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GMC Forum _ PRACTICE ROOM _ Super Secrets To Solo Tone

Posted by: Todd Simpson Dec 3 2019, 09:32 AM

I'm often asked how I get that "machine gun/nail gun" percussive tone when playing leads / solos. The good news is that it's easy. Here's how.
I've been working on the voodoo of solo tone for a looooooong time and I thought I'd share my thoughts. Here is a layout of my typical solo chain. This is software so replicating this in hardware would probably cost a lot of money unless you get really creative and find ways to do this, which is of course possible, just takes a bit of thought.

I start by putting an EQ just after the Guitar. I'm using a parametric but a regular EQ will work fine. Any eq really. I cut about 150hz (this is the area that can get in the way of your attack) then I boost about 850 hz (this area adds a pinch of thrust). As you can see in this graphic below. Then I add a compressor. Compressors are the super secret smart bomb of killer tone IMHO. Have a look. (I'm using overloud TH2 in this screen grab but you can use anything you like)
here is a close up of my EQ and COMP settings.

Then on the back end, I use Two Guitar Cabs and four mics. Two mics are close to the center of the cone and two are closer to the edge. So I'm using the mics to add bass back in to the signal whild keeping the bass they are addign in qiute tight. To wit..Here is a close up of the cab micing.

  1. Using this technique, you can really put a spotlight on your attack each time you strike the string. Of course, you could do this with
  2. Any EQ
  3. Any Compressor
  4. Any Tube Screamer clone
  5. Any moderate gain amp / combo
  6. Two mics (one for cone one for edge of cone)

that's the real world way. If you are using software, just build your chain using the tools at hand as described. Please do share if your patch if you would like me to check it out!!

Anyone else doing something similar?

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