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28 Jul 2007


Post which song you are currently listening to (and motivation as to why you are listening it)... Its not that hard, give it your best shot!

QUOTE ( Some Goofball)
Metallica - Dyers Eve

I think its a great song which helps me get my mind off things

Currently I listen to Tool - Wings for Marie (part one), and after that part two, really laid back easy to listen song. And proper for the time fo day, since the people at home to like me listening metal after midnight haha.

Cheers, MerV
27 Jul 2007
Howdy there fellow GMC'ers, today on the question board:

What is better in your opinion, thick of thin strings. Now with thick I mean everything above an average of .09, and with thin I mean everyhing under that thickness. I've been using .09's for as long as I have been playing, but I was wondering what the up and downside were of having either very thick or very thin strings. Now I don't really need to know which one is best in your opinion (because obviously, you are not me, and when it comes to playing everyone has a different liking) but more as to why you think that they are better. And maybe a little advise on which types of music are mostly played with either thick or thin strings.


20 Jul 2007
First off, I had no idea where best to put this, so I decided that the main forum would be the most convenient, correct me if I'm wrong please...

Now this has come to my mind as I was just typing up some posts. I know that al lot of people nowadays download all their music instead of going down to the local musicstore to buy the original album. Sometimes this is done for the simple reason that the musicstore does not sell the music that you like, but most people just don't want, or haven't got the money, to buy them. Now, regardless of your motives I bet that everyone has donwloaden something of the internet at least once or twice. Now this led to my question, what statement/rules has the GMC forum regarding this issue.

I've been around a few boards over the years and saw that some of them stated that it was forbidden to say things that would lead to believe that you are supporting downloading. I'm referring to sentences like:

"Man, I just downloaded this awesome song/movie."


"If you wanna know what I'm talking about, just download the song/album"

Such things might provoke people into illegal activities such as downloading.


18 Jul 2007
Hello all members of this GMC forum smile.gif.

With this I like to take the opportunity to introduce myself propperly to y'all.

My name is Robert Smit and I'm from a small city (its actually a village since I hasn't got the right to be a city, but its big enough to be one) called Emmen which is in the North-East of the Netherlands. So far I've lived to see 18 springs, with my 19th birthday comming right up in september. What more to tell? Hmm, well I'm going to study Internatiol Hospitality Management next year, which I hope to compleet in 4 years and after that, well, I'll just see ^^.

I have no idea how I reached this site in the first place (I think it was because of youtube though, via Kris's mad 'Chicken Pickin' lesson tongue.gif), but so far I've been around the site for almost a year mostly checking the licks of the day and the free section (which I can't seem to find anymore...). A few months ago I gave up real guitar lessons because I wouldn't have time for them anymore with my new study, but decided that I didn't want to give up guitar playing, so I subscribed to GMC. The first thing I want to say about the site and its content is;


The quality and originality of the lessons is amazing, and so far I've enjoyed every attempt at playing whatever I saw. Especially Pavels Rock 'n Rythm lessons are classical, all verry nice to learn, allthough I might not even be able to play ghehe.

My musical preferences go out to all that rocks, some blues and most metal genre's (I'm not that charmed with death/black metal, or those extreems).

Well, that's about everything you need to know about me (well actually, I wouldn't be surprised if you din't gave a s***, but whatever haha tongue.gif).

Regards, MerV

Edited for language - Andrew
18 Jul 2007
Hello all, as you might have noticed, I'm kinda new to this forum (altough not to the site) and wondering whether this topic belongs here, but since its seemed most logical to me, I just went and created a thread, correct me if I'm wrong please. Now lets get it on biggrin.gif

I have kind of a dilemma here which is; which guitar effects pedal/stombox (I don't know if stompbox can be used (I'm not english haha)) I should buy, and with which amp. Last summer I bought a new VOX AD100VT Amp combined with a KORG AX3000G multi-effects processor. Now, I've experienced that the KORG is actually to much for me. It has way to many features which I rarely use (in my common playing I use only 3 or 4 effects) and its just for versatile for me as a beginning (intermediate) guitar player.

So I wanna get rid of the KORG, and the VOX as well since I'm not fond with the low sort of 'humming' noise it makes when I'm playing with heavy distortion. This could be due to the sound input provided by the KORG combined with its BLACK 4x12 amp model, but for that I'm just not sure. Another reason for me to sell the amp is because its just to powerful for me. It has a 100 watt tube pre-amp and at just 10% off the max power its allready blowing my sleeping room away. In the days I bought it because I had planned on gigging with it, but since I've quit the band in which I was playing then, all the power is just to much for me to handle tongue.gif.

Now my initial thoughts were to buy a VOX ACC15 full tube amp. I've heard this one in the local music store and the clean sound this thing had was just amazing (better then Marshall's and Fenders IMO). Yet I still need a good guitar effect (or two) to go along with it. I mainly play rock and metal, but also bluesy kind of music for when I'm in the mood. I don't play any specific subgenre's so the effects can be pretty general as long as they sound good ^^.

Now my question is, whether you can give me an advise on which effect pedal I should buy, and/or in combination with which amp.

Regards, MerV
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