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1 Nov 2008

I've had the Line 6 Spider Jam for a few weeks now and have enjoyed it immensly. When I first joined here I was only an acoustic player, then started getting into the blues guitar on electric, with a blues junior tube amp.

Now I'm at a place where I want to learn more "rock" type music, distortion, etc.. Anyway, I wanted an amp that would give me a palette of different tones to experiment with and also a taste of different effects.

The Spider Jam is the best practice amp I've had the pleasure of using. Yes, it doesn't sound as great as an all tube amp with a ts-808 for blues, however, for practicing and jamming, it hasn't been a big deal. I can get a great many clean and tube like overdriven sounds that almost anybody would'nt complain about unless you told them it was solid state.

What's unique about the spider jam is that it comes with a variety of backing tracks with a full band, or just endless drum loops. Now with the update from Line 6, you can add your own backing tracks via the sd card. You also have a built in 24 minute looper, so you can add your own loops and save them to the sd card. You can also change the pitch and tempo independantly on any loops or backing tracks if you want to slow down a lick to figure it out.

The xlr input for vocals is great. Going back to my acoustic playing, I used to have an acoustic combo amp so I could sing and play acoustic. Now with the Spider Jam, it has a second channel without any effects and I can save the trouble of bringing another amp along. The vocal channel has indepent effects, like reverb, which is a nice feature. I'm suprised they added this feature in, but it's been great for those of us who also sing and play guitar.

Other extras of course are the built in effects, like delay, tape echo, etc. It also has a built in tuner that is very accurate. And since I have two little children at home, it's been great to be able to practice with headphones at night.

I just can't praise enough how great this amp has been for someone who doesn't have the resources to "jam" with other musicians. I can practice with the built in backing tracks in different keys and genres, or I can just jam to some interesting drum loops. I can record any musical ideas I have from the guitar or vocals and save them to the sd card. Or I can create a chord progression myself and layer over that for some jamming.

All in all, this is the best practice amp I have purchased, and with all the features it comes with, I find that I'm not missing my old setup at all. I even find myself learning to play some Buckethead type tunes. :-)

Anyone who is looking for an all in one jammin setup and if you like to sing than this amp is the "one". I know you can also get the optional fbv express pedal which makes it a little easier to start and stop loops, and adds a wah/volume pedal, as well as the tuner feature from the pedal. I think that will be next on my list.

I didn't mean to type such a big review, just excited about this amp and if you have any questions let me know!

8 Jun 2008
I remember we had one up where people posted they're metronome speeds with triplets, etc. Did it go away? Trying to compare to my old numbers smile.gif
2 Jun 2008
Well I've read good reviews on both interfaces. The Lexicon Omega has 8x4x2 USB I/O inputs, Two dbx Silver Series® mic preamps with 48V phantom power ,(supposed to be good), 24 bit recording, lexicon pantheon reverb plug in and comes with cubase le. 199.99 avg price.

Line 6 toneport ux2 has 4 inputs, not sure how good the xlr inputs are but I see it has phantom power, and has a lot of extra stuff from gearbox for vocals? and guitar, not so sure if it's 16 bit or 24 bit recording. 139.99 avg price now.

I have a Rode NT1-A mic, so it's just me either playing and singing with an acoustic, or playing the electric guitar. That's the only use I'll really need. No need to worry about recording a bunch of other stuff. I'll only be using windows xp, so no problems there. I probably won't be mic'ing an amp for awhile until I build up a pedalboard full of effects so...

Just got to figure out which one will suit me better...
24 May 2008
Just want to see what people like for vocals, etc. Something in the 100-300 dollar range (US currency :-)

I've been looking at akg and a rode nt1-a, as well as some cheaper mxl mics..
29 Apr 2008
I've been taking videos with just my videocamera and built in mic, but I'd really like to get a better sound quality for the youtube videos. I have two condenser mics that I just picked up and I also plan on getting either the Line 6 toneport ux2 or the Lexicon Lambda for pc recording.

So my question is, how do you get everything mixed together right with seperate audio/video tracks for youtube use.

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