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55 years old
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Just started playing guitar at 44 as a new hobby.
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11 Apr 2016
I was looking at the beadbuddy but its out of my budget so I was wondering what others are using to play with drums. And Can I use a pedal while still using my boss gt10 pedal. Im sure there something out there alot cheaper and not to hard to program.
25 Feb 2016
Hello, Im trying to get some info on this lesson that Muris Varajic has. Writing A Solo. Looks like he is harmonizing the major scale and emphazing the 3rd on each chord. But on some of his notes there not from the chord. Example when he gets to the Am chord he is focusing on the C note but he plays the F note and a G note also. Im trying to understand why he played those notes that are not part of Am. Are they just considered passing notes or is something more here like maybe there part of the Major scale and any note from this scale will work. Im new to theory and wanting to start my own solo's so I'm trying to understant it.
31 Jan 2013
Trying to understand the solo on Slash complete solo ballad v1.... It says it in the key of Aminor scale, which I understand and play alot in the key..but where I get lost is Harmony of the solo F – F E7 , Am – F – C – G E7, and so on....are these chords that are playing out of the scale? where do they come from and how do you get them??? Im new to the theory but trying to learn it...Is there a lesson out there to better understand this..I know its probably very basic to alot of you..I understand alot where the 1,4,5 progressions and other progressions come from the major\minor scales. Just cant get seem to grasp this here. Help...
3 Jan 2013
Hello everyone...Im just an old timer picking a new hobby...been playing for about 4 years now, never touched any music instrument before. It's been a tough road to learn but I'm never giving up. I've been practicing bybrid picking and thats what brought me back to the side. I like classic rock, country...and I can appreciate any style of music. My american fenders are a stratocaster and telecaster. I have a les paul studio with 57 classics also. A marshall JCM 2000 tsl head and cab. Im hoping to get alot out of the site and get involved alot more...Thanks everyone..
7 Jun 2012
can someone help me out with my pedalboard layout. I stopped using Guitar Rig 4 and going to start using real pedals but not sure about which is right with the order...I have notice huge differences with the way I had some of the pedals with my sound. I want to start at the guitar then the order...I have a jeckly and hyde distortion pedal, Boss DD7 delay, MXR compression, Didital reverb rv5, boss noise supressor, Ibaneze tube screamer,Phase 90, then to the amp. Thanks in advanced for any input. One more thing..I also have a Keeley mod ds1 that I like to use sometimes...will it affect the sound if i place it on the board also.

I just saw a video on youtube that helped a bit. let me know if I got this right. I went from the guitar to the noise suppressor, then I went out of the send to the compression, then distortion, od,tube screamer, phaser, reverb, delay, then I went back up to my return on the suppressor. I put the 2 cables from the pedals to my effects loop on my marshall tsl series amp. Just making sure Im not missing anything that may help me get a better sound.
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