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GMC Forum _ CHILL OUT _ Guitar Chat with Kai Muehlenbruch, Muris etc. 2007-09-24

Posted by: Maria Sep 28 2007, 04:37 PM

01:45:47 shredmandan: who here just looking on other tabs,if i dont respond just crack the whip or make some sound
05:28:23 Asphyxia Feeling: oh dear.
05:28:27 Asphyxia Feeling: missed everyone again
09:11:03 chast: *slap*
11:38:11 Slammer: *whip*
11:38:16 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:38:56 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow*
11:39:19 Slammer: sad.gif
11:41:04 Slammer: *whip* *whip* *whip*
11:41:10 Slammer: LOL
11:42:45 Slammer: sad.gif
11:43:56 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:44:27 Slammer: *slap*
11:45:17 Slammer: bye
16:41:01 Kurt: yo chast
16:41:07 chast: yo
16:41:12 Kurt: sup
16:41:23 chast: hm, nothing^^
16:41:31 chast: im a bit tired
16:41:44 Kurt: prepared for school tomorrow? lol
16:41:53 chast: for sure...
16:41:55 chast: not
16:41:58 chast: tongue.gif
16:42:00 Kurt: lol
16:42:03 Kurt: me too sad.gif
16:42:37 chast: this german test
16:42:42 chast: it was pretty
16:42:44 Kurt: was it?
16:42:45 chast: stupid
16:42:48 Kurt: lol
16:42:55 chast: this text just was s***
16:43:10 chast: "die nacht der entlassung"
16:43:15 chast: an extract out of it
16:43:16 Kurt: 8)
16:43:24 Kurt: i don´t know this text^^
16:43:31 chast: its better^^
16:43:54 chast: its not very good to write an interpretation about
16:43:56 chast: imo
16:44:16 Kurt: no interpretation is fun to do lol
16:44:24 chast: especially not in 90 minutes
16:44:40 chast: there is so much stuff in it
16:44:57 chast: criticism about school system, communism
16:45:04 Kurt: do you have Abitur soon?
16:45:19 chast: more or less, 11th grade now
16:45:19 Kurt: your... final exam^^
16:45:30 Kurt: abitur is in 12th?
16:45:39 chast: till now it is in 13th
16:45:50 chast: but in a few years it will be in 12th
16:46:00 Kurt: aha ok smile.gif
16:46:11 Kurt: here it´s already in 12th
16:46:17 Kurt: and i am in 12th wink.gif
16:46:19 Kurt: lol
16:46:22 chast: biggrin.gif
16:46:25 Kurt: oh oh sad.gif
16:46:31 chast: do you get it ? biggrin.gif
16:46:41 Kurt: I hope so tongue.gif
16:46:46 chast: biggrin.gif
16:48:39 chast: hm, on friday im writing a frencht test
16:48:45 chast: thats gonna be baaaaaaaad
16:48:47 chast: biggrin.gif
16:52:03 chast: and today
16:52:17 chast: i was recognizing again that i dont like my politics teacher
16:53:01 chast: his humour
16:53:06 chast: is so bad
16:53:12 chast: i cant laugh about it
16:53:28 chast: instead i could kich his *** ^^
16:53:30 Kurt: lol
16:53:54 Kurt: what´s your favourite subject in school? lol
16:53:59 chast: maths
16:54:03 Kurt: 8)
16:54:05 chast: yours?
16:54:12 Kurt: I am really bad in maths sad.gif
16:54:18 Kurt: but i´d say..
16:54:40 Kurt: Psychology and Philosophics biggrin.gif
16:54:50 chast: wow oO
16:54:54 Kurt: and of course:
16:54:57 Kurt: MUSIC lol
16:54:58 chast: never heard psychology is teached
16:55:20 Kurt: well here in austria it´s teached on nearly all schools smile.gif
16:55:29 chast: thats cool
16:55:34 chast: i like psychology
16:55:43 Kurt: cool smile.gif
16:56:00 chast: hm and after maths, there is no course li like biggrin.gif
16:56:16 Kurt: lol
16:56:18 Kurt: well...
16:56:25 Kurt: maybe sports? biggrin.gif
16:56:29 chast: probably phsyics next, but in the school most of the subjects are so boring
16:56:32 chast: no
16:56:34 chast: never
16:56:35 chast: ^^
16:56:39 Kurt: why not?
16:56:46 Kurt: don´t you like sport? sad.gif
16:56:50 chast: because im very lazy
16:56:51 chast: biggrin.gif
16:56:54 Kurt: lol
16:56:59 Kurt: me too...
16:57:04 Kurt: but it depends...
16:57:12 Kurt: on which sport we are doing lol
16:57:16 chast: well, im in basketball course this year
16:57:26 chast: sometimes fun
16:57:29 chast: sometimes not
16:57:30 Kurt: yeah i like basketball too biggrin.gif
16:57:52 chast: its fun to throw the balls at the basket
16:57:55 Kurt: it´s cool....cause i am tall lol
16:57:56 chast: biggrin.gif
16:58:00 chast: im not sad.gif
16:58:03 Kurt: sad.gif
16:58:09 chast: 1.75
16:58:13 Kurt: so you must throw good smile.gif
16:58:13 chast: or sth. like that
16:58:15 chast: ^^
16:58:18 Kurt: i am...
16:58:25 Kurt: 1.92 i think
16:58:33 chast: wow oO
16:58:38 Kurt: lol
16:58:43 chast: giant biggrin.gif
16:58:53 Kurt:
16:59:07 Kurt: i am not even the tallest in our class sad.gif
16:59:11 chast: lol, i saw in tv, a russian basket ball team
16:59:19 chast: nearly everybody over 2 meters
16:59:22 chast: thats sick
16:59:41 Kurt: must be 2 metres to become basketball pro biggrin.gif
16:59:45 Kurt: oh no:
16:59:51 Kurt: michael jordajn..
16:59:55 Kurt: jordan
16:59:58 Kurt: he was ....
17:00:03 Kurt: 1.98 lol
17:00:04 chast: did you watch space jam ? biggrin.gif
17:00:10 Kurt: yes lol
17:00:13 chast: xD
17:00:18 chast: tiny toons are cool
17:00:20 Kurt: sick movie lol
17:00:26 Kurt: yes ...funny
17:00:38 chast: i had/have the game
17:00:41 chast: xD
17:00:50 chast: long time ago, i bought it
17:00:52 Kurt: OMG how old are you? lol
17:00:55 Kurt: joke
17:00:58 Kurt: tongue.gif
17:01:00 chast: 18 biggrin.gif
17:01:07 Kurt: i know wink.gif
17:01:17 chast: i like toons
17:01:19 chast: biggrin.gif
17:01:27 chast: spongebob etc.^^
17:01:27 Kurt: I like spongebob biggrin.gif
17:01:31 chast: yeah biggrin.gif
17:01:34 Kurt: lol
17:01:52 chast: my favourite character is patrick
17:01:56 chast: he is so dumb
17:01:57 Kurt: <8)
17:02:23 Kurt: ^do you see him? ^^ lol
17:02:27 chast: i miss darkwing duck sad.gif
17:02:30 chast: yeah^^
17:02:33 Kurt: sad.gif
17:02:52 chast: 2, 1 risiko
17:02:55 chast: darkwing duck
17:02:57 Kurt: lol
17:03:00 chast: he was so damn cool
17:03:07 Kurt: yep wink.gif
17:03:17 Kurt: maybe cooler than...
17:03:22 Kurt: Jimmy Page lol
17:03:25 chast: biggrin.gif
17:03:59 chast: cooler than chuck norris
17:04:14 Kurt: no way...noone is cooler than him lol
17:04:16 Kurt: tongue.gif
17:05:02 Kurt: so you in germany also know the jokes about chuck norris right biggrin.gif
17:05:10 chast: lol there are so many
17:05:20 chast: "chuck norris kann eine drehtür schliessen"
17:05:22 chast: biggrin.gif
17:05:40 Kurt: lol
17:05:42 botoxfox: yo
17:06:17 Kurt: "chuck norris is der einzige mensch der je bis unendlich gezählt hat....zwei mal sogar" lol
17:06:29 chast: lol
17:06:49 chast: hm i should restring my guitar
17:06:55 chast: strings getting dirty and rusty
17:07:04 Kurt: yep mine too sad.gif
17:07:22 Kurt: but i always wait until they break lol
17:07:31 botoxfox: I just changed strings a few days ago
17:07:34 chast: and i should also try to get a neoclassical sound, i wanted to do it today, but i was too lazy biggrin.gif
17:07:54 chast: which strings do you use?
17:08:13 Kurt: no-name strings sad.gif
17:08:16 Kurt: lol
17:08:30 chast: hm, im happy with ernie ball hybrid slinky
17:08:36 chast: but its so expensive sad.gif
17:08:45 botoxfox: ?
17:08:46 Kurt: next will be earny ball too smile.gif
17:09:00 Kurt: ernie*
17:09:01 botoxfox: Those are like the cheapest
17:09:03 Kurt: lol
17:09:13 chast: not in germany
17:09:14 chast: biggrin.gif
17:09:24 Kurt: and in austria sad.gif
17:09:47 botoxfox: they are quite expensive in norway as well
17:10:16 botoxfox: but I found a really great website here in norway
17:10:25 Kurt: thomann? lol
17:10:43 botoxfox: not quite...
17:11:04 botoxfox: It's a norwegian site
17:11:28 botoxfox: that sells string that cost half as much as in stores
17:11:32 chast: god damn it, i want to try out some new pleks, but here is no shop )W=%(A"$= *BEEP*
17:11:46 botoxfox: I was really lucky to find it
17:11:52 chast: i also want to have such a shop :/
17:12:08 botoxfox: look around
17:12:21 Kurt: but you can order from thomann very cheap chast biggrin.gif
17:12:23 botoxfox: maybe you'll find such a shop
17:12:37 chast: yes, but over times its getting quite expensive :/
17:13:00 Kurt: but it´s always bad that you can´t test the stuss when you order just from web sad.gif
17:13:06 Kurt: stuff*
17:13:22 chast: yes
17:13:41 chast: but if i buy sth. new, i have a good oppurtunity in frankfurt
17:13:46 chast: but only in holidays
17:13:59 chast: at the weekend the shop is full of people
17:14:24 botoxfox: can't you just be there early?
17:14:33 chast: nope
17:14:38 chast: its a very big shop
17:14:52 chast: and i have to travel there with the train
17:15:03 chast: but under the weeks its very relaxed
17:15:24 chast: you can take a guitar go in to a room with amps and test around
17:15:32 chast: nobody is there^^
17:16:02 botoxfox: Yeah, that sounds cool
17:16:05 chast: here are some picture of the guitar section
17:17:18 Kurt: thats in frankfurt?
17:17:25 chast: yep
17:17:39 botoxfox: pretty big
17:18:08 Kurt: amazing...I could never decide one guitar there lol
17:18:12 chast: there are so much guitars, you have to go there biggrin.gif
17:18:13 Kurt: tooooooo much lol
17:18:19 chast: you are just looking
17:18:31 chast: "i want to have this and this one, and this i will take also"
17:18:43 Kurt: lol
17:18:53 Kurt: btw.
17:19:02 Kurt: what guitars are you playing?
17:19:31 chast: i have an ibanez exr 170 which im not using because i dont want to restring it (too lazy) and an esp horizon
17:19:48 Kurt: nice smile.gif
17:20:08 botoxfox:
17:20:13 botoxfox: I want this
17:20:36 botoxfox: or any other j.custom for that matter
17:21:24 chast: kurt was it a friend of yours who has a john petrucci signtaure?
17:21:32 Kurt: yep smile.gif
17:21:45 chast: were you allowed to touch it now ? biggrin.gif
17:21:53 Kurt: no sad.gif
17:21:55 Kurt: lol
17:22:03 Kurt: he´d kill me lol
17:22:18 Kurt: he´s nearly a pro...
17:22:35 Kurt: he has a sting and the police-cover-band lol
17:22:44 Kurt: called:
17:22:53 Kurt: "the sting project" lol
17:22:58 botoxfox: lol
17:23:08 Kurt: tongue.gif
17:25:11 chast: i need a shop here
17:25:22 chast: ordering pleks over the internet isnt good oO
17:25:31 chast: and i need nothing else
17:27:18 Kurt: which picks did you order?
17:27:24 Kurt: which size?
17:27:40 chast: dont know
17:27:45 chast: just want to try some new ones
17:27:57 chast: becuase i think mine are a bit too small
17:28:07 Kurt: are you using heavy, thick picks?
17:28:08 chast: i have jim dunlop usa 1mm nylon at the moment
17:28:19 Kurt: yeah..the black one tongue.gif
17:28:23 Kurt: me too smile.gif
17:28:53 chast: hm
17:29:04 chast: gelbeseiten tells me that here is a music shop
17:29:09 chast: i have to search it oO
17:29:19 Kurt: yes you should tongue.gif
17:29:21 chast: but i think ive been at the adress already
17:29:28 chast: and there was nothing
17:29:32 Kurt: 8)
17:29:37 chast: than a house with dust in it
17:29:43 chast: and kartons
17:30:33 Kurt: lol
17:32:09 chast: i will check out tomorrow again
17:32:11 chast: biggrin.gif
17:32:17 Kurt: good smile.gif
17:32:19 chast: maybe there is something now
17:32:26 Kurt: lol who knows
17:32:36 chast: if yes, i am happy
17:32:48 chast: if the are polite i am even more happy
17:33:02 Kurt: smile.gif
17:34:54 chast: so, im off to bed now
17:34:56 chast: cu
17:35:00 chast: have a good night
17:35:23 Kurt: Good Night smile.gif
17:39:20 botoxfox: hey dan
17:42:51 botoxfox: good night, gonna hit the sack
19:06:09 Slammer: LOL
19:06:13 Slammer: hey
19:06:26 Soul_Decision: Whasssup
19:07:07 Slammer: not muccccch
19:07:29 Soul_Decision: That's cool
19:07:32 Slammer: sad.gif
19:07:45 Soul_Decision: I'm bored too
19:08:04 Slammer: sad.gif
19:08:11 Soul_Decision: I'm going to tab and compose some stuff I think
19:08:15 Slammer: I just got back from Classes
19:08:23 Soul_Decision: Ahh
19:08:42 Slammer: Doing my GED.... You can laugh... sad.gif
19:08:51 Soul_Decision: :/
19:09:25 Soul_Decision: I assume it's because of all teh traveling?
19:09:32 Soul_Decision: the*
19:09:32 Slammer: LOL
19:10:57 Slammer: so, what bands are your favorite?
19:11:05 Soul_Decision: Ummm
19:11:33 Soul_Decision: Opeth, Dream Thater, Killswitch Engage, Lostprophets, Trivium And Revis
19:11:42 Soul_Decision: I have a couple others I can't think of at the moment
19:11:53 Soul_Decision: Lol
19:11:57 Soul_Decision: You?
19:12:06 Slammer: Classic Rock Mainly
19:12:14 Soul_Decision: Oh yeah Michael Angelo Batio
19:12:15 Soul_Decision: !!
19:12:16 Soul_Decision: lol
19:12:26 Slammer: Clapton, SRV, Hendrix, Zeppelin
19:12:36 Slammer: guys like that
19:12:59 Soul_Decision: Cool stuff
19:25:57 Soul_Decision: Hi Kai
19:26:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: oh a rhyme biggrin.gif
19:26:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey there tongue.gif
19:26:13 Soul_Decision: lol
19:26:33 Slammer: Kai Kai oh my oh my
19:26:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: wuuuuuuzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?
19:26:38 peterorg54: whats up guys
19:26:40 Soul_Decision: HEy
19:26:41 Slammer: I feel Like I
19:26:47 Slammer: might cry
19:27:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: eye fee lie kai
19:27:04 Soul_Decision: *slap*
19:27:09 Soul_Decision: Snap out of it!
19:27:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
19:27:29 Slammer: what's up Peter Org
19:27:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: you guys always get so rude here
19:27:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: with like slaping and spankin
19:27:40 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:27:54 Slammer: or *slap* the cat *meow*
19:27:59 Soul_Decision: Lol
19:28:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: cool
19:28:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: cats demand it biggrin.gif
19:28:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: well...not really
19:28:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: what have you guys practised lately?
19:28:53 Slammer: Kai. macht Sie mögen Pizza oder Fisch besser?
19:28:57 Soul_Decision: I have practiced Taekwondo
19:29:04 Soul_Decision: I have practiced eating
19:29:05 Soul_Decision: Ummm
19:29:05 peterorg54: lol
19:29:08 Soul_Decision: Lol
19:29:08 peterorg54: l.ol
19:29:21 peterorg54: taekwondo
19:29:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey you do tae kwon do`?
19:29:31 Soul_Decision: Yes
19:29:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: cool
19:29:34 peterorg54: l.ol
19:29:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: when i was like 13 i did too biggrin.gif
19:29:48 Soul_Decision: Nice
19:29:54 peterorg54: ur taekwondo is no match for my kung fu
19:30:02 Soul_Decision: Well then
19:30:08 Soul_Decision: I'll have to go Karate on you >: )
19:30:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: but i felt like playing the guitar after all my friends left the club
19:30:10 Soul_Decision: lol
19:30:15 Slammer: Kai Muehlenbruch kann seine Gitarre spielen, wenn er in Bett schlafend ist
19:30:17 Soul_Decision: Cool
19:30:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: the teacher was changed and i lost the fun in it
19:30:26 Soul_Decision: I See
19:30:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif:D:D
19:30:29 Soul_Decision: That suck
19:30:30 Soul_Decision: s
19:30:32 Slammer: Kai. macht Sie mögen Pizza oder Fisch besser?
19:30:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: SLAMMER!!!
19:30:50 Soul_Decision: I want some pizza Slammer
19:30:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: ich bin wirklich im bett du kleiner spassvogel!
19:30:51 Soul_Decision: lol
19:30:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: translate that!
19:30:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
19:31:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:31:16 Slammer: ich bin wirklich im bett du kleiner spassvogel!
19:31:23 Slammer: I am actual in bed you small joker!
19:31:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: pizza and fish are both cool
19:31:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif:D:D
19:31:34 Slammer: LOL
19:31:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: we have a parrot here
19:31:46 Soul_Decision: Lol
19:31:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: i think ill call it slamer
19:31:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: no wait
19:31:57 Slammer: sad.gif
19:32:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: slymar biggrin.gif
19:32:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry
19:32:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: wink.gif
19:32:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: well
19:32:23 Slammer: Kai, wird seinen Vogel essen, wenn es schlecht ist
19:32:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: seriously lets talk some about guitar now
19:32:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: i checked youtube for PG stuff again
19:33:01 Slammer: Soul_Decision se habla español?
19:33:11 Soul_Decision: Used to lol
19:33:12 peterorg54: gayate
19:33:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: worked with that wide streches lesson...really cool imo
19:33:19 Soul_Decision: I never got to practice with anybody
19:33:21 Slammer: LOL
19:33:22 Soul_Decision: SO I lost it all sad.gif
19:33:24 Slammer: ok
19:33:25 Slammer: guys
19:33:32 Slammer: I gtg eat Pizza
19:33:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:33:36 Slammer: cya
19:33:38 Soul_Decision: Yum
19:33:40 Soul_Decision: Laters
19:33:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: we have a saying in the german musician scene
19:34:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: the ones who practise cant play anything biggrin.gif
19:34:02 Soul_Decision: ?
19:34:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry... i love it
19:34:16 Soul_Decision: Lol
19:34:21 peterorg54: im hungry too..
19:34:30 Soul_Decision: Question mark was supposed be before your saying
19:34:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: tongue.gif:P:P
19:34:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: wink.gif
19:35:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: well
19:35:37 peterorg54: say well
19:35:39 peterorg54: and
19:35:40 peterorg54: just
19:35:42 peterorg54: logged
19:35:43 peterorg54: out
19:35:45 peterorg54: ?
19:36:06 Soul_Decision: Lol
19:36:09 peterorg54: well
19:36:24 peterorg54: i gotta eat something too
19:36:31 peterorg54: cya
19:36:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: well i got kicked again but i am already in bed anyways...
19:37:12 Soul_Decision: Lol
19:37:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: 01:36...late enough wink.gif cheers everyone
19:37:32 Soul_Decision: Laters
19:37:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: im off smile.gif have a nice one
19:52:00 shredmandan: lol
19:52:31 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:52:34 Slammer: dude
19:52:46 Slammer: that was a different Song with the Bass in it
19:52:47 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:53:01 shredmandan: see i thought it was
19:53:47 shredmandan: i figured i may upload something 2 before i ship off the fender gdec tomorrow or wednesday.Its got the drum and bass lines so easy to just jam a track and record
19:54:13 Slammer: LOL
19:54:14 Slammer: do it
19:54:15 Slammer: now
19:54:16 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:55:05 shredmandan: only thing is the gdec i have only has 14 sec of recording lol.But it can repeat itself and i may be able to just solo over it or the drums'
19:56:24 shredmandan: do u not think i can do it??? lol
19:57:25 Slammer: sad.gif
19:57:28 Slammer: IDK
19:57:32 shredmandan: lol
19:57:45 shredmandan: now i gotta do it just to show u
19:58:03 shredmandan: dont know if i will go the blues route or maybe a little metal
19:58:14 Slammer: LOL
19:58:15 Slammer: well
19:58:16 shredmandan: playing already\
19:58:24 Slammer: you could do "Heavy Blues"
19:58:28 Slammer: Like what I do
19:58:42 Slammer: that's what I enjoy playing
19:58:47 Slammer: Heavy Blues
19:58:53 Slammer: kinda like Slash
19:58:59 Slammer: Zakk Wylde
19:59:07 Slammer: or....
19:59:12 shredmandan: sandman
19:59:20 Slammer: dan?
19:59:28 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:00:08 Slammer: LOL
20:00:11 Slammer: *slap*
20:00:21 Slammer: are you stull using your MP3 player
20:00:24 Slammer: to record
20:00:25 Slammer: ?
20:01:23 shredmandan: yep ill have to ,but it will be easy to just have all of the music coming out of amp at once and just record one time,rather than layering 50 times
20:01:33 Slammer: LOL
20:01:34 Slammer: man
20:01:41 Slammer: on the Main GMC screen
20:01:44 Slammer: it says
20:01:50 Slammer: Andrew is in here too
20:01:52 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:02:07 shredmandan: he is dont you see it?
20:02:14 Slammer: sad.gif
20:02:23 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:02:27 shredmandan: lol
20:02:34 Slammer: like
20:02:41 Slammer: the Emperors new clothes
20:02:42 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:03:07 Slammer: I think he saw that Slammer was in
20:03:08 Slammer: sad.gif
20:03:11 Slammer: LOL
20:03:12 Slammer: yep
20:03:20 Slammer: that is what happens most of the time
20:03:22 Slammer: sad.gif
20:03:55 shredmandan: the shredman 's gotta shred on this one
20:04:03 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:04:26 shredmandan: i will beat my self up all night on this one,but damm i gotta get one more recording on here before i dont have the gear to do it again
20:04:41 shredmandan: after i heard your's i said i gotta put one up too
20:04:49 Slammer: tongue.gif:
20:04:53 Slammer: was it that bad
20:04:54 Slammer: LOL
20:05:12 shredmandan: no no no,it was just that good and i gotta try and keep up with it lol
20:05:23 Slammer: LOL
20:05:30 Slammer: nah I gotta keep up with you
20:05:36 shredmandan: we will see
20:05:56 Slammer: because, you have been playing alot longer than me sad.gif
20:06:08 Slammer: so you are like a Shred masster
20:06:13 Slammer: and I play Lowly Blues
20:06:15 Slammer: sad.gif
20:06:16 shredmandan: i wish
20:06:24 Slammer: *runs off crying*
20:06:59 shredmandan: i have been playing along time and all that stuff saying its not how many years but how many hours doent apply to be cause i put in just as many hours lol
20:07:27 shredmandan: i just have used the past 6 years poorly
20:07:50 Slammer: LOL
20:08:01 shredmandan: so when i here someone like you ripping it up it makes me feel like i gotta pick up the pace or i suck lol
20:08:23 shredmandan: cause i know you havent played for that long
20:08:41 Slammer: LOL
20:08:53 Slammer: well, I played alot of hours
20:08:55 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:09:37 shredmandan: how many years?
20:10:16 Slammer: 5 sad.gif
20:10:24 Slammer: but I didn't start Electric
20:10:27 Slammer: untill
20:10:33 Slammer: march 05
20:10:38 shredmandan: your pretty god especially for 5 years
20:10:48 Slammer: before that I only played Acoustic
20:10:52 shredmandan: good lol
20:11:01 peterorg54: sup
20:11:02 peterorg54: guys
20:11:04 Slammer: good?
20:11:30 Slammer: *slap*
20:11:36 Slammer: Peter you always come in
20:11:37 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:11:45 peterorg54: like you
20:11:52 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:11:53 peterorg54: tongue.gif tongue.gif
20:11:53 Slammer: sad.gif
20:12:09 shredmandan: i usally just look to see if your in here slammer
20:12:23 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:12:25 Slammer: well
20:12:32 Slammer: 79% of the time I am
20:12:33 Slammer: sad.gif
20:12:40 Slammer: LOL
20:12:41 Slammer: well
20:12:52 Slammer: only nights and weekends
20:12:53 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:13:02 shredmandan: but not to late lol
20:13:24 Slammer: Started Social Studies today
20:13:33 Slammer: Dan that was your Favorite Subject right?
20:13:37 shredmandan: yep
20:13:41 Slammer: LOL
20:13:42 peterorg54: eww
20:13:45 Slammer: it's pretty Easy
20:13:49 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:13:49 Slammer: Just reading
20:14:03 Slammer: about History
20:14:06 shredmandan: just learning how we got to where we are today
20:14:11 peterorg54: pe
20:14:14 shredmandan: thats history
20:14:14 peterorg54: rules
20:14:47 Slammer: (Really dumb joke time!!) who wrote History?
20:15:01 shredmandan: who?
20:15:02 peterorg54: ..
20:15:09 peterorg54: *whip*
20:15:12 Slammer: Man.... His-Story
20:15:16 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:15:28 shredmandan: lol
20:15:52 Slammer: dude thats like Dumb joke number 4
20:15:55 Slammer: right behind
20:16:04 Slammer: What do you call two banana peels?
20:16:12 shredmandan: what
20:16:13 Slammer: a pair of Slippers
20:16:25 shredmandan: that ones bad
20:16:25 Slammer: Dumb I say tongue.gif
20:16:27 shredmandan: lol
20:17:10 peterorg54: yeah
20:17:10 peterorg54: oh
20:17:16 peterorg54: ?
20:17:16 peterorg54: outta my way
20:17:17 peterorg54: was
20:17:18 peterorg54: cool
20:17:25 peterorg54: tongue.gif tongue.gif
20:17:55 Slammer: one guy said to the other guy My wife went to the Carribean for Vacation.... the other guy said Jamaica? and the first guy said "NO, she went on her own accord"
20:18:04 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:18:09 Slammer: dumb joke no. 6
20:18:17 peterorg54: probably you should say
20:18:19 peterorg54: thanks
20:18:21 peterorg54: right
20:18:24 Slammer: LOL thanks dude
20:18:31 Slammer: sorry I was busy typing
20:18:31 peterorg54: ;
20:18:37 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:18:39 peterorg54: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
20:18:58 Slammer: Glad you liked it... not it is your Turn to Record siomething
20:19:04 Slammer: now*
20:19:14 Slammer: NOw it is
20:19:16 shredmandan: Dude i want to find some more of those videos like the steve vai on heroin
20:19:22 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:19:34 peterorg54: hi
20:19:42 shredmandan: thats right.Can u record some thing peterorg
20:19:51 peterorg54: noo
20:20:09 Slammer: ello govnah
20:20:38 PacmanProductions: hey all
20:20:40 Soul_Decision: *whip*
20:20:42 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:20:44 Slammer: Wow
20:20:44 shredmandan: hey guys
20:20:48 Slammer: starting to fill up
20:20:49 peterorg54: sup pp
20:20:53 shredmandan: yep
20:20:56 Soul_Decision: Hey
20:20:59 PacmanProductions: sup sandmandan
20:21:01 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
20:21:01 Slammer: LOL
20:21:13 shredmandan: what about the rest of u.Why dont u upload something that you play
20:21:27 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:21:34 shredmandan: pacman you can upload some of your playing
20:21:37 Soul_Decision: Bcause I only know how to play 3 notes
20:21:43 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:21:45 PacmanProductions: well it says i can record with my Zoom but theres no usb output
20:21:46 Soul_Decision: E e and E
20:21:54 Slammer: well
20:21:56 peterorg54: i will be right back in 1 hour or something.. probably sam would be still there
20:21:57 Slammer: you gotta use
20:22:02 shredmandan: well record and play those
20:22:10 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:22:13 Slammer: a 1/4 to 1/8 cord
20:22:14 Slammer: PP
20:22:17 shredmandan: how long u ben playing Soul_Decision
20:22:24 Soul_Decision: 5 months
20:22:38 shredmandan: where u from and how old?
20:22:45 shredmandan: Im from tennessee in usa and 24
20:23:03 Soul_Decision: I'm 19 and currently in NEvada
20:23:15 shredmandan: oh yeah your the one that travels alot
20:23:19 Soul_Decision: smile.gif
20:23:23 PacmanProductions: 12 from MS here!!!!
20:23:25 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
20:23:33 shredmandan: thought u were 13 pac
20:23:37 Soul_Decision: lol
20:23:38 PacmanProductions: nooo
20:23:41 PacmanProductions: 12
20:23:43 Slammer: I'm from Nashville, and I'm 21 years old, been playing since I could hunt a racoon on my own
20:23:57 shredmandan: lol thanks slammer
20:23:58 PacmanProductions: nice try
20:24:02 Soul_Decision: Which was like what 20 years old tongue.gif
20:24:10 Slammer: no
20:24:12 Slammer: 4 months
20:24:18 Slammer: they teach us young
20:24:22 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:24:25 Slammer: wink.gif
20:24:29 Soul_Decision: lol
20:24:29 PacmanProductions: u said u were 14
20:24:30 Soul_Decision: CIik
20:24:33 shredmandan: thats in Virgina slammer not tennessee
20:24:34 Soul_Decision: cool
20:24:36 shredmandan: lol i wish
20:24:48 Slammer: LOL
20:25:01 Soul_Decision: I might put something up
20:25:06 Soul_Decision: I don't know
20:25:10 shredmandan: just to let everybody know i am from tennessee but dont sleep with my family and im not a redneck
20:25:12 shredmandan: lol
20:25:13 Slammer: Hey soul, you and Dan have something in common too!
20:25:16 Soul_Decision: I'll see how I fell at 7 tonight]
20:25:27 shredmandan: whats that slammer
20:25:37 Slammer: you both live in RV's
20:25:38 Soul_Decision: feel*
20:25:46 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:25:59 Soul_Decision: No
20:26:00 shredmandan: damit slammer i dont live in an rv its a trailer or mobile home lol
20:26:06 Soul_Decision: I live in a cardboard box smile.gif
20:26:08 Slammer: LOL
20:26:20 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:26:24 Slammer: nope, Soul lives in a RV and travels the US
20:26:28 Slammer: just like I used to
20:26:31 Soul_Decision: Yeah
20:26:37 Soul_Decision: I lives in a nice one
20:26:44 Soul_Decision: Sucks still lol
20:26:47 shredmandan: that would be cool.I hate being here where i live.I would love to just move any day i get gas money lol
20:26:48 Slammer: LOL
20:26:51 Soul_Decision: I have no freedom sad.gif
20:26:56 Slammer: sad.gif
20:27:03 Slammer: he can't even Watch Kimmel
20:27:07 Slammer: sad.gif
20:27:36 Soul_Decision: :/
20:28:01 shredmandan: i could see that Soul_Decision but im married and kids so they would be the ones without freedom lol
20:28:12 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:28:50 shredmandan: rv's are really expensive and gas milage is horrible like 8 miles a gallon lol .How much does it cost to fill up the rv
20:29:05 Soul_Decision: 160 usually
20:29:09 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:29:09 Soul_Decision: SOmetimes over 200
20:29:43 shredmandan: damm
20:29:50 Slammer: omg dan
20:29:55 Slammer: have you ever seen
20:30:11 Soul_Decision: I just want to be in a house and play my guitar all night long lol
20:30:13 Slammer: Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern?
20:30:15 shredmandan: i would have to sell all my gear then just to get a full tank of gas
20:30:29 Soul_Decision: Yeah, it's expensive
20:31:02 Slammer: *slap*
20:31:24 Slammer: it's a show on the travel channel
20:31:38 Soul_Decision: I've seen the commercials
20:31:43 Slammer: LOL
20:31:47 Slammer: it's a great show
20:31:49 Slammer: But
20:31:52 Slammer: Sometimes
20:32:03 Slammer: he eats the Wierdest food
20:32:08 Slammer: like the one on right noe
20:32:11 Slammer: now*
20:32:17 Soul_Decision: What is he eating>
20:32:17 Slammer: he went to Vietman
20:32:22 Slammer: Snakes
20:32:23 Soul_Decision: ?
20:32:24 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:32:38 Slammer: All kinds of snake foods
20:32:39 Slammer: like
20:32:43 Slammer: they
20:32:53 Slammer: picked a Live snake
20:33:02 Slammer: and they cut the heart out
20:33:07 Soul_Decision: Hi Muris
20:33:11 Slammer: and it was still beating
20:33:15 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:33:19 muris: hi everybody
20:33:27 Slammer: and they Gave it to him because he was the Special guest
20:33:31 Slammer: and he ate it
20:33:33 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:33:38 Slammer: man
20:33:47 Slammer: it was still beating and everything
20:33:49 Soul_Decision: IS this where I'm supposed to bow down to you Muris?
20:34:05 PacmanProductions: oh hi muris
20:34:10 muris: hi smile.gif
20:34:14 muris: bow down?
20:34:18 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:34:20 Slammer: hello Muris, how's your Birthday?
20:34:21 Soul_Decision: It's a joke
20:34:31 muris: was ok thanks Slamm
20:34:37 Soul_Decision: You being awesome with the guitar and all
20:34:42 muris: had some guests,nice time
20:34:47 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:34:51 muris: wink.gif
20:34:54 Slammer: did you jam with them
20:35:00 muris: oh now
20:35:06 shredmandan: howdy
20:35:14 muris: girlfirendmfew cusins and friends
20:35:19 Slammer: ah
20:35:27 muris: no musicians this time wink.gif
20:35:31 muris: hi Dan
20:35:42 Slammer: Hey, your GF should learn the Drums... and you could be like the White Stripes
20:35:43 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:35:55 muris: wink.gif
20:36:09 muris: actually,I showed her few stuff on guitar
20:36:12 muris: easy mostly
20:36:16 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:36:20 muris: yeah
20:36:25 Slammer: is she on GMC?
20:36:34 muris: like Serenade Kosei had in lesson
20:36:41 muris: no,she is not smile.gif
20:36:50 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:36:56 Slammer: She should come, so the ladies board won't be empty
20:36:58 muris: she studies art and stuff
20:36:59 Slammer: LOL
20:37:06 Soul_Decision: Slammer no stealing other peoples girlfriends tongue.gif
20:37:14 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:37:16 PacmanProductions: how about the "art" of guitar?
20:37:17 Slammer: sad.gif
20:37:25 Slammer: *runs off crying*
20:37:33 shredmandan: i worked on your alt picking lesson lat night Muris and it did me good.I started getting this burn in my fret hand but was able to play alot better after like 30 mins
20:37:36 muris: no,Slamm doesn't have idea of doing that wink.gif
20:37:46 Slammer: right biggrin.gif
20:37:50 muris: that'
20:37:55 muris: s great Dan
20:37:55 Soul_Decision: Lies! Lol
20:38:03 muris: that lesson is tricky a bit
20:38:09 muris: just slow it down
20:38:16 Slammer: quick let's throw Soul_Decision in the Deungeon
20:38:25 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:38:31 Soul_Decision: I aleady live in one...
20:38:35 Soul_Decision: already*
20:38:37 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:38:41 PacmanProductions: lol
20:38:50 Slammer: don't be too hard on yourself mate
20:38:51 shredmandan: yes it is,some of the notes are hard to figure out what finger to use.But it really helped my picking and helped me notice some of my flaws
20:39:12 muris: you can use few fingering there indeed
20:39:17 muris: use what fits you best
20:39:25 muris: and it is good for picking wink.gif
20:39:34 Slammer: I love it when you are playing a game and when you lose it says "YOU LOST"
20:39:47 Slammer: it's kinda like
20:39:50 muris: what is it that you're playing?
20:39:51 Slammer: You lost tongue.gif
20:39:58 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:40:06 Slammer: well, I'm not playing a game, but I mean in General
20:40:08 Soul_Decision: Gets annoying lol
20:40:08 Slammer: LOL
20:40:13 muris: ah ok
20:40:25 muris: anyone knows when new GTA shall be out?
20:40:37 Soul_Decision: No
20:40:40 Slammer: sad.gif I only have N64 sad.gif
20:40:44 Soul_Decision: Halo 3 comes out tonight!!
20:40:47 Slammer: and Sega Genesis
20:40:51 Slammer: and PS1
20:40:52 Soul_Decision: I won't be getting it though :/
20:41:01 Soul_Decision: N64
20:41:01 shredmandan: i dont have any systems now cause i sold them lol.I want to buy a playstation though just to play the new medal of honer game
20:41:03 Slammer: and Game BOy Advance
20:41:08 muris: you have PC Slamm
20:41:09 Soul_Decision: I loved that console
20:41:12 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:41:14 muris: it'll be on it for sure
20:41:25 Slammer: well, I don't play games at all
20:41:29 Slammer: only Sports Games
20:41:31 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:41:33 muris: you don't?
20:41:38 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:41:40 muris: like PES^?
20:41:44 muris: wink.gif
20:41:48 Slammer: but, I've never even Touched Halo ever?
20:41:54 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:41:54 Slammer: I don't even know what it is
20:41:56 PacmanProductions: 0.0
20:41:56 Soul_Decision: I don't like sports games
20:42:02 PacmanProductions: ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif 8) 8) 8) 8)
20:42:11 PacmanProductions: Never??
20:42:17 Slammer: nope
20:42:27 muris: I haven;t played Halo too
20:42:30 Slammer: I don't see what all the Fuss is about
20:42:34 shredmandan: sports games have got so hard since they got all the buttons on controllers.I havent been able to play a sports game since like super nintendo lol
20:42:37 Slammer: because I've never seen it
20:42:37 muris: saw few screen shots
20:42:38 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:42:43 muris: was more than enough wink.gif
20:42:48 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:42:55 Soul_Decision: Halo is an ok game
20:43:03 muris: probably yeah
20:43:06 shredmandan: i didnt like halo,but would like to have pre ordered copys so when it sells out i can make a proffit on ebay
20:43:11 muris: just not my type,that's all
20:43:13 Soul_Decision: Gears of War is so much better
20:43:23 PacmanProductions: you shooting people online and them getting mad and u laughing... thats the big fuss
20:43:24 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
20:43:34 Soul_Decision: Yeah lol
20:43:45 muris: but there's a game
20:43:51 muris: can't remeber the name
20:44:05 muris: logo is something with scisors
20:44:15 muris: you kill everything
20:44:22 muris: cats,people...
20:44:23 Slammer: LOL
20:44:26 Slammer: wow
20:44:30 Slammer: what a nice game
20:44:31 muris: you konow the name?
20:44:32 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:44:33 shredmandan: hey there's some effect processors out that have a drum machine built into them isnt there?
20:44:35 muris: man
20:44:35 Soul_Decision: lol
20:44:35 Soul_Decision: Killer scisors
20:44:40 muris: pure madness
20:44:44 Slammer: LOL
20:44:48 muris: really
20:44:49 Slammer: Dan remember the Game
20:44:50 muris: lol
20:44:52 Slammer: TD-3
20:45:02 muris: you can put cat on your shotgun and blast it
20:45:04 shredmandan: td ?
20:45:07 Slammer: or Test Drive
20:45:10 muris: lol
20:45:10 muris: along with the guy in front of you
20:45:13 shredmandan: oh yes lol
20:45:13 Slammer: Test Drive 3
20:45:17 Slammer: dude
20:45:21 Slammer: I loved that game
20:45:27 Slammer: we had it on FLoppy
20:45:29 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:45:33 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:45:34 Soul_Decision: Wow
20:45:38 Soul_Decision: That's old
20:45:43 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:45:54 muris: ok guys,just wantd to have few words with you
20:46:05 Soul_Decision: Cool cool
20:46:06 PacmanProductions: dun dun duuuuun...
20:46:07 muris: must go on another windows and finish few things
20:46:12 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
20:46:25 muris: have a great time and talk soon
20:46:31 Soul_Decision: Laters
20:46:36 PacmanProductions: cya
20:46:37 muris: bye smile.gif
20:46:38 Slammer: cya
20:46:40 Slammer: Bye
20:46:41 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:46:41 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:46:44 Slammer: Bye
20:46:45 Slammer: Bye
20:46:46 Slammer: Bye
20:46:46 Slammer: Bye
20:46:46 Slammer: Bye
20:46:46 Slammer: Bye
20:46:48 Slammer:
20:47:02 shredmandan: same here im out for now.Slammer if your still around later i will chat andmaybe have an upload for you to here.Same for the rest of you if you see i uploaded something check it out and post something please. lol
20:47:18 Slammer: LOL
20:47:23 Slammer: u always leave
20:47:24 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:47:25 PacmanProductions: ok cya
20:47:27 Slammer: Well
20:47:31 Slammer: I'll be here till 9
20:47:36 Slammer: then I go watch TV
20:47:37 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:47:41 shredmandan: 15 min
20:47:46 Slammer: LOL
20:47:52 shredmandan: well guess ill see ya then slammer
20:47:56 Slammer: well
20:48:00 Slammer: I may be back
20:48:01 Slammer: later
20:48:01 Soul_Decision: Laters Salmmer
20:48:06 Slammer: 10
20:48:06 Slammer: like around
20:48:11 Slammer: actually
20:48:13 Slammer: I will
20:48:18 Slammer: 80% chance
20:48:21 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:48:27 Slammer: cya later Dan
20:48:29 Slammer: LOL
20:49:20 PacmanProductions: well i g2g too.. (homework)
20:49:24 PacmanProductions: sad.gif
20:49:28 PacmanProductions: :{
20:49:43 PacmanProductions: :{ :{ :{ :{
20:49:45 PacmanProductions: cya
20:50:05 Slammer: LOL
20:50:10 Slammer: Cya Soul
20:50:11 Slammer: *slap*
20:50:20 Soul_Decision: Laters man lol
21:12:54 peterorg54: j
22:04:56 Slammer: brb if anyone comes in
22:12:38 Slammer: ok I'm back
22:12:40 Slammer: just
22:12:49 Slammer: *whip* me If I'm not here
22:12:50 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:16:52 PacmanProductions: hey slammer *slap*
22:17:03 Slammer: oh
22:17:04 Slammer: LOL
22:17:05 Slammer: hey
22:17:07 Slammer: man
22:17:10 Slammer: I'm always here
22:17:11 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:17:16 Slammer: u two
22:17:22 PacmanProductions: so is robin
22:17:28 PacmanProductions: but never responding
22:17:28 Slammer: and Peteorg
22:17:36 Slammer: he's only been here a week
22:17:37 PacmanProductions: so what u doin?
22:17:47 Slammer: but, Pete is in here almost as much as me
22:17:48 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:17:57 Slammer: Well, I'm just chilling right now
22:18:08 Slammer: just finished the pickup artist
22:18:09 Slammer: LOL
22:18:20 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif
22:18:31 Slammer: you ever watch it?
22:18:53 PacmanProductions: not really
22:18:56 PacmanProductions: one episode
22:19:03 Slammer: LOL
22:19:11 Slammer: well then it wouldn't hurt you to know
22:19:15 Slammer: Kosmo won
22:19:17 Slammer: LOL
22:19:37 Slammer: he's the Latino dude with the Curly black hair
22:19:40 Slammer: LOL
22:20:00 PacmanProductions: oh yeah
22:20:03 PacmanProductions: i remember him
22:20:20 Slammer: LOL well it's over... damn... now nothing to do mondays at nine
22:20:22 Slammer: sad.gif
22:20:28 Slammer: except chat
22:20:29 Slammer: LOL
22:20:38 PacmanProductions: brb
22:20:44 Slammer: ok
22:21:30 PacmanProductions: kk im back
22:22:21 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:22:31 Slammer: so what have you been playing?
22:22:56 peterorg54: heyy
22:22:57 peterorg54: sam
22:23:00 peterorg54: and pp
22:23:23 PacmanProductions: been trying out my drum machine on my multi-effects pedal
22:23:31 PacmanProductions: so pretty much everything
22:24:14 Slammer: LOL
22:24:15 Slammer: cool
22:24:16 Slammer: Sup
22:24:18 Slammer: man
22:24:20 Slammer: Pete
22:24:27 Slammer: you almost come in as much as me
22:25:05 peterorg54: kk
22:25:13 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:25:34 Slammer: man
22:25:38 Slammer: if dan comes in
22:25:41 Slammer: he'll be like
22:25:43 Slammer: HEY
22:25:50 Slammer: you all were here when I left
22:25:51 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:26:12 peterorg54: 8) 8)
22:26:24 Slammer: PP
22:26:29 Slammer: do you like Football
22:26:31 Slammer: *slap*
22:26:47 peterorg54: better whip him
22:26:59 PacmanProductions: kinda
22:27:02 Slammer: go ahea
22:27:02 peterorg54: *whip*
22:27:04 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:27:53 Slammer: anyways, guys I'm gonna be Away... if you need anything, just *whip* me biggrin.gif
22:28:07 peterorg54: k
22:28:47 peterorg54: hey
22:29:01 peterorg54: no
22:29:03 peterorg54: never mind
22:29:09 Slammer: hey
22:29:11 Slammer: pete
22:29:19 Slammer: are you in 7th grade?
22:29:19 peterorg54: yea
22:29:22 peterorg54: 8
22:29:23 peterorg54: th
22:29:30 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:29:34 Slammer: PP is in 7th
22:29:36 peterorg54: ??
22:29:38 peterorg54: hum
22:29:41 Slammer: LOL
22:29:46 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:29:53 Slammer: you can chat about the Woes of Middle School
22:30:01 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:30:04 Slammer: LOL
22:30:10 peterorg54: *whip*
22:30:14 PacmanProductions: g2g
22:30:15 PacmanProductions: bye
22:30:18 Slammer: no
22:30:20 Slammer: sad.gif
22:30:26 peterorg54: bo
22:30:35 Slammer: well, if you wanna chat just *whip*
22:30:42 peterorg54: kk
22:33:35 peterorg54: whoa i just saw ur pic..
22:33:40 peterorg54: *whip*
22:33:48 peterorg54: *whip*
22:33:49 peterorg54: *whip*
22:33:50 peterorg54: *whip*
22:33:51 peterorg54: *whip*
22:33:52 peterorg54: *whip*
22:33:55 peterorg54: *whip*
22:33:57 Slammer: LOL
22:34:00 Slammer: whats up?
22:34:04 peterorg54: it was handsomer than i thought
22:34:06 peterorg54: l/ol
22:34:09 Slammer: sad.gif
22:34:15 peterorg54: no
22:34:17 peterorg54: im saying
22:34:19 peterorg54: ur
22:34:20 peterorg54: handsome
22:34:36 Slammer: LOL Well thanks... In a completely manly way biggrin.gif
22:34:44 peterorg54: lol
22:34:49 Slammer: LOL
22:34:54 Slammer: why don't you post your Pic
22:34:54 peterorg54: areu in college
22:34:55 peterorg54: ?
22:35:00 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:35:08 peterorg54: well
22:35:12 peterorg54: maybe
22:35:17 peterorg54: someday
22:35:18 peterorg54: ..
22:35:18 Slammer: well, I take classes at a college
22:35:25 peterorg54: well
22:35:27 peterorg54: u were like
22:35:33 peterorg54: college student..
22:35:49 Slammer: 8)
22:36:42 Slammer: LOL
22:53:53 Slammer: *slap*
22:53:54 Slammer: ok dude
22:53:56 Slammer: I gtg
22:53:57 Slammer: bed
22:54:00 Slammer: cya around
22:54:03 peterorg54: k
22:54:05 peterorg54: cya
22:54:06 Slammer: *whip*
22:54:07 Slammer: bye
22:54:08 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:54:12 peterorg54: biggrin.gif

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