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I have three areas of activity that my life is centered around, they change spots between 1-3 quite frequently.

Currently, my number one interest is

1: Foreign Languages! Spanish and Chinese at the moment, I spend so much time learning them, I think they are so much fun, and SO useful.
2: Music: Since I already have my career path set on a foreign language career, music has become a hobby and I no longer seek to become an incredible guitarist like I used to. I most practice cover songs and technical abilities, no songwriting or original material.
3: Health and Working Out: Go to the gym 5 days a week, am in incredible physical shape (I think!), eat extremely healthy.

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10 Oct 2008
I am in school right now and I have an online class. To listen to music I go to Ultimate-Guitar and click on this guys profile and listen to his playlist because it has stuff I like, such as Dream Theater and BTBAM, since youtube is blocked.

Anyway after listening to a song I already knew, the Circus Maximus song "Sin" came on, and the intro sounded pretty cool, then when the Middle Eastern part came in I instantly knew "I am going to love this band!." I have been listening to the song all class period, and the entire thing is amazing!!!!!!! The vocal melodies, unbelievable, guitars top notch, everything. When I get home I will look further into this band. Right now I can't post anything because our library blocks 99% of sites though.
27 Aug 2008
So yea, I got the new Dragonforce album that came out today, called Ultra Beatdown. I highly recommend it so far based on what I have heard. I'm sure many of you have heard the epic song "Heroes of Our Time," the single released a month ago or so. I agree that this song sounded like typical Dragonforce, but so far, this is the ONLY song the album I have heard that sounds typical.

The vocals in this album are definately a new thing for Dragonforce. I can't really describe it, but he employs a lot of Symphony X/Progressive style vocals, and also 80's hair metal influence; instead of just the original epic singing style. As far as guitars go, yea some soloes sound typical, but are still great IMO. But also in one of the songs there was like a Middle-Eastern oriented solo and I really liked it.

I have only heard songs 1-3 so far, and only 2 and 3 one time, but so far I like the new direction Dragonforce is going. Anyone else have opinions?
18 Jul 2008
Don't play if you get addicted easily, I got to level 10 before realizing it was completely impossible.
12 Jul 2008
I know a lot of people don't like Dragonforce, but I thought I should share the new song and video "Heroes of Our Time," that will be released on their new album in August, but I just watched it. I have to say I am really impressed. The first third of the song or so sounds like their typical stuff I know, but it gets much better and the song is not Dragonforce's normal song arrangement. Solo is in insane!! Those sweeps at 2:16-2:20 and 3:02-3:04 OMG they are so fast, I didn't even know it was possible to play that fast.
9 Jul 2008
So one of my favorite bands is all German and their lyrics are in German (Rammstein, I am sure you have heard of them).

Well I already speak pretty good Spanish and am fairly deep into Chinese (although you have to go INCREDIBLY deep to get anywhere with this language!). So I decided I might give German a try. I went to Barnes N' Nobles and picked up a German instructional book to read in the store.

The first chapter was just showing how phonetic German is and how there are many cognates and all between English. It seemed great at first. Then I turned to the next chapter and it is about verb conjugation and how you have to change the verb endings according to the subject, same thing as Spanish, not such a big deal. THEN I turn to the next chapter and it says "Declension" then I look down and see these things called cases and how you have to change the endings of articles, adjectives, and nouns based on how the subject is used in the sentence, AND then decline them even more based on gender. Ok if this wasn't enough to make me close the book and give up immediately, I looked at the next page and read that most German nouns have irregular plural forms, jesus, why can't they just add "S?" I turn to back of book and see that the section on irregular verbs is like 10x as long as the section on regular verbs.

So does anyone know...behind the INSANE amount of irregular stuff and ridiculous grammar rules, is German easy at all?
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