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25 Jun 2010

Just wanted to share this vid with you guys. It's how to sharpen your guitar picks using your carpet. blink.gif (I know it sounds crazy)

I've used this trick on a lot of old plectrums (I use dunlops .73 mm) which had lost all of their sharpness and now they're as good as new. So it's actually a huge money-saver.

Sharpen your guitar picks

Also be sure to check out his other vids wink.gif

P.s. I'm sorry but I couldn't embed this vid

25 Apr 2010
Hello GMC

I got myself a new toy biggrin.gif ... a G Major 2 from TC electronics. The effects are top notch and everything I need comes in a little box, so I couldn't be happier.

I have messed around for quite a while and have come across some questions that maybe some other people have had .... So I thought I'd create a topic where people new to the whole multi-effectsworld could ask questions and people who know the answers could answer them.

my questions:
- I'm searching for a lead tone and have set up a simple delay that repeats my signal 4 times. Now I'm searching to add a reverb so that I have that "80's metal-lead" tone ... Which type would suit my needs? I was thinking hall but the parameters are a bit too much for me, maybe some things that I should keep in mind? (decay, predelay, shape, size, ...)

- I'm also searching for the sound in this example but am puzzled about which effects it has .... (example: OST) : I'm hearing a delay and a chorus but how to set up the chorus totally escapes me tongue.gif

some of the chorus parameters in the G major that I can set up:
type: Advanced/classic
high cut:
out level:

Also anyone that has a G major 2 and would like to share some of their patches would be GODLIKE biggrin.gif

Answers and tips are much appreciated and feel free to ask your own questions wink.gif

4 Apr 2010
Hello GMC

Yesterday I had a strange problem with my ENGL Ritchie Blackmore: One of my tubes (the big ones powering the poweramp) lit up way brighter than it usually does. Also strange was that I could smell nothing wrong (no burning smell, it just smells hot but that must be the tubes) and there also wasn't a drop in volume or anything like that. And even stranger was when I put the amp in standby the tube went back to normal and when I turned standby off, it didn't return.

I'm completely puzzled by this ... huh.gif

Also the amp is brand new, hasn't been moved around (only the transport by UPS) and hasn't been subjected to extreme volume or anything like that. The only recent thing is that I have bought a TC G major 2 and that that has been inserted into the Effects loop (input and output is completely normal)

Any ideas what this might be or what I have to do now?

Here is a picture showing the bright tube (just happened to have my camera nearby smile.gif ):
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17 Mar 2010
Hello GMC

Yesterday my new amp arrived: an ENGL Ritchie Blackmore with a Framus 2x12 cab (Vintage 30).
From the first powerchord that I played I knew I had made the right decision. It simple is amazing cool.gif. I was looking to get an "Accept"-tone (think: Metal Heart and Fast as a Shark) and this amp totally nails the tone I was going for.

Just wanted to say thx to all the people that advised me a while back in my amp decision wink.gif and also ask some questions:

- When I start the amp up, I can sometimes hear a "popping" sound. This is only in the first 10 min or so and even with the standby on you can hear it, when the amp is fully warmed up there is no "popping" sound. (about 4-5 times in the first 10 minutes and it returns when I turn the amp completely off to give 2 or 3 more "pops") Is this normal or is there a problem of some sort?

- The amp was delivered by truck so how can I check for damage or even broken tubes? I can clearly see the 4 little tubes burning but the big ones are lit up by LED's so I can't see if they are OK? (everything sound like it should, or atleast I think tongue.gif )

- How do I maintain my amp? How do I take the best care for it? (I know that moving it around is bad but for the rest I know very little)

- My dad wanted to build me a shelve so that I can put the head on it and the vibrations from the cabinet don't damage it, is this a good idea?

- What other advice could you give me? maybe some things that you simple MUST know ....

Here you can see it sittin' pretty beneath my Iron Maiden: the early days flag biggrin.gif
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31 Aug 2009
Hey GMC,

All to often, you come across a cool video which obviously deserves countless views (most of GMC is full of them laugh.gif).

So I thought it would be a cool idea if we would share links of these cool videos

Here are some of my favorites:

- : the lick at 0:23 is simply amazing

- : This band (Anthem) is amazing and almost no one knows about them (be sure to check out "Domestic Booty")

- : awesome guitar

- : Al Pitrelli busting out the sickness biggrin.gif

- : a short and funny video

I'm looking forward to yours wink.gif
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