Guitar Chat with Andrew Cockburn, Muris etc. 2007-09-12
Sep 17 2007, 08:49 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
08:19:40 Kurt: hey guys
08:19:50 Tank: hi Kurt
08:19:57 Kurt: wasup?
08:20:20 botoxfox: hello
08:20:20 Tank: I'm just trying to get chat to work on my mac
08:20:29 Tank: hey bf
08:21:46 botoxfox: I just randomly looked at some member profiles
08:22:05 botoxfox: looks like its kris' birthday today...
08:22:14 Kurt: cool...
08:22:23 Kurt: how can we congratulate him?
08:22:36 Tank: Post a message on his board :)
08:22:56 botoxfox: I guess so
08:22:58 Kurt: which board do you mean?
08:23:38 Tank: I've just done one
08:24:32 Tank: On the instructor board
08:24:40 Tank: It'll be on the front menu
08:24:45 Tank: stick in a reply :)
08:24:53 Kurt: ah yeah i saw ;)
08:27:12 Tank: Good stuff
08:27:19 botoxfox: Yeah
08:27:31 Kurt: how old is he? anyone knows?
08:27:36 Tank: 26
08:27:40 Kurt: ah thx
08:31:48 botoxfox:
08:34:36 Tank: what the heck is that?
08:35:03 botoxfox: Who knows
08:35:23 botoxfox: Just thought it was funny
08:36:02 Tank: 8) mental
08:36:34 Tank: I think I need therapy now
08:37:57 botoxfox: brb
08:40:36 Tank: I'm off to get a couple of hours practice in. See you guys later :)
09:36:28 botoxfox: yo
09:37:00 Batista: yoyo
09:37:01 Batista: Sup?
09:37:23 botoxfox: nothin special
09:37:35 botoxfox: howbout oyu?
09:37:56 Batista: Practicing the lead guitar part of "All My Friends Are Dead" by Turbonegro;P
09:38:24 botoxfox: Turbonegro eh?
09:38:41 Batista: Yeah? =P
09:39:01 botoxfox: they're kinda cool I think
09:39:22 botoxfox: But it's not quitemy style
09:39:25 Batista: Yeah, their lead guitarist Euroboy are so damn cool, and he can play guitar too=P
09:39:44 botoxfox: yeah
09:39:44 Batista: I see. But the best of all with them is that they are Norwegian^^
09:40:33 Batista: This is a cool live version, on the end the lead guitarist goes up on another band members shoulders and plays from there=P
09:41:13 botoxfox: Yeah, they're pretty famous here in Norway
09:41:27 Batista: Norsk du og?
09:41:54 botoxfox: yup
09:42:22 Batista: Stilig
09:44:24 Batista: men middag. Snakkes
09:50:43 botoxfox: botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox botoxfox
09:51:04 botoxfox: That was a cool feature
11:04:20 Iluha: *slap* hi
11:04:43 botoxfox: howdy
11:04:55 botoxfox: wassup
11:36:22 botoxfox: *whip*
12:16:41 shredmandan: *whip*
12:16:51 botoxfox: *whip*
12:17:00 shredmandan: lol
12:17:10 botoxfox: wassup?
12:17:33 shredmandan: same old thing just got done checking out juans new lesson
12:17:58 botoxfox: that's a cool lesson
12:18:43 shredmandan: yep his faces especially in first part cracked me up
12:18:59 botoxfox: yeah
12:19:03 botoxfox: cool hat too
12:19:36 shredmandan: yep you gotta rock to be able to pull off that pimp hat lol
12:19:50 botoxfox: :D
12:21:12 botoxfox: The EVH styling he has gotten on his guitar is quite cool as well
12:23:13 shredmandan: yep,its not that hard to do.I believe just with some simple tape you can do it.
12:23:28 Iluha: hello hello
12:23:34 Iluha: *whip*
12:23:41 shredmandan: howdy
12:23:51 Iluha: dan i got a new ballad if you wanna listen =p
12:24:05 shredmandan: sure send it to me or have you posted it already?
12:24:11 botoxfox: yo
12:24:22 Iluha: nah I ain't gonna post till i'm done with it or if I get really stuck on it
12:24:31 Iluha: what's your e-mail?
12:24:44 shredmandan: [email protected]
12:25:26 shredmandan: botoxfox what have you been jamming latley?
12:26:03 Iluha: ok sent, once again It's only midi since Iv'e still no means of any recording stuff :(
12:26:08 botoxfox: nope
12:26:25 shredmandan: botoxfox not jamming at all ?
12:26:41 shredmandan: ihula i will check it out now
12:26:47 botoxfox: Got some issues with my arm
12:28:42 silentkap: ola
12:28:50 botoxfox: guten tag
12:28:51 Iluha: ola como esta? :)
12:28:54 silentkap: how you doing
12:29:02 shredmandan: whats teh deal with the beginning part is it a bend thats making the sound or whammy? ihula
12:29:08 silentkap: im not spanish
12:29:11 Iluha: what sound?
12:29:27 Iluha: o i think i know what you mean
12:29:33 Iluha: that's just a slide off
12:29:36 shredmandan: yep its cause midi
12:30:12 silentkap: does someone now a good program to make cool drum beats ?
12:30:19 shredmandan: ok thats pretty cool.Still think you should add more to it,that one you made awhile back though was stuck in my head and i could listen to it all day ;p;
12:31:14 shredmandan: u use guitar pro right?
12:31:24 Iluha: yeah avecourse.. the part from 34 is supposed to have a solo over it
12:31:27 Iluha: yeah
12:31:47 shredmandan: brb
12:31:50 silentkap: were u guys talking about
12:31:59 Iluha: my attempts at music :P
12:32:03 Iluha: wanna hear it?
12:32:04 silentkap: lol
12:32:09 silentkap: ok
12:32:15 Iluha: It's only midi though
12:32:22 Iluha: what's you'r e-mail?
12:32:39 silentkap: is it mp3 ?
12:32:45 Iluha: nope its midi :P
12:32:52 silentkap: i dont want midi
12:32:53 Iluha: gonna take some time till I record it
12:33:01 Iluha: I have no way of recording it sorry :)
12:33:17 silentkap: i will hear it when is finished
12:33:29 Iluha: suit yourself =p
12:33:39 botoxfox: I wanna hear it...
12:33:47 Iluha: what's you'r e-mail?
12:33:52 botoxfox: [email protected]
12:34:08 silentkap: [email protected]
12:34:21 Iluha: you gave in? lol
12:34:32 silentkap: yeah
12:35:13 shredmandan: you know im into lots of heavy music iluha but i love a good power ballad
12:35:41 Iluha: and do you thnk it's a good power ballad? atleast a begining to one?
12:36:17 silentkap: i have to go bye
12:36:22 shredmandan: definatly.I just think it needs more layered to it to song full
12:36:57 Iluha: yeah avecourse :) we(me and my friend) only began working on it today, hopefully well keep at it
12:37:08 Iluha: Sent it to you botox
12:37:29 shredmandan: honestly ever time you make one of these i could see it being a hit in the states with strong vocals added to it
12:37:43 botoxfox: I got it. Pretty cool song :)
12:37:59 Iluha: thanks.. my only problem though is that I seem to only be able to come up with ballads lol
12:38:22 shredmandan: yep the vocals is almost always the hardest part,and the most pickey
12:38:29 botoxfox: brb
12:38:59 Iluha: No I mean, I can never make a heavy song, or just a moderate speed one, everything I came up with it allways a slow ballad
12:40:16 shredmandan: thats cool.For me its in the middle.i really never make a death metal speed riff or nothing very slow its always in the middle.As far as solos go i try to get as much speed as i can in them
12:40:50 Iluha: the solo's I come up with are ussually not so fast but with alot of bends and vibrato
12:40:59 Iluha: Maybe it's a matter of taste in music I dunno
12:41:03 shredmandan: yep
12:41:23 shredmandan: i really have been working on vibrato in my solos latley'
12:42:04 Iluha: You got something new up you'r sleeve?
12:42:42 shredmandan: not yet. im kinda stuck with nothing to record with that well and havent had the time i would like latley
12:42:56 Iluha: ah..
12:43:19 shredmandan: i just need a quality mic and i would be good
12:43:19 Iluha: I don't have any recording gear, except for this simple converter I got from friend
12:43:30 Iluha: which basicly lets you plug your guitar in the mic port
12:43:46 Iluha: But I also lack any recording software :P
12:44:05 Iluha: So I talked with Lavendell, and he said that I can send him files and he'll run em through his gear
12:44:10 shredmandan: i got software just not a mic lol
12:44:20 shredmandan: thats cool
12:44:39 shredmandan: r u working on his collab
12:44:51 Iluha: Nah my part in that collab is done
12:45:26 Iluha: I think the melody is an enough contribution :)
12:45:58 shredmandan: cool r they about done?
12:46:12 Iluha: seems like he only misses a few solo parts and it's a wrap
12:46:39 Iluha: and avecourse a finished vocal line
12:46:59 shredmandan: vocals are cheesy
12:47:13 Iluha: yeah but it's only a collab =p
12:47:18 botoxfox: Who's the singer?
12:47:19 shredmandan: true
12:47:26 Iluha: kris and maria
12:47:40 shredmandan: i havent heard kris sing it yet
12:48:01 Iluha: I think it's better to wait for the finished product
12:48:11 shredmandan: agree
12:49:03 Iluha: my friend just told me he's finishing to write the entire solo for my ballad lol
12:49:22 Iluha: he really got into this one
12:49:29 Iluha: about 70% of it is his ideas
12:49:52 Iluha: ussually it's the other way around
12:50:53 shredmandan: well thats good he is getting into it
12:55:56 silentkap: *whip*
12:56:17 botoxfox: *meow*
12:56:25 Iluha: *slap*
12:56:35 Iluha: silent did you get it?
12:56:43 botoxfox: *moo*
12:56:47 silentkap: yep
12:57:07 silentkap: i have never seen this options in a chatbox
12:57:07 Iluha: did you like it?
12:57:17 silentkap: yes
12:57:29 Iluha: thanks :)
12:58:00 botoxfox: that was an extremely silent moo
12:58:22 Iluha: it's a dead cow's moo
12:59:35 silentkap: how old are u guys ? im 15
12:59:45 Iluha: 20
13:00:14 botoxfox: 19
13:00:20 silentkap: and how long are you playing guitar
13:00:28 Iluha: 4 years on and off
13:00:44 botoxfox: me too
13:00:56 silentkap: im playing almost 3 years
13:01:23 Iluha: good, what guitar do you have?
13:02:26 silentkap: an ibanez sa serie and a squier stratocoaster
13:02:38 silentkap: caster
13:04:02 silentkap: equipment : bosst me-50 guitar multiple effects and a hughes & kettner matrix 100
13:05:04 Iluha: cool
13:06:50 botoxfox: I have a GRX70, RG550MXXDY, RG321MHRB all Ibanez and a Jackson RR5
13:07:34 silentkap: that is alot of cool things
13:08:15 botoxfox: Yeah, hate the neck of the Jackson though
13:08:51 silentkap: i never have played on a Jackson
13:09:38 botoxfox: I hate neck mainly cos it's painted
13:22:30 Iluha: now weve got a solo in the ballas, and wow I love it! lol wanna hear it?
13:25:58 botoxfox: yeah
13:26:10 Iluha: ok sending.
13:27:18 Iluha: argh what's you e-mail again?
13:27:47 botoxfox: [email protected]
13:28:29 Iluha: I'm really really proud of this
13:28:38 Iluha: I gots to record it somehow
13:30:30 botoxfox: Are u gonna send it?
13:30:37 Iluha: I sent it
13:30:50 botoxfox: Haven't got it
13:31:39 Iluha: oh it says it failed :x
13:31:42 Iluha: wait ill try again
13:32:41 Iluha: oh I wrote gmail instead of hotmail =p
13:32:49 Iluha: should reach you now
13:34:43 botoxfox: That was great :) :)
13:35:05 Iluha: Thanks! I gotta record it, I'm inlove with it sorry if I sound cocky lol
13:35:41 botoxfox: I recorded some midi stuff too a couple of months ago
13:36:00 botoxfox: Some arpeggio thing
13:36:05 Iluha: Can I hear it?
13:36:20 botoxfox: Yeah, i'll send it
13:38:34 Iluha: be right back
13:59:54 Iluha: back
14:02:01 Iluha: *slap* those are some nice sweeps :)
14:02:23 botoxfox: Wish Icould them that fast
14:02:23 Iluha: Still can't play such things though
14:02:53 botoxfox: play them that fast*
14:10:58 Iluha: jessus my friend keeps bombarding with great ideas for the ballad.
14:11:07 Iluha: It's now 80% him 20% me lol
14:11:16 botoxfox: :D
14:23:33 botoxfox: gtg
14:23:40 botoxfox: cu around
16:26:39 Iluha: y0
16:38:24 botoxfox: yo indeed *slap*
16:38:56 Iluha: I'm allmost done with that ballad now only need to change the 2nd solo.. have no idea how to do it though :P
16:39:06 Iluha: Thinking about posting it on the boards
16:39:35 botoxfox: That would probably be a good idea
16:39:55 botoxfox: So that you could get a second opinion
16:40:41 botoxfox: Or a third or fourth or fifth opinions for that matter :p
16:40:42 Iluha: Yeah and prehaps someone would have an idea for the 2nd solo who knows :P
16:40:58 botoxfox: Yeah :)
16:41:52 botoxfox: What do you really need to change?
16:42:14 Iluha: most of the 2nd solo..
16:42:24 Iluha: because right now except for the fast part in the middle
16:42:29 Iluha: both solos are exactly the same
16:42:40 botoxfox: Aah...
16:46:08 Iluha: Well I posted it
16:46:14 Iluha: Hope I didn't jinx myself hehe..
16:47:12 Iluha: ow crap uploaded the wrong file lol
16:47:21 botoxfox: lol
16:47:40 botoxfox: Hope it wasn't something sensitive...
16:47:51 Iluha: oh, no wait it's the right one lol :P
16:48:06 botoxfox: Good
16:48:30 Iluha: download it tell me what you think, it's twice as long as what I sent you earlier
16:49:05 botoxfox: Yeah, I'll do that right away :)
16:49:12 Iluha: heheh thanks :)
16:49:23 Iluha: I really got excited about this one..
16:49:44 Iluha: and still am lol ;P
16:51:31 botoxfox: I understand your excitement
16:52:46 Iluha: so.. how you like that flute? :)
16:53:48 botoxfox: That was cool
16:54:15 botoxfox: Is that supposed to be the vocal line?
16:54:45 Iluha: Yeah we were thinking that either that would be a flute
16:54:48 Iluha: a synth
16:54:53 Iluha: or a female vocalist
16:55:04 Iluha: either one should work well
16:55:22 Iluha: maybe maria or luciana will be up for it who knows =p
16:55:47 botoxfox: Hmm, yeah :) that would be cool
17:03:47 Iluha: I pmed Andrew, lavendell, and Juan about it lol.. I'm so desperate
17:05:05 botoxfox: Did you say that the file that you uploaded was longer?
17:05:25 Iluha: They never heard it :P
17:10:53 botoxfox: that midi wasn't as long as the gp file was
17:11:26 botoxfox: Was it suppost to be that?
17:12:04 Iluha: wha? it's the same length :x
17:12:48 botoxfox: No, the midi is shorter in length... :?
17:14:45 Iluha: I just ran them simloutansly.. same thing
17:15:30 Nick325: yo
17:15:52 botoxfox: weird
17:16:00 Nick325: :(
17:16:05 botoxfox: yo nick
17:16:40 botoxfox: The midi was 1:14 I think
17:17:01 botoxfox: The GP was 2:22
17:17:13 Iluha: i think i know what the problem is
17:17:17 Iluha: your listening to the old midi?
17:17:19 Iluha: :P
17:18:17 Iluha: Nick did you check it out?! heh im so sad
17:19:49 botoxfox: No, the midi I downloaded from your post was 1:14...
17:20:03 Iluha: the one named Galsmedley?
17:20:10 botoxfox: Yup
17:20:29 Nick325: i saw it but i didnt listen to all of i
17:20:30 Nick325: it
17:20:34 Iluha: ooh god your right loll
17:20:49 Iluha: i told you i uploaded the wrong file rofl
17:21:02 botoxfox: :p
17:29:00 Iluha: Andrew said he liked it but need more build up between the verse and the chorus, I also though about that but had no idea how to do it heh.. so for now I'll leave it like that
17:29:20 botoxfox: Hmm
17:35:48 Iluha: Hey chubby
17:36:00 Andrew Cockburn: You guys talking about me ?
17:36:06 Iluha: I am
17:36:08 Iluha: :)
17:36:13 Andrew Cockburn: Aha
17:36:27 Andrew Cockburn: Sorry, been listening to smoe lame-ass midi file someone posted
17:36:32 Andrew Cockburn: ;)
17:36:43 Iluha: lol thanks for the positive feedback
17:36:47 Andrew Cockburn: lol
17:36:51 Andrew Cockburn: I really liked it actually
17:36:57 Iluha: me and my friend been working on it for the last 12 hours straight lol
17:36:58 Andrew Cockburn: verynice chord progression
17:37:09 Andrew Cockburn: It shows - its a pretty complete idea
17:37:12 botoxfox: Stupid return button...
17:37:19 Andrew Cockburn: Gets you every time
17:37:24 botoxfox: Hi Andrew
17:37:27 Andrew Cockburn: Hi
17:37:35 Andrew Cockburn: How's it hangin?
17:37:37 Iluha: I'm thinking about askin maria or luciana to do vocals instead of the Flute part
17:37:56 Iluha: just Humming would work perfectly I think
17:37:58 Andrew Cockburn: You'll have to write some words first
17:38:01 Andrew Cockburn: lol
17:38:20 Andrew Cockburn: I just recorded some lead for Marcus' collab - had a lot of fun :)
17:38:39 Iluha: Yeah I hear it it's really great, you gettin some great chops there :)
17:38:55 Andrew Cockburn: I'm improving slowly ...
17:39:22 Iluha: You'r feel is superb
17:39:41 Andrew Cockburn: :) Need to work on speed and muting though
17:40:02 Iluha: DOn't we all?\
17:40:05 Andrew Cockburn: DOn;t know if I'll ever make a shredder
17:40:48 Iluha: I don't know if I want to ever be a shredder :P
17:40:52 Andrew Cockburn: lol
17:40:55 Andrew Cockburn: There is that :)
17:41:03 Andrew Cockburn: I want to be able to shred so I can NOT do it
17:41:33 Iluha: I can only shred small licks, like the ones in my ballad
17:42:12 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, I'm about the same - I want to be able to use the techniques sparingly
17:42:17 Iluha: that sweep is actually just a Bminor lol
17:42:20 Andrew Cockburn: but as you say, its more abouit fewel for me
17:42:32 Andrew Cockburn: Well, all sweeps are just arpeggios of some chord
17:42:38 Andrew Cockburn: so be proud of it!
17:42:54 Iluha: yeah but the really good ones are of some complex chords
17:43:02 Andrew Cockburn: yep
17:43:06 Iluha: or some odd voiced ones
17:43:23 Iluha: But i'm getting there, slowley, but surely
17:43:42 Andrew Cockburn: Sweeping would be cool to be able to do but I dont; want to spend 5 hours a day for the next 3 years learning it
17:44:01 Andrew Cockburn: don;t have tge time really
17:44:28 Iluha: I ussually only spend a maximum of 30 minutes a day practicing
17:44:32 Iluha: but that is considering
17:44:43 Iluha: that from 6am till about 5 pm im in the army
17:44:52 botoxfox: I have all the time...
17:44:56 Iluha: from 6pm-7pm Im coaching a sweeming team
17:45:08 Iluha: and from 7pm-8pm Im coaching myself :P
17:45:34 Iluha: leaves very little time for guitar unfourtantly
17:45:39 botoxfox: You're in the army?
17:45:50 Iluha: Yeah in israel you have to enlist for 3 years
17:46:01 Iluha: got 1.5 years to go
17:46:07 botoxfox: :o
17:46:15 botoxfox: hat's a long time...
17:46:21 Iluha: Yup..
17:46:51 botoxfox: I'm supposed to go into the Finnish army in January
17:47:06 Iluha: Israel doesnt have enough population to run a proffesional army like the US or other country's
17:47:06 Andrew Cockburn: Whew, no enlistment in the UK or USA
17:47:14 Andrew Cockburn: I'd hate it in the army :(
17:47:47 botoxfox: We'll I'm not sure that I'll be fit enough
17:47:53 Iluha: Only thing I hate bout the army is that it puts my real life on hold for 3 years
17:48:11 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, that must suck
17:49:04 Iluha: Luckily now I got into a "job" in which I can come home everyday, in the begining I was spending a month in the army, a weekend at home, a month in the army, a weekend at home, wash and repeat
17:49:25 Andrew Cockburn: not good
17:49:35 Iluha: So I can spend time doing what I love, Sweeming and guitar :P
17:50:12 Iluha: They even offerd me to coach the Competetion team here, but I can't do that heh..
17:50:23 botoxfox: If I must enlist in the army it'll only be for six months
17:50:56 Andrew Cockburn: Better than 3 years
17:51:27 botoxfox: But if I'm getting a full medical examination
17:51:53 Andrew Cockburn: I'd never be fit enough for the army
17:52:12 botoxfox: there might be chance that I woudn't have to
17:52:22 Andrew Cockburn: Do you want to go in?
17:52:37 botoxfox: Absolutely not...
17:52:43 Andrew Cockburn: DOn;t blame you
17:53:30 botoxfox: A full medical would probably be embarrasing as hell though..
17:53:36 Andrew Cockburn: lol
17:54:24 botoxfox: Yeah, and if I skip military duty I won't get my passport renewed
17:54:41 Iluha: In the physical test for the army here
17:54:55 Iluha: there's a doctor that rubs you'r jewl pack
17:55:11 Andrew Cockburn: You think that's bad?
17:55:14 Iluha: that was quite emberassing
17:55:24 Andrew Cockburn: I just turned 40 and I get yearly prostate exams form now on ...
17:55:26 Iluha: atleast there wasn't a hokan :P
17:55:52 Andrew Cockburn: oh well, gotta run, my wife just got hom
17:56:05 botoxfox: cu later
17:56:10 Andrew Cockburn: seeya guys
17:56:13 Iluha: cya
17:59:18 Iluha: Well I gotta go for the day, thanks for bearing with me today, I know I was a bit selfobsurbed today lol

20:11:26 muris: so,nobody else?
20:12:51 muris: *slap*
20:18:01 muris: :(
20:19:27 Slammer: *slap* woah
20:19:36 muris: ahh
20:19:38 muris: finaly
20:19:39 muris: ;)
20:19:40 Slammer: LOL
20:19:51 Slammer: u probably figured Slammer would show up
20:19:52 Slammer: :P
20:19:56 muris: yep
20:19:58 Slammer: sooner or Later
20:20:03 muris: sooner
20:20:04 muris: ;)
20:20:24 Slammer: LOL see I wasn't kidding about the cookies
20:20:28 Slammer: :D
20:20:36 muris: could you send me few?
20:20:39 Slammer: :O
20:20:44 Slammer: via Airmail?
20:20:54 Slammer: Overnight :P
20:21:01 Slammer: $54.99
20:21:04 Slammer: LOL
20:21:05 Slammer: JK JK
20:21:19 muris: ahh
20:21:24 Slammer: btw
20:21:26 muris: to expensive
20:21:28 Slammer: what happened to nick?
20:21:30 muris: I'll buy some here
20:21:37 muris: dunno
20:21:45 muris: might be in bathroom
20:21:47 muris: ;)
20:22:13 Slammer: :O
20:22:21 Slammer: he must have laptop
20:22:37 muris: he told you?
20:22:49 Slammer: LOL
20:22:51 Slammer: jk jk
20:22:55 muris: ;)
20:23:04 Slammer: so what time is it there?
20:23:17 muris: 2;20am
20:23:38 muris: watching Heroes
20:23:42 Slammer: wow LOL
20:23:42 muris: not so great
20:23:52 Slammer: the Japenese Guy?
20:23:54 Slammer: who can
20:23:57 Slammer: see the futre
20:24:06 muris: waiting for new season of prison break ;)
20:25:08 Slammer: have you seen 24?
20:26:42 muris: 24?
20:27:07 Nick325: hey guys
20:27:28 muris: so,you don't have laptop after all
20:27:31 muris: :)
20:27:32 Slammer: 24 the show
20:27:40 Slammer: with Kiefer Sutherland
20:27:43 muris: no,I haven't
20:27:50 muris: but I played game just now
20:27:55 Slammer: LOL
20:27:55 muris: on cellphone
20:27:59 muris: lol
20:28:12 muris: really
20:28:18 muris: saw his face at intro
20:28:24 Slammer: who?
20:28:26 muris: thought it's some movie
20:28:29 Slammer: LOL
20:28:30 muris: but there you go
20:28:32 muris: ;)
20:29:00 muris: secret agents,right?
20:29:01 Slammer: it's a great show... but it's all about Fighting Terrorism and stuff
20:29:11 Nick325: hey guys
20:29:14 Slammer: Hey!
20:29:16 Slammer: Nick325
20:29:25 muris: Slammer578!!
20:29:30 Slammer: :P
20:29:32 Slammer: :O
20:29:33 muris: ;)
20:29:38 Slammer: Muris911
20:29:40 Slammer: :P
20:29:42 muris: lol
20:29:45 Nick325: sry i was here before but i had my sound off so i didnt hear the slaps and whips
20:29:57 muris: me cried
20:30:04 Nick325: :( sry lol
20:30:06 Slammer: I saw him :O
20:30:11 muris: no slap
20:30:14 muris: just cry
20:30:32 Nick325: i was doing hw :|
20:30:43 muris: hw?
20:30:49 Slammer: homework
20:30:56 Nick325: yeah
20:31:07 Nick325: sry im used to using internet phrases
20:31:08 muris: about what?
20:31:16 Slammer: like "what is x + y + z"
20:31:22 Slammer: LOL
20:31:34 Nick325: no it was this stupid vocab thing where u need 7 words a week
20:31:39 muris: it's xyz...piece of cake
20:31:41 Slammer: :O
20:31:42 muris: ;)
20:32:01 Slammer: So, muris... why isn't there a H note?
20:32:04 Nick325: i wait to the day before she checks and use a book i read already and then i use the words they have in it from online ;)
20:32:23 Slammer: like why do notes only go up to G
20:32:34 Slammer: and not H,I, J,K etc
20:32:48 muris: no need
20:32:50 Nick325: then it would be too confusing
20:32:52 Slammer: LOL
20:32:57 Nick325: u want 26 notes
20:32:58 Nick325: lol
20:33:01 Slammer: Kmaj7
20:33:08 muris: ;)
20:33:19 Slammer: J5
20:33:22 Slammer: btw way
20:33:23 Nick325: X9
20:33:24 Slammer: muris
20:33:32 Slammer: I once saw a chord
20:33:35 Slammer: called
20:33:41 Nick325: N minor
20:33:47 Slammer: Bb no 3rd
20:33:55 muris: lol
20:33:57 Slammer: what would that be?
20:34:11 muris: do you know?
20:34:23 Slammer: well, not off the top of my head
20:34:26 Slammer: Bb5?
20:34:30 muris: ;)
20:34:35 Slammer: :O
20:34:48 muris: you wise guy
20:35:00 Slammer: no wait
20:35:06 Slammer: I got mixed up
20:35:07 Slammer: :O
20:35:12 Slammer: it was called
20:35:14 Slammer: Bbdim no third
20:35:15 Nick325: guess wat for stupid ela shes making us a write an essay on the most important thing to me so i chose music ;)
20:35:17 Slammer: :O
20:35:39 muris: dim or dim7?
20:35:39 Slammer: is it a Three Thesis point essay?
20:35:46 Nick325: huh?
20:35:49 Slammer: LOL
20:35:50 Slammer: nvm
20:35:59 Nick325: ok good
20:36:04 Nick325: 8)
20:36:13 Slammer: Um, the chord only says Bbdim no third
20:36:28 Slammer: I guess it would be dim7?/
20:36:37 muris: then it's same as Bb-5
20:36:41 muris: no
20:36:46 muris: dim7 is soemthing esle
20:36:53 Slammer: :O
20:37:04 Slammer: there are a bunch of chords like
20:37:05 Slammer: Em no Fifth/A
20:37:08 Slammer: :O
20:37:09 Slammer: :(
20:37:14 muris: yep
20:37:15 muris: many
20:37:20 Slammer: (Em no Fifth/F#)
20:37:26 Slammer: Idk what they are
20:37:33 Slammer: :(
20:37:34 muris: more like grips
20:37:38 muris: not real chords
20:37:39 Slammer: or powerchords
20:37:43 Slammer: I guess
20:38:08 Slammer: but.... Em no 5?
20:38:13 Slammer: would that be...
20:38:34 muris: that's not chord
20:38:40 muris: it's minor third interval
20:38:48 muris: people write stupid stuff
20:38:53 Slammer: LOL
20:38:56 muris: ;)
20:40:31 Slammer: but does Em no 5th mean 1st and 3rd?
20:40:38 Slammer: or
20:40:43 Slammer: b3rd
20:40:50 Slammer: :O
20:40:58 Slammer: I like the D and A chords :)
20:41:09 muris: who doesn't ;)
20:41:11 Slammer: btw
20:41:23 Slammer: are you gonna sing for the Blues BT
20:41:31 muris: lol
20:41:42 Slammer: I should do it for fun :P
20:41:45 Slammer: yeah right
20:41:48 muris: sure,go ahead
20:41:50 Slammer: :P
20:41:52 Slammer: nah
20:42:02 Slammer: no one else is doing it
20:42:03 Slammer: :P
20:42:09 muris: really?
20:42:22 Slammer: did you?
20:42:30 muris: guess this is still only guitar site
20:42:48 Slammer: LOL
20:43:33 Slammer: I think the BT is too short
20:43:41 Slammer: only like 28 seconds
20:44:13 Slammer: btw what
20:44:16 Slammer: is it for?
20:44:30 Slammer: like for humming?
20:44:41 Slammer: or singin da blues
20:44:43 Slammer: LOL
20:44:46 Slammer: *slap* nick!
20:44:55 Nick325: would but i dont have a mic
20:44:57 muris: hmm
20:45:02 muris: she did humming
20:45:24 muris: i sugested to post some lyric
20:45:32 muris: would be easier
20:46:09 Slammer: or you could Improvise
20:46:27 Slammer: "Slammer can't sing... da dun da dun dun"
20:46:51 Slammer: "Slammer is King"
20:46:52 muris: lol
20:47:02 Slammer: :P
20:47:19 muris: have an idea
20:47:31 muris: write few words
20:47:36 muris: small lyric
20:47:46 muris: something like you did now
20:47:49 muris: like fun
20:47:56 muris: and I'll sing it;)
20:48:02 Slammer: LMAO
20:48:16 Slammer: so what are you gonna write?
20:48:23 muris: no
20:48:31 muris: you need to write it
20:48:35 muris: about you
20:48:39 Slammer: :O
20:48:40 Slammer: :(
20:48:50 muris: anyything you want
20:49:03 Slammer: ok be right back
20:49:08 Nick325: and then we can solo over a little of it :D
20:49:47 muris: no guitars here ;)
20:49:49 Nick325: muris i have a question
20:49:51 Nick325: :(
20:50:29 Slammer: *slap*
20:50:39 muris: say
20:50:47 Nick325: when doing vibrato in bends is it ok to bend down not up becuase im better at it when i bend down
20:51:11 muris: depends of whch string you're playing
20:51:19 muris: but bending down is ok
20:51:41 muris: sorry
20:51:46 muris: missed question
20:51:48 Nick325: y?
20:52:00 muris: vibrato to band is usually apiled by going down
20:52:12 Nick325: ok
20:52:19 muris: usualy
20:52:22 muris: not always tho
20:52:24 muris: ;)
20:52:34 Nick325: k got ya ;)
20:53:32 Slammer: "Luciana, on GMC. She can teach me how to sing"
20:53:37 Slammer: :P
20:54:06 Nick325: muris im considering on getting a shredneck but it has 7 frets so is it hard to warm up cause my warmup is chromatics up and down the whole neck
20:55:29 muris: well
20:56:02 muris: you can use many warmup excersises
20:56:06 muris: not just that one
20:56:31 Nick325: like? :D
20:57:07 muris: ahh
20:57:14 muris: millions of them
20:57:16 muris: ;)
20:57:33 muris: play anything
20:57:50 muris: everything is good to get warmedup
20:57:51 muris: imo
20:57:59 Nick325: but theres only 7 frets hehe :D
20:58:55 muris: more then enough
20:59:09 muris: you're not gonna play Chopin's etude
20:59:16 muris: it's just warmup tool
20:59:18 muris: :)
20:59:55 Nick325: whats chopins etude
21:00:05 muris: anyone
21:00:10 Slammer: :P
21:00:58 rokchik: hello.......
21:01:01 Slammer: HI
21:01:06 Slammer: Sup PP
21:01:10 PacmanProductions: sup
21:01:16 PacmanProductions: just seein whos online.....
21:01:18 rokchik: hey
21:01:19 Slammer: :O
21:01:24 PacmanProductions: cant talk.....
21:01:26 Slammer: :O
21:01:31 rokchik: :(
21:01:31 PacmanProductions: :(
21:01:38 Slammer: he's a mute!
21:01:39 Slammer: :)
21:01:41 Slammer: :(
21:01:44 PacmanProductions: .....
21:01:47 Slammer: :O
21:01:48 Slammer: NO
21:01:48 PacmanProductions: well cya
21:01:51 Slammer: stay
21:01:53 rokchik: c ya
21:01:53 Slammer: Stay
21:01:54 Slammer: :(
21:02:01 Slammer: damn
21:02:02 rokchik: So what is up Slammer
21:02:13 Slammer: Nmu
21:02:17 Slammer: Just CHillin
21:02:19 Slammer: YEs
21:02:24 rokchik: kew
21:02:29 Slammer: :O
21:02:57 Slammer: damn... we had visitors and all my cookies were gone in 5 minutes :(
21:03:03 Slammer: :(
21:03:03 muris: hey rock
21:03:07 muris: good to see you :)
21:03:08 Slammer: I didn't get any
21:03:10 Slammer: only 1
21:03:12 rokchik: hey Muris
21:03:22 rokchik: Slammer those cookies looked good
21:03:26 Slammer: LOL
21:03:34 Slammer: :(
21:03:34 Slammer: I wouldn't know... only had 1
21:03:41 rokchik: :(
21:03:45 Slammer: damn...
21:03:59 Nick325: hey rock
21:04:00 Slammer: I'll make some later for myself *evil laugh*
21:04:03 rokchik: I made molasses cookies this afternoon....they never lasted long either
21:04:06 rokchik: hey Nick
21:04:17 Slammer: Molasses in
21:04:21 Slammer: Canada??
21:04:22 Slammer: :O
21:04:26 rokchik: yep
21:04:40 Slammer: it is Cold there?
21:05:10 rokchik: yes....we actually had some flurries earlier
21:05:46 Slammer: :O
21:06:04 rokchik: Does anyone like Celtic Rock/Punk music?
21:06:12 Nick325: punk only ramones
21:06:34 rokchik: I C
21:06:52 rokchik: I've been on a big Celtic Rock/Punk kick the last few days
21:07:42 rokchik: Muris I have your CD ordered
21:07:45 Slammer: I hate the Celtics :{
21:08:08 rokchik: so do I....go Knicks!
21:08:46 Slammer: Heat :P
21:08:55 Slammer: Dwanye Wade and Shaq
21:09:18 muris: realy?
21:09:20 muris: thanks :)
21:09:29 muris: I think it's still out of stock
21:09:35 muris: will be there soon
21:10:27 rokchik: No problem Muris....yeah it said something about backorder or something but it would be shipped when available....I can wait it's worth it
21:10:37 muris: tnx :)
21:10:42 muris: hope you'll like it
21:11:26 Slammer: you know I've been Reading Clapton's Biography
21:11:27 rokchik: I think I will. I really enjoy your lessons
21:11:49 rokchik: You know I actually had Blackie in my hands a few months ago
21:11:54 Slammer: :O
21:11:58 Slammer: no
21:12:02 Slammer: you did?
21:12:04 rokchik: YES
21:12:08 Slammer: how?
21:12:16 rokchik: I was so afraid of droping it
21:12:23 Slammer: did you meet him?
21:13:27 rokchik: It came through here on a was going over to England for some display or something. Clapton wasn't there....he doesn't own Blackie was sold at auction. Sometimes there is perks to my job
21:14:05 Slammer: you work at the Airport?
21:14:09 rokchik: yep
21:14:13 Slammer: cool
21:14:19 Slammer: you ever Heard of YES?
21:14:35 rokchik: YES i've heard of Yes
21:14:40 rokchik: :)
21:14:49 Slammer: LOL
21:15:01 Slammer: what about Alabama?
21:15:45 rokchik: Yep......they want you to play them some mountain music :)
21:16:02 Slammer: :O
21:16:03 Slammer: :P
21:16:19 rokchik: Not a big country fan though
21:16:35 Slammer: yeah
21:16:38 Slammer: me niether
21:16:45 Slammer: but Muris would disagree
21:16:46 Slammer: :P
21:16:49 Slammer: *slap*
21:16:52 Slammer: LOL
21:17:01 muris: ;)
21:17:04 Slammer: :O
21:17:08 Slammer: he's alive!
21:17:12 muris: you like coutry
21:17:19 muris: you just won't admit
21:17:22 rokchik: Muris have you heard the band Blue Rodeo?
21:17:33 muris: think not
21:17:38 rokchik: I like some country but I'm not a huge fan by any means
21:17:55 rokchik: They are a band from here in Canada...I think you'd like them
21:18:33 muris: great :)
21:18:37 muris: sadly
21:18:50 muris: I don't listen to music that much as I used to do
21:19:04 muris: only what I need to play for job
21:19:08 muris: to record
21:19:10 muris: or som
21:19:17 rokchik: I'm looking for a youtube clicp for ya
21:19:58 Slammer: have you heard Roy Buchanan
21:20:08 muris: yep
21:20:14 muris: thanks rok :)
21:20:35 Slammer: he is one of the Most underated Guitarists of all time
21:20:59 Slammer: I mean, he's about as good as SRV IMOP
21:21:01 Slammer: IMO
21:21:10 Slammer: but he never got the Reconigtion
21:21:16 Slammer: he deserved
21:21:19 muris: matter of luck
21:21:22 Slammer: like alot of guitarists
21:21:23 muris: nothing else
21:21:36 Slammer: what is a matter of luck?
21:22:04 Slammer: I mean from what you were saying?
21:22:09 muris: be in right place on right time
21:22:19 muris: play right music in right time
21:22:21 muris: image
21:22:24 muris: etc
21:23:18 Slammer: man I love that song Bell Bottom Blues
21:24:16 Slammer: you ever heard it Rokchik?
21:24:17 muris: next 2 lessons I'm gonna do shall be in style of..
21:24:22 rokchik: I can't seem to get it to post....I'm so computer illiterate
21:24:25 muris: guess who ;)
21:24:35 Slammer: SRV?
21:24:39 muris: yep and?
21:24:43 Slammer: HENDRIX?
21:24:46 muris: nope
21:24:50 Slammer: IDK
21:24:54 Nick325: lee
21:25:02 muris: nope
21:25:11 muris: Luke :)
21:25:15 Nick325: i thought i saw it in the forum :(
21:25:19 Slammer: Luke?
21:25:25 Slammer: Luke and SRV?
21:25:34 rokchik: Muris for some reason I can't post.....I'll email you an mp3 if you like
21:25:40 Slammer: post what?
21:25:55 rokchik: youtube clip
21:26:02 Slammer: you can't paste
21:26:09 Nick325: try control v
21:26:09 muris: you can email it if you want
21:26:12 Slammer: Ctrl V
21:26:14 Slammer: yes
21:26:14 rokchik: that's what i meant
21:26:18 muris: but there must be way to post link here
21:26:20 rokchik: ahhhh
21:26:38 rokchik:
21:26:42 Slammer: I've had to tell like 5 guys how to post links in CHat
21:26:43 Slammer: :P
21:26:45 rokchik: you guys are so smart
21:26:50 Slammer: LOL
21:26:55 muris: lol
21:26:56 rokchik: I'm computer illiterate
21:27:00 rokchik: :)
21:27:05 Slammer: :O
21:27:31 Slammer: muris are your next 2 lessons gonna be SRV and Luke?
21:27:42 muris: yeah
21:27:43 rokchik: Muris I think you'll like Blue Rodeo....they are kind of country/bluegrass rock
21:27:47 Slammer: Cool
21:27:48 muris: nice video Rock :)
21:27:56 rokchik: thks
21:28:04 muris: thank you ;)
21:28:22 rokchik: They have been around forever in Canada but not sure how well known elsewhere
21:28:37 Nick325: heres a cool video ;)
21:28:45 Slammer: Here's a cooler one :P
21:28:47 Slammer:
21:29:04 Slammer: LOL nick
21:29:45 Nick325: lol ;)
21:29:53 rokchik: Both Great guys :)
21:30:19 muris: I'll go to bed folks
21:30:31 muris: can't use my eyes
21:30:32 rokchik: C ya Muris
21:30:34 Nick325: cya muris
21:30:38 muris: bye for now
21:30:39 rokchik: sleep well
21:30:41 muris: have a great time
21:30:46 muris: tnx :)
21:30:48 Slammer: ok
21:30:49 Slammer: muris
21:30:51 Slammer: Have fun
21:30:56 muris: ;)
21:31:01 Slammer: get some sleep
21:31:03 Slammer: LOL
21:31:12 rokchik: you listen to Celtic Rock/Punk?
21:31:21 Slammer: no
21:31:21 Nick325: i gtg too
21:31:22 Nick325: cya
21:31:25 Slammer: I don't
21:31:30 Slammer: do you?
21:31:33 rokchik: c ya Nick
21:31:45 Nick325: ill only stay if i get one of those cookies slammer ;)
21:31:47 rokchik: I've been on a huge kick the last couple of days actually
21:32:10 Slammer: send me $10 and I'll ship them overnight
21:32:15 Slammer: 24 cookies
21:32:17 rokchik: LOL
21:32:22 Nick325: they'll be all mushy
21:32:26 Nick325: and cold
21:32:28 Slammer: 24 Jumbo cookies
21:32:33 Nick325: nah
21:32:34 Nick325: gtg cya
21:32:36 Slammer: LOL
21:32:40 rokchik: bye Nick
21:32:43 Slammer: cya
21:32:58 rokchik: and then there were two
21:33:13 Slammer: I love "Layla"
21:33:19 rokchik: great song
21:33:20 Slammer: it's a awesome song
21:33:44 Slammer: I guess cuz clapton is my favorite guitarist
21:34:07 rokchik: I think my fave Clapton song is either Cocaine or Tears in Heaven but Layla is right up there
21:34:20 rokchik: Clapton is a god yes
21:34:21 Slammer: have you ever heard Let it grow?
21:34:48 rokchik: I'm not sure...
21:35:03 rokchik: What album is it on?
21:35:07 Slammer: one of Clapton's great songs
21:35:10 Slammer: Although
21:35:13 Slammer: it's not Rock
21:35:18 Slammer: more like Easy Listening
21:35:27 Slammer: but, great Solo
21:35:29 Slammer: with Slide
21:35:40 rokchik: Ahhhh.....I don't think I have
21:35:49 Slammer: not the stupid video btw
21:36:07 Slammer: LMAO
21:36:16 Slammer: so how's the guitar playing coming along?
21:37:10 rokchik: Oh my...yes I've heard that song.....just never knew the name
21:37:41 Slammer: Clapton is a Canuck!
21:37:48 Slammer: LOL
21:37:55 rokchik: the guitar playing is coming along nicely actually. Been doing mostly Gabs lessons lately but I'm also doing Andrews Theory lessons during down time at work
21:38:08 rokchik: No he's not
21:38:12 Slammer: half
21:38:21 Slammer: his Daddy was a Canadian Soldier
21:38:28 Slammer: in London
21:38:45 rokchik: really? never knew....he's that much better now :)
21:38:57 Slammer: and his mama was only 16 when they met
21:39:06 Slammer: and
21:39:07 Slammer: LOL
21:39:09 rokchik: war time thing was it?
21:39:14 Slammer: Yep
21:39:25 Slammer: and his Dad went back to canada
21:39:35 Slammer: cuz he had anohter familly
21:39:37 Slammer: :P
21:39:53 rokchik: oops....bad soldier :)
21:40:24 Slammer: it's funny, I was reading an article, about how Clapton has a Half sister in Canada
21:40:27 rokchik: but good thing he was bad or else we never would have had Clapton
21:40:30 Slammer: like 50 something
21:40:43 Slammer: LOL
21:40:48 rokchik: Family secrets.....
21:40:55 Slammer: yes...
21:41:04 rokchik: I think alot of that happened during those days
21:41:05 Slammer: The Books really good :P
21:41:13 Slammer: LOL
21:41:20 Slammer: sorry I'm probably boring you
21:41:30 Slammer: with all this Trivia
21:41:40 Slammer: LOL
21:41:46 rokchik: cool....I may just pick it up. I'm reading Catch 22 right now....again
21:41:52 rokchik: no I love trivia
21:41:53 Slammer: LOL
21:42:27 Slammer: Yes was the Other band playing at the Cream Farewell Concert
21:42:35 Slammer: how about that for trivia
21:42:38 Slammer: LOL
21:42:39 rokchik: I just finished reading Paradise took me forever. Tough read
21:42:49 rokchik: LOL....Trivia is so fun
21:43:19 rokchik: Did you know that your foot is exactly the size of your wrist to elbow?
21:43:44 Slammer: :O
21:43:46 Slammer: woah
21:43:50 rokchik: or elbow to wrist however you prefer to say it
21:43:51 Slammer: never knew that
21:44:03 rokchik: It is too....I've tried it
21:45:01 Slammer: I just did
21:45:02 Slammer: :O
21:45:22 rokchik: see....trivia is eduactional
21:45:27 Slammer: YEs!
21:45:35 Slammer: give me another
21:45:39 rokchik: good for party tricks too
21:46:05 rokchik: hmmm I'll have to think of a good one
21:49:33 rokchik: not really a trick but just an interesting fact...and kind of gross...but if you were freeze dried 90% of your weight would be you and 10% would be all the little critters that call you home.
21:49:56 Slammer: :O
21:50:02 Slammer: eww
21:50:06 Slammer: no
21:50:07 Slammer: no
21:50:09 Slammer: Eww
21:50:11 Slammer: :(
21:50:15 rokchik: very
21:50:35 rokchik: also you grow a new full layer of skin every month
21:50:42 Slammer: LOL
21:50:47 Slammer: snake
21:50:51 rokchik: yep
21:50:58 rokchik: my friend is a doctor
21:51:07 rokchik: he grosses me out all the time
21:51:14 Slammer: LOl
21:51:21 Slammer: you ever listen to the Commordores?
21:51:30 rokchik: most of my trivia is movie/tv/music related
21:51:45 rokchik: not a huge Linoel Richie fan
21:51:50 Slammer: LOL
21:52:05 Slammer: I like that song Endless love
21:52:08 Slammer: :D
21:52:14 Slammer: it's a Great song :P
21:52:18 Slammer: don;t laugh
21:52:18 rokchik: I knew you were a softy
21:52:22 Slammer: :(
21:52:36 Slammer: I like Songs with Great Melodies
21:52:43 rokchik: Same here
21:52:49 Slammer: instead of Mindless Screaming
21:52:54 Slammer: hurts my Brain
21:53:01 Slammer: LOL
21:53:03 rokchik: but then as a girl I have to like some girly music...
21:53:09 Slammer: :O
21:53:14 Slammer: are you calling me a....
21:53:16 Slammer: :(
21:53:20 rokchik: no no
21:53:40 Slammer: I could never like Culture Club, makes me Barf
21:53:42 Slammer: :P
21:53:45 Slammer: LOL
21:53:51 Slammer: karma karma karma karma
21:53:55 Slammer: AAHHHH
21:54:01 rokchik: LOL
21:54:24 rokchik: I have to agree...Boy George doesn't do it for me either
21:54:33 Slammer: LOL
21:54:40 Slammer: I like Stevie Wonder
21:54:49 rokchik: Stevie is great
21:54:54 Slammer: and alot of old School Motown
21:55:11 rokchik: Higher Ground great song
21:55:32 rokchik: Motown is good....I like a lot of it
21:55:38 Slammer: I Believe (When I Fall In Love) have you ever heard that song
21:56:08 Slammer: by Stevie wonder
21:56:26 Slammer: "I Believe (When I Fall In Love)"
21:56:29 rokchik: Very good song
21:56:31 Slammer: better grammer
21:56:33 Slammer: :)
21:56:40 Ayen: Hey
21:56:43 Slammer: sup?
21:56:55 Ayen: eh, messing with photoshop, you?
21:57:10 Slammer: listening to Stevie wonder on Youtube
21:57:20 Ayen: always fun
21:57:22 Slammer: yes
21:57:35 rokchik: how's the Venom project?
21:57:35 Slammer: OMG, I can't believe how good of a song that is
21:57:54 rokchik: Slammer what about the Temptaions or the 4 tops
21:58:05 Slammer: LOL
21:58:06 Ayen: going pretty well, but it's developed into the Venom/Spawn/Tyrael project
21:58:15 rokchik: cool
21:58:17 Slammer: I like "Great Ball of Confusion"
21:58:28 Slammer: and Papa was a rolling stone
21:58:34 rokchik: very good stuff
21:58:43 Slammer: it was the 3rd of september....
21:58:57 rokchik: I love Ray Charles and James Brown more though I think
21:59:05 Slammer: LOL
21:59:17 Slammer: I like the Ballads better I me a softy
21:59:18 Slammer: :
21:59:20 rokchik: James was the man.....but then we're getting into soul music now
21:59:21 Slammer: :P
21:59:51 rokchik: You are a you'll be singing the song from Titanic :)
21:59:56 Slammer: never
21:59:59 rokchik: LOL
22:00:05 Slammer: OMG
22:00:14 Ayen: and whats wrong with the song from titanic, it's beautiful :'(
22:00:17 Slammer: I had a sister who was 13 when that movie came out
22:00:20 Slammer: :(
22:00:24 rokchik: Hey Celine can sing man
22:00:28 Slammer: NON STOP
22:00:35 rokchik: LOL
22:00:46 Slammer: OMG "OMG leo's so cute"
22:00:50 Slammer: Ugh
22:00:52 Ayen: what the....brb.
22:00:54 rokchik: I actually really like that song.....but it has some sentimental value for me
22:01:12 Slammer: man, I hate that movie for life
22:01:14 rokchik: Leo is not cute....hes' OK looking but not my type
22:01:16 Slammer: just because ofd that
22:01:20 Slammer: I mean
22:01:26 Slammer: what my sis would say
22:01:42 Slammer: :
22:01:44 Slammer: :(
22:01:50 Slammer: :{
22:01:51 rokchik: Actually if they cut out the whole middle section of that movie it would be awesome
22:01:56 Ayen: back, dog tried to take out my neighbor..
22:02:08 rokchik: LOL...mine do that all the time
22:02:10 Slammer: go figure
22:02:20 Ayen: i love it when a shihtzu thinks hes tough
22:02:25 Slammer: I never Watched the whole movie
22:02:36 Slammer: actually I never watched it at all
22:02:40 Slammer: :P
22:02:42 Ayen: i lacked the attention span at the time to finish the movie
22:02:43 Ayen: :(
22:02:50 rokchik: my dogs crap bigger than yours then....I have a Lab and a Shepard/husky
22:03:00 Ayen: haha walking them must be hell
22:03:10 rokchik: actually they are pretty good
22:03:13 Slammer: youi like Steve Winwood
22:03:20 rokchik: not really slammer
22:04:17 rokchik: Sorta liked Peter Setera back in the day....but haven't listened to much of that type of music in a while
22:04:38 rokchik: Do you like Bryan Adams?
22:05:23 rokchik: Oh and there is only one good Leo movie and that is the Departed.
22:05:30 Slammer: remember the song Higher Love?
22:05:37 rokchik: yep
22:05:37 Slammer: LOL
22:05:49 Slammer: Um, haven't heard Bryan much
22:05:51 rokchik: Catually that poped in my head when you posted his name
22:05:51 Slammer: at all
22:06:01 Slammer: only that song from the three musketeers
22:06:08 rokchik: He's like the movie ballad king
22:06:11 Slammer: All for one
22:06:12 Slammer: :P
22:06:46 rokchik: Everything I do...Robin Hood, Have you ever really loved a women....Don Juan Demarco
22:07:09 rokchik: But his own stuff is pretty good....again another Canadian
22:07:10 Slammer: oh yeah
22:07:16 Slammer: I know those songs
22:07:47 Slammer: what about Seal?
22:08:27 rokchik: Seal is great
22:08:33 Slammer: LOL
22:08:35 rokchik:
22:08:36 Slammer: yes
22:08:40 rokchik: for Mr. Softy
22:08:51 rokchik: more Bryan Adams
22:09:04 Slammer: HEY
22:09:09 Slammer: I ain't mr country
22:09:12 Ayen: ugh, mouse batteries are dying
22:09:23 Slammer: so are my brain cells
22:09:23 Ayen: i'm going to head out, sorry i couldnt talk more with you guys
22:09:27 Slammer: :P
22:09:30 Slammer: ok cya
22:09:32 Ayen: later
22:09:32 Ayen: haha
22:09:33 Slammer: take care
22:09:36 Ayen: you too
22:09:42 rokchik: Wrong link sorry
22:09:46 Slammer: I said I like Ballads
22:09:54 Slammer: not Sappy Love songs
22:09:56 Slammer: :P
22:10:26 Slammer: like this is a Great song but not sappy
22:10:27 Slammer:
22:11:01 Slammer: LOL
22:11:28 rokchik:
22:11:39 rokchik: this is what I was trying to post
22:11:57 rokchik: I don't think it's sappy anyways
22:12:06 Slammer: LOL
22:12:22 Slammer: and you canadians Know you Sap
22:12:23 Slammer: :P
22:12:29 Slammer: your*
22:12:32 rokchik: Do you know the Band Our Lady Peace?
22:12:34 rokchik: LOL
22:12:47 Slammer: nope
22:12:55 Slammer: I don't listen to music much
22:13:10 rokchik: the are another Canadian band....alt rock/grungish
22:13:39 Slammer: have you ever heard of the Beatles?
22:13:54 Slammer: they are a British pop band
22:13:56 rokchik: LOL....hmmm let me think....I believe so :)
22:13:57 Slammer: :P
22:14:05 rokchik: smart ass :)
22:14:15 Slammer: they were still a band when you were born
22:14:16 Slammer: :P
22:14:33 rokchik: Were they? Ithought they were broke up by then
22:14:40 Slammer: LOL
22:14:48 rokchik: Lennon had yoko and all that craziness
22:14:49 Slammer: I woundn't know
22:15:05 Slammer: yeah... World peace
22:15:14 Slammer: if we stand nude
22:15:18 Slammer: on magazine cover
22:15:20 rokchik: LOL
22:15:30 rokchik: with tinted glasses on
22:15:34 Slammer: Yeah
22:15:38 Slammer: :P
22:15:38 Slammer: and bad singing
22:15:54 Slammer: LOL
22:16:06 rokchik: that was singing.....I thought she was killing a cat or something
22:16:11 Slammer: :O
22:16:15 Slammer: rough
22:16:23 rokchik: I'm not a fan
22:16:30 Slammer: of??
22:16:32 Slammer: yoko?
22:16:34 rokchik: yoko
22:16:36 Slammer: john?
22:17:14 rokchik: Actually.....the Beatles were good and all but I don't think they were "that" great
22:17:41 Slammer: LOL
22:17:53 Slammer: me niether
22:18:05 Slammer: I liked "while my guitar gently weeps"
22:18:13 Slammer: mainly cuz of clapton :P
22:18:15 rokchik: they were like the n'sync of their day
22:18:30 rokchik: just not fabricated
22:18:31 Slammer: :P:
22:18:47 rokchik: I think my fave Beatle tune would be Blackbird
22:19:14 Slammer: cool
22:19:20 Slammer: I preferd Cream
22:19:22 Slammer: and Zeppelin
22:19:40 rokchik: Zeppelin rules
22:19:50 Slammer: I think if Cream had stayed together they would be up there with Zeppelin
22:19:58 Slammer: as far as all time Legends
22:20:19 rokchik: debatably but I could see it
22:20:40 rokchik: Zeppelin are probably my Favorite band
22:20:47 Slammer: Cool
22:20:48 rokchik: so I'm bias
22:21:05 rokchik: What's your fave Zeppelin song?
22:21:28 Slammer: I like them all
22:21:30 Slammer: :P
22:21:36 rokchik: :)
22:21:40 Slammer: prob. Bring it on home
22:22:13 rokchik: Good song....Brom Y'our Stomp would be mine and that's also my altime fave song
22:22:13 Slammer: or dazed and confused
22:22:26 rokchik: Friends or Ramble on would be close seconds
22:22:41 rokchik: or Over the hills and far away
22:22:48 rokchik: their all good
22:23:03 Slammer: you like the live album
22:23:23 rokchik: I like all their albums...
22:24:00 Slammer: how the west was won?
22:24:15 rokchik: Have you watched the DVD...the one with the desert scene on the cover
22:24:24 Slammer: LOL
22:24:28 rokchik: How the west was won is great
22:24:34 Slammer: yes
22:24:49 Slammer: Esp. the live version of Immigrants song
22:24:53 rokchik: over 5 hrs of Zeppelin...awesome!
22:25:14 rokchik: Yeah I watched it all earlier the year when I was sick
22:25:42 rokchik: Ten years gone is a great song too
22:26:04 Slammer: :)
22:26:05 Slammer: yes
22:26:31 Slammer: I like
22:26:35 Slammer: the Ocean
22:26:44 rokchik: anyways I gotta go get some shut eye. Early morning tomorrow
22:26:53 Slammer: LOL
22:26:54 Slammer: ok
22:26:56 Slammer: have fun
22:27:01 rokchik: The ocean is great....Lemon song too. and Tangerine.....
22:27:13 Slammer: like their fruits
22:27:18 rokchik: I will try to have fun to ya later
22:27:18 Slammer: they*
22:27:22 rokchik: LOL
22:27:26 Slammer: ok cya
22:27:27 rokchik: c ya

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