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Rock and Roll died a long time ago, but it came back... zombie-jesus-style... and like jesus... I got banned for doing the right thing
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stevie ray hey hey hey
39 years old
hasselt, belgium
Born Oct-25-1981
not many things, only the nice things in life, like guitars, music, writing songs, girls, beer, the stars... time travel, oh and meeting some interesting people perhaps musical masterminds... or something like musical soulmates, because I have my own probably weird way of experiencing and playing music. Maybe there are more like me (don't mean me with masterminds, but with soulmates)
and awsomeness is also interesting I guess

I'd really like to meet some interesting people, and not by going out, but by staying at home, playing som guitar, learning some music theory, writing songs, drinking beer while thinking of girls/time travel or the stars... yEAH!
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4 Apr 2010
I play guitar for a long time, but I still have a lot to learn. I've found out that blues a la BB king, albert king, jimi hendrix, SRV,.. is what I would die for. I recently decided to have a guitar custom built because my old guitar almost detunes just because you look at it. The problem is probably the cheap Squ*er tuners. Maybe the inferior type of wood makes it sound as if it detunes when you play it, or maybe I press too hard on the strings when playing chords,... any of those reasons I ordered the custom
built telecaster thinline for. I haven't heard from the guy in some time, haven't payed him yet, I really need to contact him...
So he will ask me what I want so custom about it, but I really don't know much about these things. I just want to play again and have the freedom to bend as much as I want. I don't know if I need a floyd rose (I think it detunes the least) or another type of bridge. I presume a quality bridge of any kind togheter with quality mach. heads and nut and quality neck (wich would be slightly wider and SRV-shaped bigger) should always do the job.

So I ask someone: what would be the most logic and functional choice bridge for bending a lot in blues, up to 3/4/5 fret bends to be sure, without all that detuning. And would there be any difference in sound with the different types of bridges? I think maybe those l'll things that keep the EBG and D down near the tuners of a f*nder guitar influence tuning very badly. When you have a small dent in the string on the place where it used to press against the l'll thing, the string will always fall into it on the first occasion (such as bending)

And are there any other types of machine heads or nuts that stand for perfect tuning?

Last but far from least: restringing... everybody says they know how it should be done, but I've never heard 2 people do it the same way. Keeping tight, I know that... but I do struggle hard when restringing and I hate it. How many windings are ideal for 011/012-strings tuned in E or Eb. Can a telecaster thinline handle this?

IT's a lot of questions , I know, but I would be happy with any advise someone could give regarding tuning. I don't want to have these problems ever again and be sure about my new guitar. Maybe someone whó has never used the words tuning and frustration in the same sentence... what's your secret? rolleyes.gif

thanks from someone who is out of tune
25 Nov 2009
can anyone tell me where to find some kind of really large collection of early and legendary blues songs/artists.

I learned to know a lot of new blues artists (actually old ones) and I 'd like to study them and try to play some if posssible, but I always stumble upon not finding any tabs for them,...

artists I think of now are; howlin wolf, albert king, guitar slim, albert collins, earl hooker, luther allison, lighning hopkins, Louisiana Red, U. P. Wilson, bobby mack, buddy guy...

Is there maybe a book of some kind with a nice blues collection or anything else you can recommend?


27 Jun 2009

I was wondering if there are standards or mathematical rules about this:

I know for example a IV chord leads to a V or a vii° chord . But if you use chords like #9 or even 7b9#11 , can those chords have specificic influences on the chord progression or are they always just filling up the chord and that's it.

joris, just wondering.

does anyone know interisting lessons or websites about chord progression theory and added notes-chords?


8 Jun 2009
For all I know, stevie ray is the king of blues guitar. I guess some people would agree with that. So he sat at his throne, reigning probably, preaching blues until he died in 1990. But I can't think of a single guitar player who, after 1990, even saw a glimpse of that blues guitar throne and of course no one sat on it. Or am I wrong? Where there great blues guitarists after stevie ray? Okay there probably where people like clapton, moore,.. but they are no match to stevie ray vaughn. He would blow them off stage if he weren't such a nice guy.

But seriously, please tell me who was a great blues guitar player after 1990? Did the blues die togheter with stevie ray or has stevie ray shown us everything the blues can do for you and is that why no one can be a blues icon anymore after stevie. I'm curious

14 May 2009
Hello fellow musicians,

I would mostly like to learn about chord progressions or applying theory to what you are playing. Anybody got some tips for me? I liked soul lesson very much. And I like lessons with weird/special chords like mb5b7, m7, 7, augmented, suspended, major sixth, you know...

Please let me know

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