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12 Oct 2009
Hi GMC Family,
I know this is touchy and i dont mean to start arguments but im just wondering this...or actually ive wondered this many of you here do or dont belive in God? You dont have to comment but feel free.
8 Aug 2009
Ok ive been playing for a long time now and some of u have seen my playing and think im pretty good BUTT it was all by ear so i wanna get in2 theory now and maybe expand my playing...i looked threw Andrew's Theory Posts but i have no clue where 2 start bcuz i understand nothing! I would love for someone 2 help me i cant view the lessons only in the forums and ik it will be tough but im hoping u guys can give me pointers how 2 start *and how 2 understand it all tongue.gif * if u guys dont mind would u help me get started and in a good path toward learning scales and all that complicated stuff inbetween and how to use them and JUST ALL THAT GOOD STUFF laugh.gif! ?
23 Jul 2009
hi guys,
finally got myself a recording my friend had 2 do it i was way 2 lost and confused.
This is NOT my best playing keep in mind jus something off the top of my head maybe a few mistakes but i was jus messing around! its not a song or anything jus improvsation w/ friends and me playing enjoy and please respond what u think!
14 Jun 2009
Hi kris,
rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif JUST WANTED TO SAY IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!! LOL IK RANDOM BUT HEY!!!! rolleyes.gif
12 Jun 2009
hi guys just thought u could maybe help me with something.
I had looked into getting some downloadble videos that could be sent via email.
well the website sent the billing information and i did everything correct (through credit card) and it was only a dollar but i really wanted the vids! i guess they would be sent in a link through email or something 6 different vids. but anyway its been like a week now and nothings happened!!!! and it said after it was purchased it could be immediately downloaded if wished but i cant find any trace where the vids could be i checked my yahoo which is where it started and we checked my moms inbox's too just incasse but nothing!!!

p.s jw it said that if i didnt hurry someone could take my spot but i emailed them back 3 times and nothing back yet...since i still payed for them shouldnt i still get them or get an email saying i didnt cuz we have absolutely NOTHING RIGHT NOW!
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