Guitar Chat: Petrucci Solo Lesson, neoclassical lessons, Pavel's hand control lesson etc. 2007-06-18
Kristofer Dahl
Jun 25 2007, 11:21 PM
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10:53:47 JVM: *slap* *meow*
12:56:27 Guitar34: hi
13:00:34 JVM: hey slammer
13:00:43 Slammer: JVM!!
13:00:45 Slammer: sup?
13:00:54 JVM: practicing of course
13:01:01 Slammer: yeah
13:01:13 Slammer: you like Gabe's new lesson?
13:01:31 JVM: the petrucci solo?
13:01:34 Slammer: yep
13:01:42 JVM: yeah pretty awesome
13:01:54 Slammer: practising and chatting at the same time?
13:02:10 JVM: I guess not heavily practicing
13:02:17 Slammer: Yesterday I was editing my song and chatting at the same time LOL
13:02:29 JVM: i'm also trying to get anvil studio to work
13:02:46 Slammer: what's anvil studio?
13:02:54 JVM: a program sean conklin recommends on his site
13:03:09 JVM: I've got some drum beats going so far but only real basic stuff
13:03:19 JVM: it's all midi pretty much
13:03:35 Slammer: yeah
13:03:51 Slammer: you have a interface?
13:03:58 JVM: what do you mean?
13:04:25 Slammer: for hooking up your guitar to your PC like a Sound Card or USB interface?
13:04:54 Slammer: G34!
13:04:58 JVM: hey there
13:04:59 Slammer: welcome back
13:05:01 Guitar34: hey
13:05:22 JVM: erm I don't think I do, not quite recording guitar yet, just trying to get the drums to work
13:05:32 Slammer: cool
13:05:34 Guitar34: how old r u JVM ?
13:05:39 JVM: i'll have a bassist regularly on hand pretty soon but no drummer, so I'm going to use this for now
13:05:40 JVM: 17
13:05:43 Guitar34: o
13:05:46 Guitar34: im 11
13:05:53 JVM: what about you slammer?
13:05:55 Slammer: 18
13:06:05 Slammer:
13:06:20 Slammer: how long u been playing JVM
13:06:21 Slammer: ?
13:06:38 JVM: since i was about 9 off and on, but only been practicing seriously for a couple months
13:06:46 Slammer: nice
13:06:56 Slammer: I learned my first chords when I was 8
13:07:00 Slammer: but didn
13:07:07 Slammer: seriously play untill 13
13:07:12 Guitar34: ive only been practicing for like mabey a year
13:07:13 Slammer: didn't*
13:07:16 JVM: yeah my dad plays and he got me a baby taylor acoustic that I learned the major and minor chords on
13:07:29 Slammer: Nice!!
13:07:32 JVM: and i basically jammed around on those chords (or didn't ) til I was about 16
13:07:32 Slammer: Taylor
13:07:41 Slammer: what guitar you got G34?
13:07:46 JVM: yeah I still have it. nice little acoustic, but I wish I had a bigger one
13:08:03 JVM: needs a string change
13:08:52 Guitar34: i just have a thing off ebay but it still is preety sweet Its electric
13:09:07 Slammer: is it a Fender?
13:09:21 Guitar34: no
13:09:22 Slammer: Squier?
13:09:24 JVM: I have a tele too
13:09:27 Slammer: Epiphone?
13:09:32 Slammer: Ibanez?
13:09:39 Slammer: Les Paul Jr?
13:09:42 Guitar34: the brand name is bridgecraft
13:09:43 Slammer:
13:09:55 Slammer: oh, Like WarCraft!
13:10:03 Guitar34: what
13:10:06 Slammer: NVM
13:10:08 Slammer: LOL
13:10:11 Guitar34: lol
13:10:14 Slammer: you have a amp too?
13:10:20 Guitar34: ya
13:10:31 JVM: warcraft
13:10:33 Slammer: is it a bridgecraft too?
13:10:46 Guitar34: i have Ibanez
13:11:02 Slammer: cool
13:11:12 Slammer: Nice a Tele
13:11:33 Slammer: is it a Black tele?
13:11:42 Guitar34: ya
13:11:59 Guitar34: i think im gonna save up my birthday money to get a les paul
13:12:08 Slammer: I think JVM fell asleep
13:12:18 Slammer: ya, Les paul?
13:12:20 Guitar34: and im gettin a job at my dads work
13:12:22 Slammer: Nic
13:12:25 Slammer: Nice*
13:12:34 Slammer: and your 11?
13:12:40 Guitar34: ya
13:12:49 Slammer: summer Job?
13:13:06 Guitar34: but i think ill have to wait until im 12
13:13:10 Slammer: You live in Europe?
13:13:13 Guitar34: idk
13:13:16 Guitar34: no
13:13:23 Guitar34: i live in usa
13:13:24 Slammer: *meow*
13:13:32 Slammer: oh me too
13:13:37 JVM: just occupied one sec
13:13:39 Guitar34: lol
13:13:43 Slammer: no prob LOL
13:13:50 Slammer: you live in Texas?
13:13:53 Slammer: Cali?
13:13:55 Guitar34: npe
13:13:59 Guitar34: nope*
13:14:04 Slammer: New YORK?
13:14:08 Guitar34: nope
13:14:11 Slammer: DC?
13:14:15 Guitar34: nope
13:14:24 Slammer: Chicago?
13:14:26 Guitar34: i live in a tiny weeny
13:14:30 Guitar34: city*
13:14:30 Slammer: Boston?
13:14:33 Slammer: LOL
13:14:37 Guitar34: no
13:14:45 Guitar34: thats my dream city
13:14:45 Slammer: what state?
13:14:55 Guitar34: Montana
13:15:02 Slammer: Montana!
13:15:14 Slammer: wow, Kinda lonely out there hun?
13:15:23 Slammer: not very many people?
13:15:26 Slammer: right?
13:15:38 Guitar34: no
13:15:55 Slammer: what's the population of your city?
13:16:08 Guitar34: like 5,000
13:16:15 Slammer: wow!!
13:16:17 Guitar34: +
13:16:30 Guitar34: mabey a little more than 5,000
13:16:35 Slammer: there more people than that in the Mall around here
13:16:37 Slammer: LOL
13:16:44 Guitar34: lol
13:16:56 Guitar34: what state do u live in?
13:17:00 Slammer: Florida
13:17:06 Guitar34: o
13:17:10 Guitar34: sweet
13:17:24 Slammer: well, too many people
13:17:31 Guitar34: ya
13:17:39 Slammer: Sometimes I wish I lived in a Small Sity
13:17:41 Slammer: City*
13:17:48 Guitar34: i wanna live in boston or Alaska
13:17:58 Slammer: LOL
13:18:12 Guitar34: r u a girl or a boy Slammer ?
13:18:21 Slammer: LOL
13:18:23 Slammer: Male
13:18:31 Guitar34: i knew it!!!
13:18:35 Slammer: Sam's the Name
13:18:41 Guitar34: sweet
13:18:43 Slammer: Guitar is what I play1
13:18:47 Slammer: !
13:18:57 Guitar34: me to
13:19:03 Guitar34: too*
13:19:19 Guitar34: did i talk to you last night
13:19:22 Slammer: Jvm is a amp
13:19:24 Slammer: yep
13:19:27 Slammer:
13:19:42 Guitar34: i thought so
13:19:45 Slammer: rokchik too
13:19:47 Slammer: and Gen
13:19:51 Guitar34: yep
13:20:04 Slammer: So what you been playing>
13:20:08 Slammer: SOngs or what?
13:20:24 Guitar34: Hey JVM whats your favorite song to play on guitar
13:20:25 JVM: back!
13:20:36 Guitar34: umm mostley that and scales
13:20:38 Slammer: !!!
13:20:43 JVM: one of my favorites to play is 10 years gone by zeppelin
13:20:50 Guitar34: ooo
13:20:57 Slammer: cool ZEP rock
13:20:59 Slammer: s*
13:21:03 Guitar34: gotta love Led Zepplin
13:21:09 Guitar34: 1
13:21:18 Guitar34: !*
13:21:42 JVM: i've been working on marcus' neoclassical lesson
13:21:58 Guitar34: that one is HARD
13:21:58 JVM: i've got the beginner down, i need to work on the advanced though
13:22:28 Guitar34: i think i have too little of hands though
13:22:42 JVM: they'll stretch out and grow
13:22:57 Guitar34: but im better than my dad and he's 29
13:23:08 Slammer: LOL
13:23:18 JVM: my dad is a whole lot better than I am
13:23:21 JVM: but he never taught me anything
13:23:21 Guitar34: lololololol
13:23:28 Slammer: Why
13:23:29 JVM: thats what I was just doing a minute ago, he got a new guitar
13:23:36 Slammer: what Kind?
13:23:43 Slammer: is he on GMC too?
13:23:44 JVM: well he taught me those chords I did on the taylor
13:23:54 JVM: no he's selt taught
13:23:57 Slammer: he should join
13:24:01 JVM: been playing since he was 15 or so, he's 55 now
13:24:08 Slammer: Damn
13:24:11 JVM: he got a collings dreadnought acoustic
13:24:23 JVM: yeah but he's kind of against learning scales and stuff so I don't think he'd like it here
13:24:33 Slammer: Folk style
13:24:44 Guitar34: im self tought but im still not very good so i did gmc
13:24:45 JVM: folk, classic rock
13:24:54 Slammer: nice
13:25:00 Slammer: Boggi!!
13:25:01 Boggi: hello
13:25:02 Guitar34: hey Boggi
13:25:05 JVM: yeah i'm mainly self taught, I came to gmc to correct some mistakes like my picking
13:25:06 JVM: hey boggi
13:25:10 Boggi: whats up ?
13:25:18 Slammer: nothing!!
13:25:20 Slammer: LOL
13:25:39 Guitar34: i dont think i ever talked to Boggi
13:25:48 Slammer: WHAT!!!!!
13:25:54 JVM: me neither this is the first time I've seen anyone here
13:25:57 Slammer: every has talked to Boggi!!!
13:26:03 Guitar34: not me
13:26:06 Boggi: what !!! are you serious ``
13:26:07 Boggi: ?
13:26:11 Boggi: lol
13:26:12 Slammer: No LOL
13:26:13 Guitar34: never
13:26:22 Slammer: Boggi is from Europe
13:26:40 Guitar34: hey Boggi whats your favorite song to play?
13:26:47 Guitar34: really!!!!!!!!!!!
13:27:00 Boggi: Maybe Canon Rock, or Tender Surrender
13:27:06 JVM: tender surrender!!
13:27:12 JVM: dude thats the song that got me into practicing
13:27:16 JVM: I love that song
13:27:20 Boggi: moybe something with Adny Timmons
13:27:23 Slammer: wait you ARE from Europe Right?
13:27:25 Guitar34: i dont know it????
13:27:32 Boggi: yes
13:27:33 Slammer: LOL
13:27:34 JVM: an amazing vai song. his best IMO
13:27:39 Slammer: ok I was just guessing
13:27:46 Slammer: 78% of GMC are
13:27:50 Boggi: you should listen to Andy Timmons, he is so great
13:27:58 JVM:
13:28:04 JVM: theres a link, guitar34
13:28:11 Guitar34: ok somebodey tell me what lmao means
13:28:12 Boggi: Im from the unknown country The Faroe Islands.
13:28:32 Boggi: anyone know Faroe Islands ?
13:28:41 JVM: im from north carolina in the states here
13:28:47 JVM: I think I've heard the name before
13:28:55 JVM: not sure where you're at though
13:29:22 Boggi: faroe islands is one off the smallest country
13:29:43 Guitar34: oooo iwant to be a tar heels basketball player!!!!!!!!
13:29:59 JVM: I live right next to UNC!
13:30:06 Guitar34: pimp!!!!
13:30:16 Guitar34: do you watch any games
13:30:16 Slammer: I live next to UM
13:30:19 Slammer:
13:30:23 Boggi: So you don´t get great succes playing guitar here, so im on my way out of this country, to school.
13:30:25 JVM: yeah its the oldest campus in the nation
13:30:45 Guitar34: sweet
13:30:46 JVM: where are you going to school?
13:30:55 Guitar34: me???
13:30:59 JVM: boggi
13:31:01 Guitar34: or Boggi ????
13:31:04 Guitar34: ok
13:31:09 Slammer: or Slammer>
13:31:10 Boggi: I have 1 year left, then im going to a music school
13:31:15 Slammer:
13:31:22 JVM: out of the country though? where to?
13:31:30 Slammer: Sweden?
13:31:45 Boggi: Maybe UK og Denmark. I have family in Denmark.
13:32:02 JVM: awesome. I want to go over that way sometime. I have danish blood
13:32:10 Slammer: I used to think gas here was expensive.......
13:32:10 Guitar34: brb i have to eat breakfast!
13:32:17 Boggi: If I was living in the USA I would go to Berklee
13:32:18 Slammer: ok G34
13:32:21 JVM: mannnn i could use some breakfast
13:32:23 Slammer: have fun
13:32:28 JVM: yeah, I really want to go to berklee
13:32:54 JVM: im kind of confused though
13:32:56 Boggi: many great guitarists from berklee
13:33:05 JVM: if you go to berklee, it's to study theory and stuff eh?
13:33:11 Slammer: Petrucci
13:33:13 JVM: but they seem to have really high standards
13:33:26 Slammer: went to Berklee
13:33:29 JVM: so if i was that good already, why would I need to go there?
13:33:33 JVM: so did vai, and john mayer
13:33:54 Slammer: and now he sings cheesy pop songs
13:34:01 JVM: he's a great guitarist
13:34:10 Slammer: He is Actually
13:34:18 Slammer: now he's starting to come out
13:34:23 Slammer: and really Paly
13:34:27 Slammer: Play*
13:34:31 Boggi: so where are you from ?
13:34:35 JVM: oh and al dimeola
13:34:40 Slammer: who?
13:34:45 Boggi: both.
13:34:50 Slammer: Miami
13:34:53 Slammer: FLorida
13:34:53 JVM: awesome jazz kind of guitarist
13:34:56 Slammer: USA
13:34:58 Slammer:
13:35:01 JVM: durham, nc, usa
13:35:04 Boggi: cool.
13:35:05 JVM: north carolina that is
13:35:21 Slammer: Michael Jordan is from There
13:35:28 JVM: so boggi, you must be pretty good at guitar eh?
13:35:33 JVM: yeah he is
13:35:49 Slammer: JJ Reddick?
13:35:49 JVM: lots of cool people are from here
13:35:56 Boggi: there is no really music school in the faroe islands, so im must go to another country
13:36:20 JVM: but I mean, if you can play tender surrender, you're probably pretty good even without school
13:36:47 JVM: I can play the soft part of it before he really kicks into shred-death-kill mode, but thats it
13:36:55 Boggi: I just take lessons 1 per week at a local school, with the best guitarist in the faroes. But I train alot home
13:37:06 Slammer: what kinda amp u guys got?
13:37:11 Boggi: marshall
13:37:17 JVM: a fender 12 inch
13:37:22 JVM: not much but it works for now
13:37:28 Slammer: Line6 Spider 3 here
13:37:36 JVM: going to get a line 6
13:37:40 Slammer: nice
13:37:44 JVM: the 4x12 stack
13:37:48 Guitar34: back
13:37:51 JVM: |m|
13:37:55 Slammer: I got the 75 watt
13:37:56 Boggi: I just take small part of the song and train it alot and then put it all togethor
13:38:17 Boggi: my english sux. :/
13:38:18 JVM: oops
13:38:20 Slammer: but it does have 400 built in presets
13:38:21 JVM: you're not bad
13:38:29 Slammer: yeah!!
13:38:37 Slammer: better than come AMericans
13:38:40 JVM: does what have 400 built in presets?
13:38:42 Slammer: Some*
13:38:47 Boggi: heh
13:39:12 Slammer: I meant it Does have 400 built in Presets, talking about my Amp
13:39:15 Slammer: lol
13:39:20 Slammer: Mixed up
13:39:23 JVM: you mean, does my little fender have it?
13:39:26 JVM: im confused dude
13:39:33 Guitar34: what r u talking about?
13:39:34 Boggi: I was thinking about to buy a sequencer, anyone experienced with it ?
13:39:35 Slammer: no, I was saying my amp does
13:39:40 Slammer: LOL
13:39:45 JVM: oh so it wasnt a question
13:39:49 Slammer: no
13:39:51 JVM: lol
13:39:56 Slammer: a statement
13:40:06 Guitar34: can we change the subject?
13:40:14 Slammer: why
13:40:16 JVM: lets change it to BREAKFAST!
13:40:16 Slammer: ???
13:40:17 Guitar34: im confused
13:40:21 JVM: what are you having for breakfast man
13:40:23 Guitar34: ok
13:40:23 JVM: im starving
13:40:25 Boggi: anyone experiened with sequensers ?
13:40:31 JVM: no, sorry
13:40:34 Slammer: Fruity Pebbles?
13:40:38 Boggi: oki
13:40:40 Guitar34: im eating Goldan Grams
13:40:45 JVM: word
13:40:46 Boggi: have alot good things about
13:40:51 Slammer: what's a Sequener?
13:40:59 Guitar34: Grahms*
13:41:04 Slammer: or howeever you spell it?
13:41:08 Boggi: it´s like a band in a Box
13:41:08 JVM: I could use some pancakes and bacon man
13:41:12 Slammer: dammit!!
13:41:16 JVM: or biscuits and gravy
13:41:35 Boggi: you chose a progression than you just jam over it
13:41:40 Slammer: Grits and Butter?
13:41:44 JVM: check out anvil studio, boggi
13:41:47 JVM: grits are ok
13:41:54 Slammer: Oatmeal?
13:41:56 JVM: im using anvil right now
13:41:58 Boggi: very good to develop you improvisation skill
13:42:00 Guitar34: or toast and eggs
13:42:01 JVM: oatmeal is good
13:42:06 JVM: toast! yeah man and eggs. mm
13:42:10 Slammer: Corn Flakes?
13:42:15 Guitar34: mmm
13:42:15 JVM: frosted flakes
13:42:17 Boggi: what´s anvil studio ?
13:42:26 Slammer: Frosted Cheerios?
13:42:34 Slammer: LOL
13:42:34 JVM: I'm not sure if its a sequencer but it allows you to make backing tracks and such
13:42:36 JVM: to jam over
13:42:41 Guitar34: i could download it but i dont want
13:42:41 JVM: honey nut cheerios!
13:42:49 Boggi: cool, just what I was looking for.
13:42:54 JVM: yeah its fairly simple too
13:43:00 Slammer: Fruity Cheerios
13:43:01 JVM: at least the basic drum stuff is
13:43:13 JVM: i think it would help if I knew more about time signatures and whatnot
13:43:14 Guitar34: have any of you guys heard of TabIt
13:43:15 Boggi: is it midi ?
13:43:22 JVM: yeah mostly
13:43:25 Boggi: oki
13:43:26 JVM: you can probably get some plugins
13:43:28 Slammer: Nope
13:43:31 JVM: the drums sound pretty good though
13:43:35 Slammer: Tabit??
13:43:40 Slammer: Grabit!!
13:43:41 Boggi: oki cool, I will try it out
13:43:51 JVM: yeah, sean conklin recommends it
13:43:57 JVM: so I got it from that
13:44:37 Slammer: Power Tabs
13:45:15 JVM: actually boggi, I think it's midi and samples
13:45:16 Slammer: long awkward moment of silence
13:45:24 Boggi: oki.
13:45:42 JVM: but breakfast man
13:45:47 JVM: best meal of the day
13:45:59 Slammer: Pizza for Breakfast!
13:46:09 Slammer: or not?
13:46:12 JVM: sure!
13:46:17 JVM: everything is better as breakfast
13:46:29 Slammer: Fish
13:46:30 Slammer: ?
13:46:35 JVM: and btw breakfast is whenever you wake up, even at 9:30pm
13:46:41 JVM: dont let anyone tell you otherwise
13:47:08 Slammer: OK Man!!
13:47:10 JVM: im not big on most fish
13:47:11 Slammer: I won't
13:47:17 Slammer:
13:47:28 JVM: sorry. in case you didnt notice
13:47:30 JVM: I like breakfast
13:47:32 Slammer: A Tele with a Fender Amp kinda hard to Shred
13:47:34 Boggi: My holiday begins today.
13:47:42 JVM: awesome
13:47:50 Boggi: much practice
13:47:52 JVM: you can totally shred on this thing man
13:47:58 Slammer: a tele??
13:48:00 JVM: i mean its single coils, but sounds cool
13:48:06 JVM: you can shred on an epiphone casino man!
13:48:08 Slammer: do you use Pedals?
13:48:13 JVM: yeah I have a wah
13:48:20 JVM: and I want to get a delay
13:48:22 Slammer: Wah wah wah
13:48:32 Slammer: Buy a Multi effect Pedal
13:48:47 JVM: nah, once i get that line 6 I'll have all the distortion i i need
13:48:55 JVM: hows the effects on it, like the flanger and stuff btw?
13:49:03 Slammer: on mine?
13:49:05 JVM: yeah
13:49:20 Slammer: ABout as good as the Line6 Pedals
13:49:26 JVM: which is to say..
13:49:32 Slammer: Pretty darn good!
13:49:35 JVM: awesome
13:49:38 Slammer: 3 delays
13:49:48 JVM: it has built in delay? i thought it didnt
13:50:04 Slammer: yep, Delay, Echo, and Sweep Echo
13:50:09 JVM: cool
13:50:09 Slammer: Reverb
13:50:15 Slammer: Tremolo
13:50:19 Slammer: Flanger
13:50:20 JVM: chorus?
13:50:22 Slammer: and Phaser
13:50:30 Slammer: Flanger/Chorus
13:50:34 JVM: cool
13:50:36 Slammer: but you can tweak it
13:50:43 Slammer: to get chorus sound
13:51:05 JVM: and im building a guitar too
13:51:08 Slammer: also 400 built in Presets, with a Digital Display
13:51:12 JVM: so hopefully but the end of this summer i'll be set
13:51:34 Slammer: 200 artist presets and 150 for some of the Greatest songs of all time
13:51:50 JVM: what about the other 50?
13:52:17 Slammer: Line 6 company presets
13:52:22 Slammer: funstuff
13:52:25 Slammer: it's callesd
13:52:33 JVM: how long have you had it?
13:52:41 Slammer: since March
13:52:45 Slammer: I love it
13:52:51 JVM: hi guest
13:52:51 Slammer: only $299
13:53:09 JVM: I think i want to spend the extra ~5-600 and get the stack though
13:53:14 JVM: err
13:53:18 JVM: ~4-500
13:53:19 Slammer: cool
13:53:52 Slammer: I like it cause It's not too big to bother anyone but Big Enough to Work a Club
13:54:05 Slammer: with the volume down I mean
13:54:12 JVM: well I think my fender is good enough to work a club
13:54:13 Guitar34:
13:54:18 Slammer:
13:54:21 Slammer: thats it
13:54:27 Guitar34: this is cool
13:55:25 JVM: that link doesnt work for me, guitar34
13:55:36 Guitar34: srry my tthing didnt work
13:55:46 Guitar34: nvm
13:55:57 Slammer: no prob
13:56:24 Slammer:
13:57:42 Slammer: another brick in the wall
13:57:54 Slammer: nice echo
13:57:59 JVM: well the sounds are nice but that also kind of depends on the guitar you've got
13:58:13 JVM: ooh they have 10 years gone
13:58:46 Slammer: all those are built in, so I just flip the Switch and I got all those to chose from
13:59:15 JVM: the brown sugar sounds great
13:59:21 JVM: dead on
13:59:26 Slammer: you don't have to turn the Knobs, it sets itself automatally
13:59:56 JVM: cliffs of dover too
13:59:57 Slammer: yeah, it's sound pretty nice with my guitar
14:00:07 Slammer: all the settings
14:00:52 Slammer: Crazy Train
14:00:56 Slammer: is cool
14:01:31 JVM: are they not like legally allowed to reproduce the songs exactly or something?
14:01:36 Slammer: yeah
14:01:51 Slammer: but just to sample the tone I guess
14:02:01 JVM: yeah
14:02:09 Slammer: anyways
14:02:40 Slammer: did you hear Hey Joe?
14:02:44 Slammer: the setting?
14:02:54 JVM: yeah im going through almost all of em
14:03:01 JVM: purple rain is pretty spot on as well
14:03:08 JVM: sounds exactly like it
14:03:27 JVM: I mean most of em do
14:03:40 Slammer: you can get the Spider in a Stack too
14:03:47 Slammer: with all those Settings
14:03:47 JVM: yeah I know
14:03:52 Slammer: pretty cool
14:03:57 Slammer: stuff
14:04:00 Slammer:
14:04:32 Slammer: are you gonna get the Flextone?
14:04:43 JVM: sultans of swing sounds awesome
14:04:46 JVM: flextone?
14:05:13 Slammer: line6 Flextone
14:05:22 JVM: not sure
14:05:41 Slammer: ok
14:05:46 Slammer:
14:06:01 Slammer: what happened to Boggi and G34??
14:06:04 JVM: probably going to go for
14:06:07 JVM: or one of those
14:06:08 Guitar34: im here
14:06:32 Slammer: nice
14:07:11 Slammer: We'll techianally have the same amp, except yours will be bigger Speaker
14:07:24 Slammer: but same tones
14:07:29 JVM: i might not get that exact same one
14:07:40 JVM: but yeah, the same head
14:07:44 JVM: or whatever
14:07:59 Slammer: but the Head has all the Same Tones LOL
14:08:42 Slammer: well, not really you have a Tele
14:08:45 JVM: yeah I mean i might not get the same cab
14:08:49 Boggi: im looking for a sequencer.
14:08:57 Slammer: so it wouldn't sound the same
14:08:59 JVM: did you get anvil?
14:09:03 Guitar34: hey guys go to you tube and type in Amazing 6 year old guitarist
14:09:17 Guitar34: click on the first one
14:09:20 JVM: well no it wouldnt, my tele has some awesome rock n roll sound like the stones or the who
14:09:26 Boggi: I have not downloaded it, but I will
14:09:33 JVM: but im going to build a new one thatll get some awesome tone for metal and whatnot
14:10:11 Guitar34: hey guys go to you tube and type in Amazing 6 year old guitarist
14:11:24 JVM: kid can sing better than me
14:11:43 JVM: he has a line 6 but he shouldnt be talking about that stuff at 6!
14:12:04 Slammer: Line6 Flextone
14:12:06 Slammer: LOL
14:13:04 Slammer: Dudes I gotta GO
14:13:19 JVM: later
14:13:23 Slammer: cya guys
14:13:26 Slammer: later
14:13:30 Slammer: YEAH!!
14:15:58 JVM: oops again
14:16:16 JVM: so what are we up to
14:18:27 Guitar34: nothin
14:20:28 Boggi: gtg cya
14:21:51 Guitar34: what u doin
14:21:53 Guitar34: ?
15:14:55 Gen: hey jvm
15:14:58 Gen: whats up
15:15:15 Gen: *meow*
15:21:06 Gen: hey guest
15:21:35 Gen: are you the same one of yesterday?
15:21:43 Gen: lol
15:22:05 Gen: the one who plays with an ibanez?
15:22:12 Gen: cool lol
15:22:39 Gen: hey jvm you are here?
15:22:45 Gen: *whip*
15:22:59 JVM: *meow*
15:23:04 Gen: lol
15:23:24 JVM: is this the guest that uses the sandclock method? I read the log
15:23:31 Gen: yea lol
15:23:37 Gen: the same as yesterday
15:23:52 JVM: but then, arent you signing up today?
15:24:07 JVM: tomorrow?
15:24:16 Gen: hey guest, are you gonna sign up this week?
15:24:28 JVM: next week?
15:24:53 JVM: hey guitar34 welcome back
15:24:55 Gen: hi g34
15:25:00 Guitar34: hey
15:25:26 JVM: what are we all working on right now
15:25:27 Gen: guest, are you gonna sign up one day?
15:25:39 JVM: someday soon, gues
15:25:42 JVM: guest*?
15:25:48 JVM: in the next month?
15:26:00 Gen: cool
15:26:27 JVM: i'm working on gabe's neoclasical sweeping and legato lesson atm
15:26:54 Guitar34: im workin on scales
15:26:55 Gen: i m working on the pavel's new lesson
15:27:33 Guitar34: sweet
15:27:39 JVM: I'm still on pavel's hand control lesson. cause I can't get it with the alt picking, I switched to alt picking while I was learning it and so far the string skips with the alt picking is throwing me off
15:28:20 Guitar34: howd you det that guy next to your name Gen ?
15:28:32 Gen: lol i started to play with alternate picking 2 month ago
15:28:45 Gen: lol select an avatar
15:28:47 JVM: i guess its been 2-3 weeks for me now. i mostly have it down now
15:29:02 Gen: how long have you been playing?
15:29:14 Guitar34: me?
15:29:22 JVM: off and on since i was 9, i havent really started practicing since about 3-4 months ago
15:29:38 Gen: and you g34?
15:29:45 Guitar34: 1 year
15:30:02 JVM: so far i'm at the level where I can play marcus' beginner neoclassical lesson, but the intermediate is a bit tough
15:30:22 Gen: yea, i just got the beginner one yesterday
15:30:53 Guitar34: i havent even gotten the beginer one
15:31:18 Gen: have you practiced it a lot?
15:31:29 Guitar34: ya everyday
15:31:34 JVM: one thing i was doing wrong in the beginner one was the part before you descent the scale starting at 19 on the e string
15:31:38 JVM: the part before that though
15:31:41 JVM: on e and b
15:31:42 Gen: you re gonna get it
15:31:57 Guitar34: hopefully
15:32:02 JVM: i was fretting e and b at the same time rather than just playing them individually, if that makes sense
15:32:10 JVM: that helped make it better
15:32:14 Gen: yea i see
15:32:52 Gen: hi boggi
15:32:54 JVM: heya boggi
15:32:59 JVM: any luck with that sequencer?
15:33:34 JVM:
15:33:53 Boggi: hey.
15:34:10 Boggi: no did´nt find anything
15:34:50 Boggi: I need to buy from Denmark, can´t find any online store from denmark.
15:35:55 Boggi: Im looking for a Yamaha QY70 or QY100
15:36:03 Guitar34: hey Boggi !
15:36:08 Boggi: hey
15:36:15 Guitar34: was up
15:36:24 JVM: oh is it a physical piece of equipment?
15:37:14 JVM: gen, where do you live?
15:37:26 Boggi: search google Yamaha QY70
15:37:58 Gen: i m from geneva, in switzerland
15:38:10 Gen: and you?
15:38:23 JVM: I see, thats a cool looking device boggi
15:38:29 JVM: i'm from north carolina in the states
15:38:41 Gen: cool i love the states
15:38:57 JVM: hey slammer
15:39:00 Guitar34: hey Slammer!!!!!!!!!!!
15:39:05 Boggi: hey
15:39:07 Slammer: I back!!
15:39:21 Gen: sorry for my english lol, we speak french in switzerland, so i had to learn english myself
15:39:26 Gen: hey slam!
15:39:39 Boggi: Yeah its great to improvise over, and improvisation skills are a very importen tool
15:39:46 Slammer: wow 5 of us! lets get this party Started!
15:39:51 Slammer: LOL
15:39:52 Gen: yea lol
15:39:55 JVM: woo
15:40:05 Slammer: well 6 if you count guest
15:40:14 JVM: guest is soon to be one of us!
15:40:15 Gen: hey slammer, you see? the guest is the same as yesterday lol
15:40:23 Gen: just ask him
15:40:28 JVM: oh mah gawd
15:40:31 Gen: lool
15:40:35 Slammer: 7!!
15:40:48 Slammer: wow we're gonna set a record!
15:40:51 JVM: I bet it's kris
15:40:52 JVM: watching us
15:40:53 Guitar34: hey Guest-1448
15:40:57 Gen: yea lol
15:41:22 Slammer: What's up guys?
15:41:23 Boggi: or maybe Andrew ?
15:41:38 Gen: not a lot, and you?
15:41:44 Slammer: same here
15:41:48 Slammer: Chillin
15:42:01 Slammer: Spending my summer afternoon in the GMC chat
15:42:05 Slammer:
15:42:06 JVM: still working on anvil studio
15:42:08 Gen: hehe
15:42:09 Guitar34: just playin scales
15:42:23 JVM: trying to get some tom-action in with the drums
15:42:24 Guitar34: and neoclassical
15:42:43 JVM: but it sounds so dull cause its all at the same pace so you can't do any flourishes! or at least I havent found out how to
15:42:48 Slammer: who is the oldest here?
15:43:00 Gen: i m 18
15:43:01 Gen: lol
15:43:03 Gen: idk
15:43:11 Boggi: im 85
15:43:13 Guitar34: im 11
15:43:25 Slammer: Jvm is 17??
15:43:28 JVM: yep
15:43:31 JVM: 85 really?
15:43:33 Boggi: im 15
15:43:37 JVM: hah
15:43:38 Gen: lol i dont think so
15:43:41 Gen: hehe
15:43:45 Boggi:
15:44:02 JVM: we just had that one guy sign up whose 60 though
15:44:31 Slammer: when is your B-day Gen?
15:44:32 Guitar34: really?
15:44:39 Guitar34: 60?
15:44:44 Gen: B-day?
15:44:48 Slammer: Birthday
15:44:51 Slammer:
15:45:00 Gen: 9 october
15:45:08 JVM: may 11
15:45:16 Guitar34: 5 june
15:45:16 Slammer: 9 october 1988
15:45:22 Gen: yes
15:45:23 Slammer: ???
15:45:32 Slammer: May 8th 1989
15:45:59 JVM: may 11 1990
15:46:12 Slammer: 368 days older
15:46:15 JVM: i had a friend who was born may 10th, and another who was born may 11th
15:46:21 JVM: err
15:46:22 JVM: may 12th
15:46:31 Slammer: you HAD a Friend LOL
15:46:42 JVM: well I moved i still talk to the one born on the 12th
15:46:57 Gen: bye guest...
15:47:02 Slammer: so but really what about boggi?
15:47:07 Guitar34: my old girlfriends was june 6 and mine is june 5
15:47:11 Boggi: 15 December
15:47:19 Slammer: I mean age?
15:47:26 Boggi: 15 years
15:47:57 Guitar34: my old girlfriends was june 6 and mine is june 5
15:48:02 Guitar34: srry
15:48:07 Gen: lol
15:48:09 Guitar34: i typed it twice
15:48:09 Slammer: well then Technically Gen is the Oldest, 7 months and 1 day older than me
15:48:15 JVM: my old girlfriends was 2 weeks before mine and i forgot it once
15:48:19 JVM: after we broke up though
15:48:21 Gen: yea
15:48:21 JVM: man she was pissed
15:49:08 Guitar34: does kris ever talk on here?
15:49:13 Slammer: wow, only 11 and he already has a old girlfriend
15:49:16 Boggi: yea sometimes
15:49:17 Slammer: LOL
15:49:21 Guitar34: HAD
15:49:22 Gen: i think so but i never saw him here
15:49:34 JVM: how old were you then?
15:49:42 Guitar34: 10
15:49:49 Slammer:
15:49:55 JVM: lol
15:50:11 Slammer: oh, I'm sure you HAD her
15:50:16 Gen: lol
15:50:16 Slammer: NVM
15:50:16 JVM: haha
15:50:20 Gen: hahaha
15:50:25 JVM: thats terrible man
15:50:31 Guitar34: WHAT?
15:50:37 Slammer: nothing
15:50:37 Guitar34: what?***
15:50:41 Slammer: LOL
15:50:44 Gen: lol
15:50:48 Boggi: I had my second gig yesterday.
15:50:57 Guitar34: u r in a band
15:51:07 Boggi: yea kind of
15:51:18 Boggi: me and my teacher were playing
15:51:23 Gen: cool
15:51:31 Guitar34: i had a band but then i had a practice and the singers sucked
15:51:35 Boggi: and an older drummer form the school
15:51:50 Guitar34: so i quit
15:52:00 JVM: my brother plays bass and another plays guitar
15:52:03 Boggi: we were playing some song from gary moore.
15:52:04 JVM: as well as my dad
15:52:14 JVM: and i have a tonnnn of friends in local bands around here
15:52:20 JVM: chapel hill has a pretty good scene
15:52:20 Gen: yeaaa i really love gary moore!
15:52:29 Boggi: about 300 people watching
15:52:36 JVM: i'm probably going to make a band with my brother who plays bass when he moves back here in a couple weeks
15:52:48 Slammer: Nice!
15:52:52 Slammer: is he good?
15:52:53 Boggi: so I was little bit nervous
15:53:04 Guitar34: im making a band with my bro once he learns drums
15:53:05 JVM: he doesnt know any theory or anything, but he's pretty good
15:53:11 Boggi: But I all went good.
15:53:29 Slammer: speaking of 300 did you guys like that movie??
15:53:36 JVM: i thought it was pretty awesome
15:53:40 JVM: but xerxes was a queen
15:53:45 Slammer: LOL
15:53:53 Guitar34: has anyone senn norbit!!!!!!!!!!!
15:54:00 Guitar34: seen*
15:54:30 JVM: nope
15:54:48 JVM: lately i've seen fantastic four, going to see pirates on friday, and then TRANSFORMERS when it comes out
15:54:49 Guitar34: its hilarius
15:54:50 JVM: heck yeah
15:55:19 Guitar34: pirates III is so awesome its the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15:55:36 Gen: all of you guys must see tenacious d!
15:55:43 Guitar34: i saw it!!!!!!!!!!!
15:55:44 Gen: lol, greatest band on earth
15:55:45 JVM: oh man
15:55:50 JVM: i have the album
15:55:55 JVM: i love the D
15:55:58 Gen: yea me too
15:55:59 JVM: i have an obey the d shirt
15:56:03 Gen: lol
15:56:23 JVM: whats your favorite off the new album?
15:56:41 Guitar34: brb
15:56:44 Gen: so, i really like master exploder and dude i totally missed you
15:56:50 JVM: me too
15:56:58 JVM: and beezelboss is amazing
15:57:03 Gen: oo yeaaa lol
15:58:21 Boggi: anyone listening to Andy Timmons ?
15:58:25 Gen: lol one off the first song that i learned is "tribute" from the first album lol
15:58:30 Gen: oo yea i love
15:58:37 Slammer: is he from the Police?
15:58:42 Gen: no
15:58:45 JVM: i'll check him out
15:58:45 Boggi: no
15:58:56 Gen: check the song" cry for you"
15:59:02 Boggi: check Carpet Diem
15:59:12 Gen: yea, or super 700s
15:59:13 Boggi: cry for you is the best
15:59:18 Gen: super 70s*
15:59:22 Gen: lol
15:59:23 Gen: yea
15:59:30 Boggi: so emotinal
15:59:35 JVM: watching
16:00:01 Boggi: groove or die.
16:00:13 Gen: yea lol awsome shred song
16:00:22 JVM: liking it so far
16:00:23 Boggi: yep
16:00:31 Boggi: you must see it all
16:00:57 JVM: ooh
16:01:08 JVM: i see a related video of satch and this guy in a guitar duel lol
16:01:09 JVM: thats next
16:01:16 Gen: yea lol
16:01:17 JVM: i love satch
16:01:29 Slammer: more than vai?
16:01:34 JVM: yeah i think so
16:01:37 JVM: but i love vai too
16:01:40 Gen: ...i prefer vai
16:01:45 Gen: but i love both
16:01:49 Slammer: what baout paul gilbert
16:02:01 Gen: lool, one of my favorite
16:02:25 Slammer: Eddie van Halen or Randy Rhoads?
16:02:26 JVM: gilbert is amazing
16:02:28 Gen: his new album is great
16:02:30 JVM: so are they!
16:02:36 JVM: theres so many great players
16:02:42 Gen: especially the song" gurse of the castle dragon"
16:02:43 JVM: what kind of guitar is this guy playing?
16:02:45 Gen: yea
16:02:57 Slammer: Jvm vs. Gen?
16:03:01 Boggi: my favorites, Vai, JP, yngwie , Andy Timmons satch and gilbert
16:03:13 Slammer: lol
16:03:16 Slammer: nvm
16:03:22 Gen: what?
16:03:27 Slammer: joke
16:03:30 Gen: lol
16:03:40 Gen: hi matt!
16:03:45 Matt_Herd: hey!
16:03:48 Slammer: Matt_Herd come on Down!!
16:03:59 Matt_Herd: wazzup everybody
16:04:09 Slammer: chillin chatting
16:04:14 Matt_Herd: cool
16:04:19 Slammer: Wasting our summers
16:04:19 JVM: hey there
16:04:26 Slammer: LOL
16:04:29 Matt_Herd: lol
16:04:32 Gen:
16:04:35 Matt_Herd: tut tut
16:04:39 Slammer: u from Europe?
16:04:40 Matt_Herd:
16:04:44 Matt_Herd: uk
16:04:55 Matt_Herd: u?
16:04:58 Slammer: I'm from Miami
16:05:02 Matt_Herd: cool
16:05:36 Matt_Herd: so what u all playin on guitar
16:05:50 Gen: pavels new lesson
16:05:57 Boggi: im on theory right now.
16:06:01 Gen: and a bit of the luca turilli one
16:06:02 JVM: im doing some theory too
16:06:02 Matt_Herd: Cool
16:06:07 JVM: but this dudes amazing
16:06:10 JVM: thanks for showing him to me
16:06:11 Matt_Herd: yeah
16:06:17 JVM: the songs almost as good as tender surrender
16:06:19 Gen: yea andy s great
16:06:38 Slammer: how long you been playing Matt?
16:06:38 Matt_Herd: I am learning far beyond the sun by Yjm
16:06:41 Boggi: listen to his other songs and you will fall in love.
16:06:46 Matt_Herd: 1.5 years
16:06:54 Slammer: are you 16?
16:06:57 Matt_Herd: 17
16:06:58 JVM: now time for the satch and andy duel
16:07:03 Gen: lol
16:07:06 Boggi: oki.
16:07:09 JVM: word. 17 year olds unite
16:07:15 Slammer: 18 is Me and Gen
16:07:19 Matt_Herd: cool
16:07:25 Slammer: boggi is 15
16:07:28 Matt_Herd: how long have you been playing guitar?
16:07:32 Boggi: I prefer the album "That was then, this is now"
16:07:35 Slammer: Guitar 34 is 11
16:07:43 Slammer: I've been playing 5 years
16:07:46 Matt_Herd: Nice
16:07:50 Gen: nine month lol
16:07:54 Matt_Herd: What stuff you play?
16:08:09 Slammer: Me, mainly Blues-Rock Stuff
16:08:17 Matt_Herd: nice
16:08:22 JVM: i do some blues and rock too, but I also do some metalish stuff, punk etc
16:08:24 Matt_Herd: u wanna see a really good shred guy?
16:08:28 JVM: classical/spanish guitar
16:08:30 JVM: everything
16:08:34 JVM: sure
16:08:39 Matt_Herd: Hes a upcoming star from japan
16:08:39 Slammer: me too^
16:08:47 Matt_Herd: i will show u youtube link one sec
16:08:48 Gen: akio shimizu?
16:08:50 Slammer: Jgnwie
16:08:54 Slammer: oh nvm
16:08:57 Slammer: LOL
16:09:00 Gen: lol
16:09:09 Boggi: Jerry C
16:09:09 Matt_Herd:
16:09:12 Gen: akio shimizu is great
16:09:24 Matt_Herd: heres one of his vidos just search his name to find em all
16:09:28 Matt_Herd: anyways g2g
16:09:30 Matt_Herd: cya
16:09:38 Slammer: ok dude
16:09:42 Boggi: cya
16:09:58 Gen: cya
16:10:41 JVM: this dude looks like a punk lol
16:10:43 Gen: lol the beginning reminds me some final fantasy stufflol
16:10:57 Boggi: brb
16:11:00 JVM: the rest does too
16:11:04 JVM: have you heard the black mages?
16:11:32 Gen: oo yea i have the 2 albums
16:11:33 JVM: this guy is completely expressionless though
16:11:50 Slammer: Who are your guys favoritree guitarists?
16:11:58 Gen: its the band of nobuo uematsu
16:12:03 JVM: its a rare guitarist i DONT like
16:12:10 Gen: lol
16:12:31 Slammer: People laugh when I tell them mine
16:12:39 Gen: i have many favorite guitarists
16:12:44 JVM: as do I
16:12:47 JVM: who are they slammer?
16:12:48 Gen: who it is?
16:13:09 Slammer:
16:13:18 JVM: duh, clapton is great
16:13:27 JVM: by the way, cocaine is a cover of a jj cale song
16:13:30 JVM: have you heard cale?
16:13:39 Slammer: yep
16:13:40 JVM: he's great
16:13:43 Gen: yea, i love clapton^^
16:13:50 JVM: clapton is a god
16:14:05 Slammer: you know I think the solo that he plays on that video is Clapton at his best
16:14:26 JVM: i think clapton in white room is his best, but i'll give this a shot
16:14:37 Boggi: back
16:15:59 JVM: pretty awesome solo
16:16:19 Slammer: at 2:00
16:16:30 Slammer: i love the Clapton Strats
16:16:47 JVM: the crazy colored ones?
16:16:58 Slammer: mid range booster on the Second tone knob
16:17:22 Slammer:
16:17:48 Slammer: all of them
16:17:58 Slammer: $2000
16:18:00 Slammer: Dmn
16:18:08 Slammer: Maybe if I ever win the Lottery
16:18:14 Slammer: LOL
16:19:05 Guitar34: back
16:19:20 Slammer: akwwelcome Back
16:19:26 Slammer: Welcome*
16:20:13 Slammer: long akward moment of silence......
16:20:28 JVM: haha i love satch
16:20:30 Slammer: *twilight zone music playing*
16:20:49 Slammer:
16:21:16 Slammer: WOW this just Died
16:21:36 Gen: lol
16:22:31 Slammer: Hey Gen, is the Hot Chocolate called American Miss where your From?
16:22:54 Gen: no lol, i dont think so
16:24:27 Guitar34: this is boring chat
16:24:48 Gen: yea lol
16:25:07 Slammer: Here the biggest Brand brand of Hot Cocoa is called Swiss miss
16:25:21 Slammer: LOL
16:25:27 Gen: lol
16:25:56 Slammer: yeah this Chat is Dead
16:26:28 Slammer: Gotta Go Practise Guys
16:26:31 Gen: thw chocolate is a cliché
16:26:35 Gen: lol okay
16:27:11 Slammer: cya dudes Later
16:27:14 Gen: cya
16:27:32 Slammer: I leave and the Chat comes to Life....... HEY!!!!
16:27:44 Gen: hehe
16:28:22 Gen: so, i must go practin
16:28:28 Gen: practice too
16:28:35 Gen: cya guys, nice chat!
16:28:40 Gen: *whip*
16:30:09 Guitar34: i just got neoclassical!!!!!!!!!!
16:30:24 Guitar34: beginner!!!!!!!
16:33:55 Guitar34: r u there JVM ????????
16:50:03 Guitar34: JVM
17:07:56 AIB234: ahoyhoy
17:20:14 Guitar34: *whip*
17:27:04 Guitar34: *whip* *whip*
17:27:20 Guitar34: *whip*
19:17:06 JVM: *meow*
22:10:56 Guitar34: mah

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