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31 May 2008
i cant tell if this is really a problem, though i think it will eventually hurt my speed.

when i play my pointer finger is not as angled as the tips of my other fingers. what im trying to say is when i play, my middle through pinky fingers make almost an 80-90 degree angle with the fretboard, while my pointer finger makes more of a 40-50 degree angle.

example = whenever im playing fast and i go up from the b string to the high e string, my pointer finger slightly touches the b string still.

i've noticed that this is part of my string muting, as when i play slower and correct it, the b string sometimes rings out.......

do you all think this is a serious problem? im going to work on correcting it anyways, but i want to know if anyone else does this.
30 Jan 2008
i was just wondering if anyone knew what key Fur Elise is in, more specifically Vinod's acoustic composition of it here,

Vinod's Fur Elise

i had a really cool idea but i cant figure out the key......
29 Jan 2008
i was watching one of pavel lessons when i saw how he places his thumb on his guitar neck. he almost wraps it around and lets the side of it rest on his guitar neck. i looked through different lessons form other instructors, and they all do something kinda similar to this...

I, on the other hand, let the front of my thumb rest on the middle of the guitar neck, and it kinda points towards the head of the guitar at a 45 degree angle....can this hurt my performance and ability to learn to play faster?

ill try to find a digital camera to show you all how i hold my thumb on the guitar....
20 Jan 2008
i just started seriously working on my alternate picking speed, and i noticed i hold the guitar differently than some people. Im working on pavel's ionian scale speedpicking lesson, and in all of his lessons his guitar's curve is on his left leg, more of a classical guitar pose. I however, hold my guitar with the curve on the right leg, like Gabriel, but with the head slightly angled upward. Does holding the guitar like this affect my playing speed?
28 Dec 2007
Hi everyone at GMC!

i finally became completely dedicated to my guitar, and wanting to get better, so i came back to GMC. i've been here before but only watch videos and stuff... no true practice.

but in the last month or 2 i've bought a metronome and almost doubled my alternate picking speed from the exercises on here.

id like to thank all the instructors for making such awesome lessons, you all are part of the reason i came back and have finally dedicated myself to playing my guitar!

oh and hope everyone had a great christmas and has an awesome new years!
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