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24 Dec 2019
I was wondering about certain musical terms in other languages? do they stay the same? I know certain words in Italian are used universally in music such as "tempo" or "forte". What about chord names like...

E major

C suspended 4th aka Csus4

G minor 7 flat 5 aka Gm7b5

F diminished or F augmented


Say in Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French or whatever etc. I suspect they remain the same but need to ask as I don't know. I know there's a lot of teachers and students here from different parts of the world (who might also have some non-English material with this stuff in) so thought this would be the best place to ask. I can only think of chord names at the moment but if there's anything I haven't though of I'd be interested to know.
18 Sep 2018
I recently dug up my old Digitech RP6 and was trying to get the wah pedal working. Despite following the manual to make sure I hadn't missed anything, only the top end of the wah works (the "ah"). When pushing the pedal back to the lower end there's nothing there and volume just goes down (to 0 when fully pushed down).

It's an interesting way for it to break (if it had to), making me wonder is there a microchip for the "W" and another one for the "ah"? like my "W" chip is broken?

Wish I hadn't sold my Dunlop Cry Baby. Anyone know what kind of wah is Piotr using from halfway here? I can't decipher form the gear list given.
23 Jun 2018
I've been studying this: Piotr is great. Analyzing the chords from the tab. As I understand my interpretation is.

Starting in Key of A major...

I (A)
vi (F#5)
IV (Dsus2)
I (Asus2)

all that x3 then changes to relative F# minor or relative D Lydian as follows...

iv (Bm) or vi (Bm)
i (F#5) or iii (F#5)
bVI (Dsus2) or I (Dsus2)
bIII (A) or V (A)

The next part gets me. It briefly goes to D minor modal interchange? as follows...

IV (G)
bVI (Bbsus2)
bVII (Csus2)

Then resolves back to D Lydian relative key...

I (Dsus2)
I (Dadd11+)

If I can't get to the bottom of this I go mad.
25 Oct 2016
So far I've been using UX2 > Pod farm > Cubase Essential 5. I decided to try out BIAS AMP (Demo) but can't get the latency down as much as I can with POD farm so there is always a slight delay between when I play and when the speaker plays what I played.

When recording into Cubase Pod Farm opens separately and its sound goes into Cubase with no noticeable latency. BIAS Amp, on the other hand, works as a plugin within Cubase. I've tried to get the latency for BIAS amp down as much as I can with the ASIO UX2 settings by getting the buffer size right down but there is still a little delay I'd rather not have.

Can anyone tell me what I am missing, or why they think this is?
16 Feb 2016
Wondering about this? Not sure if this is the right part of the forum.

I see some of the videos on GMC move between different camera angles. Surely unless you have more than 1 camera you would need to record video again for the section that has a different angle over which you would "mime" to the original track?

Regardless though, with only one single camera angle all the way, if recording both vid and audio at the same time you would need to press record for both (for me the buttons for audio and the video aren't near to each other). Wouldn't it be less hassle to record the audio first, then record the video separately (while playing the audio to hear so you can synchronize your playing), then put the audio and video together afterwards in an editor?

This way if you don't like the way you play a note but the video is perfect, or if you play the audio perfect but you move off-shot slightly on the video without realizing (for example), then you don't have to record both video and audio again due to an error on only one? or is that a cop-out because you are not really "playing" on the video, but instead playing over your own playing? What do you do?! ohmy.gif
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