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18 Apr 2008

Good afteroon guys.

Gmc chat its a very good and nice tool to ask questions or to have a very nice conversation why nobody takes advantage of it? I think I sow just 3 people in 4-5 days. I recon lessons will be much easyer to understand by just ask a streight question live to the instructor rather than wait a few minutes hours or maybe days for an ansewere. In my opinion saves time and you ca get the information faster than post. Forum mesenger are briliant tools aswell but nothing compares with live chat. I after this post people will comme more ofthen on the chat.

Thank you!!

Kind regards

15 Apr 2008
Good afternoon guys,

I am bothering you again with a small problem, what shall I do with my fingers cuz the strings are very tense becouse of the tuning and after 5-10 minutes i cant tuch them properly my finger tips are compleatly in pain its there anything i can do about it or shall i ignore the pain and cary on? Or shall i try to put something on my fingers or stop for a few days? I recon after 2-3 weeks the pain will disapare fingers will get strong, to achive that how many minutes or hours i must play a day? And anoader think my 6th string dose a very umpleasent vibrating sound after I pick it no mater how hard I press it against the guitar neck and I am curios if its a guitar fault or its just my mistake of how I pick the string?

Thank you very very much for the quick response!

Kind regards thank you GMC!!
13 Apr 2008

Good afternoon mate

I allways adored music specialy rock havy metal punk and I wanted to play an instrument I was thinking about drums but drums you cant actualy play at home considering my neighbours and I have chose to try guitar. Idont have any knowledge about music papers or signes and I want to take it slowly. I have browsed through GMC clips and I discovered that guitar its quite a complicated instrument but with the right directions and motivation it is posible. Can you give me a start-up? I mean some small exercises that will make my fingers work? The corect way to pick the strings cuz I have a fealing I dont even pick the string properly I have try-d the E string 1st string and ] can feal the sounds when I pick it, but if I try to pick 2 or 3 strings the sound gets very unpleasant. I am confused I dont know where to start I have try-id the power chords but even that dosent sound how I expected I know I dont have the special distortion on the amp but I still feal something its not right. So please tell me what exercises shall I do if there is a video clip that I missed with very basic moves please point me towards the right path. Tell with what shall I begin and by the way ] have a terible finger tips pain smile.gif

Thank you very much for reading my letter and I hope it is a solution for my problem Thank you anticipated.

Kind regards
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