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26 Feb 2010
Hi. I'm interested in recording some tracks on to my computer (which is a PC - windows XP) and I have decided I need an audio interface...probably USB. But which one? Please help because I can't find may reliable reviews...I've read though that the 2 biggest sellers...M-Audio and another one...tend to suck...can anybody help me out please?

My budget is around £120-£150 (which pretty much gets you as far as about $190 - $220)
I play alot of acoustic and slightly distored guitar.
I would like it to be USB powered and probably USB 2.0 connectivity (but having said that I dont really know the difference between USB 1.0 and firewire audiointerfaces i have seen) (I don't want to have to install a sound card, however)
I would like it to have preferably at least 2 1/4" inputs.
I would like it to record good quality.
And I would like it to be compatible with my PC.

Thank you very much in advance. Hope you can help.
3 Oct 2008
Hi. I've just been reading the acoustic section from Total Guitar. I have played quite a lot of acoustic but never really been taught, so my picking has always been quite wild. This acoustic article says alternately pick with index and middle finger on the same string - quavers: b-string, notes: 5 | 6 | 8 | 5 | 6 | 8
I am finding this much harder than I thought..and I have been spening the last 10 mintues trying to get my head around i-m-i-m-i-m... I keep accidently playing i-i-m or m-m-i. Also. I can't get my head round fingerpicking with two fingers on the same string. It sounds bad. Each note doesn't seem to be played...more brushed slightly with the pads of fingers (i dont like growing then using my nails) and it never seems to sound right.
What am I doing wrong? Will I get it eventually if I keep practicing? Or am I just experiencing a common picking technique when many begginners finally make the swap to alternate picking (with pick) from having just done down strokes?

4 Aug 2008
Hi. I saw somebody using a loop station at a gig and I'm now interested in getting one...
I would be using it for fun at home and small performances...can anybody suggest anything?
29 May 2008
Hi. Its my birthday in a few weeks and I'm thinking about asking for an acoustic guitar.

Firstly, I'm not sure whether I should get an electro one or a regular acoustic.

Secondly, I'm not sure which brands are more renound and 'better' for acoustic guitars.

And thirdly, I'm not sure how the price varies with the quality of guitar you can buy.

My budget is about 250 UK. I can push higher if I need to though. Can anybody help me with my confusion? Thanks, Chris
2 Sep 2007
I'm thinking of buying this pedal. it looks really good.... has any body ever used it...or does any body own one? Can any body say why I shouldnt buy this pedal? Thanks smile.gif
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