Guitar Chat with Muris, Andrew Cockburn, Kai Muehlenbruch etc. 2007-08-13
Aug 21 2007, 04:40 PM
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10:34:30 Tank: Hello!
10:34:33 muris: hi :)
10:34:56 Tank: I was beginning to think I was going mad :)
10:35:09 muris: looks like this chat in't much popular as it should be
10:35:14 muris: :)
10:35:25 Tank: Not quite, but it will get there I hope
10:35:32 muris: must
10:35:39 Tank: How are you?
10:35:47 muris: fine thanks
10:35:48 muris: you?
10:36:03 Tank: not bad, just back from Northern Ireland
10:36:18 muris: ahh great
10:36:21 muris: was it fun?
10:36:30 Tank: It's nice to get home once in a while :)
10:36:43 muris: ahh native irish
10:36:47 muris: great to know :)
10:36:51 Tank: Actually I bumped into a fellow countryman of yours
10:36:58 muris: yeah?
10:37:04 muris: where,Dublin?
10:37:11 Tank: My old cello teacher. A guy called Vedran Smajlovic
10:37:18 muris: what???????
10:37:21 Tank: back home, in Warrenpoint
10:37:29 muris: I used to dcate his cusin!!!!!!!!!!!
10:37:42 Tank: small world!!
10:37:45 muris: yeah :)
10:37:55 muris: so he was your teacher??
10:38:13 Tank: He's been living over in northern Ireland since about 95
10:38:18 muris: yeah
10:38:29 muris: he weant during war
10:38:30 Tank: Yeah, for a year or two, before I finally left Ireland
10:38:31 muris: went
10:38:40 muris: and latter gone to Ireland
10:39:01 muris: this IS a small world :)
10:39:08 Tank: He is an utterly amazing musician too
10:39:16 muris: oh yes
10:39:20 muris: maestro indeed
10:39:48 muris: do you might have his email or cell?
10:40:20 Tank: I don't. I hadn't seen him in 7 years, I bumped into him on Saturday in a pub
10:40:24 muris: tho he probably has website
10:40:28 Tank: I could get it for you
10:40:34 muris: must search in google :)
10:40:48 muris: no need mate
10:40:58 muris: i just thought you have it already
10:41:05 muris: no need to bother at all
10:41:48 Tank: It was a chance meeting. Still as crazy as ever ! :)
10:41:55 muris: yeah :)
10:42:07 muris: so,how old are you>
10:42:11 Tank: 30
10:42:14 muris: if you don't mind :)
10:42:16 muris: ok
10:42:25 muris: i'm 27
10:42:50 Tank: I thought you were around the same age, (I had a look at your website)
10:42:57 muris: you got promoted to senior member right?
10:43:06 Tank: I did. Last week
10:43:12 muris: congrats!!:)
10:43:24 Tank: Cheers :)
10:43:28 muris: :)
10:43:43 muris: about my age
10:43:52 muris: many said I look my older
10:44:02 muris: before 7 years I think
10:44:13 muris: i ran in some girls from Serbia
10:44:25 muris: I had really long hair
10:44:46 muris: kind of Muscetire's facial hair etc :)
10:44:52 muris: i had 20 at that time
10:45:01 muris: they thought I was 35
10:45:03 muris: lol
10:45:24 Tank: Well, that shows that you looked distinguished !! :D
10:45:30 muris: :)
10:45:45 muris: like some was hard on me
10:45:46 muris: lol
10:46:02 Tank: Well, growing up in a war is not easy
10:46:11 muris: yeah,guess so
10:46:33 muris: but if there wasn't war
10:46:44 muris: I'dd be a doctor or som by now
10:46:44 Tank: Mind you, you've got a great guitar style to show for it !! :)
10:46:47 muris: so...
10:46:53 muris: it's its "good" sides
10:47:03 muris: if we can call it that name
10:47:40 Tank: I think that we all have bits of our lives that we'd look back on, and say "What if that didn't happen?"
10:47:46 muris: yeah
10:47:55 muris: better not to think about it :)
10:48:06 Tank: true :)
10:48:20 muris: and thanks for kind words about my playing :)
10:48:26 muris: appreciate it a lot
10:48:35 muris: specialy fro someone odler than me
10:48:53 Tank: Well I've been practicing your alt picking study piece recently, and it's great
10:49:12 muris: thanks :)
10:49:22 muris: yeah,i tried to make it a bit complex
10:49:34 muris: different timing,stops...
10:49:52 muris: playing it alternate when it shold be sweeped...
10:50:04 muris: nice for practicing,yeah
10:50:12 Tank: That's the bit that I found particularly clever
10:50:16 Tank: the sweeps
10:50:33 muris: :)
10:51:08 Tank: You are producing an album at the moment?
10:51:16 muris: yeah,new one :)
10:51:23 muris: and few other stuff
10:51:33 muris: choir album
10:51:39 muris: it's a fun must say
10:52:05 muris: background is really hard and heavy style
10:52:08 Tank: I'm writing dance music at the moment
10:52:15 muris: while choir is singing our traditional mucis
10:52:36 muris: dance is cool :)
10:52:41 Tank: fusion between hard style, and choral. That sounds interesting !
10:52:49 muris: mean,every style is ok
10:53:01 muris: as long as it has music inside :)
10:53:35 Tank: True. I'm just not a virtuoso, so doing a Satriani style album isn't me (at the minute!)
10:53:52 muris: no matter :)
10:54:05 muris: just do what you like and it'll be ok
10:54:15 muris: doing something for purpose is not real deal
10:54:18 muris: music wise
10:54:34 Tank: Well, I studied music arrangement in school, so orchestration is my thing
10:54:43 muris: awesome :)
10:54:51 muris: my fav is Danny Elfman
10:54:58 muris: among many others
10:55:04 muris: but he has something...
10:55:07 muris: dunno
10:55:08 muris: :)
10:55:25 Tank: He's great. The Batman score was epic
10:55:31 muris: yeah :)
10:56:05 muris: between you and me..
10:56:14 muris: I uploaded a slide lesson :)
10:56:45 Tank: slide!! Excellent
10:58:04 AudunESP: Hello
10:58:13 Tank: Heya !
10:58:34 AudunESP: ups
10:58:39 Tank: hey again!
10:58:45 AudunESP: XD
10:58:51 muris: hey there :)
10:58:57 AudunESP: 'sup?
10:59:02 muris: we're ok
10:59:04 muris: you?
10:59:16 AudunESP: pretty ok here
10:59:25 muris: hmm now it;s not just between us
10:59:26 muris: lol
10:59:57 AudunESP: im trying to learn the different pentatonic boxes
10:59:57 muris: never mind,it something i had with Tank :)
11:00:04 muris: yeah>
11:00:11 muris: is it going well?
11:00:14 Tank: We did seem pretty antisocial in here
11:00:17 Tank: :)
11:00:22 muris: :)
11:00:30 AudunESP: :lol:
11:00:34 AudunESP: ups
11:00:52 AudunESP: lol
11:01:30 AudunESP: im just sitting here imoprovisating different ways to shift between the boxes
11:01:41 Tank: that's the best way to do it
11:01:57 muris: yeah,moving around
11:01:59 Tank: you won't get "trapped" into one box
11:02:26 muris: you probably seen it before
11:02:32 muris: I did a lesson about it
11:02:34 AudunESP: yep! im claustrophobic
11:02:41 muris: involves few pentatonics tho
11:02:55 muris: have you?
11:03:17 AudunESP: nop, sorry, havent bin on so many lessons
11:03:24 muris: give me a sec
11:03:50 Tank: there's a lot of material on GNMC now :)
11:03:55 muris:
11:03:59 AudunESP: thanz
11:04:01 muris: here it is :)
11:04:05 AudunESP: x*
11:04:17 muris: was my first for GMC tho :)
11:04:25 AudunESP: its a solo?
11:04:38 AudunESP: becouse my PC dont allow pop ups
11:05:00 muris: might be called a solo
11:05:04 AudunESP: so the best thing is to find it myself :)
11:05:07 Tank: copy and paste it into a new browser
11:05:11 muris: but it's an excesise
11:05:17 muris: yeah
11:05:20 AudunESP: i mean, is it in the "solo" lessons?
11:05:23 muris: ctrl c ctrl v
11:05:26 muris: no
11:05:31 muris: it's in excersises
11:05:48 AudunESP: oh
11:06:00 muris: 4th page ,near the bottom
11:06:26 muris: or 1st after you enter :)
11:07:16 Tank: You know, I hadn't seen that lesson either!
11:07:33 AudunESP: haha! cool solo! thanx
11:07:59 muris: ;)
11:08:01 AudunESP: both cool sounding AND extremely usefull right now
11:08:16 muris: pleasure is all mine :)
11:08:21 AudunESP: going to eat now brb
11:08:25 muris: ok
11:08:42 muris: you haven't also Tank?
11:08:53 muris: seen it before
11:09:00 Tank: Nope, I think I'll have a go at that this evening, when I get home
11:09:12 muris: ok :)
11:09:21 muris: you're at work?
11:09:44 Tank: At the moment, yes. I'll be finished in 5 mins
11:09:51 muris: cool :)
11:10:12 muris: is your job about music or?
11:10:39 Tank: I've got a day job now, but help run a rehearsal studio (and teach guitar) at the weekends
11:10:47 Tank: I used to play full time
11:10:58 muris: and day job is?
11:12:02 Tank: I work for a local council. Mainly I go out to schools, and provide science lessons to kids
11:12:25 muris: great :)
11:12:31 muris: what sort of sience?
11:12:36 muris: sorry if I bother a lot
11:12:38 Tank: It pays the bills :)
11:13:09 Tank: The theme is around energy, so mainly very basic physics. More about getting them used to experiments etc
11:13:22 muris: ahh ok
11:13:36 muris: like social upgrade in earsy ages
11:13:50 muris: plus science
11:13:54 Tank: Yeah, 8 - 10 year olds mainly
11:14:02 muris: great :0
11:14:08 muris: it's cool to work with kids
11:14:18 muris: I have few students in private as well
11:14:21 Tank: It's a very levelling experience
11:14:23 muris: always lot of fun :)
11:14:30 Tank: They say what they mean !! :)
11:14:35 muris: yeah
11:14:43 muris: no reading between the lines :)
11:15:03 Tank: I do have a guitar question for you
11:15:17 muris: go ahead
11:15:22 Tank: Right..
11:15:28 muris: :)
11:16:21 Tank: I'm at the point where my technique is coming on. So for instance, I can play things like "eruption" on stage at pretty much the recorded speed.
11:16:24 Tank: However
11:16:47 Tank: I find it difficult to pinpoint a "style", that I'd say I have
11:16:59 Tank: So, how do I go about developing that
11:17:18 Tank: is it, just sit down and learn a load of solos, and pick the bits I like?
11:17:26 muris: sec
11:17:28 muris: tel
11:17:32 Tank: no probs
11:18:44 muris: i'm here
11:19:00 Tank: okies :)
11:19:02 muris: not sure if I got everything right
11:19:10 muris: what did you say about yor style?
11:19:16 Tank: I don't have one
11:19:22 muris: ahh yeah
11:19:27 JVM: hey there
11:19:33 AudunESP: hi
11:19:33 Tank: Heya JVM
11:20:06 muris: well,style is usualy made of many players/styles that you love..and than you just add piece of you,but not on purpuse just happens
11:20:37 muris: which means,yeah learinig lot of solos and stuff is ok
11:20:46 Tank: okay. So it's good to just go through lots of material, and picking up bits you like
11:20:52 muris: it'll give you more possibilities to make your own style
11:21:03 muris: yeah,just like thta :)
11:21:14 muris: hey JVM :)
11:21:23 Tank: Rather than, sitting down, and grinding away at making new licks (at the same time as you are trying to improve your technique)
11:21:28 Tank: :)
11:21:36 muris: do both
11:21:48 Tank: Oh, I do quite a bit of the second approach
11:21:50 muris: make your own while learining to other
11:21:53 muris: it's the bast way
11:21:57 Tank: And not enough of learning other solos
11:22:25 Tank: but I haven't built up enough licks to adapt them to jamming sessions
11:22:40 AudunESP: hmm, me personally just improvise hellalot, maybe i should learn more solos?
11:22:44 muris: i reached that pointe when i need to hear solo once and I play it
11:22:50 muris: no matter of key etc...
11:22:57 muris: so it leads to make my own stuff
11:23:09 muris: but I did learn many other stuff befvore
11:23:14 JVM: so you can hear anything in your head and translate it right ;)
11:23:15 muris: it just MUST be done
11:23:17 muris: imo :)
11:23:33 Tank: I can do that with a lot of stuff
11:23:42 muris: yeah,I see full fretboard in front of my eyes
11:23:46 muris: i did it in one key
11:23:57 muris: and transposing is the easier part :)
11:24:13 Tank: So you learned the fretboard in a key, and then can "remap" that
11:24:22 muris: well,not really
11:24:35 muris: i'm speaking of hearing and playing stuff at once
11:24:44 muris: I say like..ok I'm ina a A major
11:25:02 muris: and I "see" fingers while I'm listening to it
11:25:23 muris: and than,which key is it doesn't matter :)
11:25:36 Tank: Yeah, and you know how to equate tones to finger movements
11:25:46 muris: as I said..I reached that point
11:25:48 muris: yeah
11:25:58 muris: but it comes with lot of listening,playing etc
11:26:08 muris: jamming as well
11:26:24 muris: having guitar in hands,generaly :)
11:26:30 Tank: I know. The frustrating part for me is that I can think of things, but don't have the technique to play them
11:26:56 muris: buliding that is easy part
11:26:57 Tank: So instant inspiration gets bogged down
11:27:04 muris: you just sit and practicing
11:27:19 muris: harder part is to bulid your ear's abilities
11:27:28 muris: and many avoid that
11:27:32 muris: which is bad
11:27:48 Tank: I had no choice, studied classical music for 15 years
11:28:00 Tank: :)
11:28:04 muris: i see :)
11:28:20 muris: same here,same mistakes at high school and academy as well
11:28:33 muris: mean,thay have solfeggio class
11:28:42 muris: but that's NOT enough
11:29:12 muris: must have listening class or som :)
11:29:42 JVM: so I assume it won't come from just listening to music all day long every day :p
11:29:51 Tank: It's about immersing yourself in the sound, to train your ears
11:29:54 muris: yeah :)
11:29:57 Tank: Just listen all the time
11:30:09 muris: must listen to it in different way
11:30:17 muris: not just to have fun and ejoy in it :)
11:30:39 Tank: Exactly
11:30:42 muris: i stopped that long ago :)
11:30:52 muris: everytime I haer a tune on radio or in car
11:30:53 JVM: usually when I listen to something
11:31:03 muris: i automaticlly staring to analize it
11:31:08 JVM: I hear it and can kind of visualize how they're playing it
11:31:18 muris: chor progression,intervals in lead voice etc
11:31:39 JVM: its not a perfected skill but I can see kind of what they're doing, I think I just don't have the theory knowledge to back it up yet
11:31:51 muris: yeah,probably
11:31:53 Tank: It comes, with practice
11:32:06 muris: nuts be really good with theory to do that
11:32:12 muris: must*
11:32:28 Tank: right, I must go guys!
11:32:32 Tank: Home time
11:32:34 Tank: :)
11:32:35 AudunESP: cya
11:32:38 muris: ok tank
11:32:43 muris: saa ya soon :)
11:32:46 JVM: later takn
11:32:47 JVM: tank*
11:33:13 Tank: later guys !
11:33:32 AudunESP: muris, are you proffesional?
11:33:37 muris: yep :)
11:33:42 AudunESP: nice
11:34:06 AudunESP: how much fame does it need to be for earning enough to live for it?
11:34:16 AudunESP: always wondered
11:34:24 muris: depends of many things
11:34:44 muris: music is wide field to get paid
11:34:52 AudunESP: ah
11:34:57 JVM: it could take years if you want to be a studio musician I imagine
11:35:07 muris: of course
11:35:08 AudunESP: but, what do you earn most from?
11:35:08 JVM: or you could probably pick up your guitar tomorrow and front a punk band
11:35:25 muris: must improve yourself live,to be able to do stuff in studio
11:35:40 muris: well
11:36:08 AudunESP: hehe, im not a studio light, but im only 16 though, room for improvement
11:36:14 muris: it's all fine must say...giging,studio sessions,producing work,giving classes..
11:36:23 AudunESP: cool
11:36:26 JVM: i think theres also many non music related factors
11:36:33 muris: yeah
11:36:38 JVM: muris would know better than I
11:36:42 muris: looking cool or som :)
11:36:45 JVM: lol
11:36:52 AudunESP: hehe
11:36:57 muris: but it goes only with high music bussines
11:37:07 muris: which I'm a bit far away from tho :)
11:37:38 muris: mean ,I AM in TOP bussines here
11:37:52 AudunESP: yep, im goign to look COOL, with fedora, halflong, spikey heair and so on
11:37:57 muris: but it's acutally lower mid section,wide world wise
11:38:09 AudunESP: so your not verry famous?
11:38:13 JVM: when you play live muris, are most people usually drunk?
11:38:21 muris: I am in my country and bit in regin
11:38:29 muris: region *
11:38:36 muris: but it's small piece of globe :)
11:39:05 AudunESP: hehe, never heard of you, but i live in Norway so its not so strange :p
11:39:06 muris: JVC,it depends of what I'm playing...
11:39:18 muris: but mostly they are there for good music
11:39:22 JVM: thats good
11:39:38 muris: if someone gets drunk along...not my bussines :)
11:39:42 JVM: lol
11:39:45 muris: lol
11:40:04 muris: I don;t drink so I'm not watching at those guys :)
11:40:10 AudunESP: well, ladies get prettier when you get drunk, so i think music gets too
11:40:25 muris: yeah
11:40:29 JVM: but it cant be too fun to play to a drunk audience
11:40:34 JVM: unless you're drunk yourself
11:40:38 muris: sad,many clubs have bad bands
11:40:50 muris: it gets lot of drunk people,fights etc..
11:41:17 muris: but I try to have always a good band
11:41:24 muris: so we are out of stuff like that :)
11:42:45 JVM: i've been having some good luck with gabe's blues lessons latelyt
11:42:56 JVM: thats pretty much what I did while the forums were down
11:43:05 muris: cool :)
11:43:15 muris: you spent your time on good way
11:43:54 muris: i was watching Prison Break per instance...8)
11:43:58 JVM: lol
11:44:00 muris: lol
11:44:32 muris: lunch time
11:44:33 muris: brb
11:44:36 JVM: k
11:44:58 JVM: ill be back in a few as well
12:24:12 AudunESP: hi
12:24:19 rokchik: Hello
12:24:33 AudunESP: 'sup?
12:25:14 rokchik: not much. Just trying to catch up on GMC. Been gone on vacation for the last 2 weeks. How about you?
12:25:58 AudunESP: alternating between the "winding roads"solo and 101 pentatonic 2
12:26:33 rokchik: cool...I've been looking at Gabriels new lesson. It's pretty cool
12:26:52 AudunESP: what is it about?
12:27:37 rokchik: It's the major pent. intermediate solo. Very classic rockish. Pretty fun to play actually
12:28:01 AudunESP: oh that one
12:28:23 AudunESP: planning to learn it after i got the winding roads down...:)
12:28:41 rokchik: cool. So how long have you been playing?
12:28:48 AudunESP: for 4 years
12:29:00 AudunESP: not the best question though
12:29:02 AudunESP: u?
12:29:25 AudunESP: the best is "how long have you bin member of GMC?" :)
12:30:34 rokchik: True...I've been "playing" for two years but been with GMC since March. You joined in June correct?
12:30:43 AudunESP: yep
12:30:50 AudunESP: you might be better then me
12:32:11 rokchik: I doubt that...I was learning songs before but since I joined GMC I've been working on technique more. I'm somewhere between crap and ok :)
12:32:24 AudunESP: hehe, never say that
12:32:58 AudunESP: well, some ppl say "holy sht!!" when i play for them sometimes :)
12:33:14 rokchik: I'm very honest about my lack of experience but I do see improvements each week so that is a good thing....I am getting better
12:33:24 AudunESP: thats good
12:33:42 rokchik: I get that from my friends who don't have a clue about music
12:34:08 AudunESP: like, in the last 2 months ive bin on gmc, ive improved more than all the nearly 4 years ive bin playing
12:34:16 rokchik: my friends that do play know my limitations...but they are encouraging and helpful
12:34:42 AudunESP: do you improvise a lot?
12:35:09 rokchik: yeah I know....I'm way better that when I started....but still loads of room for improvement. I'm starting to improvise but I haven't done very much
12:35:59 AudunESP: you know the pentatonic scale?
12:36:34 muris: done :)
12:36:39 muris: hey rock
12:36:42 rokchik: I've got the Am Pentatonic down pretty decent
12:36:44 muris: it's been a while
12:36:46 rokchik: Hey Muris
12:36:52 rokchik: Vacation
12:36:58 muris: great
12:37:06 muris: you had a nice time ?
12:37:19 AudunESP: rock, u know, all pentatonics are the same, just that they are on different frets
12:37:30 rokchik: Awesome...lots of fun
12:37:35 muris: cool :)
12:37:36 AudunESP: a is on 5th, e is on 12th and so on
12:37:56 muris: e is on 0th too :)
12:38:15 AudunESP: ups, sorry
12:38:21 AudunESP: a is on 17th too
12:38:27 muris: ;)
12:38:28 rokchik: @ AudunESP....yeah I know I move up and down the board pretty good I just mentioned Am because it's the most common
12:38:57 AudunESP: okay
12:39:13 AudunESP: do you know the 5 different boxes?
12:40:02 muris: 2 note per string patterns
12:40:09 muris: hey Andrew
12:40:14 Andrew Cockburn: hey guys :)
12:40:15 rokchik: Pretty much...I stumble a bit from time to time but doing OK with it....I do scales for about the first 15-20 mins of my practice routine
12:40:21 rokchik: Hey Andrew
12:40:26 Andrew Cockburn: :)
12:40:29 Andrew Cockburn: Welcome back Rok
12:40:34 Andrew Cockburn: Hope you had a great vacay
12:40:43 rokchik: Thanks man...good to be back...i missed you guys
12:41:05 Andrew Cockburn: Hey Muris - just got your CD from CD Baby - loveit :)
12:41:05 rokchik: Vacay was perfect....even got some fishing in...caught a salmon
12:41:19 Andrew Cockburn: Salmon? Cool! Did you have to fight a polar bear for it?>
12:41:36 rokchik: nope...No Polar bears on the island
12:41:45 Andrew Cockburn: That's a relief ;)
12:41:55 rokchik: Yeah saw lots of Moose though
12:42:06 muris: yeah!!
12:42:10 muris: great
12:42:17 muris: and thanks for having it tho :)
12:42:24 Andrew Cockburn: You and your crazy wildlife :) I saw a deer on Saturday ...
12:42:29 Andrew Cockburn: Hey no problem Muris
12:42:39 Andrew Cockburn: It has some great moves on there
12:42:46 muris: tnx :)
12:42:52 Andrew Cockburn: You recorded it all in your home studio?
12:42:54 rokchik: I live in the woods what do you expect? :)
12:42:56 muris: yeah
12:43:00 muris: but years ago
12:43:07 Andrew Cockburn: rokchik - lol
12:43:11 rokchik: Muris you have a CD? Where can I find
12:43:13 muris: now I'm filled with a lot more stuff
12:43:17 Andrew Cockburn: cd baby
12:43:27 AudunESP: is it a record store?
12:43:27 muris: new one is going to be much better
12:43:29 Andrew Cockburn: So another is on the way?
12:43:31 rokchik: cool I must check it out
12:43:35 Andrew Cockburn: Excellebt - can;t wauit!
12:43:36 muris: musicly,sounding wise
12:43:44 muris: yeah :)
12:43:48 muris: 8 tunes are done
12:43:52 Andrew Cockburn: Cool!
12:43:55 muris: just to record guitars
12:43:56 Andrew Cockburn: I loved "The Water"
12:43:59 Andrew Cockburn: Very mellow
12:44:05 muris: still waiting for custum to be done
12:44:11 muris: and I'm on the road again :)
12:44:17 rokchik: Muris is it acoustic stuff
12:44:17 Andrew Cockburn: Custum?
12:44:17 muris: oh yeah
12:44:24 muris: water is chilling one
12:44:32 muris: sorry
12:44:35 muris: custom *
12:44:35 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah = love the deep bass and piano
12:44:42 muris: :)
12:44:45 Andrew Cockburn: and very melodic
12:44:58 muris: my girlfirend's fav
12:44:59 muris: :)
12:45:24 muris: i was teaching her to the tune
12:45:26 muris: intro part
12:45:29 muris: mian theme
12:45:37 muris: she got it quite decent must say :)
12:45:50 Andrew Cockburn: Its funny - I have trouble with inspiration, but when I hear something beautiful like that, I can think of 15 different ways to change it, but its a lot harder to come up with a basic idea
12:46:00 muris: yeah
12:46:03 Andrew Cockburn: so kudios to you!
12:46:08 muris: idea is main part
12:46:11 Andrew Cockburn: Guess I should be an arranger and producer!
12:46:16 Andrew Cockburn: not a composer
12:46:17 muris: upgrading it is fan
12:46:23 muris: fun
12:46:26 muris: *
12:46:29 Andrew Cockburn: yeah
12:46:34 rokchik: Most popular artist these days have that problem too Andrew
12:46:41 AudunESP: andrew, heard that on the worksong backing :)
12:47:43 rokchik: Andrew how is the Jem treating you?
12:47:44 AudunESP: that idea beeing a arranger/produser
12:47:57 Andrew Cockburn: AudunESP - yeah, I enjoyed that :)
12:48:08 Andrew Cockburn: rokchik - very nicely - snapped a string l;ast week
12:48:15 Andrew Cockburn: but still enjoying it a lot
12:48:23 Andrew Cockburn: But wait till you hear my next scheme ...
12:48:40 rokchik: I'm interiged....
12:48:49 muris: ;)
12:49:00 muris: he's always planing something
12:49:04 Andrew Cockburn: I'm building myself a tube amp - TADA!
12:49:04 muris: :)
12:49:08 rokchik: :)
12:49:13 muris: knew it !! :)
12:49:16 Andrew Cockburn: lol
12:49:19 muris: lol
12:49:40 Andrew Cockburn: Abd Rok, you will be very pleased to hear ...
12:49:42 rokchik: Very nice...what made you decide to do that?
12:49:58 Andrew Cockburn: That I am using the same speaker used in a lot of famous Vox Amps - the Celestion Alnico Blue
12:50:14 Andrew Cockburn: I've always been into electronics
12:50:15 muris: so you're not kidding????
12:50:22 Andrew Cockburn: and I saw a post on GMC about someopne who had done it
12:50:23 rokchik: I'm very pleased Andrew....I love Vox
12:50:29 Andrew Cockburn: and suddenly I thought why not
12:50:37 Andrew Cockburn: Definatlely not kidding :)
12:50:42 muris: great man :)
12:50:53 muris: is it on 6L6,EL 34?
12:50:56 Andrew Cockburn: I'll end up building a few to learn the ropes
12:51:13 Andrew Cockburn: EL34 but interchangeable with 6V6 - thats part of the fun of building your own
12:51:22 muris: yeah :)
12:51:22 rokchik: very cool Andrew....your a mystry wraped in an inigma....
12:51:26 Andrew Cockburn: Plus, the first one will be very low wattage especially for recording
12:51:29 muris: keep me updated!!!
12:51:32 muris: please!!!!
12:51:40 Andrew Cockburn: I thnmk I will start a blog thread in the gear dforum
12:51:47 muris: must
12:51:50 Andrew Cockburn: rokchik - makes me sound cool - thanks :)
12:51:55 rokchik: LOL
12:52:09 muris: and post some clips along the way :)
12:52:25 Andrew Cockburn: Definately ! I Orderd the amp parts and speaker yesterday
12:52:44 Andrew Cockburn: probably have something done in a month or 2 - then another 6 months to make a cabinet - I suck at woodwork!
12:52:46 rokchik: I messed around with a Vox Ac30 when I was on vacation...they sound so nice.
12:53:03 muris: well
12:53:10 Andrew Cockburn: Vox have amazing clean tone -= thats somethign I want to get too
12:53:12 muris: maybe you could take a regular cab
12:53:16 muris: already done
12:53:17 Andrew Cockburn: but nbot in my first amp - thats for lead
12:53:21 ezravdb: cool people in gmc chat :)
12:53:21 Andrew Cockburn: he Ezra!
12:53:23 muris: just build an amp
12:53:26 ezravdb: hey andrew
12:53:34 rokchik: Hey Ezra
12:53:35 muris: hey there :)
12:53:36 Andrew Cockburn: muris - yeah, I am looking at some places online for that
12:53:37 AudunESP: hey
12:53:45 Andrew Cockburn: it adds 200 or soe to the price
12:53:55 Andrew Cockburn: but I;m not doing this to save money really
12:54:02 muris: sure
12:54:10 AudunESP: just for the lulz?
12:54:21 Andrew Cockburn: yeah, whatever a lulz is ;)
12:54:24 muris: it's passion :)
12:54:32 Andrew Cockburn: Muris - loving Story from Eastern Europe now :)
12:54:35 rokchik: that's probably a good thing Andrew because it could get pricey...but for the Jem it's worth it
12:54:39 Andrew Cockburn: Ahh, yes, and to get that perfect tone
12:54:43 muris: thanks Andrew :)
12:54:44 Andrew Cockburn: I';ll know it when I hear it
12:54:48 Andrew Cockburn: and I nevre have yet
12:54:53 ezravdb: damn Im glad I just finished my lesson on the aspiring instructors board, it was alot work for me because it was my first time :)
12:54:53 muris: looks like you're fan of easy stuff
12:54:58 muris: which a like a lot :)
12:54:58 ezravdb: are you talking bout amps?
12:55:19 muris: yes ezra
12:55:23 ezravdb: cool
12:55:23 Andrew Cockburn: I guess I am Muris - definately not a metalhead, and I love harmonically complex stuff
12:55:39 Andrew Cockburn: Yes Ezra, I'm building one
12:55:41 muris: Andrew is goona build one...a TUBE one!!!!
12:55:44 Andrew Cockburn: :)
12:55:47 ezravdb: muris - your funk lesson was sweet :)
12:55:50 ezravdb: rock on andrw :D
12:55:53 rokchik: This site is turning me into a metal head....
12:55:57 muris: appreciate it ezra!!
12:56:00 Andrew Cockburn: Fight it Rok!!
12:56:06 muris: lol
12:56:15 ezravdb: really impressive work in gutiar pro man
12:56:21 Andrew Cockburn: Yes Murism I loved the Funk lesson too - you are a very versatile player, I'm impressed
12:56:21 rokchik: I'm trying but just I think I'm pulls me back in....
12:56:30 ezravdb: yup
12:56:30 muris: many thanks guys :)
12:56:46 rokchik: I just looked at it Muris...very nice...I love funk
12:56:57 muris: who doesn't??
12:56:58 muris: lol
12:56:59 Andrew Cockburn: rokchik - think about fluffy bunnies and the Majestic moose, not black, crosses blood
12:57:05 rokchik: LOL
12:57:06 AudunESP: hmm, whats the definition for a metallhead? a person who just listens to metall or a person who dont like harmonies and just want ruff riffs straight to the bones?
12:57:10 muris: the funk
12:57:11 ezravdb: brb
12:57:12 muris: not my lesson
12:57:16 muris: :)
12:57:44 Andrew Cockburn: Sheesh, guys, gotta run and do a conf call just when I was really enjoying chatting to you all again - will you guys be on tonight?
12:57:50 Andrew Cockburn: (I know it is night for you Muris!)
12:57:58 muris: still day :)
12:58:05 muris: but it's getting dark
12:58:07 AudunESP: ill be here all night
12:58:08 Andrew Cockburn: lol
12:58:09 rokchik: True Muris...thanks for the correction but your lesson is true funk
12:58:10 muris: 7 pm
12:58:27 rokchik: C Ya Andrew....don't work too hard
12:58:36 Andrew Cockburn: I'll try .... l8r guys
12:58:36 muris: talk soon mate :)
12:58:37 AudunESP: 7 pm here too
12:59:59 muris: audun,where are you from?
13:00:12 AudunESP: Norway, next to cris :)
13:00:18 muris: Oslo?
13:00:38 AudunESP: nop, from the westcoast, Stavanger
13:00:40 muris: have some family up in norway tho
13:00:44 AudunESP: cool
13:00:53 muris: can't recall name of the town
13:00:58 muris: smaller one
13:01:12 AudunESP: were in the country?
13:01:26 AudunESP: east, west, south, north?
13:01:26 muris: they went as a refugese
13:01:40 AudunESP: cool
13:02:04 AudunESP: in the ww2?
13:02:17 muris: no idea
13:02:25 muris: never been at theirs place
13:02:41 muris: all i know it's norway :)
13:03:10 muris: tel
13:03:11 muris: brb
13:03:48 rokchik: AudunESP....what style of music do you like to play/listen too
13:03:50 AudunESP: the best country in THE WORLD TO LIVE IN....even though some ppl die waiting for to enter the hospitals
13:03:57 AudunESP: metal/rock
13:04:06 AudunESP: im a melodic freak though
13:04:16 AudunESP: would call myself a metalhead
13:04:48 AudunESP: my favourite band is avenged sevenfold
13:04:56 AudunESP: you?
13:05:11 rokchik: Yeah...I'm more of a blues/rock type but I'm appreciating metal a bit more now
13:05:45 AudunESP: when you found out that metal isnt just screaming and hammering? lol
13:06:02 rokchik: I lsten to mostly Rage Against the Machine, Zeppelin, GNR but have started listening to more Maiden, Pantera, and Ozzy
13:06:25 AudunESP: i fancy the more modern music though
13:06:43 Andrew Cockburn: no one turned up for my call yet ...
13:07:19 rokchik: Well I alwasy liked Metallica, Megadeath but bands like Avenge Sevenfold, Godsmack, Chevelle are starting to intrest me too
13:07:36 Andrew Cockburn: I'm trying to get into Maiden and Ozzy - but its hard going
13:08:05 AudunESP: avenged sevenfold is actually a SERIOUSLY good band, dont know why some ppl hate them so much
13:08:16 Andrew Cockburn: I always focus on the mellow tracks - like Goodbye to Romance for instance - compleytely unlike the other tracks
13:08:41 rokchik: Ozzy/Black Sabbath are great...Maiden is taking a bit more time but I love Run to the Hills...The drums are awesome on that song
13:08:48 AudunESP: never heard that one, but i think i know what you meen
13:09:04 AudunESP: run to the hills take on
13:09:12 Andrew Cockburn: I appreciate the musicianship, but just have trouble warming to the vibe
13:09:26 AudunESP: hehe, you meen the image?
13:09:32 rokchik: yeah it does take a bit of getting use too
13:09:39 AudunESP: they play a little TOO much on the image
13:09:43 Andrew Cockburn: I think the image is amusing and theatrical
13:09:44 AudunESP: avenged sevenfold too
13:09:50 Andrew Cockburn: btu its the music that is hard for me
13:09:58 rokchik: I'm still not into the growling scene very much
13:09:59 Andrew Cockburn: I'll get there though
13:10:10 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, I can;t even get close to appreciating that
13:10:52 rokchik: It may be hard but I can't warm up to it but people seem to enjoy it....My B/f loves it
13:11:08 AudunESP: i CAN listen too bands that screams, if the music is cool and they have melodic parts
13:11:24 AudunESP: im a great fan of killswitch engage
13:11:40 AudunESP: much melody between all the screaming
13:13:03 rokchik: Like I said I'm starting to appreciate it more musically...but I'll always go back to my RATM and Zeppelin with a little Fleetwood Mac for good measure :)
13:13:17 rokchik: hey JVM
13:13:23 AudunESP: hey
13:13:31 Andrew Cockburn: LOL - Fleetwood Mac - just refillled my iPhone and couldn;t resist putting rumours on there
13:13:36 Andrew Cockburn: hey JVM
13:14:14 Nick325: hey
13:14:23 AudunESP: hey
13:14:40 rokchik: Awesome Album Andrew....I'm actually listening to it right now...
13:14:43 muris: Maiden rules!!!!!
13:14:54 muris: Flight of Icarus :)
13:15:08 Andrew Cockburn: Good for you rok!
13:15:32 rokchik: Never Going back again is on right of my faves
13:15:37 Andrew Cockburn: Damn Californians - always ;ate ...
13:15:40 Andrew Cockburn: late that is
13:15:51 rokchik: lol
13:15:58 AudunESP: lol
13:16:27 AudunESP: hey again JMV
13:16:31 JVM: connection troubles :p
13:16:34 muris: guys ,got to go now,have some jobs to be done
13:16:37 muris: have a great time
13:16:38 JVM: so i was saying.. dont forget english rose :p
13:16:40 Andrew Cockburn: seeya Muris
13:16:44 JVM: later muris
13:16:44 rokchik: c ya Muris
13:16:45 muris: and see ya soon :)
13:16:45 AudunESP: cya
13:16:48 muris: bye
13:16:50 ezravdb: thanks andrew for comment
13:16:54 Andrew Cockburn: :)
13:17:04 Nick325: what are you guys talking bout
13:17:48 AudunESP: Rock/metal music ATM
13:17:55 Nick325: o
13:18:21 Nick325: what do you guys think of the new velvet revolver album
13:18:40 AudunESP: ill hear it now
13:18:41 JVM: i'm starting to like it
13:18:51 Nick325: do yo u have it
13:18:58 JVM: VR just doesnt stand up to GnR though
13:19:16 JVM: i mean, they're better than what guns is now of course
13:19:26 JVM: but I think slash's golden years are past
13:19:46 Nick325: ya :(
13:20:44 AudunESP: do it for the kids,come on come in, loving the alien,set me free, is any of those from the new album?
13:21:03 JVM: those are the old one arent they
13:21:13 AudunESP: oh
13:21:13 JVM: lemme bring it up
13:21:46 JVM: yeah they're all the old one
13:21:50 rokchik: I bought it but I'm not sure about it yet....need another listen or two I think
13:22:49 Nick325: o
13:23:05 Nick325: because im ordering a some cds and i saw it and maybe might get it
13:24:05 rokchik: The new Smashing Pumpkins is pretty good...a little heavier I think than some of their stuff
13:24:14 JVM: yeah its a good one
13:24:23 JVM: took a little getting used to but I like it
13:25:00 JVM: I still dont like how the vocals were mixed
13:25:12 JVM: they cut through the mix way too much, unlike on older pumpkins stuff
13:25:22 Andrew Cockburn: ok guys gota run and do some work - k8r
13:25:27 JVM: later andrew
13:25:44 Nick325: cya andrew
13:26:24 rokchik: I agree JVM...i was impressed by the album...I'm not a huge Pumkins fan
13:26:50 JVM: I don't see how anyone can not like siamese dream though :p
13:27:47 rokchik: There is some great stuff on that album too...but the Pumpkins as a whole just never did it for me for some reason.
13:28:04 JVM: well billy is kind of a drama queen
13:28:10 rokchik: very true
13:28:10 JVM: and it shows in his music :p
13:28:42 rokchik: But this new album has kinda put them in a new light for me...I like them a little better now
13:28:42 blindwillie: hey all!
13:28:43 JVM: hows it goin there willie brown
13:28:53 rokchik: hey willie
13:29:07 blindwillie: mmm nice. noticed I'm an addict to during the last days :)
13:29:16 JVM: me too :p
13:29:28 JVM: Im glad they left the videos up though, I worked a lot on gabes blues lessons
13:30:06 rokchik: Yeah I was very upset when I got back off vacation and the site was down....very horrifying experience
13:30:26 Nick325: i was scarred lol
13:30:52 blindwillie: yeah, I missed that. I'm linked to the forums. never accorud to me to browse the other parts :/
13:30:56 blindwillie: hehe
13:31:27 JVM: yeah I usually come in through the main page to check if there's new lessons etc
13:31:29 JVM: hey kai :)
13:31:36 Nick325: sup kai
13:31:38 rokchik: hey Kai
13:31:39 JVM: bye kai :)
13:31:42 Nick325: haha
13:33:07 JVM: lol
13:33:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: hello
13:33:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
13:33:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: nice
13:33:28 AudunESP: internet trouble? lol
13:33:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: i like the chatroom
13:33:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: nooooo
13:33:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: me not :D
13:34:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: how are you guys ?
13:34:15 AudunESP: i got a problem
13:34:16 JVM: good
13:34:22 rokchik: Well boys I gots to jet....must go practice. Talk to you all later
13:34:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: been practising lately ?" :P;)
13:34:33 JVM: take care rok
13:34:38 rokchik: c ya
13:34:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: c ya rok :)
13:34:53 Nick325: hey kai
13:35:21 AudunESP: i think its psychical, i ahve some problems starting fast runs, i just stop at the first string, and play that tone over and over, and i cant start the run, no probs before today
13:36:02 AudunESP: its only if i start on the deep e
13:36:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey nick :)
13:36:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: wuzzzaaaap?
13:36:22 Nick325: chilling u
13:36:34 JVM: so the rest of the run isnt on the e?
13:36:45 AudunESP: yep
13:36:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: audun can you tell how your amrs and hands etc. feel ?
13:37:00 AudunESP: they feel fine
13:37:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: ah ok
13:37:14 AudunESP: its, jsut that i stop on the e string, think its psychical
13:37:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: thats hard to check in a chatroom
13:37:30 JVM: is it your right or left hand that stops?
13:37:34 AudunESP: is there a guitar-psychiatrist here?
13:37:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: what kind of run and what are you up to?
13:38:01 AudunESP: oh sorry
13:38:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: AND can you play something like that run
13:38:09 AudunESP: its alternate ascending
13:38:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: ok
13:38:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: hmm...
13:38:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: hard to guess for me what the problem is by not seeing you play and not knowing which techniques you use
13:38:48 AudunESP: i Can play it if i play the tone some times, or wait some secs
13:39:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: can you play something like that run
13:39:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: ?
13:39:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: i dunno what "skill level" you are at
13:39:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: ;) sry for bad english i still practise ;)
13:40:00 JVM: your english is fine :p
13:40:15 AudunESP: ah! ill give you an excample, do you know the intro of the winding roads solo
13:40:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: thnx ;) im just quite a perfectionist you must know ;)
13:40:27 AudunESP: i can play that perfectly
13:40:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: yapp i know that
13:40:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: ok---
13:40:53 JVM: so its just the little bit on the e eh
13:41:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: what strings and pick do you use?
13:41:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: try the exact same stuff on different guitars and strings ;) so you can checke how " physical" your problem is
13:42:09 AudunESP: i use 11 gauge and a jim dunlop jazz 3 think its 1mm
13:42:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: guitar of a buddy somewhere in a store what ever...
13:42:23 AudunESP: ill try on my ibanez
13:42:28 JVM: is it a problem with your right or left hand?
13:42:35 AudunESP: its both
13:42:38 JVM: ah
13:42:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: 11 gauge in standard tuning?
13:42:46 JVM: maybe theyre out of sync?
13:42:46 AudunESP: im pretty much synchronizised
13:42:48 AudunESP: yep
13:42:49 JVM: oh
13:42:55 AudunESP: hmmm, maybe
13:42:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: hehe wellcome in the club :)
13:43:05 JVM: maybe try a heavier pick or something
13:43:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: i use 11-49 most of the time
13:43:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: and the 3mm big stubbies :P
13:43:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: Brruuuuutaaaaalll ;)
13:43:51 AudunESP: ye, thats metall
13:43:52 JVM: I usually use 10-42
13:43:59 JVM: but I think I want to give 11s a try
13:44:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: you should
13:44:14 JVM: ive used the 10s my whole life pretty much, I want to try 9s as well :P
13:44:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: its not that hard ...the change
13:44:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: and all sounds much fatter then;)
13:44:24 JVM: well I learned on acoustic
13:44:32 JVM: so I dont think i'll have a problem adjusting
13:44:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: perhabs
13:44:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: if you have a floyd then you have a problem
13:44:59 JVM: lol
13:45:06 JVM: nope its pretty much like the fender vibrato
13:45:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: most of the time
13:45:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: yah ok ;)
13:45:16 JVM: easy string change lol
13:45:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: then put it down ...
13:45:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: i call that making a lowrider out of that vintage type thing
13:45:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: do you get what i mean=
13:45:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: ?
13:45:53 JVM: yeah I think
13:46:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: if you turn/drive those skrews so low that the vintage trem has contact to the guitarbody
13:46:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: than you get better sound perhaps
13:46:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: not on all guitars that will work :P
13:46:54 JVM: the action?
13:46:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: omg i sound like yoda:D
13:47:02 JVM: lol
13:47:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: not on all guitars you must:D
13:47:09 JVM: haha
13:47:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: well... seriously
13:47:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: DONT DO IT if you have no experiences with ajusting a guitar tremolo ;)
13:47:52 JVM: ah you mean the trem itself
13:47:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: it will lead you to ...
13:47:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure
13:48:10 JVM: I have it so that its a bit lower
13:48:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: if you dont use it, its really cool to put it down
13:48:13 JVM: than it came
13:48:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: a bit more sustain
13:48:35 JVM: sweet
13:48:44 JVM: I get a lot of sustain out of my parker already too
13:49:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: i tell you that because if you use 11th strings you get even more
13:49:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: sustain i mean
13:49:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
13:49:11 AudunESP: hi
13:49:15 Pavel: Dragons! Dragons! Dragons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13:49:21 JVM: what? lol
13:49:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: ok now i am silent
13:49:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
13:49:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: The dragon is here:d
13:49:32 AudunESP: listened too much to rhapsody?
13:49:38 Pavel: hahahahahahha nobody from the last chat session is here so you guys don't know what waas going on here
13:49:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: NO!!
13:49:48 Pavel: hahahahaha
13:49:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: One can never hear enough truemetal
13:49:51 Pavel: it was awesome!!!
13:49:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: Mind that :d
13:49:58 AudunESP: i dont wanna know
13:49:59 Pavel: Rhapsody rulez!!!!
13:50:11 AudunESP: i was just kidding
13:50:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: speaking of i will put them in my iTunes :D
13:50:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: Drrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaagooooooonnnn mussssiiiiiiic :d
13:50:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: afk be back in a sec
13:51:12 Pavel: guys i ahve to leave you! i'll be back alter! My dad came back from a business trip and i want to talk to him!
13:51:18 Pavel: i see ya later!!!
13:55:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: Pavel doesnt like me :(
13:55:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
13:55:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: no just kidding
13:55:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: guys any other questions or so?
13:55:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: Classroom!!! I want your attention right now :p
13:55:55 JVM: achtung!
13:55:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: *silence*
13:55:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: :D
13:56:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: ja genau!
13:56:08 Kai Muehlenbruch: sehr gut JVM
13:56:12 JVM: thats about the only german word I know :
13:56:13 JVM: P
13:56:16 JVM: :P**
13:56:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: :)
13:56:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: but still good ;)
13:56:41 JVM: im only a little better with spanish
13:56:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: ah i can only speak english
13:57:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: and only words in other languages but no sentences:D
13:57:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: ok...then im off again, tooo
13:57:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: ;)
13:58:00 JVM: later kai
13:58:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: work as usual ;)
13:58:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: l8ter;)
13:58:50 ezravdb: lol german
13:59:17 JVM: lol
13:59:52 ezravdb: I know a few words in Polish because at my work are a lot of polish workers hehe
14:00:00 ezravdb: they work for a couple of bucks lol
14:00:10 JVM: whats your first?
14:00:18 ezravdb: only some nasty words though
14:00:39 ezravdb: first language?
14:00:43 JVM: yeah
14:01:24 ezravdb: Dutch
14:02:05 JVM: ah
14:03:04 ezravdb: my second language is english and then comes german and then come french
14:03:18 JVM: I only speak english and spanish
14:03:34 JVM: i think next I'll go for german or latin
14:21:44 ezravdb: latin?
14:21:57 ezravdb: thats an old language right?
14:22:04 ezravdb: classic
14:25:49 JVM: yeah
14:26:13 JVM: german, english, spanish etc are all derived pretty well from it
14:31:10 ezravdb: they teach that on our school with greek/greece
14:31:21 JVM: i'd love to learn greek too
14:31:40 JVM: although I think it has less practical application than latin, unless you're going to greece :P
14:32:11 JVM: i mean, we dont speak latin anymore, but if you understand it you can understand most of the other languages much better
14:34:16 ezravdb: yeah thats very true
14:36:09 ezravdb: I'm happy that there are now already people learning from my lesson :)
14:49:21 blindwillie: sorry, I was browsing the forums. how rude of me
14:49:32 blindwillie: Oh. I'm alone now :D
18:47:17 Nick325: hey o great no ones here :(
19:51:56 Nick325: hey chast
20:18:11 chast: hi again^^
20:18:15 Nick325: hey
20:18:37 chast: where are you from?
20:18:42 Nick325: long island
20:18:49 Nick325: u
20:18:52 chast: germany
20:19:00 Nick325: what town
20:19:20 chast: in michelstadt, about an hour away from frankfurt where the big airport is
20:19:38 Nick325: o i know where frankfurt is
20:19:47 Nick325: its where they had a world cup stadium
20:20:04 chast: oh i dont know
20:20:05 chast: ^^
20:20:19 Nick325: u play soccer (futbol)
20:20:25 chast: no, i dont like it^^
20:20:33 Nick325: how your european
20:20:38 Nick325: all europeans like soccer
20:20:42 chast: no^^
20:20:47 Nick325: most
20:20:51 chast: yeah most
20:21:06 chast: but there are also enough people who dont like it
20:21:09 Nick325: fine be that way:|
20:21:15 chast: but world cup was fine for drinking
20:21:17 chast: :>
20:21:22 Nick325: lol \
20:21:43 chast: brb
20:21:47 Nick325: ight
20:21:51 chast: gettings omething to drink
20:21:54 Nick325: beer
20:21:55 Nick325: hahah
20:22:05 Nick325: jk
20:22:38 chast: no^^
20:22:40 chast: water :p
20:22:57 Nick325: o
20:23:09 Nick325: :D 8) :| lol :{ :o :( :) :p :? ;)
20:23:19 chast: :p
20:23:30 Nick325: i want more ppl in here
20:23:34 chast: yeah me too
20:23:36 chast: :/
20:23:45 chast: maybe we should open a thread
20:24:40 Nick325: i just did
20:24:44 Nick325: lol
20:24:53 Nick325: i was demanding
20:24:54 chast: fine :D
20:25:18 Nick325: what times is it in germany
20:25:28 chast: 2:30 at night
20:25:33 Nick325: o
20:25:44 chast: i have holidays :)
20:25:45 Nick325: so your 6 hours ahead of us
20:26:00 Nick325: its only 8:30 here
20:26:04 chast: but next week i have to go school again
20:26:14 Nick325: u start next week?
20:26:22 chast: ye
20:26:28 Nick325: dang
20:26:36 Nick325: i dont start till september 5 or 6
20:26:55 chast: yeah holidays differs very much
20:27:00 chast: from country to country
20:27:22 Nick325: but this week and next im going to a course class at my school which is weird cause its the summer
20:27:48 chast: oO
20:28:05 Nick325: its a course for high school entrance test
20:28:12 chast: ah
20:28:21 chast: you will make it ?^^
20:28:27 Nick325: i hope
20:28:32 chast: you will
20:28:34 Nick325: :?
20:28:50 chast: well, i always have problems reaching the next grade
20:28:51 chast: :D
20:28:52 Nick325: im pretty smart i guess
20:28:57 chast: im too lazy
20:29:03 Nick325: but do u pass
20:29:08 Nick325: or you get left back
20:29:08 chast: yeah^^
20:29:18 Nick325: k good :D
20:29:21 chast: well
20:29:39 chast: 2 years i got left back, one year i just was stupid in my head, made shit
20:29:48 chast: and the other one french fucked me
20:29:50 chast: :(
20:30:01 Nick325: so thats four years of left back
20:30:06 Nick325: so what grade r u in now
20:30:07 chast: 2 years
20:30:10 chast: 11th
20:30:12 Nick325: ooo
20:30:19 Nick325: so u could be in college hahah
20:30:25 chast: we dont have college here
20:30:26 chast: ^^
20:30:28 Nick325: o
20:30:36 Nick325: lucky so after high school u is done
20:30:48 chast: you can go to university after
20:30:52 Nick325: oooo'
20:31:07 chast: or job
20:31:15 Nick325: :D
20:31:46 chast: but im probably going to study after school
20:32:05 Nick325: ya unless u wanna work for the rst of your life
20:32:11 chast: but first i have to finish school :P
20:32:15 Nick325: unless ur a musician :D
20:32:52 chast: how long are you playing guitar?
20:33:03 Nick325: about 3 years u
20:33:10 chast: 2 and a half
20:33:15 Nick325: close
20:33:27 chast: yeah, but i think, im not that good for that time^^
20:33:31 Nick325: o
20:33:44 chast: well, i dont get speed
20:33:47 chast: :D
20:34:05 Nick325: normally i practice all day long since its the summer but my moms been getting on my case so :(
20:34:33 Nick325: shes like " do u wanna be a musician or u want to be smart" lol
20:34:39 chast: lol
20:34:47 chast: musician :D
20:34:52 Nick325: ya probly
20:34:55 Nick325: its easy
20:35:00 Nick325: easier*
20:35:10 chast: hehe
20:35:27 chast: i love gabrieles stuff
20:35:42 Nick325: ya and pavels
20:35:47 chast: how me makes this awesome stuff out of the easiest things like pentatonic
20:35:51 Nick325: y
20:35:53 Nick325: ya
20:36:05 chast: pavel is teh shred :D
20:36:11 Nick325: lol
20:36:12 Nick325: yep
20:36:22 Nick325: hes sick
20:36:36 chast: i like everyone at gmc
20:36:41 Nick325: ya
20:36:45 chast: so many different styles
20:36:48 chast: its great
20:37:16 Nick325: si
20:37:29 Nick325: you can have your own style
20:37:36 AliMo: hey guys
20:37:42 chast: hey
20:37:47 AliMo: Well if it isn't my fellow Long Islander
20:37:55 chast: i can have it, if i would know what i like :p
20:38:13 Nick325: yep
20:38:15 chast: i like too much i think
20:38:16 Nick325: lol
20:38:18 chast: oO
20:38:44 Nick325: alimo where u from on long island nassau or suffolk
20:38:45 chast: my style would be sth. out of funk, some blues, modern rock and metal oO
20:39:21 AliMo: nassau, Im in baldwin
20:39:49 Nick325: mineola
20:40:06 chast: im away for 5 minutes
20:40:22 Nick325: k
20:40:35 chast: if im back i wanna see a full chat :p
20:40:41 Nick325: lol
20:41:23 Nick325: so whats up
20:41:38 AliMo: nothin much
20:41:43 AliMo: how long u been playin
20:41:49 AliMo: o shit sry i didnt even see that
20:41:50 Nick325: about 3 years
20:41:53 Nick325: u
20:41:56 AliMo: i was just in mineola on saturday
20:42:10 Nick325: cool
20:42:12 AliMo: o, only like 7 months now
20:42:26 Nick325: o
20:44:13 chast: back:p
20:44:15 Nick325: k
20:44:30 chast: which lessons are you practing ?
20:44:40 Nick325: 3 string sweeping
20:44:58 Nick325: and muris' economy picking since its like sweeping (the motion)
20:45:17 chast: i dont know what to practice
20:45:23 chast: there are too much lessons i like
20:45:26 chast: :D
20:45:30 Nick325: i know
20:45:35 Nick325: i have to much to learn
20:45:38 Nick325: lol
20:45:55 AliMo: lol sorry i keep not paying attention, talking to too many ppl at once
20:46:02 chast: :D
20:46:05 Nick325: its ok
20:46:08 Nick325: lol
20:46:15 chast: man i love pantera oO
20:46:21 AliMo: and Im with you chast, too many good lessons to keep up with
20:46:40 Nick325: *meow* *meow* *meow* *meow*
20:46:49 Nick325: *slap* *whip*
20:46:57 Nick325: *meow* *slap* *meow* *whip*
20:47:02 Nick325: lol
20:47:05 chast: :D
20:47:08 AliMo: *moo*
20:47:11 Nick325: making cool noises combinding them
20:47:12 AliMo: lol doesnt work
20:47:14 chast: yeah we need moo
20:47:16 chast: for sure
20:47:21 Nick325: or like
20:47:27 Nick325: omg!!!
20:47:29 Nick325: lol
20:47:40 chast: damn im scared
20:47:45 chast: i think a bird is watching me
20:47:50 Nick325: or kris's "bad mother finger"
20:47:53 Nick325: lol
20:47:57 chast: he is chilling on my balcon since 2 days
20:48:00 Nick325: how do u know its 3 in the morning
20:48:05 Nick325: lol
20:48:10 Nick325: chase him away
20:48:21 chast: and he is shitting everywhere
20:48:23 chast: oO
20:48:35 Nick325: shoot him with a pellet gun
20:48:39 chast: :D
20:48:47 chast: i shoot him with my guitar xD
20:48:47 Nick325: :)
20:48:53 Nick325: haha
20:48:57 Nick325: the power of music!!
20:49:34 AliMo: lol
20:49:49 chast: hm
20:50:02 chast: should i play some warcraft or not
20:50:11 chast: i dont want to leave you, but i also want to play :D
20:50:12 Nick325: i tried the 10 day demo
20:50:16 Nick325: i didnt like it
20:50:23 AliMo: lol dont tell me wow chast
20:50:26 chast: im not talking about world of warcraft^^
20:50:31 Nick325: o
20:50:31 chast: frozen throne :p
20:50:33 Nick325: lol
20:51:02 chast: i also tried wow for 1 or 2 month, but it costs me too much time
20:51:14 Nick325: and waste or life :)
20:51:21 AliMo: lol i played wow so much like a year and a half ago
20:51:28 Nick325: lol
20:51:31 AliMo: biggest waste of time in my life
20:51:34 chast: :D
20:51:41 chast: hey serqeant :D
20:51:50 Nick325: the only game i computer game i like is lotr: battle for middle earth
20:52:00 Nick325: lol
20:52:00 Nick325: u make armies and kill each other
20:52:04 Sergeant_Ant: hey guys!
20:52:11 Nick325: hey sergean
20:52:11 AliMo: that game is awesome, i have it for xbox
20:52:22 AliMo: Hello Sergeant
20:52:24 Nick325: o ya they make it for xbox
20:52:26 AliMo: *salutes*
20:52:30 Nick325: lol
20:52:41 Nick325: *meow*
20:52:49 AliMo: *whi[*
20:52:50 Sergeant_Ant: aww, it was new guitar or xbox 360...
20:52:56 AliMo: aghh *whip*
20:52:56 Nick325: sargeant hows the rg350ex
20:53:11 AliMo: new guitar anyday
20:53:12 Sergeant_Ant: im playin it now
20:53:21 Sergeant_Ant: i love it :D
20:53:25 Nick325: thats my next baby
20:53:28 Nick325: :)
20:53:33 AliMo: 360 is fun but guitar is much better, especially the 350ex
20:53:38 AliMo: im thinkin about gettin that
20:53:40 Nick325: si
20:53:43 Nick325: me 2
20:53:49 Sergeant_Ant: its great
20:54:03 AliMo: sergeant wut type of music do u usually play?
20:54:11 Sergeant_Ant: low, fast, edge 3 is awesome, only down side is its not a JEM
20:54:16 Sergeant_Ant: i play everything
20:54:20 Nick325: lol
20:54:28 chast: hi andrew
20:54:32 Sergeant_Ant: blues, metal, country, altern, old school, etc
20:54:40 AliMo: lol speaking of JEM
20:54:43 Nick325: is the edge 3 good becuase i heard its annoying when tunning like floyd rose
20:54:45 Andrew Cockburn: Hi - I heard someone mention a Jem so I came running!
20:54:49 Nick325: lol
20:54:50 AliMo: haha
20:54:51 chast: :D
20:54:57 Sergeant_Ant: lol, you jerk :P
20:55:07 Nick325: lets make sure we always say JEM so andrew comes in
20:55:12 chast: these jem nerds :P
20:55:21 Andrew Cockburn: Hah - you're just jealous
20:55:22 Sergeant_Ant: i know, his JEM sences were tingling
20:55:35 Andrew Cockburn: I'm playing her now :)
20:55:37 Nick325: i know whats a jem? :p
20:55:37 chast: im happy with my guitar :P
20:55:38 Sergeant_Ant: your right...
20:55:44 Nick325: lol
20:55:49 Sergeant_Ant: so what, whos not jelous :P
20:56:03 Nick325: dont rub it in andrew :(
20:56:10 Nick325: lol
20:56:30 Andrew Cockburn: they are overrated - I hate mine
20:56:34 Sergeant_Ant: im buying my pedals and a new amp next, its on my list
20:56:35 Andrew Cockburn: NOT!!!!
20:56:38 Sergeant_Ant: ill trade you
20:56:41 Sergeant_Ant: lol
20:56:46 Nick325: lol
20:57:02 Nick325: i have a question
20:57:13 Nick325: maybe buying a pedal soon
20:57:28 Andrew Cockburn: cool
20:57:34 Nick325: either digitech distortion facorty df7 or boss pw10 or other way
20:57:36 Nick325: wah*
20:57:46 Nick325: any of u have one of them
20:58:14 Andrew Cockburn: not me
20:58:17 Nick325: or do i gotta get my lazy but to the store and try them out
20:58:19 Andrew Cockburn: had a vox a while back
20:58:21 chast: i dont have one
20:58:23 Sergeant_Ant: i got nothin at the moment, i love the sound of a clean guitar
20:58:24 Andrew Cockburn: thinking of getting a bad horsie 2
20:58:25 AliMo: sry I'm no help in this department
20:58:35 AliMo: same here sarg
20:58:43 Nick325: maybe ask pavel i think he got both of those lol
20:58:44 Sergeant_Ant: i was gonna get a bad horsie 2, or a wah from ibanez or boss
20:59:06 Sergeant_Ant: speaking of bad horsie, i think im addicted to that song
20:59:16 Andrew Cockburn: yeah
20:59:22 AliMo: Hey guys I gotta go walk my dog so I'll be headin out now, nice talkin to ya
20:59:23 AliMo: see ya later
20:59:27 Sergeant_Ant: l8er
20:59:31 Andrew Cockburn: I want to know how mich of that is Vai and how much is digitech?\
20:59:32 Nick325: cya
20:59:34 Andrew Cockburn: Seeya
20:59:57 Sergeant_Ant: hmm, good question
21:00:08 Sergeant_Ant: in guitar world it shows his setup...
21:00:14 Andrew Cockburn: cool either way but is it real whammy or not?
21:00:24 Nick325: o the october issue
21:00:28 Sergeant_Ant: oh, yea, have you seen the vid
21:00:31 Nick325: i just picked that up yesterday
21:00:35 Sergeant_Ant: yea, that one :)
21:01:02 Nick325: its an awsome one
21:01:14 Nick325: i read the whole thing in like 30 hour
21:01:19 Nick325: cause i read everything
21:01:26 Nick325: EVERYTHING
21:01:29 Nick325: lol
21:01:38 Sergeant_Ant: lol, im simple, i look at pics
21:01:39 Sergeant_Ant: jk
21:01:48 Sergeant_Ant: wheres everyone from?
21:01:57 Nick325: long island ny
21:02:11 Andrew Cockburn: Southern Connecticut
21:02:24 Sergeant_Ant: Im from texas...yall
21:02:44 Nick325: lol\
21:02:47 Nick325: lol
21:02:52 Andrew Cockburn: I'm a Brit really - moved over here a yea

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Kristofer Dahl
Aug 21 2007, 04:50 PM
GMC Founder
Posts: 17.424
Joined: 15-August 05
From: Stockholm, Sweden
21:02:52 Andrew Cockburn: I'm a Brit really - moved over here a year ago

21:02:59 Sergeant_Ant: o, thats rad :)
21:03:10 Nick325: cool u like futbol

21:03:29 Andrew Cockburn: Beckham followed me

21:03:35 Sergeant_Ant: lol, nice

21:03:36 Nick325: lol

21:03:51 Andrew Cockburn: I spent a week in San Antonio once ...

21:03:58 Sergeant_Ant: yea, thats where i am

21:04:10 Andrew Cockburn: cool :)
21:04:19 Andrew Cockburn: I stayed in some hotel with a river running threough it

21:04:43 Sergeant_Ant: :) thats pretty cool, i wanna go travel tho

21:05:00 Andrew Cockburn: I travel a lot with my job, hatye it

21:05:06 Andrew Cockburn: wish I could stay at home!@

21:05:08 Sergeant_Ant: where you work?

21:05:18 Andrew Cockburn: at home when I am not travelling

21:05:28 Sergeant_Ant: o, ok

21:05:42 Sergeant_Ant: my jobs odd

21:06:04 Nick325: wat u do

21:06:13 Sergeant_Ant: i was so gonna ask that

21:06:39 Sergeant_Ant: i reverse engineer for a slushie machine maker company

21:07:06 Nick325: i love slushie

21:07:10 Sergeant_Ant: im only 16 and its an international company so im pretty happy :)
21:07:24 Sergeant_Ant: I KNOW! who doesnt love slushies and icees

21:07:33 Nick325: ya boy

21:07:48 Nick325: i cant find a job around here for my agr

21:07:50 Nick325: age*

21:08:03 Sergeant_Ant: ah, that suks

21:08:13 Nick325: but im only 14
21:08:15 Nick325: so idk

21:08:22 Sergeant_Ant: well then your doin ok :)
21:08:26 Nick325: lol

21:08:44 Nick325: i want a job so i can buy guitar stuff

21:08:55 Nick325: even though im good at saving the little money i get

21:08:55 Sergeant_Ant: yea, thats my reason 4 working lol

21:09:32 Sergeant_Ant: just try like mowing lawns, maybe a movie theater or just find some good connections

21:09:38 Sergeant_Ant: JEM

21:09:46 Sergeant_Ant: (maybe now he'll come back)

21:10:40 Nick325: lol

21:10:43 Nick325: JEM

21:10:46 Nick325: JEM

21:10:47 Nick325: JEM

21:10:48 Nick325: JEM

21:11:00 Sergeant_Ant: lol, well ow hes gotta come runnin

21:11:29 Nick325: maybe

21:11:36 Sergeant_Ant: so what kinda equipment u have?

21:12:02 Nick325: fender strat marshall amp

21:12:09 Nick325: haha see sargeant

21:12:09 Sergeant_Ant: ha!

21:12:16 Andrew Cockburn: Jem???

21:12:26 Nick325: whenever we said it u come in

21:12:27 Sergeant_Ant: we were trying to get you back

21:12:31 Andrew Cockburn: My computer locked up :(
21:12:54 Sergeant_Ant: i forgot to say, steve does actually whammy on the bad horsie, not all digitech

21:13:01 Sergeant_Ant: have u seen vid?

21:13:46 Andrew Cockburn: nah, haven't
21:13:59 Andrew Cockburn: nope

21:14:04 Sergeant_Ant: i laughed till i cried the first time i did

21:14:11 Sergeant_Ant: hes painted all silver

21:14:41 Andrew Cockburn: wierd

21:14:55 Andrew Cockburn: I guess you have to do what you have to do ...

21:14:59 Sergeant_Ant: i kno, but it was entertaining so its all good

21:15:25 Sergeant_Ant: so what kinda music yall play

21:15:39 Nick325: classic rock, blues, and some metal

21:15:55 Andrew Cockburn: um, rock I guess

21:16:00 Andrew Cockburn: anything that isn;t metal

21:16:05 Sergeant_Ant: i play...

21:16:08 Sergeant_Ant: guitar

21:16:14 Andrew Cockburn: great answer :)
21:16:18 Sergeant_Ant: :)
21:16:42 Sergeant_Ant: i cant stand the metal vocals but sometimes the rifts are neat

21:16:50 Nick325: si

21:17:04 Nick325: andrew for the lydian collab
21:17:11 Andrew Cockburn: yes?

21:17:12 Nick325: is it clean or distorted

21:17:17 Andrew Cockburn: dist

21:17:23 Nick325: k

21:17:30 Nick325: im gunna try and record it now

21:17:41 Nick325: i wouldve had it up earlier but the site wasnt working

21:17:53 Andrew Cockburn: cool - good luck!

21:17:58 Sergeant_Ant: have fun!

21:18:06 Nick325: ill stil be in here though

21:18:13 Sergeant_Ant: all the better lol

21:18:39 Sergeant_Ant: i need a good effects board, do yall perfer pedals or boards?

21:19:03 Nick325: well arent boards maede up of pedal

21:19:08 Andrew Cockburn: I have used all in one thinguies so far

21:19:14 Andrew Cockburn: gonna build myself a pewdal board though

21:19:42 Sergeant_Ant: yea, i like the all in 1s but pedals are easier sometimes during a song

21:20:02 Andrew Cockburn: I never gigged with pedals

21:20:13 Andrew Cockburn: Had a decent remote for my effects unit so it was ok

21:20:23 Sergeant_Ant: i was thinkin about the Zoom multi thingy with 2 switch things

21:20:47 Sergeant_Ant: zoom g9.2

21:20:50 Sergeant_Ant: or somethin

21:21:09 Andrew Cockburn: Not an expert with those - I had a Zomm 9010 for a few years

21:21:25 Sergeant_Ant: yea, i need a good wah first lol

21:21:26 Andrew Cockburn: bought it in 1993

21:21:32 Sergeant_Ant: wow lol

21:21:38 Sergeant_Ant: i was 2

21:21:53 Andrew Cockburn: lol

21:21:56 Sergeant_Ant: im a youngster...

21:22:00 Andrew Cockburn: My Strat is almost as old as you!

21:22:07 Sergeant_Ant: lol, awesome

21:22:37 Sergeant_Ant: i want a strat with a floyd rose

21:22:46 Sergeant_Ant: the possibilities are endless

21:22:49 Andrew Cockburn: its called an Ibanez :)
21:23:06 Sergeant_Ant: lol, well im sorry i cant afford your guitar yet

21:23:19 Sergeant_Ant: eventually ill have one

21:23:25 Andrew Cockburn: you could get a cheap and nasty imitation ...

21:23:33 Sergeant_Ant: lol, thats kinda what i have

21:23:33 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah :_

21:23:50 Andrew Cockburn: Well they don;t make you play any better,that has to come from you

21:24:06 Sergeant_Ant: o yea, a good player can make anything sound good :)
21:24:23 Andrew Cockburn: exactly! I bet Vai rocks on a Fender Squier ;)
21:24:35 Sergeant_Ant: i dont know why tho, the JEM just looks so beautiful...

21:24:48 Sergeant_Ant: yea but vai doesnt have to pay for anything anyways :P

21:25:03 Andrew Cockburn: also true ... and yes I llooved the look of the Jem

21:25:26 Sergeant_Ant: my guitar right now is perfect for me tho :)
21:26:01 Andrew Cockburn: Its wise to be satisfied with what you have - I never managed to figure that out !

21:26:39 Sergeant_Ant: i kno how you feel, but this one just called out to me, it was the first ibanez i ever played, so i had to have the one right off the wall

21:27:43 Sergeant_Ant: you could say we've bonded

21:27:43 Andrew Cockburn: nice 0 what nmodel?

21:28:14 Sergeant_Ant: RG350EX, its a lower end but its perfect for me, and it was in my price range

21:28:46 Andrew Cockburn: 350 is a classic!

21:28:56 Andrew Cockburn: A lot of guitar for the money

21:29:08 Nick325: gtg

21:29:15 Sergeant_Ant: o, ok

21:29:16 Nick325: talk to you guys l8r

21:29:21 Sergeant_Ant: bye nick
21:29:21 Andrew Cockburn: seeya

21:29:50 Sergeant_Ant: i need a good set of pedals and a nice amp next

21:30:07 Andrew Cockburn: me too :)
21:30:10 Sergeant_Ant: just sold my paintball gun for 400, so now i can afford somethin fun

21:30:20 Andrew Cockburn: nicenice

21:30:33 Andrew Cockburn: bad horsie 2 looks good

21:31:00 Sergeant_Ant: i kno, i wanna try that one and look at the ibanez weeping deamon and the Boss wah too tho just to get a feel

21:31:31 Andrew Cockburn: any good guitar shops in San Antonio?

21:32:15 Sergeant_Ant: Guitar center (Home of the EVH replica and the jimmy paige double neck) :) and Sam Ash <- my second home

21:32:33 Andrew Cockburn: Cool :)
21:32:41 Andrew Cockburn: I get most of my stuff online

21:33:20 Sergeant_Ant: yea, i usually go to sam ash cuz its pretty cheap, they had your JEM on the wall, but i couldnt reach it :(
21:33:33 Andrew Cockburn: Denied!

21:33:41 Sergeant_Ant: lol, i know!

21:34:24 Sergeant_Ant: but on the bright side it was what originally led me to ibanez and then my guitar now, i saw the RG looked alot like it so i picked it up and fell in love

21:34:29 chast: wah

21:34:32 chast: was playing :D

21:34:37 Andrew Cockburn: Good story

21:34:47 Andrew Cockburn: Wah - lol giving us the sound effects?

21:35:00 chast: for sure :D

21:35:12 Sergeant_Ant: it was an amazing performance!

21:35:43 Sergeant_Ant: oh, by the way andrew, i teach alot of aspiring guitarist your theory lessons

21:35:49 chast: hm, im always a lil bit, that i dont want to order online a guitar and than send it back

21:36:04 Sergeant_Ant: yea, sometimes you gotta play it first

21:36:11 Andrew Cockburn: Cool - spreadt the word!

21:36:17 chast: always, but here is no music shop

21:36:19 chast: :P

21:36:33 Sergeant_Ant: yea, i really wanna teach but theres always more to learn!

21:36:38 Sergeant_Ant: o, that sucks!

21:36:48 Sergeant_Ant: i live at the music store

21:36:57 chast: yeah, the next big one is 1 hour away but i dont ahve a car

21:37:05 Sergeant_Ant: oh,man...

21:37:11 Sergeant_Ant: what store is it

21:37:12 chast: it sucks :D

21:37:14 Andrew Cockburn: :(
21:37:20 chast: musik-schmidt in frankfurt am main

21:37:39 Sergeant_Ant: Germany?

21:37:47 chast: yees

21:37:49 Andrew Cockburn: I went to Frankfurt once ...

21:37:58 Sergeant_Ant: lol, youve been everywhere

21:38:14 Sergeant_Ant: im studying german, i wanna visit :)
21:38:19 Andrew Cockburn: Yep, but all on business and you don't see anything

21:38:26 Andrew Cockburn: Das ist gut

21:38:31 Sergeant_Ant: :)
21:38:35 chast: studying germany, are you crazy ? :P

21:38:40 chast: Bier ist gut :p

21:38:47 Sergeant_Ant: lol, mainly language first

21:38:47 Andrew Cockburn: sehr gut!

21:38:56 Sergeant_Ant: lol, im not old enough :P

21:39:08 Sergeant_Ant: yo smikey

21:39:13 chast: hey smikey

21:39:21 Andrew Cockburn: Oktoberfest .. man my head hurt

21:39:25 Andrew Cockburn: Hi Smikey

21:39:26 chast: lol

21:39:33 chast: i havent been there yet :/

21:39:36 chast: its a pity^^

21:39:42 chast: maybe this year

21:39:50 Sergeant_Ant: im going to the non alchoholic version :(
21:39:55 Andrew Cockburn: A lot of fun :)
21:40:04 Sergeant_Ant: good food tho :)
21:40:05 chast: everybody is drunken there^^

21:40:13 Andrew Cockburn: Well without the ALcohol its a noisy smelly place playing bad music

21:40:22 Andrew Cockburn: The alcohol kind of putrs it in focus :)
21:40:27 Sergeant_Ant: lol, nice

21:40:34 chast: yeah "kapellenmusik" as its called, but alcohol makes it all fun :D

21:40:47 Sergeant_Ant: they make us sing it in class..

21:40:54 Andrew Cockburn: Ouch :(
21:41:09 Sergeant_Ant: i was gonna bring kristopher dahls german song to class ;)
21:41:14 chast: lol

21:41:20 Andrew Cockburn: lol

21:41:39 Sergeant_Ant: now that would be hillarious

21:41:47 Sergeant_Ant: everybody sing along!

21:41:56 chast: :D

21:41:56 chast: blödman

21:42:01 Sergeant_Ant: YES! lol

21:42:20 chast: hmpf

21:42:30 chast: nothing else to drink except beer here

21:42:32 chast: :/

21:42:45 chast: dont want to drink beer now

21:42:49 Sergeant_Ant: lol

21:43:36 Andrew Cockburn: well, I gotta go

21:43:41 Andrew Cockburn: early start in the AM

21:43:53 Andrew Cockburn: GO to drive to New Jersey

21:43:55 Sergeant_Ant: have fun :)
21:44:11 Andrew Cockburn: seeya

21:44:14 chast: cu andrew

21:44:23 chast: i found some water

21:44:24 chast: :D

21:44:29 Sergeant_Ant: awesome :)
21:44:48 chast: yeah :D

21:45:09 Sergeant_Ant: so what you usually play?

21:45:19 chast: what do you mean ?

21:45:24 chast: rhythm, solo or which style?

21:45:34 Sergeant_Ant: style

21:45:43 Sergeant_Ant: but rythm or solo? :)
21:45:47 chast: hm, i dont focus on a style really

21:45:58 chast: mostly rhythm

21:46:04 Sergeant_Ant: yea, me too

21:46:05 chast: here i am learning the solo stuff

21:46:13 Smikey2006: oh ehy guys

21:46:15 chast: with my teacher rythym

21:46:21 Sergeant_Ant: hi!

21:46:24 Smikey2006: oh man i missed andrew.. thats no good

21:46:35 Smikey2006: had a question for him

21:46:47 Sergeant_Ant: he has to drive alot tomorro...

21:46:59 chast: well, i play chili peppers, hammerfall...

21:47:00 Smikey2006: yea i kno lol

21:47:04 chast: everything mixed

21:47:06 Smikey2006: lol
21:47:12 Smikey2006: chili and hammerfall

21:47:18 Smikey2006: those r like opposite spectrum :D

21:47:25 chast: bodom but its too hard for me

21:47:26 chast: :D

21:47:35 Sergeant_Ant: bodom is pretty awesome

21:47:48 Sergeant_Ant: what was ur question? maybe we can help

21:47:55 Sergeant_Ant: or just PM him

21:47:58 chast: tried to play sixpounder, but i sucked, was too hard :D

21:48:11 chast: triple corpse hammerblow, i get some parts

21:48:14 Sergeant_Ant: lol, i stick to metallica and pantera for now

21:48:21 Smikey2006: lol
21:48:22 chast: pantera roxx

21:48:30 Smikey2006: im learning knuckle duster right now

21:48:32 Smikey2006: by bodom

21:48:34 Smikey2006: its siiicck lol

21:48:38 Sergeant_Ant: o yea

21:48:38 chast: hm

21:48:50 chast: i dont know that, i only have hate crew death roll

21:48:53 Smikey2006: oh

21:48:57 Smikey2006: download it its awsome

21:49:07 chast: i love chokehold at hcdr

21:49:11 chast: :)
21:49:21 Sergeant_Ant: yall in any bands?

21:49:26 chast: no

21:49:36 chast: at the moment i just like playing for myself

21:49:42 Sergeant_Ant: im in 2, but i dont like what we play

21:50:08 Sergeant_Ant: i just want some prac with other people

21:50:48 chast: is that the right song?

21:51:28 chast: if it is, i think thats a song for my teacher

21:51:31 chast: :D

21:51:35 chast: he will like it =)

21:51:53 Smikey2006: find a band :D

21:52:07 Smikey2006: i get the greatest advice for my playing when playing with my band

21:52:18 Smikey2006: my lead knows twice as much as me and my drummer is great too

21:52:29 chast: i have my teacher

21:52:31 chast: :P

21:52:34 chast: and gmc :D

21:52:43 Sergeant_Ant: i have all my GMC buddies

21:52:56 chast: man this song roxx

21:53:01 chast: got to learn it with my teacher

21:53:07 chast: oO

21:53:13 Sergeant_Ant: :)
21:54:12 chast: man, do you know this

21:54:17 chast: if you randomly get a melody

21:54:21 chast: but only a few notes

21:54:33 chast: and than you cant continue it

21:54:52 chast: becuase nothing fits what you play
21:55:32 Sergeant_Ant: ?

21:55:38 chast: well

21:55:45 chast: yesterday night i just played around

21:55:59 chast: and played a melody suddenly

21:56:03 chast: i liked it

21:56:15 chast: but now im stuck to get it to a longer melody

21:56:33 Smikey2006: HMM

21:56:39 Smikey2006: find a patter and just go with it

21:56:43 Sergeant_Ant: i usually try to figure out what scale or anythin im in and try to use that

21:56:48 chast: i dont which key it is :D

21:57:02 Sergeant_Ant: or play it again like a few frets or a string higher

21:57:16 Sergeant_Ant: or have someone else harmonize with you and just repeat it

21:58:25 Smikey2006: umm

21:58:33 Smikey2006: yea

21:58:38 Smikey2006: guitar pro?

21:58:44 Sergeant_Ant: lol

21:58:49 chast: :D

21:59:18 chast: hm i dont even know what im doing there with the rhythm

21:59:31 Sergeant_Ant: can you tab it or somethin?

21:59:39 chast: i can tab the notes

21:59:47 chast: but not the rhythm^^

21:59:51 Smikey2006: hmm

21:59:54 chast: wait

22:00:00 chast: i record it

22:00:04 Smikey2006: good call

22:00:08 chast: it is only about 2 seconds

22:00:08 Smikey2006: send it to us

22:00:11 chast: or sth.

22:00:11 Sergeant_Ant: perfect!

22:03:21 chast: so

22:03:24 chast: just a mom

22:03:31 Sergeant_Ant: aye captain

22:03:57 chast: ;)
22:04:46 chast:

22:04:50 chast: here you are :P

22:04:58 chast: be scared of my mighty guitar skills

22:05:28 chast: i will tab the notes, one moment

22:06:26 Smikey2006: a crap

22:06:32 Sergeant_Ant: i have to hand it to ya, that sounded pretty rad, i think i have a continuation too

22:06:33 Smikey2006: gotta leave

22:06:35 Smikey2006: cya

22:07:11 chast: damn^^

22:07:23 Sergeant_Ant: yea...

22:07:42 chast: hm

22:08:37 chast: did you compose some own songs so far?

22:08:49 Sergeant_Ant: yea, i lost my stuff tho lol

22:08:56 chast: :D

22:08:59 Sergeant_Ant: and sometimes i forget to write it

22:09:48 chast: i havent composed something
22:09:51 chast: no ideas

22:09:52 chast: ^^

22:10:00 Sergeant_Ant: lol, its all good

22:10:03 chast: only sometimes i get those melodys

22:10:12 chast: and than i cant continue them

22:10:15 chast: :<

22:10:26 Sergeant_Ant: its a great start

22:11:04 Sergeant_Ant: try repeating that whole pattern but at the end instead of going lower then go higher

22:11:38 chast: hm, i will try it

22:11:52 chast: but i dont which key this is ^^

22:12:01 chast: do you get it if i send you the tab ?

22:12:32 Sergeant_Ant: i think, it starts on a d

22:12:38 chast: yes

22:12:54 Sergeant_Ant: looks alot like an a minor penatonic

22:13:24 chast: hey totally other question

22:13:38 chast: when do i use than and when i have to use then ?:^^

22:14:07 Sergeant_Ant: wha? lol

22:14:21 Sergeant_Ant: sorry, dont get the queation, like when do you use that scale?

22:15:03 chast: sorry... i wanted to know something about english not about music :D

22:15:13 chast: than and then

22:15:21 chast: when i have to use what ? :D

22:16:11 Sergeant_Ant: o, my fault, than i think is like, oh, now than, anyways, like a lets continue thing i think, then is like a time thing

22:16:15 Sergeant_Ant: now and then

22:16:27 Sergeant_Ant: somethin like that, im a bad teacher...

22:16:53 Sergeant_Ant: hi guest!

22:16:59 chast: i think i got it

22:17:01 chast: ^^

22:17:13 Sergeant_Ant: lol, i tried anyway

22:17:17 chast: guests cant write to the chat

22:17:29 Sergeant_Ant: o, nice

22:17:41 chast: it is like that. i came home. then i did my homework ?

22:17:50 Sergeant_Ant: yea

22:17:56 chast: you see, i got it :D

22:18:01 Sergeant_Ant: :) awesome

22:18:55 chast: i just write andrew a pm

22:19:03 chast: i think he can tell me which key it is :D

22:19:37 Sergeant_Ant: i think its in a minor penatonic, but thats a good idea

22:20:25 chast: and maybe than if i know which key it is, i can continue it

22:20:27 chast: :D

22:20:29 chast: hi jvm

22:20:29 Sergeant_Ant: hi JMV

22:20:33 JVM: yo

22:20:55 chast: sup?

22:21:08 JVM: doing some of gabe's blues stuff

22:21:17 chast: =)

22:21:37 Sergeant_Ant: i saved it ( hope that ok ) i think i record it with my version of a continuation and send it to you

22:21:44 chast: for sure =)

22:21:56 Sergeant_Ant: ok, cool :)
22:22:00 chast: hm, that could be an idea for a collobration

22:22:12 chast: giving a melody and continue it after and after

22:22:17 Sergeant_Ant: yea :) try it

22:22:47 chast: someone other has to try it, because without backingtracks its a bit boring i think

22:23:09 Sergeant_Ant: o, i have a lil one it might work with

22:24:00 chast: hm, we should think about it^^

22:24:21 Sergeant_Ant: yea :)
22:24:29 chast: or giving the idea to walliman or someone else

22:25:06 Sergeant_Ant: couldnt hurt right?

22:25:10 chast: well lets talk tom

22:25:14 chast: orow

22:25:28 chast: i will leave now its late in germany^^

22:25:29 Sergeant_Ant: sounds good

22:25:33 Sergeant_Ant: lol, ok

22:25:45 chast: nice chatting =)

22:25:53 chast: see you guys

22:25:53 Sergeant_Ant: ut was fun :)
22:25:57 Sergeant_Ant: l8er

22:26:05 chast: and have a good night

22:26:27 Sergeant_Ant: im gonna save ur screen name thingy 4 later

22:26:30 JVM: hey ketchup
22:26:37 kethcup: hey

22:26:44 kethcup: how goes it everyone?

22:27:13 Sergeant_Ant: pretty good, u?

22:27:20 kethcup: good man, thanks.

22:28:33 Sergeant_Ant: what kinda stuff you play?

22:30:12 Sergeant_Ant: ah, i better go, might be back later

22:32:06 JVM: so whats up?

22:35:54 kethcup: Sorry, was writing a post

22:36:00 JVM: np

22:36:05 kethcup: Nothing much man, how are you?

22:36:16 JVM: did you know you can enable it to make a little sound each time someone says something?

22:36:25 JVM: not one of those really annoying ****whip** sounds though

22:36:27 kethcup: yea?

22:36:30 kethcup: I didn't know that

22:36:32 JVM: yeah right click in the chat

22:36:41 JVM: and down to audio notify or something

22:36:59 kethcup: It's checked but I don't hear anything

22:37:07 kethcup: It may help if I turn my speakers on though!

22:37:10 kethcup: lol

22:37:13 JVM: lol

22:38:01 kethcup: So where you from?

22:38:08 JVM: north carolina

22:38:12 kethcup: I'm from Denver, Colorado

22:38:14 kethcup: right on

22:38:21 JVM: denver is a cool place

22:38:28 kethcup: yea, I like it

22:38:31 JVM: I have an uncle in boulder

22:38:35 kethcup: love the climate

22:39:02 kethcup: I'm thinking about going up to Boulder on the 20th to see Clutch

22:39:24 JVM: not sure who that is :p

22:39:34 JVM: but if you go to boulder

22:39:36 kethcup: great band!
22:39:39 JVM: you absolutely have to go to juanitas

22:39:48 kethcup: mexican food?

22:39:56 JVM: yes :D

22:39:59 kethcup: nice!

22:40:03 JVM: best place ever

22:40:07 kethcup: I love mexican food

22:40:21 kethcup: What type of music are you into?

22:40:34 JVM: im playing some blues right now

22:40:40 JVM: but I listen to everything from classical to hip hop

22:40:53 kethcup: right on

22:41:07 kethcup: any metal?

22:41:18 JVM: oh yeah :D

22:41:22 kethcup: nice! :)
22:41:27 JVM: although I don't know too many of the more obscure ones

22:41:34 kethcup: that's cool

22:41:37 JVM: as far as obscure bands, regular old rock n' roll is my forte

22:41:50 kethcup: that's a good forte to have man

22:41:51 JVM: but I mean, maiden, megadeth, metallica

22:41:58 kethcup: very cool!

22:42:05 kethcup: I grew up on those guys

22:42:13 kethcup: much love and respect
22:42:43 JVM: so are you a metalhead?

22:42:49 kethcup: I just bought tickets today to go see Slayer and Marilyn Manson

22:42:54 kethcup: You could say that lol

22:42:56 JVM: nice.

22:43:09 kethcup: I'm a big Slayer fan

22:43:20 kethcup: but Lamb of God is my fav for now

22:43:41 kethcup: I should say my heart is with Metal but I definitely like all types

22:44:12 kethcup: I'm really digging Tracy Chapman and Ben Harper right now too

22:45:33 JVM: cool

22:46:33 kethcup: So how long have you been playing?

22:46:42 JVM: about 8 years

22:52:06 JVM: you?

22:53:09 kethcup: off and on for about 17 years

22:53:47 kethcup: damn that makes me sound so old lol

22:53:52 JVM: lol

22:54:23 kethcup: I'm 30 now so I guess I started around 13?

22:54:37 JVM: I started at 9

22:54:39 JVM: you do the math :p

22:54:58 kethcup: a youngin eh?

22:55:00 kethcup: :p

22:55:07 JVM: yep :p

22:55:26 kethcup: I remember that age. Good times!

22:55:40 kethcup: Lot's of drugs and alchohol lol

22:55:49 JVM: ;)
22:56:01 kethcup: I guess I shouldn't promote that :|

22:56:10 JVM: I have it under control.

22:56:15 kethcup: right on

22:56:46 JVM: I've seen enough friends get messed up.

22:56:57 kethcup: me too, unfortunately

22:57:05 kethcup: it's a sad state of affairs

22:57:25 kethcup: It made me straighten up though

23:00:40 kethcup: So are you working on any songs right now?

23:00:58 JVM: not any real songs

23:01:07 JVM: just going through gabe's blues stuff

23:01:32 kethcup: nice

23:01:43 kethcup: I like his style

23:01:54 JVM: yeah gabe is an amazing player

23:02:39 kethcup: he's the one that lured me to GMC :D
23:02:50 JVM: me too :p
23:03:05 kethcup: I saw his Iron Maiden style lesson and was like "wowwww" I wanna learn that!

23:03:14 JVM: when I came, it was pretty much, kris, pavel, gabe, andrew and a couple other people that contributed 1 or 2 lessons

23:03:25 JVM: also marcus and muris blow me away

23:03:39 kethcup: definitely!

23:03:45 kethcup: Muris is something else man

23:04:00 kethcup: How long have you been with GMC?

23:04:13 JVM: about 2 1/2 months

23:04:41 JVM: most of the instructors here have all joined in that time period

23:04:57 JVM: marcus, muris, roo, kai

23:04:58 JVM: etc

23:05:16 JVM: yo!

23:05:18 kethcup: what up shredman!

23:05:29 kethcup: got it to work? :)
23:05:31 JVM: glad you could make it :)
23:06:12 kethcup: So JVM you joined around May?

23:06:31 shredmandan: whats up everyone? I finally got in here after messing with vista for almost an hour

23:06:33 JVM: early june i think

23:06:42 kethcup: cool, me too

23:07:04 kethcup: Yea Shredman I had problems getting here as well with Vista

23:07:07 JVM: hey dan, if you right click in the chat and go to audio notify, you can get a message alert kind of thingi f you want :)
23:07:12 shredmandan: Now my computer wont shut up about warning me cant stand vista

23:07:19 JVM: I didnt realize you'd been around that long ketchup :p

23:07:30 kethcup: Did you have to use a different browser?

23:07:44 kethcup: I guess I'm an old timer too! whoohoo! :)
23:08:20 shredmandan: I just removed the security settings and turned stuff off lol

23:08:33 kethcup: cool!

23:09:03 kethcup: I had to use a different browser. IE7 crashes everytime I hit GMC Chat! lol

23:09:36 JVM: pft, IE is no good anyway :p

23:09:40 JVM: firefox all the way!

23:09:43 shredmandan: Yeah i still have to play around with it and get it set right but man i wish they would have left windows like they used to be

23:10:20 kethcup: Firefox is crap!

23:10:25 kethcup: I can't stand that browser

23:10:29 JVM: heyyyy :p

23:10:30 JVM: why not

23:10:32 kethcup: lol
23:10:42 kethcup: just not my cup of tea I guess

23:10:47 shredmandan: so kethcuo havent seen you around til today what type of music you play

23:11:06 kethcup: Pure American Metal Shredman :)
23:11:09 kethcup: you?

23:11:44 shredmandan: lol same here love metal and shred i work on lead guitar alot right now

23:11:52 kethcup: nice!

23:12:04 kethcup: always nice to talk to a fellow metal head! :D

23:12:20 shredmandan: im trying to get a rythem track made with a drum track dude uploaded for me on here

23:12:26 shredmandan: same here

23:12:47 JVM: uncreatorrrrrrrrrrr

23:12:52 kethcup: I think I heard that drumtrack, wast it posted? I really dug it man

23:12:58 kethcup: Hey Uncreator

23:13:16 The Uncreator: Whats up ebveryone?

23:13:24 kethcup: notta man. You?

23:13:42 shredmandan: yeah it was the one at 125bpm im working on now i like it

23:13:44 The Uncreator: Nothign much, watching Aqua Teen Hungger Force

23:13:51 shredmandan: whats up man

23:13:51 JVM: nice

23:13:53 kethcup: nice

23:14:35 The Uncreator: Man, the last 8 hours have been a blur

23:14:54 shredmandan: lol
23:14:55 kethcup: I myself am just getting back into playing seriously after taking some years off so it's been sort of hard to get back into things

23:15:18 The Uncreator: Youll get the routine back everntually

23:15:26 kethcup: Yep! :)
23:15:33 shredmandan: i have always played just really got cut back after the wife and kids joined my life

23:15:42 kethcup: that will do it!

23:15:51 The Uncreator: Yeah, i imagine that might

23:16:18 kethcup: I have been trying to warm up with some cover stuff lately just to get the feel again

23:16:22 shredmandan: its tuff when your boy always smacks your guitar when you try and play he's one

23:16:30 kethcup: man, it's hard taking a long break lol

23:16:34 The Uncreator: lol

23:16:44 The Uncreator: Do you tink your kid is gonna play to?

23:16:47 The Uncreator: think*

23:16:55 shredmandan: my biggest dream

23:17:14 shredmandan: i hope more than anything i wont force him but i think he will

23:17:24 The Uncreator: Maybe he is the next Guitar Virtuoso, ya never know

23:17:39 JVM: the next one after me of course

23:17:40 shredmandan: if he listens to me he will be lol

23:17:44 The Uncreator: lol

23:17:44 JVM: :P

23:18:11 shredmandan: i want to get him started around 6 and hope he out plays me by 18

23:18:33 The Uncreator: "Now listen son, this school thing is overrated, now, instead of homework, SHRED SHRED SHRED!!"

23:18:38 JVM: lol

23:18:42 kethcup: lol

23:18:52 JVM: 12 years is plenty of time to get to be a great player!

23:19:08 The Uncreator: Yeah it is

23:19:13 kethcup: werd

23:19:16 shredmandan: plenty of time to be the best guitar player

23:19:36 The Uncreator: Have any of you guys seen the new JEM?

23:19:44 kethcup: Nope

23:19:44 JVM: theres a new one?

23:19:45 The Uncreator: The see tru one with weird light up LED Lights?

23:19:49 shredmandan: my dreams are now his i hope as far as making it and getting payed to do what you love

23:19:53 The Uncreator: See thru*

23:20:06 kethcup: lol see thru?

23:20:07 The Uncreator: I got to play it today :)
23:20:11 shredmandan: are they were the dot inlays are

23:20:15 kethcup: That's so 80's! awesome!

23:20:18 JVM: lol

23:20:25 JVM: how did it sound?

23:20:29 JVM: whats it made of?

23:20:45 The Uncreator: Hold on, im gonna find a picture of it...

23:21:00 shredmandan: so does the chat forum get alot of action on here?

23:21:04 kethcup: Man Jem's cost to much

23:21:08 kethcup: too*

23:21:16 JVM: yeah they do .. way too much

23:21:16 The Uncreator: the one i played waw $4999

23:21:24 kethcup: that's crazy!

23:21:45 kethcup: Not sure shredman... this is my second or third time on here

23:21:56 The Uncreator: its because its the 20th anniversary JEM

23:22:11 shredmandan: oh yes i have seen it

23:22:12 The Uncreator: Limited to under 1000 models i think

23:22:18 JVM: I saw the non clear 20th anniversary one

23:22:20 JVM: which looks awesome

23:22:54 The Uncreator:

23:22:57 The Uncreator: There it is

23:23:10 JVM: cool :D

23:23:34 JVM: since 1987 huh

23:23:41 shredmandan: hah my computer blocked me from looking at the pic, this thing stinks

23:23:50 kethcup: Yea that was out in the 80's

23:24:04 kethcup: User Account Control Shredman

23:24:08 The Uncreator: Plays like a GOD

23:24:11 The Uncreator: of course lol

23:24:13 kethcup: did you see my latest post?

23:24:17 JVM: hows the sustain?

23:24:21 shredmandan: im not sure

23:24:28 The Uncreator: On the JEM? Fantastic

23:24:43 The Uncreator: i got to play it through a $4000 marshall full stack

23:24:49 JVM: nice

23:24:59 kethcup: check it out on the guitarchat post shred... I tried to explain how to shut that stuff off

23:25:16 The Uncreator: The Manager of Sam Ash had it setup and he was playing it, he played the trooper, i started talking maiden to him, and he let me play it :)
23:25:29 The Uncreator: Fun day

23:25:35 kethcup: nice

23:25:39 kethcup: Maiden rules!

23:25:49 The Uncreator: Probabaly the only time in my life ill ever touch it though lol

23:25:55 JVM: loll

23:26:02 The Uncreator: and yeah, Maiden is the best!

23:26:44 The Uncreator: So....i wish i could Sweep like Rusty Cooley, anyone else got high hopes?

23:27:01 JVM: not that high, tbh :p

23:27:12 kethcup: I wish I could play the guitar, how's that for hopes?! lol

23:27:17 The Uncreator: lol

23:27:18 shredmandan: dude that guy makes me fill like crap when i see him play// hes so awesome

23:27:28 The Uncreator: He so nice though, ive met him

23:27:40 The Uncreator: great guy, very smart when it comes to the guitar

23:27:47 The Uncreator: obvioulsly

23:28:07 kethcup: not sure I know who he is :?
23:28:21 shredmandan: check him out do a search for him

23:28:52 JVM: he's a little overboard for me

23:29:02 shredmandan: so where you from kethcup

23:29:08 The Uncreator: check out his band Outworld, INSANE Stuff

23:29:23 shredmandan: rather be overboard than underboard though lol

23:29:27 kethcup: I've seen about 5 seconds and I already don't like him

23:29:29 kethcup: lol

23:29:36 JVM: :P

23:29:56 kethcup: Wow! I only wish

23:30:29 kethcup: I'm from Denver, Colorado Shredman... you?

23:30:42 The Uncreator: watch this http//

23:30:51 kethcup: And Denver just whooped San Fran gyeah!!!

23:30:53 shredmandan: i dont like the shred were it just seems like there repeating every note as fast as they can but love the stuff that has meaning if you know what i mean

23:30:53 kethcup: :)
23:30:59 shredmandan: Tennessee

23:31:17 kethcup: I totally understand shredman

23:31:20 The Uncreator: To each his own in the end, music is what you make it, and we all make it something different

23:31:42 shredmandan: true

23:31:46 kethcup: but dude... if you shredded like this dude that I'm watching, you could pull some serious tang

23:31:53 The Uncreator: lol

23:31:56 kethcup: :)
23:31:59 shredmandan: exactly

23:32:23 The Uncreator: Has anyone ever gotten a girl because of how they play guitar?

23:32:41 shredmandan: me but i had to marry here lol

23:32:44 JVM: pretty much

23:32:49 kethcup: Yep, I have!

23:33:00 JVM: there were other factors involved like

23:33:04 JVM: how dashing I am

23:33:04 The Uncreator: Hasnt happend to me, everytime i play somethign, everyone is like "Who the hell is that?"

23:33:11 kethcup: Then she left me when she heard me the second time lol

23:33:13 JVM: lol

23:33:24 kethcup: lol jvm

23:33:29 kethcup: nice wording!

23:33:53 The Uncreator: you cant pick up most chicks when they hear you playing Cannibal Corpse's "Frantic Disembowelment" through a $5000 see thru light up guitar lol

23:33:58 The Uncreator: atleast for me

23:34:10 kethcup: Cannibal Corpse rules!

23:34:14 The Uncreator: yeah they do!

23:34:25 The Uncreator: when i play it loud peopel dont pay attention to me!!

23:34:33 shredmandan: man you know how many countrys there banned from playing in

23:34:37 kethcup: So do Hateplow and Dying Fetus! HAIL Death Metal! :)
23:34:46 The Uncreator: not that much anymore, but a few years ago...ALOT

23:34:57 kethcup: really? haters!

23:35:02 The Uncreator: Death metal!!! ****meow**
23:35:06 kethcup: lol

23:35:25 kethcup: I got tickets to go see Slayer this Saturday

23:35:31 kethcup: I'm so very excited!

23:35:45 The Uncreator: Sweet, i got tickets to see Megadeth in October, and Nightwish in Novemeber

23:35:49 shredmandan: wow better bring your brass knuckles

23:35:55 shredmandan: lol

23:36:00 kethcup: Megadeth rulz!!

23:36:08 shredmandan: i really want to see megadeth

23:36:11 The Uncreator: yeah, its gonna be my thrid time seeing them :)
23:36:16 kethcup: I've been to a few Slayer shows shred and man... it's crazy!

23:36:37 shredmandan: did you here slayer is calling it quits arter the next album its on ug

23:36:37 kethcup: Megadeth was my very first concert! Rust in Peace tour!

23:36:47 The Uncreator: Craziest show ever for me....Necrophagist and Cannibal Corpse

23:36:49 kethcup: for real?

23:37:18 shredmandan: dude your lucky that was probably the best time to see them on rust in peace or countdown

23:37:36 kethcup: Oops.. it was countdown tour my bad

23:37:39 kethcup: it's been so long!

23:37:47 The Uncreator: On the subject of Megadeth, Holy Wars is one of the best live songs ever made

23:37:52 shredmandan: yeah says he is getting to old and doesnt want to go out like metallica lol

23:37:54 kethcup: Stone Temple Pilots opened up for them when they first came out

23:38:21 kethcup: It's nice that Slayer realizes that

23:38:27 shredmandan: holy wars is awesome i love the fact that it was wrote over 15 years ago and it relates to whats going on now

23:38:31 The Uncreator: Oh man, i listened to Metallicas Demo for Death is not the end...and it was acrually good, the riffs were pretty badass

23:38:51 kethcup: Holy Wars is one of the best songs ever written!

23:38:55 The Uncreator: Fact.

23:38:56 JVM: I like the two new songs well enough... i think the album might be good

23:39:03 shredmandan: dude im a metallica fan there what got me started but i hate what they have did the past 10 years

23:39:22 The Uncreator: I got started on Megadeth and Judas Priest

23:39:26 kethcup: were shredman

23:39:40 JVM: priest \m/

23:39:45 The Uncreator: Painkiller!!!
23:39:48 kethcup: Hetfield was my idol growing up. Now I can barely stand him

23:39:59 kethcup: Painkiller rulz!! lol

23:40:09 shredmandan: on Ultimate guitar thats were the slayer interview was
23:40:10 kethcup: Thissss isss theee paainnnn killeerrrr!
23:40:20 kethcup: I'll have to check it out shred... thanks
23:40:23 The Uncreator: The solo blows me away every time

23:40:33 JVM: kk is awesome

23:40:45 The Uncreator: KK And Glen = Godly

23:40:53 The Uncreator: one of the best Dupos ever

23:40:58 The Uncreator: duos*

23:41:02 JVM: agree

23:41:03 shredmandan: ill be back

23:41:07 kethcup: Rob Halford was hot in all his leather

23:41:34 The Uncreator: Rob Halford is insane, im not even sure if hes human, his voice only gets better

23:41:42 The Uncreator: and now he can growl!

23:41:44 kethcup: lol I was only kidding btw!

23:41:49 The Uncreator: its awesome

23:41:56 The Uncreator: sure you were....

23:42:01 kethcup: :)
23:42:10 JVM: ;)
23:42:12 kethcup: Halford was awesome in his band Fight

23:42:23 The Uncreator: Hes awesome because hes Halford :)
23:42:28 kethcup: wb Shred

23:42:35 The Uncreator: hey welcome back

23:42:37 The Uncreator: long time no see

23:42:40 The Uncreator: ...

23:42:50 shredmandan: lol checked my mail

23:43:12 kethcup: Man I don't like checking my mail... all it is is bill notices

23:43:20 kethcup: and I don't really feel like paying them

23:43:29 The Uncreator: Who does?
23:43:34 The Uncreator: Bills suck

23:43:38 kethcup: Yep

23:43:39 The Uncreator: and so does insurance

23:43:47 shredmandan: here that . i just sell on ebay and check it alot money money

23:43:53 kethcup: yea it does... that's the ultimate scam too!

23:43:58 The Uncreator: I buy alot fo stuff off Ebay

23:44:06 kethcup: I boycott ebay

23:44:11 The Uncreator: and the internet period

23:44:18 kethcup: craigslist

23:44:25 kethcup: it's free and works better

23:44:32 shredmandan: ill check that out

23:44:47 The Uncreator: I buy from whoever has what i want for the best price in the ebst condition

23:45:08 The Uncreator: whetehr Ebay, amazon, CDinzane, anything

23:45:21 kethcup: yep

23:45:44 kethcup: I tried to sell my motorcycle on ebay and they jacked it all up

23:45:48 shredmandan: i sold an awesome jackson dk2 skull's guitar on ebay afew months ago

23:45:49 kethcup: three times!

23:46:12 kethcup: I sold it on craigslist in one weekend, for free at that

23:46:14 The Uncreator: Is anyone interested in Purchasing a magnificent conditon DF-7 Distortion Pedal? im gonna be selling mine soon

23:46:20 shredmandan: wish i still had it

23:46:43 shredmandan: actually if i had the money when you sell i would

23:46:44 kethcup: I'm good man. I have my Boss GT-6 that keeps me content

23:47:01 JVM: im not going to have any money after I buy my valvetronix

23:47:21 The Uncreator: More than likely, in the next few weeks, its gonna be on Ebay for $50, pretty much new, with AC adapter, and cable

23:47:31 The Uncreator: i just dont need it anymore

23:47:38 kethcup: who makes DF-7?

23:47:43 The Uncreator: Digitech

23:47:46 kethcup: ahhh

23:47:47 shredmandan: all i really want right now is a 7 string guitar and a good distortion pedal let me know when you list it

23:47:54 The Uncreator: Ok

23:48:01 The Uncreator: i want a 7 string SO Bad as well

23:48:04 kethcup: I'm not a big fan of Digitech

23:48:14 The Uncreator: I love Digitech, they never fail me

23:48:24 The Uncreator: i hate ZOOM pedals

23:48:25 kethcup: I think it's overprocessed sound

23:48:46 JVM: what about boss ;)
23:48:53 shredmandan: man i have tryed so many pedals and resold them on ebay its unreal

23:49:02 kethcup: Boss has a good sound to me

23:49:03 The Uncreator: Boss' are great, they all last about 3 centurys

23:49:09 shredmandan: boss is about top of the line

23:49:14 The Uncreator: they are built like tanks lol

23:49:26 shredmandan: just cost to much but are heavy duty

23:50:02 The Uncreator: I dont need to many pedlas, i so i dont worry about that to much, i have one in use now, and im gonna buy myself a noise gate soon

23:50:38 kethcup: I like all in one units personally

23:50:44 kethcup: much cleaner

23:50:52 JVM: I might buy a tonebone

23:50:54 The Uncreator: Its most convinetn

23:51:02 The Uncreator: but sometimes i feel it can lack qiality

23:51:04 shredmandan: you just have to get the higher priced ones because the chepo's stink

23:51:10 The Uncreator: quality*

23:51:13 JVM: lots of greats use the tonebone

23:51:41 kethcup: hmm I don't think they lack quality

23:51:45 The Uncreator: I got a Wah Pedal, and an Amp, and of course my guitar, thats all i need! :)
23:51:55 JVM: vox wah all the way :p

23:51:59 shredmandan: like the digitech rp 200

23:52:05 The Uncreator: Im a crybabay man myself

23:52:08 JVM: I kind of want to go andrews route and build an awesome amp

23:52:19 kethcup: dude I had the digitech RP220 years ago
23:52:23 JVM: but I think I'd make it specifically to have a great awesome clean tone

23:52:30 kethcup: I sold it for $100

23:52:33 JVM: then I'd get some really good multi effects pedals

23:52:38 JVM: or whatever

23:52:55 The Uncreator: Id build an all tune amp, which i think andrew is doing that

23:53:00 The Uncreator: Tube*

23:53:03 JVM: yeah

23:53:09 JVM: I don't know much about it personally

23:53:16 JVM: do all tubes overdrive when you crank them up?

23:53:24 kethcup: yea

23:53:28 kethcup: depending on there power

23:53:28 The Uncreator: Pretty much

23:53:32 JVM: hmm

23:53:40 shredmandan: like to build a guitar just hate that the quality ones cost as much as name brands already built

23:53:41 kethcup: but that's what makes them sound so good

23:53:41 The Uncreator: Tube amps are also very Loud

23:53:47 JVM: my dad had a fender tube of some kind from the 70s or so

23:53:54 The Uncreator: awesome

23:53:57 JVM: and cranked up it didnt really distort

23:54:00 JVM: or anything

23:54:02 JVM: but it had great clean

23:54:27 The Uncreator: i want that Ibanez Thermion, the 120 watt powerhouse of Metal!!

23:54:32 JVM: lol

23:54:46 The Uncreator: it cost me just under $2000 though

23:54:52 kethcup: wow

23:54:52 JVM: now to be honest

23:54:53 The Uncreator: probabaly over

23:54:57 JVM: I want an elmwood modena

23:55:02 JVM: or an orange of some kind

23:55:52 The Uncreator: If i built an amp id call it "Unas: Weapon Of Mass Distortion"

23:55:56 The Uncreator: cheesy as hell

23:56:01 JVM: lol

23:56:05 kethcup: lol

23:56:20 The Uncreator: id also name my Kid UNas, after the Nile SOng

23:56:31 JVM: it would be a good name

23:56:36 JVM: but hard to beat moon unit zappa

23:56:45 The Uncreator: or Dweezil

23:56:48 kethcup: A friend and I built a guitar back in high school wood shop class and we called it the "POS Special" :)
23:56:57 The Uncreator: haha

23:57:03 The Uncreator: did it sound good?

23:57:07 kethcup: no

23:57:08 kethcup: lol

23:57:17 kethcup: it fit the name

23:57:36 kethcup: we were too busy with other festivities
23:57:46 The Uncreator: I built a model of a Transformer before :)
23:57:57 kethcup: Optimus Prime?

23:57:59 kethcup: lol

23:58:02 The Uncreator: Hell Yeah :)
23:58:14 The Uncreator: I did it like almost 5 years ago

23:58:36 The Uncreator: im into anything with a robot, ever since i was kid

23:58:54 The Uncreator: Welcome Back

23:59:00 kethcup: I like sci-fi myself

23:59:01 JVM: how big was the model?

23:59:12 The Uncreator: 12 inches, maybe a little less

23:59:19 The Uncreator: i like Sci-Fi as well

23:59:20 JVM: nice

23:59:30 JVM: sci fi is awesome

23:59:34 kethcup: I'm totally down with the force

23:59:41 JVM: dune, star wars, firefly

23:59:47 The Uncreator: Star Wars is Pwnage

23:59:57 The Uncreator: So is Dune and Firefly

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saying JEM is like the bat signal to andrew, he always shows up once its said wink.gif

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QUOTE (Sergeant_Ant @ Aug 23 2007, 08:01 AM) *
saying JEM is like the bat signal to andrew, he always shows up once its said wink.gif

Did someone say Jem ???

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