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8 Aug 2020
I know I'm super late to the party laugh.gif my previous windows had a problem with helix and I never looked back after that, with a new install now I got a chance to compare.

The Helix software is a surprisingly small download, I thought there may be a mistake before installing it smile.gif my immediate impression was its extremely reactive to your playing, I didn't check if it had lower latency but felt like it. But then I looked at the cpu usage and it was way guess is it may be programmed to cause lower-latency by using extra cpu power.

But compared to THU (I strictly use profiles from rig profile), the tone felt much more processor-like. Line6 has a glossy signature vibe to it on every product I tried and you feel it with Helix too. Then I eq and swapped some ir's and it made a huge wonder helix owners invested so much to 3rd party ir libraries after its release. Still I'd say not in THU tone territory but when tweaked can get pretty close.

So since it reacts better than THU shredders may prefer Helix for the feel of it. Or if one is ok with the typical line6 tone, which is still musical in a way but not really analog feeling which also made me understand why Demo's were mostly modern-metal tones with helix on youtube.
6 Aug 2020
Attached Image

So my mom said she was going to throw this old dvd player+sound system away and I told her before doing that I wanted to listen to it.

It doesn't show in this photo but its actually 3-way and the sides have the bass speaker, I wasn't expecting much until I lifted the player and it was heavy! good indication they used a proper amplifier in it wink.gif

Had a listen and was great! but the problem was my existing monitors were connected to the soundcard and it doesn't have another output for these. So today I went to a shop and bought an AUX-to-Headphone cable.

Its currently connected to the headphone out of the soundcard, not ideal ofcourse but still sounds better than good for casual use. The only thing I have to sort is I hated placing them on top of my monitors but thats where I liked the sound most. Not likely I wat to buy stands for these, maybe I'll place them on the floor later on as they're in the honeymoon period now.
28 Jul 2020
So if you're thinking about a boost to an old PC which still works fine for you, here's my experience. First some notes;

-Check if the motherboard has Sata ports. If yes then great, current SSD's are sold as Sata 3 compatible while old PC's may have Sata 2. Don't worry, just like USB Sata 3 can work on Sata 2 input and still is faster than a HDD.

-I wanted a really cheap option so bought a crucial bx500 240gb. There are 120gb models too but their lifespan is 50% shorter as SSD's have a limit of writing data to the same space. This model isn't considered durable but the math says it should work for 5 years if I move 48gb a day, so considering my computer is old it should be plenty.

-The 240gb SSD for me is windows and programs only, the 1TB HDD is now used for other data (for storage or use)

-While installing I did bump into 1-2 problems, not with the SSD but when installing a new windows. My cousin is a computer wiz. and helped me on the phone, but if you don't know anyone like that get the job done by a tech. as they ideally shouldn't charge too much. My problems were related to the machine being older than 5-6 years (old bios), if yours is not as old likely there won't be problems, give it a shot if you're confident. It's a really good idea not formatting the windows on the HDD before you finish installation on the SSD.

After when I setup everything and started installing stuff the first thing I noticed was the lack of HDD noise biggrin.gif its something minor but when its not there you definitely notice it.

Windows opening speed wasn't as drastically improved as I read about, but you really notice the launch the speed after you install things like webbrowser, DAW, virus program etc. . They're pretty much launch instantly but also work way faster too.

Naturally internet speed doesn't get affected but when you enter a site where there are lots of pictures it will open-up much faster.

One interesting thing I noticed was the HDD got much faster when it isn't running windows anymore, I'd say about 30%. I've done a lot of moving data and never remember getting such speeds from it before. I haven't installed Kontakt yet but pretty sure instruments will open a touch faster.

So since small size SSD's are really cheap now, I definitely recommend the upgrade for whatever reason you're still using an old PC.
19 Jul 2020
Friend of mine who teaches online since covid now has suffered a bad injury. He felt pain from his shoulder and back while just about to start recording a new single. The pain started mildly on day 1 but got so bad he couldn't sleep on day 2...

Went to the hospital, turns out the tendons were damaged from his shoulder area. He's been resting for a week now using mild medication. The medication is for anti-inflammatory. It's interesting cause tendon damage usually happens around the wrist.

Our guess of cause is related to teaching live-online. He has a heavy LP and probably while showing stuff to students through camera, the un-ideal holding position+the weight of the guitar slowly brought damage he wasn't aware.

He gave a break to teaching for 2-3 weeks, the doctor said it was ok for him to recording the single cause some movement is good for the healing process. After that probably will get a light guitar and better camera angle to continue the lessons.
3 Jul 2020
He'll start recording his bands 4th single today (will be released by Sony music Turkey), a friend of his let him borrow a kemper and he's been comparing it with Overloud THU.

But before getting into that, he was using cubase 5 with is one of the most popular cracked DAW other there. It's a 10 something y.o. version of cubase and it can't make THU work. He was so used to that DAW and was almost afraid to switch to another. I convinced him to try Reaper and offered him help to show the stuff he needed.

I didn't even go to his place (Covid), we installed teamviewer. Its a program that connects computers, I could basically see and use whatever he see's on his screen and talk through a mic.. In about an hour he learned everything he needed like basic editing, punch-in, multitrack render...he's very happy now smile.gif

Also the THU he had was cracked and caused a virus problem. I pointed him to buy THU rock+the friedman pack (he prefers that tone) which is a huge saving compared to the full version if you're ok with 1 main amp sound. He been living on teaching online since covid so though money is tight, still an affordable option.

As for the comments on THU vs Kemper, he found them to be near identical tonally but Kemper sounding warmer if you focus on the details. So for this single, he might be using the Kemper for the fun of it but likely use THU for the rest of the album.

PS I could go right now to compare them myself but cause of the Covid thing probably won't, maybe if he needs serious assistance (cause I sometimes get calls where engineering skills needed) then I'll hear for myself and post back here..
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