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19 Dec 2008
Has anyone tried these guitars? I played with all of their models and I think they are amazing.Tuesday I am buying one biggrin.gif .Any thoughts?

15 Oct 2008
Hey there fellow GMCers smile.gif
Today I've decided to make a "versus" competition between two cleaning agents that I've been using for quite some time.Of course this is only my humble opinion and I wont try to persuade you which product to buy.I'll just try to weight the pros and cons of each kit and hope that you find this review helpful.
The agents I'll compare are two of the most known and most expensive in the market right now. I'm talking about the DUNLOP MAINTENANCE KIT and the GIBSON AIGG-RK1.According to Thomman ...


The Dunlop maintenance kit consists of 5 accessories
Formula 65 Polish, Bodygloss 65 Cream of Carnauba Wax, Ultraglide 65 String Saver, Fingerboard 01 Cleaner/Prep, Fingerboard 02 Conditioner, and 2 cotton polish cloths

Formula 65 Polish and cleaner
A really great cleaner. I used it on my epiphone and completely took away signs of fingerprints and sweat.But I found it a bit hard to scratch tiny details from the headstock
RATE: 4/6

Body gloss 65 Cream of Carnauba Wax
Now this will make the body shine like a mirror.I was surprised to see my old guitars look like new

Ultraglide 65 String Saver
This one does the same job as the Fast fret. When you apply it to the strings it makes them "glide" and and extends their "string" life

Fingerboard 01 Cleaner/Prep
Now this cleaning agent is truly amazing and I think all guitarists must own one. It comes in spray form making the removal of grime fast and easy. The pack includes 2 cloths with one harsh surface,specially designed for removing the dirt.I SWEAR,after I sprayed for the first time I could see the grain had turned to liquid clay and started dripping down the neck.Pretty powerful stuff

Fingerboard 02 Conditioner
After Fingerboard 01 Cleaner/Prep the 02 conditioner is applied, protects and replenishes the wood of the fingerboard.Pretty cool wink.gif

VALUE: 23,60 euro in thomman


The Gibson set comes with three cleaning agents. Restorative finish cream, Fretboard- and Metalcleaner (with Brush, Polish and Polish-Cloth)

Restorative finish cream
Great, amazing, fantastic cleaner. Especially for Vintage instruments.Just pour some on the guitar body and with the cloth that is inside the kit with wax-on wax-off movements it restores the original glamor and shining of the instrument. You should check it in sunlight and you'll understand. Also I had no trouble removing small details.

Fretboard Cleaner
This one is actually pretty lame.It is the classic lemon-oil cleaner that we love to hate. It needs stable hand or else small accidents can happen very easily.Your hand will TRULY hurt after scrubbing the fingerboard fret by fret.Also you might wanna try something else for cleaning than the original gibson yellow cloth(its a shame to destroy it).Another thing.All 3 cleaners heads open and close like a screw. My Fretboard cleaner also has a small leak.I examined the botle to see if I can find a hole, but no luck.So I'm guessing that it might be the heads fault.

Metalcleaner is pretty cool for applying to the metallic parts(keys,screws,pick ups covers etc),and that's where the small brush comes in handy.

VALUE: 14,40 euro in thomman

+ All vials are in spray form and designed in a way that they wont spilled or make a mess of your area
- The complete opposite.The screw heads are a bit risky and a firm hand and workbench is required

+ The cloth that comes along is amazing and just by wrapping it around your fingertip it can do wonders
- GIBSON comes with two cleaning cloths.The one is pretty useless and they do tend to gather a lot of dirt.

+ Has a metalcleaner
-Has no metalcleaner

So finally I guess if you ask me which one the best I must say that I find the Dunlop much more friendly and easy but in the other hand the GIBSON is also nice because of the metalcleaner, the great restorative finish cream and the brush. So it might be best if you had both or just select some of the vials that you need more.
Also if someone of you uses different cleaning agents please let me know. I'm interested about the music man care set and some Planet waves products
Anyway I hope you found the review useful and please forgive my terrible English tongue.gif

10 Aug 2008

As far Ive seen this movie must be UBER COOL.Check out the songs they are really great
9 Aug 2008
Ok so my question is simple, which one do YOU think is better Boss gt 10 or line 6 pod xt.

So far I've been playing with a pod xt but in a few hours the guy who owns it will come and get biggrin.gif it so I'll be with no multi effects

Generally I'm like the L6 except for a few issues.
1) I don't feel comfortable playing heavy stuff with it even though it has great lead sounds I just cant find a nice heavy setting (and by that I mean in the style of Lamb of God, Symphony X, Pantera etc)
2) I don't really like the expression pedal
3) Gt 10 has many more features like loop, harmonizer better wah etc The thing is that I've never tested a gt 10 only what I've seen in youtube

29 Jun 2008

Imagine playing games from dos box, mame sega and nintendo emulators

all can be downloaded from here
also plays movies(divx,xvid mpeg),MP3,stores photos
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