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Guitars, recording, computers and of course music of almost any kind.
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22 Aug 2010

We had our first gig with the new band yesterday and someone was kind enough to shoot some stuff and post it on youtube.


Bakkbone - M.R.C

I'm the tall guy to the right playing the LP Custom
23 Jul 2010

When playing my Peavey 5150 through a Marshall 4x12 all is good in terms of noise when using the "clean" channel. However the amount of noise on the "gain" channel is crazy. We also play quite loud and I notice that if I turn the volume up to approx 3 I can't go close to the amp without getting lots of unwanted noises smile.gif So, is there any way to minimize this? Since it's dead quiet on the clean channel a BOSS NS-2 wouldn't work right since this is used for pedal noises, right? But what about EQ's? Inserting other effects/pedals in the effects loop, will this help?

I have only tried with one guitar, my Gibson LP Customs, but perhaps the mics on this guitar adds some extra noise?

30 Jun 2010
I've been desperately needing a new amp since my old Marshall Mosfet didn't cut it anymore. it actually sounded quite rubbish even when I got it... But for some months now I've scouting the market for a new amp for a reasonable price. Sure, if I had the cash I could have bought a Mesa, Bogner or something like that. Anyway, I walked in to a music store 1 week ago not really looking for anything special but more hanging out in the store. All of the sudden the guy working there asks my friend when he is gonna buy his amp? My friend then says that he's not gonna but Matte here (that's me) needs a new amp. So 1 week later, today, this is the amp I got home from the store:

Attached Image

The only sad thing is that my 4x12 cab is at the rehearsal place so I can't try it for real until Sunday...
3 Jun 2010

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon this Kramer Vanguard, used, and from the first time I saw it I couldn't stop thinking about it! And the funny thing is that I'm more of a Les Paul kinda guy but for some reason this beast wouldn't let go of me. So I bought it...

What do you think? Pretty metal, right?

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3 May 2010
Hi Marcus,

First of all great lesson regarding intonation and fine tuning!

However one thing popped into mind when watching this.
I know for a fact that one of my guitars, also my main guitar, isn't that great regarding intonation. I will be sure to sort this out as soon as possible and watch your lesson while doing it. However, since we sometimes mess around with the tunings in the band I wondered if this "messes" up the intonation much? For some songs we use drop D tuning but for like 80% of the songs standard Eb is the way I tune my guitar.

So, rather frequently tuning the guitar to drop D, does this mess with the intonation much? Is it necessary to perhaps always keep one guitar in standard Eb tuning and one guitar in drop D tuning?

Thanks as always for great lessons Marcus!

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