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6 May 2016
sorry to ask this question again, i wrote a bit of a long reply to my previous post with my thoughts about my new multi effects pedal the boss gt100 with this question in and it didnt get a reply. im new to a complex multi effects pedal and especially 4cm. ive got this whole weekend to myself and im planning on getting my rig set up as best i can before my first band rehearsal with it and then its a pretty busy festival season using it live coming up.

what output volume do people generally run there multi effects at?

i'm running it into a blackstar 100w valve amp in the four cable method using the gt100 and the amps effects loops. im not using any pre amps in the gt100. ive a/b'd my guitar into my amp and guitar-pedal-amp(4cm) and it seems the gt100 volume is about halfway with all effects ect switched off when it is an even volume with just the amp and guitar alone.

is that normal? in my head id imagine it would be near full volume to be even otherwise the pedal must be amplifying my signal despite all effects ect being switched off?

i want to get the best from my amp as i really love it, ive already set up most of my gt100 patches and they sound good so far (at slightly louder than average bedroom player volume as i havnt tried it cranked yet) but im worried when i turn up to rehearsal its not gonna sound as good because my amp is not being driven correctly due to the output volume.

lastly what do people set there effects loops to +4db or -10db? ive already read somewhere use -10db is that good advice?

cheers :-)
4 May 2016
Does anyone know why if I try to post in gear and production it says I don't have access? I'm paid member but my recent post I had to put in practice room forum and I've just tried to reply to a similar post in gear and production but it says my access is denied.

Also how do I change my username and email address?

29 Apr 2016
I just got a boss gt100 delivered :-) some of my line 6 m9 foot switches have packed up and after taking it apart to try and fix them and seeing how poor quality the switches are and badly designed the way they are mounted I decided to try boss as we all know how well built boss pedals are

I'm planning on putting my m9 in the gt100 fx loop and using it until the switches that still work pack in and then I'll try and control it via midi with the gt100. I only had about two hours with the gt100 so far and I'm loving it but the delays are definitely not as good for me as the line 6 and I can't be without sweep echo. I also noticed the delays don't go nuts if you max out the settings like the m9 they just fade out. I do lots of fx with bouncing the delays around so need it really. Also the delays don't seem to trail when you turn them off which is very annoying but hey ho the m9 can still do all of that.

I've got a blackstar 100w valve amp ht venue I think is the model and I've got myself some new cables to try the four cable method and use the blackstar fx loop as well.

I normally use my amp on the mid gain channel set so that it's really clean but with a bit of break up if I dig in hard and then I have a ds1 for my dirt and I don't use the other channels on my amp. I'm happy using the one channel and I can't use the gr100 amp control anyway as the blackstar has its own multi pin plug but like I said I'm happy enough with it like that.

I'm interested to hear any advice anyone has with using multi fx like this with a valve amp and fx loop? I've always feared in depth multi fx pedals so I'm new to a pedal this complex but well experienced in pedals generally.

I don't intend to use the preamps but is there situations where you would use them with an amp like this? I've only played the pedal with headphones so far and the preamps do sound very good to me.

Also how easy is it to have my normal patches for playing live with out preamps but then just turn the pre amps on if I want to play through headphones? Or do I need to have two patches and always save changes I make twice?

Also there's is several eqs in the chain and then the amp eq as well. Do people tend to use them all or just one or two and why?

Thanks any tips are greatly appreciated:-)

11 Apr 2016
Any one else like the pogues?

They're one of my favourite bands and have helped to get me through many hard times as well as good. If I'm feeling extremely emotional be it happy, sad, regretful, struggling with my demons, missing someone ect then they always have a song that really inspires me.

I think that Shane Macgowan is an immensely talented songwriterit's a shame he smashed himself in so much with drink and drugs but I guess he wouldn't be who he is without that side of his personality. There's an interview somewhere in Bono says he is the greatest songwriter and poet of a generation. I find Bono very plastic but I think I agree with him on that one!

They're not really a guitar orientated band but was just wondering who else listens to them. What songs do you like to play if any?

i play boys from the county hell, sick bed of chuchulain, dirty old town and I've found a video of someone playing a lovely rendition of the broad majestic Shannon on acoustic with lots of nicd hybrid picking and chord melody a so my next guitar mission is to learn that I think

2 Feb 2016
I've had an awful lot of bad luck lately with expensive equipment breaking. Dunno what's going on but I'm skint and could do without this. Feel like I need to rant. If anyone else wants to rant about rig breakages with me then crack on!

Two weeks ago I put my strat in for service and the guy reckons the threads in the truss rod are knackered and its pinging back everytime he tries to adjust it and I need a new neck which is over £200. I'm a truck mechanic so I'm gonna try and take the truss rod out and see if I can repair it myself as I'm pretty good with threads but I can't at the minute as I have loads of gigs this month and its my only guitar.

On top of that I got it home from being serviced and plugged it in and it didn't work anymore. Got my multi meter out and found the switch inside my shadow kill pot I wired in years ago was knackered. (thoroughly recommend these by the way but you'll need a bit of electrical and soldering skills to fit it) Dunno what the guy did to it as its never played up before. Ordered a new kill pot and then spent 2 hours with the soldering iron out last night and replaced it. Plugged it in and the electrics are working now but since it being serviced the guitar sounds terrible. All the strings are buzzing and rattling like mad so I'm pretty sure there's a truss rod problem but there definitely wasn't before it went in for service :-( I've always been a bit reluctant to mess with the truss rod myself for this reason.

As well as my guitar my boss ds1 has developed a very slight delay from stomping on it to it actually turning on in the last few weeks which is doing my head in. My band go from playing dub reggae to ska to punk several times in each song so it has to come on immediately.

Finally my line 6 m9 over last 6 months 4 of the foot switches have gone from being stiff to hardly working and some now not working at all. I took it apart to see if I could repair it and I was gobsmacked at how badly designed they are and the cheap components they use. On the outside it looks really well built but underneath them big metal foot switches is a tiny good for nothing little rubber switch soldered directly onto the pcb. It was always going to break after a year or two of playing gigs and being chucked in and out of the van. Never been impressed by line 6 but I love what the m9 does but now I'm reluctant to replace it as its so expensive and built so cheaply but it's become a staple part of my sound. Try finding an alternative to it though and I can't unless you want amp models and all that crap and each effect type assigned to a particular switch. I need several delays, a phaser and all assigned to tap tempo. Not to mention the pitch shifter as well.

So I'm proper fed up, I got no money, get paid a pittance for most gigs that barely covers the travel expenses and drinks and I now need to blow a shed load of money on equipment to continue :-( raaaaaaaaaaaaa

Rant over, thanks for your time, this website has always been good to me x

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