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26 Apr 2009
Hey guys--
Looking for a good pedal setting for a line 6 spider III...
I'm thinking of getting the Jemini, heard it was really good, but need an amp tone that will let it shine through...
10 Apr 2009
Okay, I have had good experience with helpful people at GMC, so I am kind of throwing a large question ball here. Here goes:
1. I am thinking of buying a new amp (if you didn't guess from the title) for live shows. I currently have a 75W Line 6 Spider III, which works fine for practice, but as soon as i crank it up even close to halfway, it falls prey to feedback and annoying thumping sounds. It feels like the amp just can't take the volume. But did I just screw up my amp?

2. If I was to get a new amp, which one would you recommend? My budget is around 700 $, which admittedly is not a lot for an amp. Combos or cabinets work. I play some shred, Satriani/Vai style, not a lot of metal anymore, and mostly hard rock and/or 80's rock.

3. If it is just my amp and not Line 6, where do I send it for repairs, assuming it can be repaired?\

Thank you all so much,

P.S. Coming up on 2nd year of membership! Thanks GMC for the memories and technique!
29 Dec 2008
This post goes out to all GMCers, whether they be strumming their first power chords, or sweep picking through canon rock. It's a simple two-part question, but one that I really thought about. I think organizing your goals makes them that much easier to attain. So here it is:
1. What have you accomplished in the last year pertaining to guitar, and
2. What do you hope to accomplish next year?
Good Luck in 2009!
15 Dec 2008
This is directed really to any skeptics or anyone out there still wondering if GMC works: this thread is your answer.
When I signed up for GMC 2 years ago, the epitome of my technique was the pentatonic scale. I hammered out power chords, and only knew the aformentioned scale in first position. I learned Green Day songs at half speed. Last night, I played for 400 people, playing Satch Boogie, Trilogy Suite Op. 5, and Pride and Joy. That's what I would call progress. It wasn't fast, admittedly. It took me awhile, and a lot of practice. My very first lesson was Kris' Kirk Hammett lesson. I thought that was so difficult... I surmounted it slowly. I watched the 1-on-1 videos. I haven't had a single teacher the entire time, but with GMC, I'm able to go out with a guitar, play, and have people stand around me and watch and give money... In conclusion, thanks to GMC and all the people that make it what it is!

14 Dec 2008
Does anyone know of a good place that will custom paint your guitar? Preferably that has a website, and I mean one in the united States. I know I should probably paint it myself, but I'm just not up for it, and want it done right and well.
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