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33 years old
Denmark, home of sad and cold climate
Born Sep-29-1987
playing guitar / writing songs / cars :D
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4 Nov 2008
I just thought of a very wacky lesson that I would really like to play if anyone should be able to do it tongue.gif

An electric guitar version (with distortion tongue.gif) of "Under Paris Skies" with Accordion (Harmonica) backing track to it tongue.gif

that would rock so hard IMO

Am I just crazy or would anyone else think that could be awesome?

19 Oct 2008
Hey GMC biggrin.gif

Well I've done it again.. This time I got one on my right lower arm.. I felt like getting some crazy colors and here goes tongue.gif

This thing is still healing .. And it is really hard to play the guitar without touching :S

Just wanted to share biggrin.gif Rooks

Edit: It doesn't look that faded Irl, just a bad camera smile.gif
19 Oct 2008

Might seem like a banal question happy.gif but something about bending bugging me a bit ..

When I train a bend in a lesson.. Say one of Ivan's as I am now .. He bends the note with the ringfinger and support with middle .. I got used to do a bend with the bad mutherfinger (Quote Kris) and support with index..
Now when I try do do it with ring and middle as shown, it really requires concentration to get out of the habit ..

Should I just do it like I got used to, or will it help me in the long run to force myself to use the same fingers as the instructor tongue.gif ?

13 Oct 2008

Just wanted to show you this little pedal.
This is the pretty limited edition "Ill Will" distortion pedal that has been made in connection to D-A-D celebrating their 25th anniversary, and new album launch in november.
There is only 250 made total of these, by the quality brand Carl Martin.

With it comes a certificate of authenticy, with set up's for certain D-A-D song sounds and signatures by the band.
Although I skipped the signatures on the certificate and had them made on the pedal itself smile.gif
So literally, D-A-D signature pedal.

It sounds pretty awesome; It's a very distinctive and saturated distortion that makes my DS-1 go cry in the corner.
Turn the "Ill" distortion knob to ½ throttle and you have "Sleeping my day away" - "Evil Twin" sound. It looks sturdy and cowskull'ish. biggrin.gif

Here you go for some pics:

10 Oct 2008

Funny how I played "Sleeping my day away" last week in school band stuff..

Tonight I just met and greeted all of D-A-D, Got my guitar backplate tagged with autographs, got some signature picks and a signature pedal (ltd. edition 250 made)
Very nice!

Just wanted to share ^^

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Oo, nice :D
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Happy Birthday :D
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HA!! Poopy!
Well its true. I have one thing to be proud of... Then again, Its not the safest place... A fter i got my car broken into... :(
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Nice to Have you here man! Welcome
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