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28 Jul 2008 this guy?

Or his this fake? Which would disappoint me, if not surprise me!
24 Jul 2008
I am out of things to listen to! I can't think of or find anything to download or buy that I haven't already got, and I really want some new music! Any suggestions would rule! I like amazing guitar, very high production quality, high quality vocals(I dont mind a screamer but really prefer a singer) and I'm a sucker for a hot chick singer =p. Bands I like right now are:

Bullet for My Valentine
All That Remains(Fall of Ideals only)
System of a Down
Children of Bodom
Lacuna Coil
Rise Against
Serj Tankian

These are just some examples of music that I'm into right now, please if you happen to have any suggestions, let me know!

23 Jul 2008
Ok, I have signed up for the paid subscription to this site, and it's time to start practicing! But my problem is that there are so many videos and lessons here, I am having a hard time determining what I should start with. A little background on my playing ability(or lack thereof).

I do understand powerchords. That's probably the only thing i really understand very well.

I have been dabbling with the guitar for many years, off and on, and while I can't honestly say I have learned very much, I have become fairly comfortable with the act of playing itself. So, while I may not know much in the way of techniques, I am fairly decent when it comes to picking the correct strings for my finger placement, and general fretting ability.

I eventually want to play Metal, as this is what music I listen to the most. However, I know the metal is perhaps the hardest type of music to play, so it's not like I want to be Randy Rhodes or Dave Mustane by tomorrow =p I'm just not sure what I should be doing with my practice time right now. Should I be working on scales? If so, which ones, and what is the best way to work on them? Or should I be working on chords? Or speed picking? Or something else entirely?

Sorry to bother you guys, but I'd rather ask now then guess wrong and waste hours of practicing trying to learn something without first learning that which I will need to actually pull it off tongue.gif
22 Jul 2008

Hi guys, I am the new guy! I had a guitar for about 15-17 years, but then again, in that time I've barely touched it. Not that I don't enjoy playing, because I do, but I've never had anyone to show me how, and I've no time to take private lessons. So for the most part, I just grab the guitar every few months, repeat the couple things I do know, then give up, having absolutely no idea what to do next to become a better player.

I play by ear, and I can play small parts of a few songs, thats about it. I can make a few chords, like GCDFE etc. No scales knowledge at all(I'd never even heard of them till I found this site). I know what tapping and all that good stuff is, but I can only do pulls and hammers, and not very well at all dry.gif

I signed up for this site because I really do wanna get good on the guitar, and now that I have joined, I hope that I will have a guide to help me learn what to practice so I can finally improve.

My favorite music is Metal and Rock, bands I like include:

Bullet for My Valentine(listening to Hearts Burst Into Fire ATM biggrin.gif )
Lacuna Coil
All That Remains
Children of Bodom
Rise Against
System of a Down
Serj Tankian(but NOT Scars on Broadway)

Ok that was a pretty long list, but I wanted you instructors to have some idea what I will be attempting to play here biggrin.gif I know it will take a lot of time for me to get to the level of my heroes(I tent to like the bands with the most badass throat-cutting riffs and ear-splitting solos so I know it will take years to be able to do what these bad-asses do).

Honestly, I like learning the guitar, so as long as I am making progress, I believe I will enjoy the process. However, as I said before, I have not had an idea of how to make progress before, so my attempts ended in frustration.

Anyway, I shall stop bugging you guys for now, if anyone cut post me some good links of videos or articles to start out with, that would be sweet wink.gif

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