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Music, computers, gaming, star wars, tv series. Chocolate, beer & fries :)
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23 Jan 2020
RECkity REC REC REC cool.gif

Just a kind call out to our dear REC instructors to give their much appreciated & insightful feedback in our REC forum wink.gif
Students love input, and the more they get, the more RECs they will be encouraged to submit.

Let's keep our amazing REC rolling together!
31 Dec 2018
I'm sure somewhere around the globe it's 2019 already so HAPPY NEW YEAR!! cool.gif smile.gif

In the meantime, for those of us who are still back in 2018 let's have some fun while we are at it! Play! Cook! Meet with loved ones! Have a drink! For today we are here and tomorrow is yet to come.

Carpe diem my friends. Tempus fugit.

Wish you all the best possible 2019 smile.gif
26 Jan 2017
She is an amazing guitarist who had an amazing YouTube Channel with breathtaking solos. And she literally dissapeared on us for... 3 years?!

Now she's back with a New Album, and it sounds great. How could it not. And she can sing too!
13 Jun 2016
Just a short note to acknowledge Todds amazing work along the past SIX years (has it been six already mate?), with well over four hundred LIVE lessons. For those interested there's his HUGE thread, and if you feel like browsing any of them a bit easily just check this wiki entry:

Todd Simpson - Shred Journey

It certainly has been a pleasure following all those excellent posts, not to mention the huge amount of articles you've provided to our wiki regardind recording & gear.

Keep rocking friend cool.gif
18 Jun 2015
Hi all smile.gif

Just a short message to let you know that while the REC grading system is being reviewed and commented on our boards, we are currently awaiting a bit until we start closing and grading all current takes in progress.

In the meantime, just keep uploading REC takes smile.gif

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Happy B*day Fran :D wish you the best for this day
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Todd Simpson
Great work on the Wiki! Keep it up!
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LOL Fran I was logging on the tell ya about the House premier but you beat me to it :) Great minds think alike. Yes it should be good. I have a bunch of people coming over to watch it... a "House" party :)
21 Sep 2009 - 21:37
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Your avatar is awesome!
"Good evening doctor house. Our patient is appearing to be dying because you melted his face off!"
23 Jul 2009 - 14:01


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