Guitar Chat with Muris, Pavel, Kai Muehlenbruch etc. 2007-08-15
Aug 30 2007, 12:55 AM
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00:00:49 shredmandan: i have acouple of riffs i made in the uploads forum.One which i tryed to use a guys drum sample its ok
00:01:57 kethcup: well... you know man. I always dreamed about being the next Metallica and I use to put so much pressure on myself that it backfired. It would cause me to try too hard and then just end up discouraged. That is what made me not take it so serious and then when I did I would try way to hard and get more discourage than I already was. So now, I just am playing just to play. And you know what, it's great! I mean, I play to get better but now there's no pressure or anything. It's actually kind of fun!
00:02:54 shredmandan: cool, i also dreamed of beingthe next metallica
00:03:16 kethcup: They were my heroes for the longest time man
00:03:32 kethcup: All we did was talked about Metallica on a daily basis growing up lol
00:03:56 shredmandan: same here in school i had metallica wrote all over my back pack note book desk ect even had all the metallica shirts i rotated daily lol
00:04:08 kethcup: lol me too!
00:04:28 kethcup: So did you post your tracks man? I would love to hear them!
00:06:06 shredmandan: yeah there on the uploads forum just look for them.One is played clean and 2 are heavier.Iplan on getting another one put up in afew days that is better put together.I just rushed on those to get something up.There's also one of me trying to sweep pick and get some advice
00:06:40 kethcup: Do you remember the Topic Title?
00:08:06 shredmandan: afew say shredman track one says riff i made up and the sweep one says your opinion on my sweep especially pavel.If you check that oneout make sure im the one that did it because fretdancer made a similar one to.Just when you open them up make sure im at the top and you will know i made it.
00:08:30 kethcup: oh yea
00:08:40 kethcup: I heard this the other day man. I really like it!
00:08:58 kethcup: I guess I didn't put two and two together and realize it was you
00:09:09 kethcup: That's a great riff man! :)
00:09:27 shredmandan: thanks check the other's out if you want and i will be back in like 2-3 mins
00:09:27 kethcup: I'm listening to VOR020.wav
00:09:32 kethcup: k
00:09:57 shredmandan: cool i cant remember what one that is but i made afew stick around and ill be back if you want
00:14:56 shredmandan: im back
00:15:17 shredmandan: just jamming off and on and my wife is home now
00:16:00 kethcup: cool
00:16:14 kethcup: I was checking out Stratman's new Prestige
00:16:19 kethcup: it's pretty nice I must say
00:16:25 shredmandan: agreed
00:16:38 kethcup: I have a Prestige too. Love it
00:16:48 shredmandan: lucky
00:17:37 shredmandan: i love my strat but it's not for me .I had to put a sey dun distortion sh-6 in it and it made a big difeence but still only has 21 frets
00:18:04 shredmandan: i have a pick of it in the gear forum
00:18:13 shredmandan: under topic gold hardware
00:21:04 kethcup: I was just listening to your sweeps
00:21:21 kethcup: They sound pretty good man. Alot better than I could do!
00:22:43 shredmandan: thanks i still need alot of work but thats the stuff i have been doing recently.I feel though the way i practice and play is horrible because i keep setting myself up to loose skill in one or the other
00:23:05 kethcup: it's hard to balance sometimes huh
00:23:22 shredmandan: trying to say for example i practice only on sweeps then i realize i have lost talent in my rythem ect
00:23:46 kethcup: it will all come together naturally though
00:24:07 shredmandan: yes definatly you really need to write out a set practice list just like you would for a gig if you want to get the most of your time but it sounds so anal lol
00:24:27 kethcup: yea it does
00:24:51 kethcup: I'm a cover whore man, I tend to start playing covers and have to force myself on technique
00:24:58 shredmandan: see thats just makes it stop sounding fun like you said earlier and you have to make it fun or you wont play
00:25:12 kethcup: definately
00:25:23 shredmandan: i do that alot to especially in the past .Maybe thats where i messed up
00:25:58 kethcup:
00:26:05 kethcup: there's a picture of my gear
00:26:20 kethcup: you'll have to scroll down to see mine but it should be there
00:26:35 kethcup: you clicked the link in this browser huh
00:26:36 kethcup: lol
00:26:50 kethcup: you'll have to open a new browser. I found out the hard way too!
00:27:03 shredmandan: sorry my computer knocked me out when i tryed to look at your pic hold on a sec lol
00:27:10 kethcup: k
00:27:56 kethcup: The picture doesn't do it justice, at all. It's actually a bad picture. Makes it look dirty
00:28:44 shredmandan: dude love the detail on the guitar body its sweet.How is that boss processor sound?Im not a fan of marshall amps though.I know everybody loves them i just havent had the best of times when i used them
00:29:07 shredmandan: i think im the only guy that doesnt like marshalls
00:29:36 kethcup: I really like the Boss sound man. I tend to hear complaints of Boss on hear but I'm not sure why.
00:29:47 shredmandan: they are the most powerfull by far though just dont get the distortion i want out of them,
00:29:48 kethcup: Thanks on the guitar btw
00:30:04 shredmandan: dude boss makes the best stuff in my opinion
00:30:17 kethcup: I'm not a fan of the plain Marshall sound either. That's why I run the boss through it
00:30:50 shredmandan: you know i bet thats the way to go.Thats probably why i didnt like the amp when i played it years ago
00:30:53 kethcup: I would prefer a Mesa Boogie Stilleto, or a Triple rectifier
00:31:03 shredmandan: dude yes!!
00:31:07 kethcup: :)
00:31:20 kethcup: I played one the other day and just fell in love with it man
00:31:26 kethcup: Stilleto that is
00:31:42 shredmandan: i have a crate full stack .Sad thing is i cant even turn my amp up past 1 almost 100% of the time lol
00:31:46 shredmandan: what a waste
00:31:52 kethcup: lol
00:32:01 kethcup: I used to have a Crate full stack too!
00:32:12 kethcup: They hold some volume!
00:32:24 shredmandan: i use a roland cube 30 to jam on it has built in effects that dont sound like a fart
00:32:33 kethcup: nice lol
00:32:47 shredmandan: yeah there good but not the best or worst
00:33:52 shredmandan: i blew the head on the original crate head years ago.I had a problem with blowing amps ,i lost that head and blew a fender ultimate chorus amp that was awesome.I missit but still have the speakers
00:34:29 kethcup: I used to use the Crate cabinets (for the celestion speakers of course!) with a Peavey Digital Deca Power Amp, and a Digitech RP220 Processor when I played in a band
00:34:41 shredmandan: guess i was just a teen and crazy to max it out at full volume
00:34:45 kethcup: lol
00:34:52 kethcup: that's the only way to do it!
00:35:27 shredmandan: my dad would work a paper route at night like i do now lol and when he left it was party time and time to crank the amps
00:37:00 shredmandan: i used to have afew basses a bc rich warlock anda epi sg but ended up losingthem in pawn.Wish i still had a bass,but guitar has always been my main instrument
00:37:33 kethcup: Man I had to pawn my 7 string for a car payment some years ago
00:37:39 kethcup: totally brought me down
00:37:55 kethcup: I really liked that guitar too
00:38:35 shredmandan: dude i have been dieing for a 7 string.I have lost to many instruments and gear since i started either for bills orpartying
00:39:12 kethcup: I really liked playing my 7 man. I almost like playing them more than 6 strings
00:39:54 shredmandan: i know it is hard to get used to but i really would like one for all my rythem work but probably would say i d stick to 6 on lead
00:40:25 shredmandan: i just need a guitar with 24 frets and two humucker's right now
00:40:27 kethcup: I really loved how wide the neck was
00:40:43 shredmandan: thats what you have to get used to
00:40:51 kethcup: I just bought an Ibanez RGMDX350 that has 24 frets and 2 humbuckers
00:40:52 kethcup: lol
00:42:12 shredmandan: damm i hate single coils and i just have a bridge humbucker a damm good one but still .I even had to have it proffesionally put in because it was routed for 3 single and they had to cut the pickguard.It turned out sweet though
00:43:30 shredmandan: i would love to have a ibanez or a older pre-fender jackson or charvel
00:44:15 kethcup: I had a charvel. absolutely loved it. Sold it because I was moving and didn't have room for it
00:44:52 shredmandan: im in that same spot right now just dont have alot of room.Im trying to sell my stack at the moment
00:47:10 shredmandan: i am looking for a chat room on chronic pain right now but cant find one even on google its irratating me
00:47:30 kethcup: what's chronic pain?
00:47:52 shredmandan: prolonged pain ,pain that doesnt go away
00:48:06 kethcup: oh... you have actual chronic pain?
00:48:18 kethcup: I thought you were talking about a band or something lol
00:48:59 shredmandan: yes and iam looking for some advice online about getting my doc to switch my pain meds not a band lol
00:49:15 kethcup: what's the pain from?
00:50:55 shredmandan: i could lie but why?about 3 years ago my wife had an affair and alot in my life was caving in and i tryed to die.Shot myself with a 30-06 under my chin and lived through it.Im very glad i did live through it but man it really changed my life and i made a huge mistake
00:51:26 shredmandan: hate to say it because i know it freaks people out
00:51:34 kethcup: wow man
00:51:52 kethcup: I've had a few friends go early man. It's never the answer
00:52:04 shredmandan: ilearned that
00:52:08 kethcup: I'm sure you understand that now. Not trying to preach or anything
00:53:47 shredmandan: you know i have never once even considered it since then or attempted .I never will it was just to much at the time .Funnything is life is 100% harder now then before but im just so happy to be here especially to make it up to my daughter.The only time i have been away from her since birth was when i went into the hospital when it happened
00:54:54 kethcup: You know, life gets tough some times man. I could tell you some messed up stories about my past, but it'll be better the next day. That's the way I see things anyway
00:55:37 kethcup: I just lost a friend a couple of months ago to suicide. He was 23. It was really hard to take man.
00:56:20 shredmandan: good point, you know i just didt know how to handle what my wife did but we have worked things out and she stood by me even after i blew half my face off so it showed me she really did love me and just made a mistake like i did
00:56:53 shredmandan: thats another thing i learned how bad it hurts other's that the one biggest thing thats makes me sure i would never attempt again
00:57:16 kethcup: yea... you have to realize the impact on the people that love you
00:57:19 kethcup: that's huge
00:57:25 shredmandan: yes
00:57:41 kethcup: Well brutha, I'm sure glad your hear with me today.
00:57:53 shredmandan: lol metoo
00:59:38 shredmandan: i ts hard now because even though i learned from it i cant take back the damage it did.I have no sense of smell now have to have my nose ,mouth and teeth rebuit .Just had my chindone.I have surgury like every 3 months.
01:00:49 shredmandan: dude i cant explainin words how lucky i am to be here.I had a 3 % chance to live that night ,thats what the docs told me family but now im able to do everything just lost alot of weight
01:01:23 kethcup: you get one chance at life man. Why waste it?
01:01:27 kethcup: you know?
01:03:33 shredmandan: exactly and i can tell you that were you go after is no better.You here these near death stories let me tell you the stuff i went through before i woke up was a million times worse than anything i have ever seen.I dont know if they were dreams or real but i ca tell you there is a heaven and hell.There's no way i would have thought the things i did before i woke if there wasernt
01:04:07 shredmandan: remeber when we here talking last night about smoking back inthe day?
01:04:14 kethcup: yep
01:06:00 shredmandan: see thats what i did all the way up to this.Once that happened i quit ofcourse lol .But then i ws in pain and after afew months got more of a tollernce to pain meds.Never cared for them before but once i had no choice it became unreal.Now i have no choice but to be stuck on them and after so long you just have to take more
01:06:47 shredmandan: thats why i want to switch what im on now becase it doesnt work like it used to and thetylenol in the pills i take now is already destoying my liver
01:07:05 kethcup: so will the pain ever go away?
01:08:54 shredmandan: i dont know i think in the next 2-3 years when im done with surgury i wil find out but untill then its like a trap.The only thing i know that doesnt have tylenal in the pills is oxycottin.Scary word for me though because i already have problems making them last the whole month and my doctor knows that so i worry if i ask him to switch that he may cut me down or even off
01:09:29 kethcup: oxycotton's are addicting too huh?
01:11:15 shredmandan: yes!!!! the most out of all of them .Very you see they are puer though without tylenal and taking tylenal daily 4000mg plus for over 3 years is way to much on your liver,its almost worse than alcohol on the liver. sorry man to bring out a crazy topic or freak u out.Just figured i would be straight
01:11:43 kethcup: nah man... it's all good.
01:12:03 kethcup: really, I am easy to talk to so don't worry about any of that
01:12:10 shredmandan: cool
01:12:25 kethcup: And don't worry man. What's said here stays here.
01:12:51 shredmandan: lets hope gmc doesnt carelol
01:13:11 kethcup: watch this conversation be on the main page tomorrow lol
01:13:31 shredmandan: lol yeah it will have its on section like beginner lesson lol
01:13:37 kethcup: lol
01:13:44 shredmandan: it is a hell of a story
01:13:54 kethcup: So let me ask you this. Do you beleive now?
01:13:59 kethcup: Did you before?
01:14:45 shredmandan: yes before and even more now.I honestly feel like what kept me here is that i said lord please forgive me over 100 times before i did it.
01:15:50 shredmandan: i knew i was making a mistake .I told my wife i was going to and i guess she thought i was kidding and said we will see .It was like here daring me so 30 secondslater i did it
01:16:31 kethcup: oh man. That makes me hurt inside :(
01:18:07 shredmandan: hurts her to this day .you know just about everbody cheatsatleast once .She made a mistake if it wasent a mistake she woudnt be wioth me now.Hard thing for me was we both met as virgins and it was perfect i had never cheated on her and though it was going to work perfect but she messed up.
01:18:48 kethcup: Yea, women can have some power over us can't they
01:18:56 kethcup: But, they are only human too man.
01:19:41 shredmandan: oh yes especially me.She really is a great person though we have become so much closer since this just said it took this to get there and learn such strong lessons in life
01:20:09 kethcup: wisdom comes in the weirdest forms man
01:20:15 shredmandan: true
01:21:06 kethcup: So I'm curious... you said you had dreams or an experience rather when you were out of it and you said it was something's that you could never imagine. Would it be ok for me to ask what you saw?
01:21:44 shredmandan: sure its just very long and some doesnt make since .be patient and i will tell you lol
01:21:52 kethcup: ok
01:23:52 shredmandan: first thing i remeber was watching people have sex with my wife while i was tied and beaten in a chair.There was constantly people beating me up and torturing me .I saw everbody i loved like my girl my dad all family other than wife killed.i think this was punishment for what i had done
01:29:50 shredmandan: next i started having religious things one were there was a old woman tellingme i could be reborn again and i would not agree.I told her my faith was with god.Poeple constanly tryed to tempt me to leave my faith and i would be rewarded but i refused and took so much more pain.I think saw a girl that in my opinion was an angel she told me that i had to prove my faith to god before i could go to heaven.I felt like i was going to go there and the first thing i was told i that i had to explain why i was worthy of god .So i did this and i was told to climb a latter i did and i fell into a place that was in my opinion hell.i think to wrap it up hell is your worst nightmares possible .Living them everyday pain over and over.I beleive i got to wake up from this because even in time of pain i didnt give in to anything but god.The vision of the ladder makes me beleive that i can get there but not at this state.I have a second chance but must change and do more to make it all the way up, told you it was confusing
01:31:54 kethcup: no it's not confusing at all. I totally get it
01:32:27 shredmandan: if you look at it in a scientific view you can relate some things that i felt to what is was thinking but i cant to the religion part
01:32:34 kethcup: Wow... I don't know how to put it in words of what I want to say
01:34:33 shredmandan: its almost scary because you have seen stuff that most people alive havent yet and you know you have to make the right decions inlife or you could end up back there.As far as hell i really do think hell is whats the worst thing in your mind can be,think about it the word hell.It has to be the worst thing you can think of,that makes since not nessesarly burning unless thats your biggest fear
01:35:36 kethcup: I was raised a catholic for most of my life but as I've gotten older I have strayed away from the whole religion thing
01:35:58 kethcup: I have gone through many many conversations with myself on whether god is real or not
01:36:03 kethcup: I still do to this day
01:37:01 kethcup: I sit next to a person at work that thinks it's all made up and he has some compelling points . And I almost beleive him to be honest.
01:37:08 shredmandan: i wentto church for awhile after this happened and havent been back in a long time ,i dont doubt there is a god but ofcourse its confusing .I do feel he tested me and gave me one more chance
01:37:44 shredmandan: you see there is many ways of looking at it.when you here someone like that they can make since as well
01:37:53 kethcup: true
01:38:09 kethcup: but the thing is, I can feel Jesus in my heart
01:38:16 kethcup: that's what keeps me coming back
01:38:58 shredmandan: we live in a world of facts thats what makes it hard because you have to have faith .I feel he is in me as well
01:39:11 kethcup: very well put
01:39:39 kethcup: I guess I'm of a scientific mind but a loving (god) heart
01:39:44 kethcup: so it's always a battle
01:40:59 shredmandan: i will tell you that poeple can makegood resons not to be leave especially ones that say the bible could just be the best fiction book ever wrote.I dont believe that though ,you know how much that the roman catholics know and documents they have that he are never aloud to even know about.
01:41:20 kethcup: yep
01:41:32 kethcup: I think there's more to it than fiction
01:41:48 shredmandan: sorry i know i have mispelled like 100 words i have my keyboard on my lap
01:41:52 kethcup: I think you would have to be naive to think it's fiction honestly
01:41:58 kethcup: no worries man :)
01:43:05 shredmandan: i agree some of it coudnt just be made up they even have some proof from the bible.As far as the bible maybe being alittle streched. Sure i beleive that but the concept of it has to be true for me
01:43:21 kethcup: exactly
01:43:33 kethcup: I think the stories of Jesus are the most accurate
01:43:44 kethcup: The new testament I guess you could sya
01:43:45 kethcup: say*
01:44:02 kethcup: But the message he taught is worth more than anything in life
01:44:08 shredmandan: agreed
01:44:12 kethcup: that dude was one wise cat man
01:44:23 kethcup: I have much love and respect for him
01:44:33 shredmandan: same here
01:45:03 kethcup: Wow man... I'm really glad we had this conversation man. Thanks for opening up and sharing. It means alot to me.
01:46:11 shredmandan: hope you dont look at me as crazy.I meanyou really never know who you are talking to online anyway but as far as me you know more thanmost andits the truth
01:46:32 shredmandan: cant make up some stuff like that lol
01:46:40 kethcup: I don't view you any different than before man
01:46:51 kethcup: and no, you really can't make that shit up! lol
01:46:56 shredmandan: lol
01:47:00 kethcup: if you did, you should be writing books!
01:47:40 shredmandan: i know i thought about it .i wrote some of the stuff down after it happened but wouldnt know where to begin
01:48:17 kethcup: Just write, it'll come together after time. It's really good to write shit out too. very therapautic
01:48:36 shredmandan: i agree
01:48:40 kethcup: So will you ever completely heal?
01:49:07 kethcup: will they be able to restore your face with surgurey?
01:51:05 shredmandan: some what i will always have scares ofcourse but its amazing what they can do.I have just like 3 teeth right now from it and my mouth has to be worked on alot more to get to normal size, along with my nose rebuilt,there's a chance i may get my sense of smell back then but never look 100% normal able to except that though
01:52:03 shredmandan: i were one of those masks like a surguen when i go out so its not as bad with people starring
01:52:21 kethcup: So how do you eat and drink?
01:52:33 shredmandan: lol no jk
01:53:50 shredmandan: i can eat now with what teeth i had but for along time i just had a tube trough my stomuch to feed me .That was really hard especially going about 3 months i think without being able to drink anything and without food in mouth for over 6 months
01:54:09 kethcup: oh wow
01:54:14 kethcup: that would be weird
01:54:46 shredmandan: very weird but you adapt to any stuation that keeps you alive.i was almost like a machine at one time
01:55:30 shredmandan: lots of bolts in plates inside my face along with a trach which is a tube in your throat to breathe (still have
01:55:36 kethcup: so did the shot/bullet go anywhere close to your brain?
01:56:05 shredmandan: no im so lucky it went out right where my nose was in between my eyes
01:56:20 kethcup: did it mess your eyes up any?
01:57:32 shredmandan: no thankfully just from nose down is where all the damage was.i got that tube out thati had in my stomach a good while back and all the bolts andplates that were holding my jaw and stuff together
01:58:01 kethcup: wow, what a trip
01:58:09 shredmandan: thats what i say
01:58:15 kethcup: I bet lol
01:58:38 kethcup: sorry, I didn't mean that in a bad way at all
01:58:50 shredmandan: didnt take it bad
01:58:54 kethcup: cool
02:00:49 shredmandan: none of it talking wise bother's me.What bother's me is what i did to the other's i love .Hurting them is the only thing hard to deal with now.Like i said you adapt to live so im used to this,wish it was different but i except reality.The hardest of all is that my daughter saw me in a pudle of blood after i did it because it was outside my house and she was only 3 at the time
02:01:23 kethcup: oh man..
02:01:29 kethcup: does she remember it?
02:02:38 shredmandan: yes not the fact that i did it myself but for somereason she thinks that i just fell on the porch.I will tell her the truth when she is old enough to understand but thats the worst that came out of it.It was really hard for her the first year as it was for us all
02:03:11 kethcup: I don't know if I would tell her that personally
02:03:28 kethcup: some things are just better left unsaid for their sake, ya know?
02:04:09 shredmandan: i know its hard but i feel like one day i owe her the truth but thats a long time from now and maybe she would even learn from it like i did.What a hard thing to say though and except
02:04:26 kethcup: yep
02:05:41 kethcup: About the living with knowing that you have hurt others: They love you no matter what man and they have forgiven you. Love is more powerful than anything out there and it overrules all doubt and guilt.
02:07:34 shredmandan: i agree/ its better for me to be here with my daughter this way and family than not at all,i guess the reason i said what happened to me to you is because i ope no one ever makes the same mistake i did.I hear so many people talk about it over the smallest problem in life and there is no reason to do it nothing can justify doingthat
02:08:03 kethcup: that's very true man
02:08:15 kethcup: suicide is not the answer - to anything
02:08:33 kethcup: I've never been one to try it, thankfully
02:08:58 shredmandan: cant fix a problem if your not here/ glad to here that/i had a freind that did as well sad to say he didnt live
02:09:21 kethcup: I'm sorry to hear that
02:09:29 kethcup: Life is too short man
02:09:56 shredmandan: all the rest of my old friends are in Iraq and i really hate that.there some cool dudes stuck in a big mess
02:10:10 kethcup: that's very unfortunate
02:10:22 kethcup: War is an ugly affair. Nothing good about it
02:10:40 shredmandan: definatly not this one
02:10:40 kethcup: and it's unfair that it's just kids over there getting shot at
02:11:04 kethcup: I really don't like war - at all
02:11:48 shredmandan: same here just saying that if there is ever a cause for it this wasent it.Why should my rfeinds die for a mistake the goverment made
02:12:05 kethcup: yep
02:12:36 kethcup: why should people die for arguiment period
02:13:03 shredmandan: true
02:13:18 shredmandan: so whats it like up there in denver
02:13:31 kethcup: um... it's cool man
02:13:51 kethcup: it's a good clean enviroment. Mostly friendly people
02:13:59 shredmandan: never been to colorado or even the west or mid west
02:14:10 shredmandan: do you ski
02:14:16 kethcup: NO! lol
02:14:23 kethcup: that's what everyone asks
02:14:43 shredmandan: thats what comes to mind when i here colordo becasue aspin i guess . ever been up there
02:14:51 kethcup: yep
02:14:57 kethcup: very beautiful country
02:15:08 kethcup: the scenery here is like no other
02:15:24 shredmandan: dont feel bad everybody labels tennessee or virginia as hilbily or imbred lol
02:15:31 kethcup: lol
02:15:40 kethcup: yeee-hawww
02:15:45 shredmandan: exactly
02:15:48 shredmandan: lol
02:16:22 shredmandan: its nice out here some of the veiws
02:16:28 kethcup: Well brutha, I hate to cut it off but I gotta get to bed.
02:16:39 kethcup: I'm gonna be dragging ass tomorrow if I don't
02:17:43 shredmandan: yeah i need to talk to the wife and get ready to delever paper's lol ill talk to you tomorrow if your around you can pm me when your going to be on and i will check it out.Your a cool dude to talk to thanks
02:18:21 kethcup: right on man. You're not so bad yourself :p
02:18:28 shredmandan: lol
02:18:32 kethcup: I'll check ya out tomorrow man lol
02:18:42 shredmandan: alright take care
02:18:48 kethcup: have fun with them papers! woohoo!! :)
02:18:53 kethcup: peace out man...
02:18:57 shredmandan: se ya
06:06:38 shredmandan: hello anyone lol
07:01:05 Hemlok: *whip*
07:01:15 Hemlok: :P Hi shredmandan
07:01:21 shredmandan: hello
07:01:27 Hemlok: hows it going?
07:01:41 shredmandan: just got back from work
07:01:54 Hemlok: ah ok, must be beer o clock then
07:02:05 shredmandan: lol exactly
07:02:24 Hemlok: :) im just working on a song im trying to make
07:02:44 shredmandan: are u going to upload it on here for everbody?
07:02:53 Hemlok: I will eventually
07:03:20 Hemlok: but i plan to have a harmonica solo in it, so i need to learn to play harmonica first
07:03:21 shredmandan: im working on one myself just doesnt have any soul to it yet sounds to plain
07:03:29 Hemlok: oh ok
07:03:45 shredmandan: harmonica is cool
07:03:59 Hemlok: yep harmonica is very cool
07:04:04 Hemlok: especially for blues
07:04:25 shredmandan: oh yeah you can get some sweet riffs going with one
07:05:17 Hemlok: im reading andrews theory so i can find out what chords i can use with this song
07:05:34 shredmandan: thats something i really need to look into
07:06:10 Hemlok: yeah, its just so hard to remember, i need to read the theory alot more i think
07:06:39 shredmandan: yes alot on the brain lol but definatly worth the time
07:06:53 shredmandan: what time is it over in australia
07:07:26 Hemlok: 7.07pm
07:07:47 shredmandan: wow its 12 hours diff here its AM LOL
07:08:00 Hemlok: hehe yeah
07:08:13 Hemlok: so you work the night shift do ya?
07:08:32 shredmandan: yeah man delevering news papers
07:08:58 shredmandan: sleep all day up all night
07:09:02 Hemlok: oh ok, does night shift mess up your sleep patterns real bad for the weekend?
07:09:45 shredmandan: its a 7 day a week job unfortunatly and yes it really messes your sleep up.i feel like a vampire
07:10:19 Hemlok: oh wow, been doing that job for a while then?
07:10:31 shredmandan: about 2 months
07:10:43 shredmandan: so you still jamming on your les paul?
07:11:01 Hemlok: certainly am :) and soon Martin D-15
07:11:12 Hemlok: got one off ebay america for $650
07:11:29 shredmandan: awesome price/ i have a story of a martin thats unreal
07:11:43 shredmandan: almost hard to believe
07:11:51 Hemlok: ooh im intrigued go on
07:13:37 shredmandan: the first guitar i got was a 1941 martin d-28 that was my grandfather' had set in a closet for over 20 one including myself new the value.then one day i found out that it was valuble and was hard for cash so i went to sell it.I got ripped off because i sold it for $5000.00 and it was worth $20000.00 US
07:14:15 Hemlok: oh yeah! I remember reading you posting that!
07:14:22 Hemlok: wow i bet you wish you still had it
07:14:34 shredmandan: One of the biggest mistakes of my life
07:14:55 shredmandan: the guitar was unreal as far as the wood and tone goes
07:15:11 Hemlok: awesome, neck wasnt warped or anything?
07:16:32 shredmandan: it had some normal wear ofcourse but everything was in tact and original.i also used to have a martin d-16 gloss top but sold it for a Jackson dk2 skulls then sold it lol
07:16:50 Hemlok: oooh!
07:17:04 Hemlok: gosh
07:17:13 shredmandan: i have had to sell to many guitars i only have one electric and one acoustic now
07:17:13 Hemlok: i wont ever sell my guitars
07:17:40 shredmandan: stick to that it's not worth selling them i
07:17:48 Hemlok: well my cheap ones i can get rid of
07:17:54 Hemlok: evening Owen
07:17:59 Owen: Afternoon :P
07:18:05 Hemlok: Afternoon!
07:18:09 Owen: Yes!
07:18:13 Owen: Only just here though
07:18:15 shredmandan: plus your les paul will be woth alot more in future just look at the 50's and 60's moedls
07:18:27 Owen: If I'd been 19 minutes earlier... :P
07:18:28 shredmandan: hey owen
07:18:49 Hemlok: yeah well, it will go on my wall once i am too frail to play it
07:19:06 Owen: only if you keep it for 40 odd years in good nick lol
07:19:18 shredmandan: i always wanted to get one of those glass display cases to put my guitar in
07:19:23 Hemlok: hehe, i will try
07:19:39 Hemlok: yeah but dont get one now, because you will be constantly opening it
07:19:49 shredmandan: lol true
07:20:27 Hemlok: im getting a $50 strat shaped electric which i will make into a project
07:20:38 Hemlok: gonna replace pickups and hardware
07:20:46 Hemlok: and hopefully have a half decent guitar
07:20:55 shredmandan: good idea sounds like a plan
07:21:24 Hemlok: yeah, i wanna learn more about wiring and pulling apart guitars, because i wont be pulling my les paul apart for experiments
07:22:26 shredmandan: yeah i want tolearn more about them to .I can install humbucker's but as far as adjusting neck and other stuff im not to familier
07:22:56 Hemlok: put aside some money each week and build a frankenstein then :)
07:23:27 Owen: Wiring on a guitar is mostly simple
07:23:29 Hemlok: can always reuse the parts too which is handy
07:23:53 shredmandan: as long as you can soilder good
07:23:55 Owen: Its a few variable resistors, 2/3 magnets and an input socket lol
07:24:23 Hemlok: of course it is Owen.... What are you saying?!
07:24:29 Hemlok: :P
07:24:49 Owen: Well theres not loads to learn, but I suppose it is fun to pull them apart lol
07:25:28 shredmandan: well you have to learn to do it all correct and not sloppy the concept is easy but actually doing it right the first time is different
07:25:54 shredmandan: hey muris
07:26:02 Hemlok: g'day muris!
07:26:08 Owen: oh yeah, its the welding thats the fun part :D
07:26:10 muris: dudes,don't tell me you've been here all the time!!!!!!!
07:26:12 muris: :)
07:26:15 Owen: hey muris!
07:26:20 Owen: Nooo
07:26:27 Owen: I just woke up
07:26:32 shredmandan: never left lol
07:26:34 muris: ok then ;)
07:26:36 shredmandan: joking
07:26:50 muris: hello Hemlok
07:26:59 Hemlok: quick question Muris, do you find it hard to do artificial harmonics with The Light Pick?
07:27:07 muris: nope :)
07:27:09 muris: why?
07:27:22 Hemlok: oh... because i do
07:27:35 muris: aah,so you got one :)
07:27:52 muris: what is the problem?
07:27:54 Hemlok: yeah, got one somewhere... batteries ran out and i cant get into it to replace em
07:27:55 shredmandan: technique is really inthe pinch fo me atleast
07:28:14 muris: you can't replace bateries?
07:28:26 Hemlok: i dont have a screwdriver of the right size
07:28:35 muris: well,get one :)
07:28:44 muris: try in wall mart or som
07:28:59 Hemlok: yeah, i probably need to go there anyway, i just been putting it off
07:28:59 muris: better idea,take set of more drivers
07:29:01 shredmandan: wow there must be wal marts in ever country
07:29:09 muris: it always comes in handy
07:29:22 Hemlok: no walmarts in australia
07:29:27 muris: I see
07:29:29 Hemlok: K-mart here
07:29:33 Hemlok: :P
07:29:38 Owen: We have Asda
07:29:40 muris: well any super matket or bigger store will do
07:29:41 shredmandan: well atleast you got the generic
07:29:46 muris: tell me,how old are you?
07:29:49 Hemlok: 19
07:29:54 muris: I see
07:30:06 muris: can you ask your dad to find you one?
07:30:11 shredmandan: lol
07:30:23 muris: not funny Dan :)
07:30:30 shredmandan: joking
07:30:31 Hemlok: hmmm
07:30:33 muris: lol
07:30:56 Hemlok: well i can get it myself thanks :P but only on saturday
07:31:06 muris: fino tho :)
07:31:16 muris: so,about troubles with harmonics
07:31:19 Hemlok: yep, i need buy some tools for other things
07:31:29 muris: when I got FP,I just started to play
07:31:38 muris: LP*
07:31:48 muris: and it all went ok
07:31:51 Hemlok: well you touch the string after you hit it with pick right?
07:31:55 muris: never had problem with it
07:32:01 muris: no
07:32:18 muris: I touch it at the same time..or even before
07:32:27 muris: a milisec or som
07:32:35 muris: to have it placed on right spot
07:32:49 shredmandan: same here it's like a pinch
07:32:58 muris: yeah
07:33:07 Owen: I took a month to learn it :P
07:33:19 shredmandan: i cant remember how long it took me
07:33:20 Owen: you can do it backwards too
07:33:25 Pavel: hello
07:33:27 Owen: with your index finger
07:33:28 Hemlok: i can do it fine with a normal pick, but with this pick my thumb is in the middle
07:33:32 shredmandan: ohhh its the paval man
07:33:35 muris: ni Pavel
07:33:40 shredmandan: hi pavel
07:33:40 Hemlok: hi Pavel
07:33:42 muris: hi* :)
07:33:46 Owen: I've attempted it, it'd be quite easy if you worked on it for a bit and made it feel more natural
07:33:49 Owen: hey Pavel!
07:33:57 Pavel: what's the discussion about?
07:34:16 Owen: Pinched Harmonics, I was saying you can do them backwards as well
07:34:37 Pavel: what for?
07:34:45 Owen: lol although I'm sorta drifting off the main topic of conversation
07:34:52 muris: lol
07:35:21 muris: Hemlon,you don't have troubles with regular pick?
07:35:44 Hemlok: no, well i have just tried and i can do it with light pick, but have some trouble
07:35:56 muris: I see
07:35:58 shredmandan: i will tell you what im having trouble with holding the pick in a fist style
07:36:04 Hemlok: i guess im just not used to pick yet
07:36:07 muris: just must give it some time to adjust to it
07:36:25 muris: it's only pick after all :)
07:36:53 shredmandan: watched your lesson today pavel and trying to hold my pick like that but im used to open hand
07:38:13 Owen: I found having it in a fist was relatively easy, although my original tech was quite close lol
07:38:29 Owen: and I still cant get the muting :P
07:39:14 shredmandan: i have my 3 fingers out when i pick like kirk from metallica which i know you dont like owenlol
07:39:45 Hemlok: i dont like either :)
07:40:14 shredmandan: you dont like metallica either hemlock?
07:40:28 Owen: oh yeah, I share completely different opinions from everyone else generally lol
07:40:52 Owen: I have insatiable urges to just disagree lol :(
07:41:10 shredmandan: lol
07:41:49 Hemlok: i dont dislike metallica, i just dont like them :P
07:42:00 muris: deal with open fist is that you need to make bigger move while going from string to string
07:42:15 muris: actually,skiping is almost impossible
07:42:32 shredmandan: skiping strings?
07:42:33 muris: let's say..from Low E to high E
07:42:46 muris: or less skip..same deal
07:42:56 muris: yeah,string skiping :)
07:44:35 shredmandan: so is that when using closed fist as to open?
07:44:44 shredmandan: what happened to u pavel/
07:45:24 Hemlok: give him the old whip crack
07:45:31 Hemlok: *whip*
07:45:44 Owen: Yeee!
07:45:53 muris: *meow*
07:45:53 Owen: I hate that thing
07:45:58 Owen: I forgot to mute it
07:46:00 shredmandan: lol
07:46:03 Hemlok: hehe
07:46:08 muris: :D
07:46:14 Owen: its disrupting my calm indie waking up music!
07:46:26 Hemlok: waking up in the afternoon!?
07:46:37 Hemlok: have a beer that will calm you down
07:46:39 Owen: Yeah, I was only out of bed half an hour ago
07:46:41 Owen: lol
07:47:21 shredmandan: how to you make the whip post?
07:47:33 Hemlok: Hello ZaKk
07:47:55 Hemlok: there is a button in bottom panel with the music notes
07:48:19 muris: hi Zakk
07:48:30 shredmandan: heyzack yeah hemlock i see it but it doesnt list it on chat window
07:48:46 shredmandan: *whip*
07:48:50 shredmandan: got it lol;
07:48:50 Hemlok: :P
07:48:53 muris: yeah!!!!
07:49:01 Hemlok: scared me, i had volume right up
07:49:16 Owen: :P
07:49:21 muris: *meow* *slap* *whip* *meow* *slap* *whip* *meow* *slap* *slap* *whip* *slap*
07:49:26 Owen: Mute is your friend!
07:49:28 shredmandan: lol
07:49:31 muris: lol
07:49:33 Owen: As is your dragon
07:49:38 Hemlok: yeah i think i might mute now!!
07:49:52 Owen: dont you agree muris? lol
07:50:08 Owen: I would ask Pavel but he's asleep xD
07:50:18 Owen: V_V
07:50:39 ZaKk WyLdE: hey
07:50:43 shredmandan: muris i really think your an awesome guitarist .Do you ever play heavy like metallica style anymore ?
07:51:22 ZaKk WyLdE: yeh
07:51:24 muris: thanks Dan :)
07:51:29 muris: told you last night
07:51:38 Hemlok: Muris what acoustic guitars do you have?
07:51:41 muris: I started with Metallica and Maiden as well
07:51:44 ZaKk WyLdE: Should be cool
07:51:55 Hemlok: ooh if you like i will post that in ask an instructor
07:51:56 shredmandan: but do you still play it?
07:52:01 ZaKk WyLdE: shud be cool to have much more heavy metal lessons
07:52:20 muris: no prob guys,will make few :)
07:52:31 ZaKk WyLdE: like pantera
07:52:42 ZaKk WyLdE: should learn us Dimebag's squealing
07:52:45 muris: cemetary gates :)
07:52:52 shredmandan: i want to here a completely heavy style from you muris just see how versitle you are
07:52:53 ZaKk WyLdE: awesome:D
07:53:05 Owen: he wants to test your limits! lol
07:53:07 shredmandan: gates is sweet
07:53:09 muris: lol
07:53:17 shredmandan: push your buttons lol
07:53:26 ZaKk WyLdE: cemetary gates,there's plenty of squealing in there
07:53:27 muris: there's a test board at forum
07:53:30 muris: meet me there
07:53:31 muris: lol
07:53:45 ZaKk WyLdE: sorry i m still new
07:53:49 ZaKk WyLdE: where's the test board?
07:53:59 muris: this was to Dan,no worries :)
07:54:07 ZaKk WyLdE: oh ok
07:54:25 shredmandan: lol
07:54:45 muris: Hemlok,you asked som about guitars?
07:54:48 ZaKk WyLdE: just on thing muris
07:54:52 muris: acoustic?
07:55:01 Hemlok: ah yeah, i will post it in your instructor forum
07:55:04 Hemlok: so others can see reply
07:55:04 muris: ok
07:55:07 ZaKk WyLdE: hmmm,bout marshall amps
07:55:30 ZaKk WyLdE: is it interesting to buy a 15 watt marshall?
07:55:48 shredmandan: not for me
07:55:52 muris: why room amp
07:55:58 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
07:56:02 muris: for practicing or som
07:56:07 ZaKk WyLdE: so it s ok for playing in small rooms
07:56:08 shredmandan: im not into the marshall's as weird as it sounds
07:56:13 muris: but not enough for stage of course
07:56:20 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
07:56:28 Owen: I just use my 60 watt for practicing, better sound than a 15 watt room amp I reckon
07:56:47 muris: indeed
07:56:54 shredmandan: is it the roland owen?
07:57:03 Owen: Line 6 Flextone II
07:57:08 shredmandan: oh
07:57:12 Owen: :P
07:57:22 Owen: Its better than a spider, much better, I cant stand those things
07:57:32 shredmandan: some one on here had the roland cube 30 i have i love it
07:58:06 Owen: I want to try one, but I've never got round to it
07:58:31 shredmandan: its the best little amp i have played with built in effects
07:58:46 shredmandan: mine is 30 watt but they make the 60 as well
07:59:03 ZaKk WyLdE: is one of GMC intgructors able to make a lesson on squealings?
07:59:18 shredmandan: harmonics?
07:59:28 muris: Pavel did one
07:59:31 Owen: I think Pavel has one on harmonics :P
08:00:01 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
08:00:21 shredmandan: wish pavel would stop drinking for a minute so i could chat with him lol
08:00:32 ZaKk WyLdE: also,what does the distortion pedal on an ampli?
08:00:44 Owen:
08:00:45 ZaKk WyLdE: if the ampli is already on the distorsion effects?
08:01:05 shredmandan: dont understand question?
08:01:25 ZaKk WyLdE: on an ampli,u can change the sounds
08:01:33 shredmandan: yes
08:01:36 ZaKk WyLdE: like put max of distorsion
08:01:40 ZaKk WyLdE: or californian sound
08:01:55 shredmandan: it should be under gain on amp to max distortion
08:02:19 ZaKk WyLdE: n my question is what does a distorsion pedal effect on an ampli that is already on the max distorsion effect?
08:02:25 shredmandan: you need all the gain you can get when trying to first learn harmonics
08:02:45 Owen: Treble also helps
08:03:01 shredmandan: all if you use a distortion pedal with amp already on distortion it would just make a mess
08:03:05 Owen: and patience lol
08:03:09 shredmandan: yes trebile does help
08:03:28 ZaKk WyLdE: ok,so the distorsion pedal is only for the amp without the distorsion effect rite?
08:03:33 Pavel: hey guysž i am back
08:04:05 shredmandan: yes or you can use a pedal to get a better distortion than your amp offer's but you need to have your amp set on clean running a pedal through
08:04:09 Owen: If you run a distortion pedal through an amp when its on clean then you'll probably get a better sound than the inbuilt distortion :P
08:04:31 shredmandan: yeah pavel
08:04:33 muris: holly,you have altter like ž Pavel
08:04:54 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
08:04:59 muris: this windows I'm on is really messed up
08:05:12 shredmandan: reload it
08:05:16 muris: doesn't have CRO in key settings
08:05:38 muris: but another one is ok,the one which I ude to work on
08:05:56 muris: no need for that Dan
08:06:10 muris: I usually type in english when I'm on net
08:06:14 shredmandan: pavel was the new camera angles you did a pain on the new lesson
08:06:30 shredmandan: so you know 2 launguages muris?
08:07:00 muris: more actually
08:07:30 muris: Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian(almost the same),English and bit of Franch
08:07:33 muris: lol
08:07:59 shredmandan: wow i cant believe that ,there alot of people on here that speek more than one but in USA i bet there not one that knows a different one on gmc
08:08:24 muris: sad but true
08:09:10 Pavel: yeah new angles are a lot of work to do
08:09:23 shredmandan: it seems the people on here from other countrys are more educated then us americans lol
08:09:44 shredmandan: it was cool seeing your pick angle pavel
08:10:10 Pavel: muris i have also Cyrilic on my keyboard
08:10:14 muris: America's edu sys is lacking in general stuff
08:10:25 shredmandan: agree
08:10:30 Pavel: because i am from ukraine and i often use Cyrilic to send e-mails to my relatives there :D
08:10:37 muris: but it's awesome regarding to real professions
08:11:11 muris: yeah,got cyrilic on another one as well :)
08:11:26 muris: it's just that this one I use for net has some bugs
08:11:26 Pavel: :D
08:11:51 Pavel: i have all the ŽĐŠĆČ letters
08:12:07 muris: copied
08:12:09 muris: lol
08:12:17 Pavel: that's why i have to buy keyboard in Ukraine
08:12:22 Owen: Yé
08:12:22 Hemlok: I am trying to learn Swedish
08:12:25 Pavel: can't get one with cyrilics here :D
08:12:50 muris: there's a brand from Serbia
08:12:51 shredmandan: so what made you all learn english? i thought sweeds spoke english
08:12:54 muris: has it as well
08:13:12 Hemlok: i think most swedes speak english yes
08:16:28 muris: ouch :)
08:16:41 shredmandan: *whip*
08:16:59 Hemlok: :P
08:17:09 Hemlok: delayed sound effect
08:17:20 muris: yep :)
08:20:46 Hemlok: Chat is dying!
08:20:54 shredmandan: well im off see talk to you all later lol
08:21:10 Hemlok: ok cya dan! have a good day sleep
08:21:21 shredmandan: lol i will try
08:21:30 shredmandan: ill look for you later
08:21:57 Hemlok: 9 minutes and then im gonna dissapear too
08:22:08 Owen: NOOOO!
08:22:21 Owen: *queue diving across screen*
08:22:40 Hemlok: hahah lol
08:22:49 Hemlok: take it easy Owen
08:23:22 Owen: :P
08:23:37 Hemlok: so i am playing in C# minor scale, that makes it C# Key?
08:24:10 muris: well
08:24:18 muris: if C3minor is your home chord
08:24:28 muris: then it's a C#m key
08:24:32 muris: C# *
08:25:42 Hemlok: ah ok, so c#minor is my key, i need to find another scale to change to
08:25:54 muris: per example,if B major is your home chord and you're playing notes of C# minor scale
08:26:06 muris: then it's B mixolydian
08:26:09 muris: key
08:26:36 muris: guess this confused you a lot...8)
08:26:43 Hemlok: oh yeah it sure did muris!
08:26:48 muris: sorry :)
08:26:49 Hemlok: im gonna get reading andrews theory
08:26:52 Owen: *has no clue*
08:26:54 Hemlok: no worries :)
08:26:56 Owen: lol
08:27:00 muris: justmust find your home chord
08:27:04 muris: :)
08:27:12 muris: and you'll see which key is that
08:27:13 Hemlok: okie doke!
08:27:43 Hemlok: but if i want to change to another scale this circle of fifths thing, has c#minor under E major
08:28:06 Hemlok: i then need change my home chord with it to E dont I
08:28:16 muris: yeah
08:28:36 muris: then you'll have E major as a key..or tonality
08:29:06 Hemlok: cool, im trying make a song
08:29:29 muris: Andrew has really cool lesson about it
08:29:29 Hemlok: this should help me get an understanding of keys a bit better than just reading
08:29:35 muris: check them out for sure
08:29:49 Hemlok: yeah i have read through em, but they go in and out
08:29:50 muris: or post a question in my subboard forum
08:29:55 muris: regarding to theory
08:30:26 Hemlok: ok :) i will make some riffs etc and try change keys and chords and then i will ask you if i am on track
08:31:09 Hemlok: cya later everyone
08:31:22 Hemlok: *meow* *slap* *whip*
08:31:44 muris: bye :)
09:01:28 muris: welcome back :)
09:04:42 muris: :(
09:23:03 chast: hi
09:23:40 chast: *slap*
09:23:49 muris: hi there :)
09:23:56 chast: hi muris
09:24:02 chast: everything allright?
09:24:37 muris: all good
09:24:42 muris: uploading new lesson
09:24:43 muris: you?
09:25:06 chast: have been at a party yesterday
09:25:28 muris: cool :)
09:25:28 chast: and now im a bit like "i have drunk too much"
09:25:29 chast: :D
09:25:37 muris: ;)
09:25:46 chast: im hungry
09:25:51 chast: but i cant eat ^^
09:26:04 muris: comes with that :)
09:26:10 chast: yeah^^
09:30:57 muris: you're from Germany right?
09:31:02 chast: yes
09:31:31 muris: thanks...just asking :)
09:31:59 chast: no problem^^
09:33:32 chast: man
09:33:39 chast: maybe it was one beer too much
09:33:43 chast: :D
09:33:59 muris: :D
09:36:30 chast: hm, my high e-string
09:36:40 chast: sounds like a cat shouting
09:36:51 muris: open or?
09:37:05 chast: what do you mean by open ? :o
09:37:26 muris: open high E
09:37:31 chast: ah no
09:37:34 chast: every fret
09:37:35 chast: ^^
09:37:42 chast: too old strings :D
09:37:45 muris: maybe it's too low
09:37:53 muris: or old strin,yeah :)
09:37:53 chast: b-string also :D
09:38:10 chast: i hate my sweaty hands
09:38:41 chast: strings are getting rusty that fast
09:38:43 chast: :(
09:40:22 muris: have same problem as well
09:40:36 muris: set leasts for about 15-20 days
09:40:46 chast: yeah same here
09:41:04 chast: what string are you using ?
09:41:12 ZaKk WyLdE: hey muris,just asking cuz i dun kno the website too much,what kind of lessons do you make?
09:41:38 chast: he did the funk lessons^^
09:41:48 ZaKk WyLdE: only funk?
09:41:54 chast: no
09:41:58 chast: technique also
09:42:02 chast: economy picking
09:42:20 muris: aternate ,finger picking etc
09:42:22 ZaKk WyLdE: okk
09:42:24 muris: more still to come
09:42:34 chast: mark knopfler style lesson
09:42:36 chast: :)
09:42:38 muris: yep :)
09:42:40 ZaKk WyLdE: n how do i kno when my chords are too old?
09:42:56 muris: old chords?
09:42:57 chast: chords ? :P
09:43:00 ZaKk WyLdE: yeh,n muris can u play some heavy metalstuff?
09:43:10 muris: depends of how long you're holding them ?
09:43:14 ZaKk WyLdE: cuz if u can,u should rili make a lesson
09:43:22 ZaKk WyLdE: we need more heavy metal lessons
09:43:41 muris: sure Zakk
09:43:46 ZaKk WyLdE: i hold em for 2months
09:43:48 muris: will do my best
09:43:59 chast: you mean strings or chords ? :D
09:44:01 ZaKk WyLdE: thanks
09:44:08 ZaKk WyLdE: strings
09:44:27 chast: i know it, if they are rusty :D
09:44:41 ZaKk WyLdE: n' muris,can u do the dimebag's squealing stuff?
09:44:48 chast: or my high e-string and b-string sounds like a shouting cat
09:44:54 chast: dimebag would be cool
09:45:22 muris: asked me before :)
09:45:32 muris: will do it also
09:45:48 chast: muris i wonder everytime if there is a style you cant play oO
09:45:50 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
09:46:11 muris: yeah,I'm mixed up too much I guess
09:46:16 muris: it's my sin or som
09:46:20 chast: its fine :D
09:46:25 muris: :)
09:46:33 chast: i think it will be same here, in a few years
09:46:42 chast: i like so much^^
09:46:44 muris: hope so :)
09:47:01 ZaKk WyLdE: muris,what's the most difficult song u can play for u?
09:47:14 ZaKk WyLdE: for u what s the most difficult song/
09:48:02 muris: no idea
09:48:11 muris: never think of that indeed
09:48:29 muris: i just play
09:48:35 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
09:48:48 ZaKk WyLdE: n did u guys see Ezra sumthin?
09:48:50 muris: if I find something tricky...just sit down a bit and figure it out
09:48:53 ZaKk WyLdE: after one year of guitar
09:48:56 ZaKk WyLdE: he gave a lesson
09:48:58 ZaKk WyLdE: awesome
09:49:01 muris: yeah
09:49:07 chast: yeah
09:49:08 muris: he did a great progress
09:49:14 ZaKk WyLdE: for sure
09:49:28 ZaKk WyLdE: u think it s rili hard to obtain his results?
09:49:30 chast: im playing for 2,5 years and im not even that good^^
09:49:47 ZaKk WyLdE: i m wondering how many hours he has spent per day practicing
09:50:03 muris: it's different for everyone
09:50:13 ZaKk WyLdE: yeh cuz i m new
09:50:16 ZaKk WyLdE: not rili
09:50:26 muris: just find routine that'll bring you best results
09:50:34 ZaKk WyLdE: cuz i did 3 months of classic n stopped n started electric 5months after
09:50:46 ZaKk WyLdE: n the first tab i learned was master of puppets
09:50:53 ZaKk WyLdE: then i saw this website
09:50:59 ZaKk WyLdE: which is aprticularly good
09:51:40 muris: it is :)
09:51:45 ZaKk WyLdE: n is it hard for u to make a lesson?
09:51:52 ZaKk WyLdE: sorry for my questions
09:51:56 ZaKk WyLdE: i m new so...
09:52:23 muris: no
09:52:30 muris: i'm giving classes al the time
09:52:32 muris: in private
09:52:44 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
09:52:49 muris: so I just record what I would do
09:52:56 ZaKk WyLdE: n all the lessons in GMC are invented?
09:53:02 muris: sure
09:53:03 muris: must be
09:53:21 muris: at least mine are :)
09:53:37 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
09:55:14 chast: muris
09:55:29 chast: are quintuplets hard to play for you ?
09:56:19 chast: -t
09:56:35 chast: or with t, i dont know^^
09:57:01 muris: mean 5 notes per beat?
09:57:04 chast: yeah
09:57:14 muris: well depens of pattern
09:57:22 muris: I usult make some easy to play
09:57:34 muris: more about feel and not of counting
09:57:40 chast: i just mean the rhythm
09:57:48 muris: as I said
09:57:59 muris: I make pattert with 5 notes
09:58:10 muris: and it leads you in the right way
09:58:20 muris: you don;t need to count notes
09:58:51 ZaKk WyLdE: what does a metronome cost?
09:58:57 ZaKk WyLdE: in dollars?
09:58:59 muris: no idea :)
09:59:05 chast: are there any rhythmical things that are hard for you ?^^
09:59:29 chast: mine cost 25 euros or something, should be 27-28 $ i think
09:59:41 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
09:59:50 ZaKk WyLdE: are there some cheaper?
09:59:50 chast: got a korg mu-30
09:59:56 chast: i think so
10:00:04 chast: you also find some for free online
10:00:12 chast: for the computer
10:00:14 chast: ;)
10:00:30 ZaKk WyLdE: yeh but then u gotta keep ur computer which is annoying
10:00:34 ZaKk WyLdE: cuz it s big n fragile
10:00:40 chast: :D
10:00:54 muris: some timing are hard to get on
10:01:03 muris: if rhythm section is complex
10:01:27 muris: it varies from one to another
10:01:48 chast: yeah
10:02:02 ZaKk WyLdE: k
10:02:15 muris: have you listen to Mojo Oro?
10:02:27 ZaKk WyLdE: n what are the different exercises to achieve high speed for soloing?
10:02:29 chast: my friend with im playing guitar with, is completely different than me
10:02:34 ZaKk WyLdE: what kind of exercises?
10:02:39 chast: i listened to it, sounds nice :)
10:02:53 muris: yeah,it has many grooves inside
10:03:03 muris: but timing is regular 16th notes
10:03:55 muris: sometime it's notes per beat that gives you troubles
10:04:04 muris: and sometime it's bar
10:04:33 chast: well, i dont even get the offbeat :D
10:04:44 chast: when im playing 8th
10:04:51 muris: :)
10:04:54 chast: i hate the offbeat
10:04:55 chast: :D
10:05:13 muris: who doesn't :)
10:05:26 chast: well im happy that im not the only one :D
10:05:37 muris: ;)
10:05:50 muris: read between the lines
10:09:19 chast: afk for 5 minutes
10:09:32 muris: k
10:14:35 ZaKk WyLdE: hey muris how come that the begginer's videos,some ,i can only see the half of it?
10:14:44 ZaKk WyLdE: computer's rpoblem?
10:14:48 ZaKk WyLdE: or video's problem?
10:14:48 muris: no idea
10:14:59 muris: I didn't make any beginers stuff
10:15:06 muris: might be comp tho
10:15:15 muris: or video
10:15:20 muris: really don't know...
10:18:39 ZaKk WyLdE: ok thanks
10:29:39 ZaKk WyLdE: ur well paid for the lessons ur giving?
10:43:02 muris: well enough :)
10:51:06 ZaKk WyLdE: ok
10:51:45 ZaKk WyLdE: N is it hard ti play in a band?I mean like practicing together,be in the rythm n everything?
10:52:06 muris: depends
10:52:15 muris: I'm doing it for 10 years or som
10:52:17 muris: beeing a pro
10:57:17 muris: I love it and I don't find it hard
10:57:22 Owen: Takes a lot of communication
10:57:30 muris: wish to fell same experience as soon as possible :)
10:57:40 Owen: I've been playing in one on and off for about a year now
10:58:05 Owen: Its good to have people that are happy to work with each other
10:58:06 muris: cool
10:58:15 muris: it is
10:58:18 Owen: Thats what I think anyway
10:58:29 muris: must know them good ,in person and music wise
10:58:53 muris: than the band is actually working
10:59:18 muris: everything less is just fun or dry bussiness
10:59:47 Owen: also, if your starting out, one guitar band is a lot easier than two guitars
11:00:29 muris: could be :)
11:00:51 Owen: but I suppose its a good idea to be co-ordinating early?
11:01:12 muris: probably
11:01:28 muris: best way is to play in many combinantions
11:02:13 muris: jamming,rehearsal...doesn't matter
11:02:40 Owen: My band has a tendancy to go for the neverending jam and not get anything actually laid out lol
11:02:55 muris: I see
11:03:03 muris: you're having lot of fun :)
11:10:07 chast: hi kai
11:10:08 chast: =)
11:17:57 DRBguitar09: Hey everyone
11:19:15 chast: hi
11:19:41 muris: hi
11:19:52 muris: Kai!!
11:19:58 muris: what's up?
11:20:00 DRBguitar09: muris its dax.. finally got gmc to work lol
11:20:11 muris: hey
11:20:20 muris: good to hear from you!
11:20:23 muris: :)
11:20:44 DRBguitar09: yah
11:21:06 DRBguitar09: so how are you doing
11:22:13 muris: fine
11:22:29 muris: small troubles in uploading new lesson
11:22:36 muris: files are too big or som :)
11:24:11 DRBguitar09: yah
11:24:23 DRBguitar09: what is it goin to be over
11:24:33 muris: can't tell
11:24:44 muris: let it be a surprise :)
11:24:53 DRBguitar09: ok cool
11:24:54 DRBguitar09: lol
11:25:26 muris: ;)
11:25:35 DRBguitar09: i was wondering if you could help me with some minor chord progressions
11:25:41 muris: sure
11:25:53 muris: just post what you need in my subforum theory
11:26:04 muris: I'll answer as soon as I can
11:26:09 DRBguitar09: ok
11:26:32 muris: :)
11:27:12 DRBguitar09: so when did you start to play guitar?
11:28:22 muris: before 13-14 years
11:28:42 muris: also,feel free to post questions like that in pirvate sec or som
11:28:48 muris: private *
11:31:30 DRBguitar09: ok
11:31:36 DRBguitar09: not sure how to do that
11:31:53 muris: just go inside my board
11:32:03 muris: and then into specific subboard
11:32:16 muris: click on New Topic
11:32:20 muris: and that's it
11:32:37 muris: got it?
11:33:32 shredmandan: hey everyone
11:33:52 DRBguitar09: yah thanks
11:34:18 shredmandan: *whip*
11:34:22 chast: hi
11:34:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey people
11:34:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry
11:34:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: i was sleeping :D
11:34:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: no not really ;)
11:35:03 shredmandan: hello kai havent got a chance to talk to you yet
11:35:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: everyone allright=
11:35:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: ?
11:35:15 chast: yeah
11:35:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah go ahed :)
11:35:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: wot is it m8 ? :)
11:35:39 shredmandan: really liked your last lesson
11:35:47 muris: all good Kai
11:35:50 shredmandan: pretty heavy
11:35:53 muris: you had nice dreams?
11:36:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: oh thank you shredmandan :)
11:36:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: yah muris
11:36:54 shredmandan: so what type of music you play chast ?
11:37:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: are you available on msn muris?
11:37:01 chast: everything :P
11:37:08 shredmandan: cool
11:37:13 muris: I am
11:37:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: ok wait a sec
11:37:24 muris: but I'm in a rush a bit
11:37:27 chast: its from chili peppers over hammerfall to bodom to i dont know^^
11:37:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: chilipeppers?
11:38:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
11:38:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: cool^^
11:38:11 chast: dont you like them ? :p
11:38:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: thats weird
11:38:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: sometimes
11:38:19 shredmandan: flea is awesome on the bass
11:38:48 chast: i like their funky stuff
11:39:40 shredmandan: well muris can show you the funky stuff
11:39:48 chast: yeah i know :D
11:39:54 shredmandan: :D
11:40:45 shredmandan: he did a good job on that last lesson.I worked on it and it was so different to my finger's but cool to add a different style to my playing

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+Quote Post
Kristofer Dahl
Aug 30 2007, 01:15 AM
GMC Founder
Posts: 17.350
Joined: 15-August 05
From: Stockholm, Sweden
11:40:45 shredmandan: he did a good job on that last lesson.I worked on it and it was so different to my finger's but cool to add a different style to my playing

11:42:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: flea sure is great

11:42:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: but all of the others also

11:42:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: and to me the whole thing is cool

11:42:47 shredmandan: true

11:42:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: although i dont listen to their stuff so often

11:43:06 chast: kai listens to trve metal :D

11:43:07 chast: :P

11:43:20 shredmandan: same here i tend listen to the heavier stuff

11:43:41 chast: most of the stuff i listen to, i also the heavier one

11:43:50 chast: but i also like quiet things

11:43:57 chast: for chillin :D

11:44:31 shredmandan: yeah i dig some different styles just as long as its not rap

11:44:39 muris: sorry Dan

11:44:42 muris: what about funky?

11:45:14 shredmandan: read above muris justt complimenting you on lesson

11:45:41 muris: ahh thanks :)
11:46:13 chast: kai have you been to wacken this year?

11:48:07 shredmandan: well guys i still havent slept yet so i wil give it one more try .Talk to you all later
11:56:56 Owen: I missed teh convo lolz!

12:00:04 Owen: ****whip**
12:06:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: no ie not been to wacken
12:07:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: i was at the earthshaker...and had no money for both

12:07:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry gotta go to much stuff besides :D take care:)

12:21:17 shredmandan: back again

12:33:11 shredmandan: ****whip**
12:33:16 chast: hi

12:33:25 shredmandan: hello

14:34:10 Nick325: ****slap**
14:34:12 Nick325: ****slap**
14:34:18 Nick325: ****whip**
14:34:25 Nick325: ****meow**
16:28:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: well cool i just stept by got slapped and will go again:D cheers be back later perhabs:)

19:18:37 chast: ****slap**

19:18:43 chast: ****whip**

19:18:47 chast: ****meow**

19:19:31 chast: owen ?^^

19:29:57 AliMo: hello

19:33:40 chast: jhey

19:33:46 Owen: uh.. hey

19:33:48 Owen: :P

19:33:51 Owen: sorry I'm slow

19:33:53 chast: sup ?

19:33:54 chast: :D

19:33:55 Owen: and I had it on mute

19:34:04 Owen: I'm listening to some random indie band

19:34:22 Owen: and getting annoyed by the fact that I recorded an un-distorted lead passage O_o

19:34:43 chast: lol

19:34:52 chast: the lydian solo ?

19:34:59 Owen: yeaaaah

19:35:02 chast: wait

19:35:05 chast: i listen to it^^

19:35:08 Owen: I'm dying for Walliman to pop up and go

19:35:13 Owen: It's fine dont worry about it

19:35:18 Owen: but I dont think thats gonna happen

19:35:28 Owen: and it pretty much sucks anyway, I'm a pretty poor player

19:35:47 chast: well, i think my solo isnt better^^

19:35:58 chast: if i listen to the other ones

19:36:00 chast: :/

19:36:23 AliMo: sorry was on the forums :D
19:36:27 Owen: :P I never listened to everyones

19:36:50 AliMo: o i just listened to yours owen

19:36:52 AliMo: very nice

19:37:18 Owen: AliMo, yours was wierd I was confused :D It was majorly cool though

19:37:22 Owen: really frantic :)
19:38:29 AliMo: lol it was my first time with any solo and i sorta just wanted to give it a shot

19:39:14 AliMo: so i kinda had no structure or anything, i played around for 15 minutes to the backing and then did a few random takes trying to put in a decent lick and i came up with a loud random lump of guitar

19:39:25 Owen: :P

19:39:35 Owen: I'm rediculously poor at playing fast xD

19:39:43 chast: me too

19:39:43 Owen: Thats why mine ended up all sloooow

19:39:54 AliMo: hehe me too as u can tell lol

19:39:55 Owen: and now I'm going to have to distort it, which could be a disaster

19:40:27 AliMo: well u could just add distortion FX

19:40:42 Owen: Yeah. but it sounds crappy that way

19:40:48 chast: my multi wont work at the moment :(
19:41:05 chast: something wrong with the guitar input

19:41:47 Owen: Make?

19:42:50 Owen: I have a Zoom G2, thing makes me cry

19:43:07 chast: i have a digitech gnx 3000

19:46:23 chast: which lesson are you practing at the moment?

19:46:41 Owen: None lol

19:47:01 chast: xD

19:47:28 Owen: I'm kinda lazy like that, the video's dont do it for me, once I've got the tech I like to write my own stuff to practice with

19:52:01 Owen: gtg shower

19:52:06 Owen: ttyl guys

19:52:09 chast: cya

20:20:51 chast: hey

20:21:16 rokchik:'s things

20:21:42 chast: nothing special

20:21:45 chast: chillin

20:22:41 chast: hi^^

20:22:46 Gen: hi all

20:23:00 Gen: whats up

20:23:11 rokchik: hey Gen

20:23:24 rokchik: Chillin is good...i'm doing same

20:23:25 Gen: hey rokchik

20:24:06 rokchik:'ve you been...haven't talked in a bit

20:24:59 Gen: im good, learning some mr.big stuff right now

20:25:03 Gen: and you?

20:25:14 chast: man i just listen to the neoclassical advanced version by lavendell, thats crazy oO

20:25:33 chast: i just can do the beginners version :D

20:25:41 rokchik: Cool....I just finished running through some scales and alt picking excerises...just taking a break

20:26:01 Gen: cool

20:26:03 rokchik: Chast...yeaj I checked it out the other day

20:26:10 Gen: yeah chast, marcus is really good

20:26:20 chast: did you got it ?^^

20:26:23 Gen: i can also do the beginner one :D

20:26:34 Gen: i almost got the advanced

20:26:38 chast: wow

20:26:40 rokchik: I didn't....working on to much already

20:26:44 chast: how long did take you ?

20:27:14 Gen: i dont really now, i started to practice it a few weeks ago

20:27:25 Gen: but its not clean yet

20:27:30 chast: thats crazy

20:27:34 chast: so ultra fast oO

20:27:45 chast: i watch it again and again :D

20:28:01 Gen: and now im taking a break to learn the song "green tinted sixties mind" by mr.big, love that song^^

20:28:05 Gen: lol

20:28:58 chast: currently im practing gabriels first lesson

20:29:02 chast: that neo classic etude

20:29:34 Gen: yeah, thats a cool lesson

20:29:49 Gen: how long you ve been playing?

20:29:53 chast: 2,5 years

20:30:08 Gen: cool :D

20:30:41 chast: but i use the slow backingtrack :p

20:30:55 chast: 120 bpm 16th is too fast for m

20:30:55 chast: e

20:30:57 Gen: lol for now

20:31:22 Gen: im sure you re gonna get it in a few days

20:31:44 rokchik: just keep at it....practice practice practice :)
20:31:46 chast: i would also be sure, if my fingers do what i want them to do :D

20:31:56 Gen: hehe yeah

20:32:04 chast: there is one part, where my fingers dont do what i want

20:32:05 chast: oO

20:32:22 Gen: lol

20:33:19 Gen: stay zen and take care of your fingers :D

20:33:35 chast: ^^

20:33:42 Gen: practice some stretching exercice

20:34:00 chast: i hate streching :D

20:34:09 Gen: lol

20:34:12 Gen: me too

20:34:33 rokchik: It works though

20:34:44 Gen: yeah sure

20:34:56 chast: my 2nd and 3rd finger are together like there is clue or something

20:35:11 rokchik: LOL

20:35:14 Gen: lol

20:35:27 Gen: i think thats normal :D

20:36:48 chast: probably

20:36:52 rokchik: I never use to strech before playing but since I've started I've noticed a big change in my dexterity as well as being able to stretch between frets more.

20:37:40 chast: shawn lane had a sick streching

20:38:08 chast: from 9th to 15 fret and playing lightning fast

20:38:37 rokchik: I'm nowhere near that :) but I'm doing better

20:38:37 Gen: lol yeah

20:41:01 chast: so, where are you from ?

20:42:43 Gen: im from geneva, switzerland

20:42:46 Gen: and you?

20:43:24 rokchik: I'm from Canada...newfoundland and Labrador

20:43:41 chast: germany here^^

20:44:28 chast: hm many people from canada are at gmc

20:44:43 rokchik: We're taking over :)
20:44:47 chast: :D

20:45:15 rokchik: Chast how long have you've been with GMC?

20:45:35 chast: not that long

20:45:40 chast: 2 or 3 weeks

20:45:42 chast: i think

20:46:00 rokchik: cool...great place though 'eh?

20:46:07 chast: yeah =)

20:46:19 chast: great musicians and nice people :D

20:46:43 rokchik: I've only been here since march but I've improved like ten fold....and yes the people are very nice

20:47:14 Gen: yeah, its really an awesome place

20:48:03 chast: well, im here for lerning some solo stuff

20:48:13 chast: and with my teacher im learning rhythm

20:49:14 chast: im hungry

20:49:16 Gen: oh okay

20:49:20 Gen: lol

20:49:21 chast: brb, looking for something to eat :D

20:49:29 Gen: haha okay^^

20:50:43 rokchik: cool...get me something too LOL

20:50:53 chast: back

20:53:31 rokchik: what ya eating LOL

20:53:35 Gen: ^^

20:53:45 chast: fleischkäse

20:53:53 chast: translated it would be meatcheese

20:53:56 chast: oO

20:54:09 chast: i think its something from germany

20:54:11 Gen: ^^

20:54:14 rokchik: meat and can you go wrong

20:54:22 Gen: yeah i know that

20:54:25 chast: no there is no cheese :D

20:54:28 Gen: its good^^

20:54:39 chast: its just called so, but i dont know why

20:54:55 Gen: i think we have something like that here

20:56:35 Gen: how old are you?

20:56:55 chast: 18

20:57:01 chast: you?

20:58:03 Gen: lol im 18 too

20:58:07 chast: =)

20:58:26 Gen: im gonna turn 19 the 9 october

20:58:51 chast: im getting 19 next year at the 12th februrary

20:59:26 rokchik: youngsters LOL

20:59:38 chast: how old are you ?:P

20:59:44 rokchik: 30

20:59:50 chast: :)
20:59:58 chast: and playing guitar for how long?

21:00:11 rokchik: 2 yrs

21:00:22 rokchik: I'm a late bloomer LOL

21:00:30 Gen: lol

21:00:56 rokchik: I wish I had started when I was like 10 or something but I guess it's never too late

21:01:03 chast: it isnt

21:01:08 Gen: haha me too

21:01:13 Gen: yeah its never too late

21:01:30 rokchik: better late than never as they say

21:01:55 Gen: yeah ofc

21:03:08 chast: do you know pat martino ?

21:03:27 chast: he had to learn guitar again with 36

21:03:40 chast: because he had something with brain

21:05:17 rokchik: interesting....That would be have to re-learn everything

21:05:44 chast:

21:05:59 chast: here you can read it

21:07:38 rokchik: Wow...amazing what people can do when they try

21:08:09 chast: yeah, its amazing

21:09:23 chast: that jazz theory is so ... i dont know

21:09:28 chast: maybe hard ?

21:09:33 chast: :D

21:10:06 Gen: wow that guy is amazingf

21:10:12 Gen: amazing*

21:10:52 chast: well, i dont know much about theory but when i see chord names like "D7b9#5"

21:10:54 rokchik: I've never really looked at it to be honest. I'm going through Andrews theory lessons...if you haven't started them I'd recommend at least having a look. They've helped me a lot with the understanding of what I'm actually doing with the guitar

21:11:19 chast: the main problem is

21:11:26 chast: theory can be very boring

21:11:33 chast: and i dont like boring things :D

21:11:43 Gen: lol

21:12:20 rokchik: true....but Andrew's lessons are very well written and when you apply them to what your actually doesn't seem so boring...for me anyway

21:12:44 rokchik: but yeah theory can be very dry sometimes

21:14:09 chast: well, i think im gonna learn theory with my teacher

21:14:18 chast: im not good at understanding english theory :D

21:17:06 rokchik: Ahhh yes...forgot that you were would probably be easier to learn in your first language.

21:17:23 rokchik: I can hardly understand english theory :)
21:17:36 chast: well, i understand some

21:17:47 chast: but every word like triadd i have to look up in a dicitonary

21:18:10 chast: and working more with the dictionary than with theory isnt my goal :p

21:19:07 rokchik: Yes I can understand that....I'm that way with french

21:19:14 chast: oh

21:19:18 chast: dont even talk about it :D

21:19:37 chast: i also cant speak french

21:19:47 rokchik: neither can I LOL

21:19:52 chast: its so weird

21:19:59 chast: having it at school

21:20:33 rokchik: yeah I did it in school too but I really didn't retain any. I know eneough to tell you I can't speak it

21:20:59 chast: its like content 14 of 15 points, style 4 of 15 points and spelling 3 of 15 points :D

21:21:26 rokchik: LOL

21:21:26 Gen: lol we speak french here :D

21:21:45 chast: yeah another guy from canada told me its the 2nd language in canada

21:21:58 chast: and he also couldnt speak it :D

21:23:05 rokchik: that's true it is the second language.

21:23:39 chast: i think i will never go to canada than ;D

21:23:44 chast: just kidding ;)
21:23:46 Gen: lol

21:24:31 chast: well i can order beer in french

21:24:36 chast: that has to be enough

21:24:44 Gen: lol

21:24:55 Gen: the most importan
21:24:58 Gen: lol

21:25:01 Gen: important*

21:25:31 chast: :D

21:25:44 chast: they only have heineken and desperados in france

21:25:46 rokchik: very important

21:25:48 chast: oO

21:25:56 Gen: lol

21:26:13 chast: we have been to annecy at the class trip

21:26:45 Gen: yeah, i have been here too a few years ago

21:26:48 rokchik: Well boys i gotta's been nice talking with ya. Chat again soon

21:26:53 Gen: im not a fan of french places lol

21:27:03 Gen: okay cya rokchik

21:27:05 chast: see you

21:27:10 rokchik: c ya guys

21:27:33 chast: the town hall looked very nice

21:27:47 chast: but drinking was more fun :D

21:28:03 Gen: actually rap is the main music inluence in france

21:28:09 chast: lol

21:28:09 Gen: yeah lol

21:28:34 chast: man these guy talking such an strange english

21:28:43 Gen: LOL

21:28:45 Gen: yeah

21:28:50 Gen: weird accent

21:29:26 chast: yeah

21:30:21 Gen: so, what kind of music do you listen?

21:30:31 chast: hm, too much differnt styles

21:30:38 chast: but mostly im in to metal

21:30:50 chast: but also something like jack johnson or chili peppers

21:31:04 chast: or led zeppelin

21:31:05 Gen: yeah, i also love many styles

21:31:11 chast: funk is cool also

21:31:16 chast: but only instrumental :D

21:31:18 Gen: i love blues

21:31:21 Gen: yeah lol

21:31:37 Gen: i also love some metal bands

21:31:55 Gen: and i love movies music^^

21:32:12 chast: yeah some is great

21:32:18 chast: i also like some classical stuff

21:32:24 chast: especially played on guitar^^

21:32:39 Gen: lol neoclassical stuff

21:32:41 Gen: :D

21:32:59 Gen: u know paul gilbert?

21:33:19 chast: i know him but not i havent seen much of him so far

21:33:26 Gen: he sooo great

21:33:27 chast: -not

21:33:28 Gen: imo

21:33:36 chast: im more into petrucci

21:33:42 Gen: LOLOL

21:33:45 chast: :D

21:33:49 Gen: ofc petrucci is god

21:33:58 Gen: i started guitar because of him^^

21:34:04 chast: =)

21:34:20 Gen: i saw dream theater and megadeth 2 months ago

21:34:29 chast: well i havent a favourite at all, but there are some guitarists i like and petrucci is one of them

21:34:40 chast: ya, megadeth is nice alo

21:34:42 chast: also

21:34:44 Gen: yeah

21:35:55 chast: dream theater is a killer band
21:36:02 Gen: yeah

21:36:03 chast: those guys sitting at an instrument

21:36:07 chast: in one group

21:36:10 chast: crazy

21:36:57 chast: im away for 5 minutes or so

21:37:05 chast: do you stay here?

21:37:07 Gen: ok

21:37:52 Gen: hey kethcup

21:37:58 chast: so im away now :P

21:37:59 kethcup: what up

21:38:11 Gen: not much

21:38:13 Gen: and you?

21:38:33 kethcup: notta... just playing

21:39:10 kethcup: are you guys members of GMC?

21:39:27 Gen: lol yeah ofc

21:39:58 kethcup: right on

21:42:13 Gen: so, what are you playing?

21:42:14 chast: back

21:42:32 kethcup: Just kind of messing around, warming up.

21:42:45 kethcup: I'm going to work on some Lamb of God though once I get going

21:43:13 kethcup: you?

21:44:22 Gen: some mr.big stuff

21:44:32 chast:

21:44:34 kethcup: nuno bettencort?

21:44:43 chast: here you are if you like john p.

21:44:52 chast: maybe you can get something out of it

21:45:02 chast: if you havent seen it so far

21:45:18 chast: mr. big is gilbert i think :S

21:45:46 kethcup: my bad, I was thinking it was nuno. Must be thinking of another band

21:45:50 Gen: yeah ofc
21:45:56 Gen: pau gilbert rules^^

21:46:13 Gen: yeah, cant remember the name of nuno s band

21:46:51 Gen: yeah chast, i already saw these lessons^^

21:46:56 kethcup: Extreme

21:47:08 Gen: oh yeah ;)
21:47:31 chast: i have porno graffitti of extreme

21:47:34 chast: nice album

21:47:53 chast: but im going to sleep now

21:47:57 chast: i am tired :D

21:48:10 chast: see you guys and have a good night

21:48:16 kethcup: see ya

21:49:27 Gen: okay cya around dude

21:53:14 Gen: well , i think im gonna go to bed too lol, its 4 am here :D

21:53:20 Gen: cya around

21:53:30 kethcup: cool man... cya

23:52:15 shredmandan: hit the whip if you wanna chat

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