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GMC Forum _ Ivan Milenkovic _ Vibrato

Posted by: Toroso Nov 2 2008, 01:50 PM

Hey Ivan

In your comments, you said my vibrato could be executed more securely. Can you explain this a little better and give me some tips?


Posted by: Ivan Milenkovic Nov 2 2008, 05:39 PM

Sure mate,

All vibrato is done from the wrist. You pretty much tried to do every vibrato like that, except those couple on notes (when you vibrate downwards with the ring finger) that you did from the finger, but I got the impression like you tried to do those vibratos if you know what I mean. You should be more secure when doing vibratos in terms that they come out naturally and fluid with the rest of the notes. Like I said, other then those to downward vibratos that needs work, I think with the rest of them you are definitely on the right track, and doing them correctly. If you practice them a bit more, they will sound even better and more fluid. Try to focus on vibrato practice only, so you acquire more strength and speed while doing them. This will make them sound much more secure and fluid.
If you want I can do some short clips on the vibrato technique, but I think you do it pretty good actually, so if there is something specific with vibrato that you need me to show you please ask mate, I'm here to help.

Cheers smile.gif

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