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"It’s not about technique. It’s not about what kind of instrument you play or how many strings it’s got or how fast you can play or how loud it is or how quiet it is. It’s about how it feels and how it makes you feel when you play." Eric Clapton
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Monica Gheorghevici
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Bucharest, Romania
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31 Jan 2019
Original lesson: Heavy Funkin' Soloing by Darius Wave

Hi guys, Darek's team returned with new skills smile.gif

Few years ago, one of the first things that I told to Darek, was that I would love to play this lesson someday, but I never believed this would happen. Today Darek made my dream come true.
For us this take it’s a reward for all the work that we put in over the years and we are very proud by result.

Darek, you are a killer instructor and I will always be grateful for all you do for me. It's really unbelievable what you can do with my playing smile.gif

9 Sep 2018
It's very hard for me to make this post because the pain that I feel, burns me and cuts my breath. I'm sure that all animal lovers will understand my pain.

I have two cats Max which has 16 years old and Thomas (Tom) which have 13 years old. Unfortunately Tuesday (04.09.2018) we had to say goodbye to our sweet boy Tom. Four months ago, he got sick and from that moment we started a huge battle for his life. All these months, he fought like a true warrior because he wanted to live, but every time when we had a disease under control, a new disease appeared on other organ. We went through diabetes (we have learned to make insulin injections), kidney failure, stroke, liver failure, pharyngitis, decubitus abscess (because it has dropped from 6 kg to 2 kg), pancreatitis. All these months we were with Tom every day at vet to made intravenous infusions. The best veterinary doctors from different veterinary clinics from our city, made a team together and worked to heal him.
One week ago he felt better, finally he started to eat alone (until then we fed him with the syringe) and I believed that everything will be ok. After two days from that moment, the pancreatitis appeared again and the kidney failure was almost at the final stage. We still tried to fight another few days but Tuesday, his blood analyzes showed that his liver stopped to work and the kidneys failed. We made also an echography to be sure but the result was the same. To put him to sleep was the hardest decision for us, but when you love so much such a little angel, you must know where to stop for his good (to not let him die in pain). We kissed him over and over and he slept in Dan’s arms (my husband and Tom’s dad) where he always felt protected.

We lost the fight and now I can't describe in words how hard is for us. Tom was not a pet for us, he was a member of our family (we don't have kids and we always considered and treated our cats like our children).
We buried him in "Pets heaven" cemetery where we can visit him anytime.

I know that I should be grateful (and believe me I’m more than grateful) for all the magical moments that Tom gave us in these 13 years. He was very loving and every day his task was to kiss us for hours. He always trusted in us and he loved us from all his heart.
We have a history together, millions of moments of joy and Tom really gave us his soul on the tray. Now he left with a huge piece from our soul sad.gif
The house it's empty without him because he was that kind of "boy" which was present everywhere. Wherever we were, he was with us. In all these 13 years we have never been separated, not even for 1 day.
In my life I lost many members of my family and few friends who passed away too fast but I swear, I never felt such a huge pain. I miss so much my boy and I can't stop crying. I would give anything to bring him back, keep him in my arms and kiss him one more time.

I try to think that now he run and play with other friends in animal heaven where he is happy and released by any pain. I hope with all my heart that someday, when my moment will come, to meet him again.

Max is our first "boy" and same as Tom, he also has a special place in our heart. Each of them came up with a different personality. Tom was the boy who was addicted to show you his love on each second and Max is the docile and wise boy, always obedient and the one who feel very well our emotions.


2 Jul 2018
Original lesson: Metalcore Chops #2 by Darius Wave

Hi guys, Darek's team it's ready to showing you their metal side biggrin.gif We put an incredible work behind but the result it's a huge success for us and we are very proud about it.
BTW sorry my serious face but I caught a cold and I have fever.

Darek, I still can't believe what huge progress we succeeded this time. You are an absolutely killer instructor!!! Thank you so much for everything.

I want to mention two things:
1- I played this lesson in normal tuning. So, thanks a million to Darek who transposed the backing track for me smile.gif
2- The solo part it's not played on neck pickups as in lesson but this with Darek's approval. My single coil not works ok on this lesson and that's why we decided to choose the best option.

28 Dec 2017
Original lesson: Stoner for Strat (rhythm & solo) by Darius Wave

Hey guys, Darek's team come up with a new lesson smile.gif

I must say that it wasn’t an easy thing to achieve the "gain from the hand" which is essential for the rhythm part. the end and after months of hard working from both sides (Darek and me), my new "heavy playing" skills are an amazing reward for us.
This is a golden lesson which totally helped me to improve many things and not only from the playing point of view, but also from the tone/recording/mixing point of view.

Darek, thank you so much for everything you do for me. We have put behind this take a very hard work and a huge energy (and nerves...hahaha biggrin.gif ) but it really was worth it smile.gif

5 Jun 2017
Original lesson: Hybrid Blues - Dynamics & Arpeggios by Darius Wave

Hi guys, Darek's team is ready for REC. We worked hard at this lesson but in the end the result is exactly how we wanted.

I truly love this lesson because it's a tricky one and require a particular type of tone and a special attention to details (as we know "Details" is Darek’s middle name biggrin.gif ). Actually this lesson it's exactly how Darek wrote in the description: "good lesson for "tone from the hand" workout".

Darek, you are a brilliant instructor and I'm really happy because we managed to build a solid team over the years. Thank you for everything!

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