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GMC Forum _ REC _ Mixolydian Ballad

Posted by: onetabmat Feb 19 2020, 09:50 PM

Original lesson:

Posted by: Kristofer Dahl Feb 20 2020, 08:34 AM

Hi Mate, great to see you cover this lesson!

It is an extremely good choice as it kinda puts you "naked" in front of the listener: you have a laid back arrangement and a compressed/distorted wide frequency range tone that is taking all the space in the mix.

On top of this, you have long sustained notes with bending.

Over a faster backing track you can get away with notes that are note completely bent in tune - but on this backing track - correct pitch is everything!

And this is also where you need to work - many of your notes are not on pitch. And we cannot blame it on your guitar's intonation (only) because as you bend your ears are the ultimate judge of the amount of bending needed.

I cannot give you a passing grade here as the out-of-pitch bending ruins the over-all impression of your technique here - which otherwise is pretty good.

However I have seen you nail this stuff before, so I think that if you practice this a little more while focusing on pitch you should get it down quickly.

Keep up the hard work - you get a 5 from me!

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Feb 21 2020, 03:25 AM

Hi mate!

Nice to see a new REC from you!!

I think that your playing is not bad here but there are many pitch issues. I think that your guitar is not well tuned, but there are also problems related to fingers pressure or not precise bends.

That’s the main thing to fix here. Then you can focus on cleanness, timing, dynamics and tone.

This is a great lesson to work on all those elements so keep on practicing and share a new take in a few days.

Posted by: Darius Wave Feb 28 2020, 04:01 PM

Hey there mate!

I think that first thing of all is to give it some more focus on the climax. You look liek you're a little outside of what you play with your thoughts. I'm missing some sensitive touch in here when we speak of music.

Now for the technical aspects probably most visible one is consistent problem with pitch. It's audiable in both - straight notes and bends. Take some more time for your guitar setup or tuning process itself - your E1 string sounds definitely flat.

In case of bends you are having problems to keep them in tune. Once you reach the right pitch, you release it slightly to play another onte and it sounds instable.

Besides maybe on spot, you have a good control over unwanted noises and your both hands mechanics look porperly.

Posted by: Fran Mar 31 2020, 04:18 PM

Almost there, 5

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