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14 Jan 2019
Hello everyone!

I just checked on my profile page that i joined almost 10 years ago. Granted i have not been really active, mostly because for a long time i could just not afford a membership and was gmc-living off the link member program. But eventually this was no longer an option for me.

In the world outside the internet i tried to work on my musical education by joining a local music school and then changing to a private teacher. The last one was a good friend of mine which made it affordable. He had to move away so for about 2-3 years i am now without musical guidance.

And recently i got more and more frustrated and feeling "stuck". I do have reasonably dexterity in my fingers and also a good amount of technical knowledge. On the other side, i do not have any useful knowledge of music theory. It is bits and pieces here and there, but nothing to rely on when it comes to improvisation. I can play some scales up and down realy fast - but that does not get you very far, it gets boring really quick. Additionally i dont have a repertoire of "classic" guitar songs to play... i just never got around learning them. On and off i have been in bands, some teenie-cover bands and a handful of more sophisticated projects, but nothing lasted, most of them disbanded really quick (i checked, it was not my fault wink.gif ) .

So this is where i am. I am in my mid-thirties, i still like to play the guitar but mostly i am playing at home alone. I have some spare time each day but i really dont know what to work on... Maybe some of you guys have been in the same spot? Any ideas?

25 Mar 2011
Hello everyone!

I was thinking about getting a new guitar for a long time now and i was saving money to get a custom build guitar from a friend (hes a luthier, so i would have the chance to do a lot by myself). And a week or so ago i had some trouble with the tremolo on my Charvel, so i visited the former mentioned friend to see whats wrong. We spend half a day fixing a lot of things on it and i decided to stock up on spare parts for that trem. Sadly noone is building that JT6 trem anymore wink.gif So i spend a few hours on ebay to look for used ones and found a few. All of them ended up at prices higher than i wanted to pay... But ebay was nice to me and linked some similar auctions, one of them was a charvel guitar looking exactly like mine. I couldnt do anything else than bidding on it and i finaly got it for around 180 Euro... And here it is:

Attached Image

Well, it does look like an almost perfect twin of my other guitar, just check out the side by side picture:

Attached Image

Ok, a few differences are there. The new one, a Charvel Predator, has a Schaller Tremolo, the old one has the jackson trem, both floyd rose licenced. The new one has a humbucker at the neck position, the old one a singlecoil. And the old one has the volume poti moved a bit down and to the rear of the guitar to get it out of the way of more ambitious guitar players wink.gif

The biggest difference, as mentioned before, is the tremolo system. The schaller trem is way more reliable and has a better overall quality. It took us half a day to get the Jackson trem to hold the tuning for more than one or two bends... The schaller was in best shape "out of the box". Well, the former owner had it assembled somewhat wrong, the saddles were mixed up, the highest ones not in the middle... Check it out in its full beauty:

Attached Image

My old guitar had the same 5-way switch, but as it was messed up seriously, i replaced it by a 3-way switch and a push/pull volume poti to get every combination of neck humbucker, bridge single coil possible. On the new one it works like a charm. The first position is the neck humbucker, second is the neck humbucker and the front-half of the bridge humbucker, third is both humbuckers, fourth is neck and back-half of bridge, and fifth is bridge humbucker only. This gives a lot of sound options and could easily be extended by a push/pull poti to split the neck humbucker in every position. Oh and as far as i can tell both pickups are the original fitted. The bridge position is a Jackson J90C and the neck position is a single-coil sized humbucker with no description.

The sound is typical early 90s metal-guitar smile.gif Nothing else to say... From screaming leads to high pressure rhythm everythings possible... smile.gif Sound might be a bit to "sharp" for blues or jazz stuff, but thats not my style of music anyway wink.gif I use it with a boss distortion through a Marshal MG100FX and a Fender Cabinet and i can get my preferred 90s metal sound from it, what else can you want smile.gif

I am realy happy i got this one and i already have offers to sell it for around 400 Euro, so it definitely was no waste of money wink.gif

4 Nov 2010
Hey everyone,

we have a little local community here where we had an open stage event yesterday and we did this on stage:

The guy in the white shirt on the left, i dont know who he was, he was just on stage with us wink.gif

Oh and this was my first time playing on a stage ever smile.gif
23 Sep 2010
Hi everyone,

just wanted to share my happyness smile.gif

I own a Charvel Modell 3DR built in the late 80s. The guitar originally has a jackson single coil in the neck position (dont know the exact type) and a jackson j-80c humbucker at bridge position. I was always somehow satisfied with the sound but there were some strange things. First and most annoying: On the 5-way switch there was only one position that made a "good" sound. I always thought this must be my own opinion and i just dont know the specialties of the other positions. Second, the humbucker produced way more noise than the singlecoil.

Soooo... just a few weeks ago i got a new friend, he is a luthier. smile.gif So i showed him my instrument and he immediately told me that the 5 way switch is somewhat wired in a total mess. We than sat together and rewired the whole thing. Now i have a 3 way switch to get the usual stuff: SC neck, SC Neck and HB Bridge, HB Bridge. Additionally i have a pus/pull volume poti with which i can split the humbucker to get only one coil aka. a second singlecoil (one in neck position one in bridge position then) smile.gif After that the guitar sounded way better already. But with the wiring corrected we heared that it was about time to replace the Humbucker with something with a bit more punch and less noise. I found just the sound i wanted with an EMG HZ F-H1 Humbucker!

After all we had rewired the whole thing and built in a good pickup now it just sounds awesome. I played the whole day just because i like it how it sounds now. And a nice side-effect: Now i can do pinch-harmonics much easier smile.gif
14 Sep 2010
Hi everyone!

Ok, i am a bit tired of only playing licks and short riffs. I am stuck at a level where i can do a lot of stuff but barely play 2 or 3 whole songs. So i am looking for some songs i can learn. I basically prefer german powermetal, but in genereal as long as it is metal, i like it smile.gif Metalcore is good too smile.gif The problem: They should be easy to learn... I can play some stuff like breaking the Law from Judas Priest, but there is definitely some room for a bit more difficult stuff. smile.gif

So i would appreciate it if those of you who know some easy rock and metal songs can name them so i can learn them smile.gif

Thank you!
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