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24 Jul 2021
I won't post the video, but lets face it the best thing on the internet is the comment section and the comments on this video are great

One such Comment .. Matt's next movie" the Bourne stupidity"

also " I am not quite sure , I wonder what Kim thinks"
24 Jul 2021
you now those bad dreams you wake up from. can't imagine this for real
22 Jul 2021
after battling the covid the past few days ( thanks for the well wishes ) , it seems I have a enormous amount of time left to quarantine and reading another thread got me thinking of this topic. In these examples we have mainly the same band with a couple of different players . Queensryche is my favorite band. I lived in southern California and saw them many times including this warning tour. Quick side note, I saw their last full live operation mind crime full album cover , and they did it the last part of the show ( Todd could never sing like Geoff()). I Never saw them with this new singer (Todd) , but with the second guitarist (Parker).
As I was pondering what gives a good stage show and what does not I started analyzing this same band with different players. In this first example with this bands main players (IMO) Geoff the singer and Chris the guitar player with the white guitar own the stage. Why? as I noticed Geoff and Chris know their parts so well it is like they are hardly playing , but , interacting with the crowd, they are inviting the crowd to be on stage with them. They are looking, smiling, staring at the crowd . Geoff hardly looks like he has to do much to hit the notes , his eyes are open and looking at the crowd. Now don't forget the other players to take note , as they are in the next 'version'.

In this next example, we have a different singer, and the guitarist ( Chris) has been replaced as well ( new drummer too). Now as you notice the sunglasses that they are all wearing , Looks good(NOT), to me it keeps the band aloof, the audience at bay. Now to talk about the 2 replacement players . Todd ( singer) can hit the notes, but his eyes are closed , he does not look at the crowd ( hardly ever) whilst singing and the other guitarist just looks like he would rather be somewhere else. Now the other two original members , although smacked by father time, don't have much of a different show than in the first version, true they are a little less active now, but even then, they looked aloof, looked at their guitars more than the crowd and in my Opinion WALKED BACK AND STARED AT THE DRUMMER WHICH IS A HUGE MOMENTUM KILLER, just watch what happens from this perspective and how dead it gets when they TURN THEIR BACK ON THE CROWD

So in short, invite the audience up on stage with your playing (not literally), make it about the audience- not you. These are my opinions , what do you think?
18 Jul 2021
Does anyone know How I can listen to what I just recorded without saving it.. As of now I have to save it , listen to it , remove it, then clean current batch and then I can record my next take and so on and on
4 Jul 2021
After watching Rick beato 'Spotify top ten metal ' and being utterly disappointed I came across this

The lack of talent , song writing , mixing , just floored me
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