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15 Feb 2020
I'm having a bit of a Diamond Head thing lately, following on from THIS topic I found the link below. Number three is a bit of a reality check but kinda comforting in a way, for me anyway. Number three has chilled me somewhat, made me think, "just let it happen how it happens,do what you can and what will be, will be, you can't force it".

Have a read. wink.gif
14 Feb 2020
Was looking for some info about Rig Player in TH-U on YT and came across this, I've posted it only because I think that's some very tasty playing there.
13 Feb 2020
Looking forward to reading this. A band from my neck of the woods, my friend's brother was part of the management team in the 70's/80's and if they were touring the UK during the six week summer school holiday, my friend got to be a part of the road crew. I wasn't his friend at that time but when I became his friend, his brother was still involved. Heard some great stories.

This is the latest version of the book as up to date as possible.

23 Jan 2020
Hello folks,

I'm currently using the GP file from this lesson

When it gets to the SRV rhythm section (bar 14) it's really stuttering. If someone could download and try it on their system it would be greatly appreciated or, does anyone know of any settings to alter?

It's done it since I first downloaded it, I've been putting up with it but it's doing my head in now mad.gif




It's amazing how when you ask a question for the first time after putting up with crap for a while, you suddenly answer it yourself!!!!!!!!!!

SOUND>AUDIO/MIDI SETTINGS> Change output device from default to Focusrite. SORTED smile.gif
22 Jan 2020
Hello folks,

Back in the day I could tell a country track instantly, I don't mean country and western, just country, it had a certain twang, something I couldn't put my finger on but I knew it was country. I was listening to a "country hour" on the radio the other day, I seriously wouldn't have known it was country of the presenter hadn't said "and that was blah blah riding high in the country charts at the moment". It must sounded like pop music to me, it's it me or is country getting diluted? I'm not a huge country fan, I like Little Big Church and John Prine and a few others but this new stuff is so feeble IMHO.

What you reckon?
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