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16 Mar 2008
When I play I have a hard time finding a comfortable position to play in, when I play up on the neck say between the 1st and maybe the 8th fret I keep my guitar at slightly more than a 45 degree angle then when I want to play further down the neck I have to move the guitar neck down more to a straight out position but I also have to slide the guitar out to the left so my little finger can reach the low E string on the highest frets 19 - 24.

if I don't do this I end up having my wirst bent at an unatural position and I get cramps and aching pain. Of course playing like this interupts my playing is hard to do, never mind what it looks like (geeky and wrong). So here I am looking for any suggestions anyone out there may have.

I play an Ibanez RG 1570.

BTW, I practice all the time and it isn't getting any easier, if anything the more I'm learning the harder it is to feel comfortable and find a comfortable position to play in.
28 Feb 2008
Since I bought my Rg 1570 prestige last year I've always thought I was given an inferior case with it and now what I thought has come to light in some pictures I saw on Ebay of the guitar I bought with the case I thought I was supposed to have been given.

The case I was given when I bought my guitar was a nice but basic hard case, the guitar lays inside it but the only indentation for the guitar is half way down and only for the neck to sit in width wise (about 4" X the width of the neck). The tool pocket inside the case is right under the guitar neck and there is no other slot for anything else. The case is big, rectangle and heavy but does have the word Ibanez written on it in the lower left corner of the front side. The case closes with cheap latches and locks with a cheap key, has no padding inside just cheap felt on the top and bottom.

The cases I've seen are rounded at the 4 corners and inside the padding looks deep and plush and looks to be indented in the shape of the prestige on the top and bottom so when you place your guitar in the case it kind of slides in nice and tight and doesn't move around at all. The tool pocket is to one side of the neck and the other slot for cables or music is to the other side of the neck. It closes with three nice heavy duty latches and has a combination lock.

If you own an Ibanez prestige and was given a hard case with it does yours sound more like the one I described as mine or the other one?

Thanks in advance.
22 Feb 2008
This guy is what getting your own music out there is all about, check him out here:

21 Feb 2008
Hopfully I won't confuse anyone reading this too much?

Now that I'm getting into harder material I'm finding the following problems:

When playing say the major scale form 3 between the 5-7-9 fret I'm finding that I'm having a hard time reaching with my index, middle and ring fingers, I'm also having a hard time getting enough strength behind my fingers when I hammer down using my ring and little fingers and the same when pulling off. I also find that playing anything further down the neck (17th fret on) is tough to impossible for me. Seems like the further down the neck I go the harder it is for me to reach and play correctly what it is I'm trying to play. I have a short little finger(less than 3/4 the size of my ring finger)

I've also noticed that when I play my wrist is in the wrong position(bent) which causes my left hand to become fatigued faster and is holding me back from anything harder than what I'm doing now?

I've tried and tried but no matter what I do I just cannot get to where my wrist is even almost straight and feeling comfortable? In order for me to stand or sit normal with the guitar stapped over my shoulder I cannot comfortably do a run from low E to high E without having my wirst bent to reach the top strings? I've tried adjusting my guitar strap to make it shorter(helped for playing barre chords and some down the neck reaches, and longer helped keep my wrist straighter but not nearly straight enough.

I'm at a complete loss as to what to do next to try and solve my problem. Hopefully someone in here has heard of or had this problem before and has the soloution?

19 Feb 2008
Everywhere I go on GMC I see people requesting this or that kind of lesson for the begining player, I know that GMC has some beginner lessons and the one's Kris made in the past are good but I think even those need to be upgraded and redone in the format of the site now (better camera angles, show the different notes as they are being played, close ups from the different angles, include guitar pro tab information etc..).

What I would like to see is every instructor take a turn and create 4 new lessons for the beginner guitarist, then when that is done do the same for the intermediate guitar player. I feel this would not only increase the database quite a bit, but it would also make GMC a more lesson friendly and inviting place for people with those skill sets.

Now I'm not saying that every instructor should stop what they are doing and concentrate on these lessons right now because I know that would be inconsiderate to the advanced guitar players we have here. I'm sure if this sounds like a good enough idea the instructors with Kris's help could work out a schedule that they would work with.

Myself I would love to see some beginner/easy intermediate lessons come from Muris, Walliman and Gabriel to start with.

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