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Guitar (but aren't we all). I also like computers and various gadgetry. Also I'm into personal finance (gotta build that wealth!). I love watching football (American :) and going bowling!
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2 Jan 2009
So back in September (after over 7 years of being self-taught) I went to the local music store and signed up for lessons. I needed (and to some degree still need) to rekindle that fire I had for playing like when I first started.

I was pretty excited after my first lesson because my instructor is a great player and I was sure I was on to something with these lessons. Now, however, while I still believe I'm getting something out them I'm thinking about quitting because I don't think I'm getting enough out of them to warrant the $20 per weekly half-hour lesson. After all that's nearly 3 months of GMC tuition! biggrin.gif

My major beef is that I'm not being taught any theory. My instructor doesn't know much as he himself is self-taught. He doesn't do tabs either because he's been playing since long before tabs were invented so anything he shows me how to play I have to watch his fingers (and use my ears) and try to play myself. I'm getting better at this, but sometimes, when I'm struggling to follow along, I feel like I'm playing a sadistic game of Simon!

And that's pretty much how our practices go each week. I don't get a homework assignment or a "I want you to work on this for next week". Just a wicked game of Simon!

In fact, after organizing my thoughts about the matter in this post, I think I'm done with this guy. He's always running 15 minutes late so I stand out in the hall while all the other instructors let their students in. I think the main thing I've learned is that just because you're a good player, you're not necessarily a good instructor.

Anyone have similar experiences?
2 Jan 2009
Does anyone else remember a video that made them want to join GMC? I remember mine was when I stumbled across Muris's Funk Soloing Lesson.

I was just amazed at how smooth and funky his playing was. It makes you wanna smack your mother!

Anyone else remember their "I gotta join this freakin' site" video lesson?
23 Sep 2008
Hey guys!

So I've recently caught fire again for guitar after a roughly 2-year lull. I really feel like I've got the motivation this time around to take my playing to a whole new level and am quickly falling in internet-love with GMC. wub.gif

As part of my rededication, I'm trying to be as introspective of a player as I know how to be. In examining my weaknesses it doesn't take long for my rhythm (or lack there-of) to come bubbling to the surface. Relative to my skills on lead, my rhythm-playing is in a sad state and desperately needs to be addressed. I don't have a problem (that I know of) with timing. I think this is more a result of my chronically neglected knowledge of chords. I can do open cowboy chords, power chords and Major barre chords (I know you can move a finger or two here or there to get new ones). But I believe there's more to it than that.

Can you guys point me to lessons that have really helped improve your rhythm playing? I can mash through most single note lead stuff (aside from super-fast stuff), but throw in a couple of chords and my goose is cooked. I'd appreciate your help on this and look forward to hitting these here boards more often!

If you'd like to gauge where my playing level currently is you check out my take on Sublime's Santeria solo. Or check my YouTube profile below for a couple of other songs I've got on there.
19 Aug 2008
I stumbled upon this guy Oziel Zinho (or Filho, I've seen it both ways) on youtube a couple of years ago. He has a great sense of melody and phrasing. Check him out and let me know what you think!

Ozielzinho - Wolverine 2.0
7 Aug 2008
Hey guys. I've decided to take the plunge and learn some new chops biggrin.gif.

I like the looks of this site and look forward to interacting with other guitar players. I'm 27 and have been playing for 7 years now... I was rediculously dedicated the first 3 or 4 years I played (college), but in recent times have found myself too busy with work, etc.. I'm hoping to rededicate myself and take my playing to a whole frickin' new level!!! biggrin.gif

Anyways, like I said I like the looks of this site and hope to learn loads.

See ya on the boards!

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