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GMC Forum _ REC _ Triads in Major Scale Series - Part 1

Posted by: Chris S. Oct 29 2014, 07:51 PM

Original lesson:

Special thanks to Cosmin for introducing to and helping me through this lesson! I have taken so much more out of this lesson than just playing the triads. I understand how basic triads are formed, various notes across the fretboard, and so much more! P.S. This is a new guitar has the intonation is slightly off on the upper half of the fretboard - once I get paid it will be off to get a setup! Thanks guys!

Posted by: Cosmin Lupu Oct 30 2014, 09:31 AM

Hello Chris!

It's a pleasure to work with you man! You have evolved greatly and if one could post the first take you had on this lesson, two weeks ago, everyone could see the evolution! Aside the intonation thing, I have nothing to address, as a potential issue:

- you have good timing
- you are very economic and efficient with the shapes and the positions of your fingers on the fretboard

Please carry on in this fashion and takee the axe for a setup as soon as possible wink.gif

Congrats once again!


Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Oct 31 2014, 12:17 AM

Hi Chris! Nice playing! and sweet cat. biggrin.gif

As Cosmin said, you can play this lesson perfectly, both timing and triads changes are very tight. The good thing is that you are also using this lesson in the way that it's even more helpful, as a tool to understand the fretboard, and to expand your arranging and improvising skills. That's when this lesson becomes more effective.

I recommend you to check lessons like this one by Alejandro, in which he harmonizes scales and modes with triads:

Keep on the good job! wink.gif

Posted by: Bogdan Radovic Nov 4 2014, 02:50 AM

Congrats on a perfect take! smile.gif
You have mastered this lesson and more importantly learned what are triads and how they are built. You have also along the way learned how you can play triad chords all over the guitar neck. This will be valuable when composing both for rhythm guitar fills for example and also leads (triads are your strongest notes you can play when outlining chords in the backing track!).

Great job on this one - looking forward to your new videos.

p.s. take that guitar for a setup and also always check tuning prior to recording.
With badly setup instrument we can get used to wrong pitches over time smile.gif

Posted by: Fran Nov 6 2014, 06:11 PM

Pass: 9.7

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