del Silencio

Mago De Oz - La Posada De Los Muertos

Mago De Oz - Molinos De Viento

Mago De Oz - Hoy Te Toca Ser Feliz

Check them out and comment!!!
4 Mar 2008
Hey, i was playing around with photoshop trying to create all the blues scales and i decided to do a box of the Am blues scale. I want to know if its correct, if the blue notes are where they should be basically.

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1 Mar 2008
Recording #1

Hello all, ive decided that from now on i will practice only Blues. I wanna nail this style perfectly and i want you guys to help me achieve this. Today i recorded a small take over a backing track, as an attempt to play the Blues. I used Muris's backing track from his first Blues Collab, i hope thats ok.

The Backing is in G minor i think, so i used the G minor Blues Scale

Please, your constructive criticism is very appreciated, id like to hear personally from Slammer and Robin, as i know they can play the Blues awesomely cool.gif

Also, im in need of more backing tracks in more keys, so if you can provide me some, that would be GREAT!!!

thanks so much guys, here is the take:
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1 Mar 2008
Hey guys, i really need to get some good backing tracks for blues improvisation. I checked the topic in the Uploads section and couldnt find anything. Can someone please provide links for downloadable backing tracks?

25 Feb 2008
Hello all, this isnt really a real "collaboration" like the other ones, but i decided to post this here because i need to help and participation of many people.

Here's what i need. Instead of you recording a lead, i need you to record a progression. A standard I - IV - V progression for blues soloing. That means that it should be a Tonic - Subdominant - Dominant chord progression. Meaning that (for example) if the progression is in the key of C. The chord progression will be C (I, Tonic) - F (IV, Subdominant) and G (V, Dominant).

I need a progression for each of the following keys:

  • E
  • F
  • G
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Meaning that the Tonic chord of each key will be the same chord that the key is named after.

I need this to improve my Blues Improvisation over these type of progressions but more importantly, for many keys.

Please, if you are interested in helping me. Please choose one of the keys and upload your progression in this same thread.

Please make the progression last around 1 min.

Thank you.

Important Note: I dont think there will be a final mix for this, i just need the progressions for jamming and improvising. But i think that the entries submitted could be good material for other collab purposes.

If a thread like this is not supposed to be in this board, my apologizes and please move it to where it belongs if thats the case. Thank you.
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