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27 Apr 2010
Ever seen one? Ya got 6 grand to spend on one?

Im not much into "electronica" music but these are cool...

30 Mar 2010
Found these guys a few months ago. The last 2 CD's were put with Bjorn from Soilwork singing with them... Let me know what you guys think! I dig them a lot. That and can't wait for the new Soilwork CD!!!

These guys have been on my ipod for months! LOL

23 Mar 2010
I got one of these amps. very cool. They just release the Spider FX InFusion update and Line 6 edit for it if anyone has this amp...


Q: What new effect models are included in the Spider FX Infusion firmware update?
A: There are 28 new effects in the update 1.50. In addition, there have been some changes made to the amp modeling that reflect a desire for the amp to “open up” a bit more, especially when played at higher volumes. This will occur as the amp having a bit more gain overall, and as increased headroom for some of the clean and mid gain models. As always, experiment with the relationship between the Drive, Channel Volume, and Master Volume knobs to find your desired tone.

FX-1 – Gain
Blue Comp: Based on* the Boss® CS-1 Compression

Vetta Juice: A Line 6 original originally created for our flagship Vetta II guitar amplifier.

Boost & EQ: A stompbox compressor that also provides you with some EQ controls so you can further shape the tone.

Screamer: Based on* an Ibanez® Tube Screamer®, the overdrive heard round the world.

Killer Z: Based on* Boss® Metal Zone, the industry standard distortion pedal for metal players since 1989.

Octave Fuzz: Based on the Tycobrahe Octavia, the classic fuzz+octave effect.

Bass Overdrive: Based on* the Tech 21 Bass Sans Amp

Clean Sweep: This is a wide range sweeping filter with a slow decay. It’s similar to Auto Wah, but with a band pass filter shape.

FX-2 – Chorus/Phaser
Analog Chorus: Based on* the Boss® CE-1 Chorus Ensemble.

Square Chorus: Based on* the Boss® CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, but with a square wave acting as the magical modulator.

Random Chorus: This chorus uses three different modulating filters all running randomly.

Jet Flanger: Based on the A/DA Flanger.

Lumpy Phase: Kinda like a Uni-Vibe®, but more radical.

Warble-Matic: It can produce a nice mild phasey sound or with the depth maxed you can simulate the sound of an alien spacecraft .

FX-3 – Delay/ Sweep Echo
Analog Delay: Based on* the Boss® DM2 Analog Delay.

Dual Delay: Run this effect in the “pre” position to have a dual delay (two delay paths with separate feedback control). The time parameter sets the 2 Feedback time, while the offset sets the 1 Feedback as a percentage of 2 Feedback. So, If you set time to 500ms, and offset to 50%, your 1 Feedback will be 50% of 500ms- in other words, 250 ms. Note: always run this delay in the “pre” position to hear the Dual Delay. Running in “post” will cause 1 Feedback to do nothing.
Bubble Echo: Bubble Eko has a Sample and Hold filter on the repeats. A Sample and Hold filter takes a filter sweep (like the one on Sweep Echo), chops it up into little bits and rearranges them semi-randomly.

King Spring
Large Plate
Small Room
Tiled Room
Medium Hall
Large Hall

Chrome: Based on* a Vox® V847

Colorful: Based on* the wah part of a vintage Colorsound® Wah-Fuzz

Weeper: Modeled after* an Arbiter® Cry Baby

16 Mar 2010

Anyone hear Buckethead's tribute song to MJ on his page?

I thought it was pretty good. smile.gif SOrry if its been posted already.
16 Mar 2010
Was navigating the practice agenda feature on my profile and came upon this error. Thought you may need to know something like this Kris. smile.gif

Warning: ob_start() [ref.outcontrol]: output handler 'ob_gzhandler' conflicts with 'zlib output compression' in /data/www/ on line 1344

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