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I only play the guitar to have an excuse to spend ludicrous amount if money on pretteh gear, then brag about it. Also, I love playing maj7-chords and give people sleezy looks.
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27 Sep 2019
Original lesson: Meet The Ornaments by Darius Wave

Trying to get back into the REC habit again, after months of working overtime and neglecting guitar work :( Tried a "simple" one here, as I tend to struggle most with the simple stuff. Also, for those interested, look at those weird artifacts introduced in the picture when moving my left hand. Wonder if it is my phone (recording at 60fps) or iMovie that does that during compression.

15 Mar 2019
Original lesson: Stoner for Strat (rhythm & solo) by Darius Wave

Take 2 on this lesson. I did not think I passed the first time, but looking back just last night, I saw that I did... anyways, hopefully I got some more flow into this one, even though timing is still not 100%.

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
18 Feb 2019
As the title implies, is there anyone with a good tip or advice on the subject? smile.gif
I used to be utterly crap at singing and playing at the same time, but just trying over and over helped me out a lot. My challenge now is if I`m not even able to sing for one second without losing the rhythm, even though the rhythm is really simple to play, I don`t know how to practice it blink.gif

For reference, the song I`m trying to play and support backing vocals to is Kool and the Gang - Celebration, while playing bass tongue.gif
...I also struggle a lot more when playing bass then guitar. As if I feel more of a responsibility for being tight. Does anyone feel the same?
16 Sep 2018
Original lesson: Basic Rock Guitar: Advanced Power Chords by Guido Bungenstock

Awesome lessons and great practise in muting chords with a lot of gain. I`d also love feedback on tone and what can be done EQ-wise. Wanting to get a bit more in to that area (Seems like the video clips a lot on youtube - not sure if that is due to new camera/phone or just that it is not finished processing. Let me know)

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