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Erik Johnson
30 years old
Tennessee, USA
Born Sep-7-1991
Guitar, Friends, and life! :D
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28 Feb 2008
I just got my Epiphone Les Paul Standard's Pickups changed to Zakk Wylde EMGs. They are absolutely incredible. They are active, which is a DEFINITE change for me. I love them!!! They are absolutely fantastic!!!

Does anyone have any advice for other pickups that sound about as great without the large price? ($248~)

I'm looking to replace my Pacifica's pickups, and I wasn't sure if I should just spend the money for the ZW-EMG Set, or go for something else that might even be the same price or higher, but sound as great or better. I'm open to any suggestions. It's just such a change going from the stock pickups to active EMGs. I'm blown away by the sound quality!!!

Should I keep putting them in other guitars? Should I go back to regular non-active pickups? How long is the battery life on average? (According to what I've read, people said around 3000 hours, but I'm just curious)

So, does anyone have any comments about active pickups?


// Erik Johnson
10 Nov 2007
I just went to the concert last night. It was pretty fun...
It was in Knoxville, Tennessee. I like most kinds of music, so they were great as well. Kinda punky.
7 Nov 2007
I'm now a proud owner of a Line 6 Pod X3 Live!!! I've messed around a wee bit with it (I've only had it for about 15 minutes now), and it seems to be pretty great. I love it! laugh.gif

Does anyone have any awesome presets that they'd like to share? biggrin.gif

And does anyone have any specific advice they'd like to give on playing live, or what kind of settings I should use for a great tone?

I also got a pack of the Jim Dunlop Nylon Jazz III Picks... any other suggestions on pick types?

EDIT: Added the pick section.
5 Nov 2007
Is it just me or do you all laugh when you see this logo? I love the face Kris is making. Hahah.

EDIT: Misspelled laugh.
31 Oct 2007
Although I've been here a while, I haven't even introduced myself! Once I realized there was a specific forum designed for this, I decided to drop in.

First of all, my name is Erik and I'm 16-years-old. Like I said, I've been at GMC a little while.

This site is awe-inspiring, amazing, lifting, and well-designed in every way. The lessons and theory provided are exquisite! I've only been playing since Christmas. Sadly, I haven't been able to play through the past like two months because of school and work. dry.gif I wish my teachers would quit giving out so much homework.

I really wish I could help GMC in some way programming-wise, as I've been a programmer and web designer for the past well... 5 years now. (Doesn't seem like that long, wow.) So if you need help with anything Kris, just give me a shout! smile.gif

It's great to meet you all!

// Erik

PS: Some of my favorite lessons thus far are Pavel's Speedpicking lessons, Muris's Alternate Picking and a few of his others, and basically all of Kris's.
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