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18 Jan 2012
Hey GMC !
My schools Talent show auditions are next Tuesday !!
Me and a freind of mine (Drummer) need some nice instrumental songs or solo's that sound good and show some technical skills like tapping and so on.And as for my capability i can handle the advanced lessons or some of the extremely advanced lessons (6-7).
and as for my drummer he is pretty good so dont worry about him.
and the song cant pass 5minutes or so.
so any help is appreciated smile.gif
3 Nov 2011
Hey GMC !!!
I have never properly introduced myself haven't I ?
Well my name is Moris im 14 years old soon gonna be 15.
I live in Cairo,Egypt.
I practise guitar 4-6 hours a day.
I was inspired by Kirk Hammet in Metallica !! and Steve Vai :)there the people who made me wanna start guitar biggrin.gif
Thanks to them i wanted to become a lead guitarist so i went to a local music store that teaches guitar.
I had first started 1 year in classic guitar then left to be taught at home from my close friend who is one of the greatest guitarist's in egypt !
who im very lucky to know ! smile.gif
so yeah i started taking guitar seriously when i first saw GMC !
because it had inspired me to train so hard !
so yeah now im in my third year of learning guitar ! 3 years had passed so fast !
now i like listening to Metallica,Steve Vai,Trivium, And BB king.
i train on the extremely advanced lessons here on GMC which are brilliant !
im aiming to be able to be learning songs on insane level haha xD
Well thats all about me smile.gif
Thanks for reading !
Oh and my gear:Ibanez GRG250DX
Yamaha C70 classic guitar
Washburn BD25r Amp
26 Oct 2011
Hey GMC !!
i just wanted to share something really great that happened to me in my little 2months in GMC
I used to just train 30minutes a day and hardly even enjoy them !
but now i train for 4 hours to 5 hours a day with enjoying every second of them !
and that resulted in me getting from a lame 120Bpm to a Whopping 245Bpm ! (i think its whopping tongue.gif)
I jumped from intermediate lessons to them great extremely advanced lessons !!
The purpose of this thread is to show and inspire everyone is that:
you don't need to be talented or a born genius in guitar.
You just need the time,dedication and the enjoyment of playing guitar !
you dont need to play 4 hours a day like me sometimes 1 hour of pure practise is better then 5 hours of messing around biggrin.gif
I just wanted to share my progress and just give a little message of inspiration biggrin.gif
I hope everyone will become the future Kirk Hammet or the future Steve Vai ! or even better tongue.gif
just put your heart into it and you will make other guitarists go to shame haha !
Thanks everyone for your time reading my thread !!
Keep it metal and take care !!! laugh.gif
16 Oct 2011
Hey guys i need help resubscribing !
Everytime i try to resubscribe it says that i already have a active subscribtion.
but the site say's that my subscribtion ended and doesnt let me watch lessons.
What should i do ??
please help me out.
11 Oct 2011
Hey guys biggrin.gif
I was asking funny question to myself haha xD
What does mint condition really mean ? is it as in great condition or bad condition bacause i was looking at some used guitars on musicians freind
so you i would really appreciate your help and thanks in advance guys smile.gif.
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