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drinking home brew whilst listening to music.
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9 Feb 2015
Hi all-- it has come to a point where my tinnitus has been acting up more than normal...I am going to try and use in ear monitors because
I cant take the percussive pounding of drums from 5 feet away.
I know it will take some getting used to.. anyone here use them? do you prefer them now ? I guess ill have to see how it sounds but I think it will give me a very different feel to the sounds on stage. most of all-- will it help cut the slam factor if I have the ear buds inserted properly... or will I get the same thing by having to turn that volume up as well?

10 Jul 2013
Hello all- Iv'e been here for about a week and still can't believe the amount of knowledge and goodwill toward other musicians that is jam packed here at GMC! I'm still floored by it.
Anyway- I was thinking- for those of us that were or are into fantasy type games or books to read- Where the hero or player may be using a certain sword or club depending on his fighting style----

How would this translate into the legendary guitar players we all know and love- for example-
I would think that
Michael Schenker's Flying V If he were transported into fantasy realm- would be a
"+3 sword of laceration " allows for the most delicate of attacks to hit their mark most precisely causing extra damage from bleeding.

where as Angus Young's Gibson would be a
"+2 Mace of stunning" (chance of mesmerizing opponents at end of attack due to great timing and footwork)
curious if any of you care to come up with some.
4 Jul 2013
Hello everyone!
I happened upon GMC one night while browsing the net- Im glad I did.
i have been playing for about 20 years- More seriously the past 12 years-
I just love this place! I joined up mostly because I want to be able to utilize my pinky
during leads-
i have limited myself with 3 fingers for far too long-
I have to take a break for a few days because I have 2 gigs this weekend
In this short time(5 days or so)- My pinky is starting to go where my ring finger always went but
Im still in between and Im not solid enough for consistency.
It's amazing how the right lessons can move you ahead so fast-
So many great guitar players around here- I know this will make me a smarter and better player.
And everyone is cool too- nice combo.
my current gear is a Les Paul Standard with a SD-George Lynch PU in the bridge/Gibson in the neck.
A Peavey Signature 24 fret -
A Carvin AE 185 guitar
Yamaha 12 string acoustic/ Dean 6 string Acoustic
B 52 100 watt tube amp head 2 2x12 ear candy speakers.(for larger venues)
A Fender mustang 3-100 watt combo solid state( for everything else)
I Am Stoked about joining this community and I am sure I'm not the only one that wishes they had
this when they started.
Hope to get to know as many of the community as i can-
take care.
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Hey Tharn :-)
One who likes UFO and knows how to brew fine beer ...
should be in my friendlist -- if YOU do not MIND !?
4 Jul 2013 - 8:41


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