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23 Dec 2019
Original lesson: Vai-able Hammer-ons by Ben Higgins

I thought this lesson would be super-easy. I was wrong. Though there are few notes to pick, there is a lot of control and precision to apply on the fretting hand. I enjoyed learning and practicing the notes. Also enjoyed finding a VAIable tone :D Video contains 2 parts: 1) video practice and 2)audio comparison, original track on left and my practice on right side. I also practiced a few times E Lydian scale over the Jam Track, and that was fun as well. Not recorded yet but maybe in the future. My video: Thanks for this lesson, Ben!

18 Dec 2019
Original lesson: Satriani Made Easy - Rock by Ben Higgins

I enjoyed this lesson quite a lot. I listen to it over and over, the original and my take. The lower notes had a strange vibration that I couldn't figure out how to fix. I had to do countless video takes to get the right one. Nevertheless, I learned a lot with this lesson. Thanks!

6 Nov 2019
Original lesson: Satriani Made Easy - Ballad by Ben Higgins

Here's my REC for this lesson, which I really liked a lot. I had no problems recording audio, but had to do many video takes to get one without a glitch, or the less possible. Hopefully this is good enough. I tried to be one time, per your advise on previous REC. I know I have to do more alt picking. I promise my next lesson will. Thanks!

23 Oct 2019
Has anyone tried tuning 2nd string from B to C? EDIT: (my bad, I meant 2nd string)
Is that a good or bad idea?

My point on this is, if tuning by 4ths all strings can simplify learning less scales patterns throughout the fretboard.

You know anyone that does this? Is this worth it?

Since I am left-handed, I always play with my guitar, so no need to play others' (right-handed) guitars.

Thanks in advance for your comments. smile.gif

14 Oct 2019
Original lesson: Beginner's Corner 13: C Major Scale by Bear Rose

Thanks a lot for this lesson, Bear. It was fun to learn and my first challenge to RECord :D I'm new on GMC and expect to learn and practice a lot. I know guitar from a long time ago but never studied seriously. I'm glad to start this new path and challenge. My favorite style is hard rock, but I like a little metal and jazz as well. Cheers!

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