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John Petrucci On Alternate Picked Arpeggios: "Some guys have this down and, uh, we'll have to shoot 'em all."
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1 Dec 2008
Hey Muris,

I was browsing the net the other day looking for music of yours and I came across "Znaj Da Ti Si Mi u Ocima".

Unfortunately I only speak English and can't understand the meaning of the song title or the lyrics. But something about this song just connects with me, it seems so epic in terms of music and vocals and the solo is beautiful and melodic!

Anyway, if you could shed some light onto the meaning of the song, I would greatly appreciate it, it is awesome!

Here is where I found the song and some others that I also love:

If I have posted this in the wrong forum or sub forum, feel free to move!

Thanks Muris!
25 Oct 2008
Hey all,

So I found this video on youtube the other day of John Petrucci playing this awesome solo. The second I saw it, I thought his resemblance to Emir Hot was uncanny (maybe it was just the glasses, or maybe it was the insane playing lol)

But anyway here's the video:

And for those of you wondering, the song is "Lie" off Dream Theater's 1994 album, Awake, which IMO is one of the best ever progressive metal albums!
14 Sep 2008
Hey Kris/Maria/anyone else

I was wondering whether it would be worthwhile to add edit and remove options for comments posted in the feedback section of video lessons. I know on several occasions I have accidentally managed to double post the same feedback and am unable to rectify this. Also, I think it would be helpful if someone decided they have another question or need to add something to their feedback, that they can easily edit their original post instead of congesting the feedback section further with another response.

Anyway, I just thoguht I'd have my say on a very small matter which is just something I enjoy having on other forums, such as Ultimate Guitar.

Thanks everyone,

3 Sep 2008
Hey GMC,

Just curious, what happened with Pavel at GMC? The guy is an amazing guitarist and most of his lessons are insane.

I realise that now he is over at Infinite Guitar with Sean Conklin, but did he leave because of the money? Or were there other reasons?

Just curious if anyone can shed light on this for me, because there doesn't seem to be too many instructors leaving GMC and why would there be?

NOTE: If I have posted this in the wrong forum, MOD's feel free to move it to the appropriate place.

7 Aug 2008
Hey all at GMC,

I am not sure if this thread already exists, but if not I'm going to start it.

My questions are:

1. How tall are you? (feet & inches or metres & centimetres, or convert and post both if you can just for the sake of making it easier for everyone to understand)

2. How big are your hands, from the line on the underside of your wrist to the tip of your middle finger?

Also, any discussion on the pros and cons of big hands and long fingers in regards to guitar technique and what level of stretches etc you can physically do is also welcomed.

If anyone has any information of the hand size of famous guitarists this might also be interesting to look at. Doesn't have to be measurements, maybe you've shaken the hand of a famous guitarist or something.

To get started:

My Height:

72.5 inches/Just over 6ft

My hand Size:

19.5cm/7.7 inches

So there you go. I don't consider my hands to be very big, but I can make some big stretches with what I've got and without pain. For example, all of John Petrucci's "Rock Discipline" stretches and some crazy diminished stretches that Rusty Cooley shows in this video (
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